I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 3 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Part 2


The day after the ball game tournament. It was a substitute holiday, and since it was a three-day weekend from the next day, I decided to take this opportunity to go to the royal castle.

If I miss this opportunity, I won’t have a chance to go there anymore. I told Usagi-san, who came to the house in the other world that day, that I was going to visit the castle.

(I see. Well, if you have things to do, there’s no choice. Besides, I’ve taught you the basics. Now it’s just a matter of how to train them.)

That was what he said when I told him that I would take a break from my training.

“So, let’s go to the royal castle today!”



Both Night and Akatsuki responded to my call by raising their paws. Yeah, they are cute, as always.


NyX Translation


“Oh, but I don’t have this world’s money… what should I do?”

If I think about it, this is my first time in a different world city. There’s no way I’d be able to buy anything in my current state if I didn’t have money. If possible, I want a map to the royal capital, and even if there is no map at worst, there may be an existence that acts as a bus or a taxi like on Earth, so money is essential.

There are some materials in the item box that can be exchanged for cash, but I don’t know if it’s safe to exchange them for money. I already know, but according to Owen-san and the others, and sage-san’s book, the monsters inhabiting this forest should be among the most powerful in the world. If I sold the materials of such monsters, it might attract a strange kind of inadequate attention.

“Hmm… how can I make money…”

Due to the effect of the Door to the Other World, all the unwanted materials such as magic stones can be converted into Japanese yen, but the reverse is not possible. While I was pondering this, an idea suddenly came to mind.

“Huh? If materials from the other world can be converted to Japanese yen at the door, and conversely, if Japanese yen and Japanese things can’t be converted to yen at the door… why don’t I just try to sell those Japanese items in the other world?”


I asked Night and Akatsuki who were nearby, but they just tilted their heads, as if to say “I don’t know”. But I have a feeling that this idea isn’t a bad one. Just because I can’t redeem the money at the door doesn’t mean I can’t exchange it at the other world’s shops.

However, since items from the other world, such as magic and weapons, are weird items that people usually have, it’s basically difficult to exchange them for something other than at the door. Well, clothing, armor, and dishes may be sold as antiques.

I don’t know the level of civilization in this world, so I can’t say for sure. Still, based on the atmosphere of this house that the sage-san left me and the armor Owen-san wore, I imagine that the civilization is around the medieval period. As long as it’s tailored to that period and doesn’t have electronic devices or anything, I think it will sell.

If that’s the case, items that could be sold on Earth, like pepper, were worth as much gold back in the middle ages, and other things like soap or a mirror. In times past, they wouldn’t be as clean as they are today; even a pinch of soap today can remove dirt and leave a nice smell.

However, since there is a concept of drop items in this world, it is really unknown how far the things of the Earth can be used.

“…Well, there’s no point in even thinking about it, so let’s get everything ready.”

I had some Japanese yen thanks to the other world’s drop items, so I bought ten bottles of pepper, ten more soap, and ten hand mirrors from the nearest supermarket.

“Yes, if there’s anything I’m missing, I can just go home and get it!”



So, finally, we left for the city. Since we regularly hunt for monsters around the entrance and escort Lexia and the others back to their homes, we didn’t have to worry about getting lost until we reached the exit.

While I was walking along the road, defeating a Goblin Elite or something like that, Night found a monster I’ve never seen before.

“Woof! Woof!”

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”


When I looked in the direction that Night had indicated, I saw a sheep covered in white fuzzy body hair gently eating grass. And after eating a certain amount of grass, it begins to sleep unprotected on the spot. 

“W-what was that sheep…”

For now, I activated [Identification].


[Sleep Sheep]
Level: 400

Magic: 10000
Attack: 7000
Defense: 8000
Agility: 3000
Intelligence: 10000
Luck: 500

Sleep Magic (R), Charge (N), Sleep Healing (SR), Magic Detection (R)


It was an indescribable status. It would be an amazing threat for the old me, but my training with Usagi-san made me fight an even more dangerous existence than this, and more importantly, my status is now more than the sheep in front of me because of my own evolution.

More than that, the fact that its magic power and intelligence are 10,000, above its other stats, it was expected that I thought it would probably use magic. By the way, is sleep magic, as the name implies, magic related to sleep? I also never saw a skill called [Sleep Healing] before, and it’s a bit unusual.

As I was thinking like that, the sheep’s eyes suddenly opened, and it turned its gaze towards me. It seems that its [Magic Detection] skill has seen through my [Assimilation]

As I thought about that, the sheep immediately got up and charged at us. However, from my experience of King Mithril Boar’s rush, its movement was very slow, and I decided to finish it off with plenty of time to spare.

I make [Formless Bow] appear and put the arrow against the string and draw it down. If I’m going to aim for it, it would be the large torso as a target, but I feel like it might flick the arrow somehow, so I exclude it. If this were a kick, it wouldn’t be a problem, but now that it’s approaching from the other side, there’s no need to jump into that danger. Kicking is a practice, but I’d rather train with other weapons as well.

And as if to determine my thoughts, my intuition told me that it was better not to aim at the torso. And while I was at it, I also checked the weaknesses with my [Mind’s Eye・Revision] skill, and since the result was that the forehead was the best, I decided to aim at it quietly as well.

With a single breath──a single arrow.


“!? M-mmeeeeeee!”

Combined with the momentum of the sheep’s rush, an arrow pierced its forehead with a force that penetrated through the sheep’s brain. Then the sheep screamed and went wild on the spot, but eventually, it turned into a particle of light and disappeared.

Phew… I managed to finish it off with a single long-range attack.”


When I approached the drop items, I found a palm-sized magical stone, meat, and other items, and──a futon had fallen out.


At any rate, when I tried to check the magic stone with [Identification], it was marked as B-class, so that sheep must have been B-class too.


[Meat of the Sleep Sheep] :: Meat from the Sleep Sheep. It has a sticky texture and a strong peculiarity, and its taste can be different in normal cooking. However, smoked meat made from this meat is famous as a very popular snack among drinkers.

[Wool of the Sleep Sheep] :: Sleep Sheep’s fur. It has excellent heat and moisture absorption characteristics and is very comfortable to the touch, so bedding and clothes made from this wool are popular among the nobility. However, since Sleep Sheep itself is extremely rare, its price is extremely high.

[Horn of the Sleep Sheep] :: It cannot be used as material for weapons, but if it is made into a powder, it can be used as a sleeping potion to induce a comfortable sleep. For that reason, it is sometimes used by those who wish to euthanize themselves.


It’s hard to use any of these things. No, the meat is fine because I personally don’t care about the taste, of course, but the wool and horns are fine too… especially the horns, the way they are used is a bit scary.

“Well, that’s okay. Rather than this material, the problem is this futon, no matter how I look at it.”

“Fugo? Fugo~.”

It looks like a very ordinary futon; even the quilt is included in the set. However, I knew instantly that it wasn’t an ordinary futon because Akatsuki, who charged at it, was already visibly exposed to a slackened appearance.

For now, I’ll have to check it out to find out what it is, so as usual, I activated [Identification].


[Paradise Futon] :: A rare drop item obtained from Sleep Sheep. It is always clean and does not require washing. Warm in the winter and always comfortable in the summer without getting sticky with sweat. It can also be used outdoors. There are two modes: Inertial Sleep Mode and Comfortable Sleep Mode. The Inertial Sleep Mode makes you feel as if you are in paradise, and the Comfortable Sleep Mode lulls you into a comfortable sleep as soon as you get into the futon, allowing you to experience overwhelmingly good quality sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning. The texture of the futon is also extraordinary, and just touching it makes you feel happy. While you sleep, your HP and MP will increase, albeit slightly.


As always, the Daily Necessities series. I’m no longer surprised, but the Daily Necessities series is still a blast. It’s no wonder Akatsuki has become so limp. And thankfully, it can be used outdoors as well.

“What a good omen!”



“…Akatsuki, it’s time to go.”

“Buhi? B-buhi…”

Akatsuki returned to my feet in a troubled manner, showing his regrets.

“Don’t be so depressed. When we go to bed, we’ll all be sleeping together with this.”


“Buhi? Buhi!”

With that promise, we continued onward and finally reached the forest entrance.

“We’re finally here!”



Well, it was long and short…

After that, we found another Sleep Sheep again, and since the sheep were in a group, we got about ten additional sets of bedding. Well, it doesn’t matter how many we have… it’s not like we have a problem, but considering that we have a spare set, well…

…Hmm? Well, if I had used transition magic to this point, we could have moved faster, and we wouldn’t have been attacked by a bunch of Sleep Sheep…


“No, this is one of the real thrills in this kind of thing! Yup, yup.”



Seeing how I was somehow nodding to myself, Night and Akatsuki nodded their heads.

“Well, as I recall, Owen-san and the others were headed… that way, right?”

I’m also wondering what’s on the other side of the street where Owen-san and the others were headed, but for now, let’s head to the town that’s said to be near this Great Devil’s Nest. When I was taking care of Luna, Owen-san and the others seemed to have gotten some food and other things there.

Then I’ll get some other world money or something and go to the capital.

“Alright then, let’s get going!”



And so we set out for the city of the other world.




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