Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – Awakening

Part 1


“I wonder when he’ll wake up…”

Liz looked over at the bed with concern and saw that Hiro was sleeping quietly―or rather, he hadn’t woken up once since he passed out. The doctor has examined him but has no idea what’s caused his condition.

“I can’t say for sure, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. I’m sure he’ll wake up very soon.”

Tris said with a snarl and turned his attention to Liz, stroking his beard.

“You have to get some rest too, Princess. It won’t do any good if the boy wakes up, and the princess falls over, you know.”

“…You’re right.”

Liz gave a small nod and then threw her gaze out the window. The starry sky was endless, illuminating the ground by providing the starlight to the city below it. This is the only city in the small country of Baum, known as Natua.

In the center of the city, which spreads out in a gentle basin―there’s a white box-shaped temple that exudes dignity. The Sixth Princess and her entourage were under the care of this temple, which was also known as the “Spirit King’s Temple”.

“Then I’ll come back in the morning to wake you up again.”

Liz patted Hiro’s cheek, which still didn’t wake up, and then left the room. When the door is closed, the silence tries to fill the room with the night air―and it fails.

A groan escaped from the mouth of the sleeping Hiro in bed. His face is distorted with anguish.

He was―he was dreaming.

It started very suddenly. He was thrown out onto a battlefield filled with corpses as far as the eye could see—a clash between 10,000 troops, a horrendous number of corpses produced from resentment. Blood turns the earth red, and the heavens sadly shake down tiny raindrops.

In the middle of the melee, there was a boy. His black robe flapped by the wind. His arms moved in sync. The silvery-white sword cut through space, with a light swing that seemed to ward off insects.

With just that much movement, the heads of five soldiers flew off. The boy’s interest shifted to something else, and he kicked the ground and ran.

――The target is the general’s head.

It’s the most effective way to end the war, and it’s a surefire way to win. But, there is no way for his opponents to let him pass easily. What stands in his way is a thousand well-trained elites.

The front line is filled with endless walls with no gaps between them, and if it’s for an ordinary person, the general’s head would seem endlessly far away. However, the boy sprinted forward without bumping into any of them, cutting off the enemy soldiers’ heads.

Every road has an endpoint. It’s the difference between long and short. Imagine how the enemy’s general felt when he saw the boy’s appearance――.

“S-stupid? How did you get here?”


The enemy general gasped as he looked at the boy’s face, bathed in blood in return. The deep, jet-black eyes caught the enemy general’s eyes as if it absorbed it.

“…Those obsidian eyes. I’ve heard of them before.”

The enemy general said, his voice trailing off in nervousness or perhaps fear.

One among the exiled soldiers who were advancing at breakneck speed and growing in strength. The man who could read and understand heaven and earth, a man who had been talked about in the surrounding countries.

It was a gift given by the Spirit King.

“I used to laugh at the ridiculous story of it, but… That’s the Heavenly Spirit Eye, isn’t it?”

The enemy general stepped forward. In his hand was a huge ax.

“I’ll kill you here and take your eyes as the spoils of war.”

As the enemy general raises his rough hand, enemy soldiers surround the boy.

“It’s indeed amazing that you dare to come here alone, but I can only say that you are a fool.”

Since there is only one opponent, it will inevitably cause some carelessness.

“You will suffer and die unceremoniously, but――!?”

With a thud, the enemy general’s head rolled on the ground covered in mud. The enemy soldiers who were surrounding him were stunned. No one could grasp what had happened except for the black-dressed boy. The boy lightly kicked the ground with a thump and began to dance.

Having come to their senses, the enemy soldiers flashed the tip of their spear, but it only ended up passing in front of the boy’s eyes. Several spears are thrust out. However, the boy just leaped, ducked, and cut off the heads of the enemy soldiers.

When he moved the shimmering white and silver sword as if to caress it, the heads of the enemy soldiers fell to the ground one by one, like ripe fruit falling from a tree.

A shiver spread through the enemy soldiers―because it only happened in the blink of an eye to this point. This was clearly not the work of a human being. It would not be wrong to call him a monster.

“So fast!”

The silvery-white blade, which flicked the raindrops that drenched the earth, split the enemy’s armor from its upper and lower body. Unable to resist, the corpses of the enemy soldiers fall one by one in the puddles. Blood splatters erupt like a fountain from all around, and the horrible smell of fresh blood mixed with the rain dominates the air.


He doesn’t even give them time to speak. It didn’t take long for a pile of corpses to form in the vicinity.

With the loss of their commander, the enemy was totally destroyed. The enemy forces were overrun by the boy’s allies as if they were crushing feather worms. The battle cry of the defeated enemy forces―and the battle cry of his allies in pursuit of them―echoed across the plains.

The boy, who had left the screaming and anguished battlefield, had arrived at the main camp.

“The God of War!”

Whoever said it first, one after another, the soldiers uttered an alias. It soon became a cheer that shook the air.

“God of War! God of War! God of War! God of War!”

Thousands of soldiers are screaming, echoing to the core of their bodies. It’s as if the earth is shaking, an illusion, and every time the boy takes a step forward, the sea of soldiers splits open.

That’s what people call it―the path of the king. A long line of soldiers formed to solidify both sides, and the boy walked valiantly down the center.

“‘God of War! God of War! God of War! God of War!”

Then a young man appears in front of the boy. Then he raises one of his hands in the air. Silence reigns in the area as if it has been struck by water.

He stepped forward and approached the boy, but his well-formed face was filled with anger.

“It’s absolutely unbelievable that my military strategist is going to the front lines…”

“We can’t afford any more stalemates. Our lines are too wide open. When this is over, we’ll have to move west, ah?”

The boy’s head was poked as he refuted. When he looks at the young man, the corners of the young man’s mouth curved up, making a mischievous expression on his face.

“Next, you’ll need to speak to me as well. Let’s rampage together in the front line.”

“That would throw a wrench in the chain of command. You just need to stay in the main camp and relax.”

“That would be boring. Well, whatever. It’s pointless to talk about what’s already been done anyway”.

The young man clapped the boy on both shoulders.

“Schwartz… well done. I’m glad to see you back safely. I’ve lost a hundred years of my life span when I heard you were on the battlefield. Though hearing that you killed the enemy general did add a hundred years to my life span.”

“You’re exaggerating it, Altius―well, yes, I brought back the general’s head, what do you want to do with it?”

Schwartz pointed behind him with his thumb, and an infantryman was standing there with a white box.

“A guy who used to vomit at the mere sight of a corpse brings back a head, huh? I guess familiarity is a scary thing.”

“Haha… I’m still not used to it. Killing people, having people die… but then again, if I had to worry about that kind of thing, we’d be in the opposite position.”

“That’s right.”

Nodding with satisfaction at Schwartz’s answer, Altius addressed the soldier holding the white box.

“There is no need for a physical examination of the head. Send it back to his homeland respectfully. Even if they are enemies, if we forget to show courtesy to the dead, we are no better than mere beasts.”


Taking his gaze off the soldier who bowed, Altius put his arm around Schwartz’s neck.

“Now let’s report our victory to our brother, the Spirit King. And then let’s drink to celebrate it.”

“I can’t drink. I’m still a minor, you know.”

“Don’t worry! I’m bringing you some squeezed grapes!”

“You have prepared it well, haven’t you?”

He gave a bitter smile―to him, who will always be the same.

(Ah… this is a dream. Because I’m not supposed to be here.)

A dream that recalls a distant and nostalgic memory. It is also a miraculous moment of a chance encounter with those who are unable to meet. It is a glorious memory that will never fade. However, the dream will eventually fade away――.

“Hey, Hiro… are you still not awake?”

Hearing a voice that sounded like it was about to cry, Hiro pried up his heavy eyelids. A beautiful girl with red hair jumped into his view.


Hiro whispered softly and raised his upper body, and Liz widened her eyes with delight and hugged him.

“Thank goodness! I thought you’d never wake up! I’m so glad!”

Absentmindedly listening to her words, Hiro looked around the vicinity. This was a room with an atmosphere that felt like it had not been used for a long time. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been cleaned. The aged office desk near the window is neat and tidy. And looking at the nearby bookshelves, there are old, yellowed books but there is no dust on them.

There are two flags hanging near the window. One was a flag with a balance on a white background. The other was a dragon holding a silver sword on a black background.

Hiro is sleeping on a bed by the wall near the entrance. Before Hiro could ask where they are… Liz opened her mouth.

“Is there somewhere you feel pain?”

“U-un. I don’t know if there is any… but anyway, where are we?”

“Um, well, after Hiro passed out, we had to go down the mountain right away…”

Liz and the others stopped at a nearby village to take care of Hiro. However, they were noticed by the small country of Baum and were surrounded by a platoon-sized group of knights. But it seems that they weren’t there to capture Liz and the others――.

“You must not be comfortable here. If you’d like, why don’t you come to the Spirit King’s Temple? The Princess Shrine Maiden wants to see you.”

There is no king in the small country of Baum but is instead represented by a maiden called the Princess Shrine Maiden.

“Will you please listen to us?”

After being told that by the Knight Commander, Liz readily agreed to do so, considering the wounded.

That’s why――.

“Let’s go for breakfast! You must be hungry.”

After finishing her explanation, Liz pulled Hiro’s arm. Hiro gave a wry smile before nodding.

“Yeah. Let’s go to eat――!”

When he stood up, he wobbled, and Liz supported his body.

“A-are you okay?”

“Hmm… it’s fine. I just woke up, so it seems I can’t just stand up suddenly.”

“You can tell me if it’s hard for you. You need to see the doctor properly, okay?”

As she said that, Liz opened the door of the room.



The two of them retreated back in surprise. The reason is that there was a woman who was prostrated in front of them.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

Her smooth skin, which is moist and dewy, shines in the sunlight, and the scent of color lurking in her extraordinary beauty fully enhances her charm. The soothing fragrance that emanates from her is matched with her beauty, which attracts the heart unavoidably.

Wearing a white kimono and black hakama, she is…

“I am the Princess Shrine Maiden. I am the representative of the small country of Baum.”

When she bowed her head, her azure hair grew out to the floor, revealing ears that were unusually long and pointed for a human.

When Hiro looked closely at her.

“Are you concerned about my ears?”

“Uh, well… it has an unusual shape.”

“Fufu, yes. It must be a rare sight for humans.”

She touched her own ears with a laugh, not losing her good mood. Liz, who was standing next to Hiro, poked him in the side with her elbow. As Hiro turns his head, Liz brings her mouth close to Hiro’s ear.

“She’s a long ear race. Their characteristics are their longevity, but the enviable thing is that the long ear race’s people are all good looking~.”

“I-I see. You’re right; she has an unworldly face, but…”

You’re no different. There was no way Hiro could say such a sensible line.

The Princess Shrine Maiden is watching them whispering to each other with a smile.

“Besides, she’s also very smart. There’s also one that became my eldest brother’s staff member, but that’s still――.”

“Princess! What are you doing here――wait, you again, huh? Little bastard!”

“Eh, eh, I didn’t do anything, you know!”

The big, bear-like man, Tris, approached with an angry look, but his momentum stalled midway through. The reason for that is because the Princess Shrine Maiden was standing in between him and Hiro.

“Tris-sama. Please be quiet in the Spirit King’s Temple.”

“U-umu… my apologies.”

Tris dropped to one knee and bowed his head.

“Thank you for your understanding.”

The Princess Shrine Maiden turned her face to the two again and made her way to the side.

“Come in. Breakfast has been prepared for you. Perhaps we can talk at leisure there.”

“Oh, yes. Please.”

“I was hungry. Thank you!”

The two of them followed behind the Princess Shrine Maiden as she led the way, but…

“N-not only once, but twice. Little brat, I’ll remember this.”

Hiro certainly heard that as he passed by Tris, but he ignored it and quickened his steps. As he felt a murderous intent flying through him, he called out to the Princess Shrine Maiden to distract it.

“Where are we going?”

“It’s the dining room in the south section. Please follow me, so we don’t get separated.”

The interior of the Spirit King’s Temple is mainly divided into four sections. The middle section is the baptistery where the Spirit King is worshipped―a place where newborn babies and first-time visitors to the Spirit King’s Temple are invited.

The east section is where apprentice shrine maidens are practicing, and outsiders are not allowed to enter. The west section is the residential area for the apprentice shrine maidens―the place where Hiro and Liz used to stay. And the south section is a resting place, where Tris and the soldiers spent the night.

On the way to the dining room, the Princess Shrine Maiden stopped and turned her gaze to Hiro.

“As I recall… Hiro-sama wasn’t baptized yet, was he?”


“Hmm? Didn’t you know that, Hiro?”

He didn’t have any memories of getting baptized after coming to this other world.

“Yes, I don’t remember being baptized…”

“Then, will Hiro-sama come with me to the baptistery?”

“That can’t be helped. Hiro, you have to make sure the Spirit King likes you.”

“Hmph, I hope the brat is cursed.”

The Princess Shrine Maiden then turned to Liz.

“Celia Estreya-sama, please have your breakfast first. Do you know the way to the dining hall?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve been here a few times, so I won’t get lost.”

“Then I will proceed to escort Hiro-sama to the baptistery. Is that all right?”

“Yeah. Hiro, there’s nothing to be afraid of, so go ahead and get baptized in peace.”

Liz disappears into the back of the passage with Tris in tow. The Princess Shrine Maiden watched and suddenly grabbed Hiro’s hand.

“Then come here. Oh, I tied our hands together so we wouldn’t get separated.”

“I-is that so? T-that surprised me.”

Being told that with a smile full of adult charm, Hiro’s heart raced to the point that it felt like it was going to explode. After that, they walked silently along the corridor, surrounded by white walls for a while.

Turning from place to place, heading down the same looking corridor, so much so that it’s impossible to know the way back. It gradually became darker and darker ahead, and the place where Hiro was brought in was――.

“We’re here. This is the baptistery.”

“…This is.” Hiro was surprised to see the Princess Shrine Maiden released his hand and disappeared somewhere else.

Hiro was not aware of it―he was so overwhelmed. Then, the pathway was cut off with a clatter, as if it had been cut with a sharp blade, and forest stretched out beyond it.

Hiro’s feet were unconsciously advancing. The icy blue air was flowing, and a cool sensation caressed his skin. The chirping of birds spread through the air.

As he walked through the forest, he found himself in an open area. There was a spring in front of Hiro. It was a shining spring surrounded by pillars. On the other side, there were two huge bronze statues. A white sphere floats between them, emitting a divine light.

As he sat down and reached out to touch the water, there was a rustling in the grass behind him. Then with a quick snap, Hiro turned around.

“Thank you for your patience. I would now like to begin the baptism.”

The Princess Shrine Maiden stood there, dressed so thinly that her snow-white skin was visible. Her breasts were faintly visible, and below from the edge of her sexy breasts, was a narrow waist. If one looks further down, the base of the legs and the shade between them is visible.

The sharpened, white, dazzling female body was in front of Hiro’s eyes. Everything was visible; it would still be better if she weren’t wearing anything.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um… well, what is baptism?”

“It’s to be blessed by the Spirit King.”

“Can’t I just do that alone?”

“This is a special case.”

“What’s so special about it?”

He tried to keep his face down and not look, but he could hear the rustling sound and stomp on the grass. He could tell that the Princess Shrine Maiden was closing the distance.

“I cannot speak of it myself. But I can give you a clue.”

He found that the Princess Shrine Maiden had squatted down. It was because her lush thighs caught Hiro’s eyes. And then a hand was placed gently on his shoulder, and it moved slowly to touch Hiro’s cheek.

He was urged to look up, and he couldn’t resist. He and the Princess Shrine Maiden stared at each other at such a distance that their noses were touching.

“…My heart feels incomparable pleasure for your safe return.”

A single tear rolled down her cheek from her blue eyes, touching and caressing her moist lips.


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