I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 3 Chapter 6 Part 4

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Part 4


Staring at Yuuya after he left, Reinhardt opened his mouth.

“Even so… [Japan], huh…”

“Um, Guildmaster. So, even the Guildmaster hasn’t heard of it?”

The receptionist looked at Reinhardt in surprise, but it was related to Reinhardt’s achievements. Ever since he was young, Reinhardt has been traveling around the world, opening up sales channels for rare ingredients and foodstuffs one after another, and creating specialty products for poor villages to enrich them.

Having traveled to many countries and reached the position of guild master of the merchants’ guild now, Reinhardt was surprised to learn that there were countries that he didn’t know about.

“Yeah. But the guild card did indeed state that. In other words, he’s not lying.”

Although it hadn’t been explained to Yuuya, lying on the guild card was not allowed.

For this reason, it was common for them not to lie about information that they didn’t want to be known, but rather not to include it from the beginning. But, if there were something hidden, it would have not a small impact on the merchants who put trust first, so not many people would hide it.

However, it was surprising to see that Yuuya, who looked to be having special circumstances no matter how one looked at it, had sent out a neatly written statement without leaving it blank. And there doesn’t seem to be a single lie in that description, which makes Reinhardt snort.

“Anyway… as well as this pepper, what kind of technology does it take to make a glass bottle that is so transparent?”

With the other world’s technological power, many glass bottles were contaminated with distortions and impurities, so the clear glass bottles Yuuya left behind were impossible to find.

“This one bottle is going to be bought by all the nobles.”

“Eh? I-is that so?”

“Many noblemen like to be seen as fancy. And they show off their family’s wealth by collecting and displaying rare items.”

“Huh… I don’t understand them at all.”

“Don’t worry. I am still not sure what a nobleman would think.”

Reinhardt, who smiled bitterly at the honest receptionist’s reaction, looked at the glass bottle again.

“Hmm… I guess I could have recommended an auction for this. Well, this time, it seemed like they wanted money right now, including registration, but…”

“That’s right.”

“If it’s an auction, the pepper will be twice as much as this purchase. Since it’s a good time, I’ll let him know if he stops by this guild again next time.”

The receptionist nodded at Reinhardt’s words and went straight back to her duties.

“…Let’s keep an eye on his movements. Let’s keep an eye on what he’s up to and hope that it will benefit us. The day may come when he will change the economy of this world.”

Then Reinhardt muttered a small word and went back to work as well.




As I walked out of the merchants’ guild and walked up to the rear gate’s boarding carriage, I saw a lot of people I never see on Earth, such as people with beast ears like I saw at the main gate and a short, muscular man who is as tall as a child.

I enjoyed looking at the buildings’ atmosphere and people in the surrounding area with the feeling like I was a complete country person.

“What a beautiful place it is… even more so than I imagined.”



There are things like street trees and flower beds, and the whole place looks clean. I thought the atmosphere was on the civilization level of medieval Europe or so, so I had a prejudice that the streets were very dirty.

As I recall, I think I’ve learned that in the history of the earth, feces and urine were everywhere around that time. But in this city, I don’t feel that way. The air doesn’t seem to have a strange smell mixed in with it, and it must be really clean. Rather, the air is cleaner than Japan, where the level of civilization is advanced.

Well, I know the air is clean because there is no exhaust gas or anything like that. But it’s still strange. Is the water and sewage system maintained? As I walked around with that thought in mind, I noticed a small light flying around the city.


The light had colors such as red and blue, and although they were few in number, there were black and gold colors flying around as well. The colored lights were gathering in large numbers in the street trees and flowerbeds, and they looked like they were somehow dancing.

“Hey, what’s that thing?”



I asked Night and Akatsuki, but they didn’t seem to know what I was referring to for some reason.

“Huh? Can’t you see them? You see, there are a lot of them gathered at that street tree and other places…”


“Fugo. Fugo fugo.”

Night squealed apologetically in response to my question, and Akatsuki shook his head as if to say, “What are you talking about?” E-eeh?

I rubbed my eyes and looked again, thinking it was an optical illusion, but the ball of light is still there. I looked around to see if the people around me could see it as well, but no one was paying attention to the ball of light.

Being curious, I activated my [Identification] skill towards the green ball of light that was nearby. Then, it was displayed as [Wood Spirit], and the other red spheres of light were [Fire Spirit] and so on, and anyway, I knew that the sphere of light was a spirit being. However, for some reason, the skill display that always appears doesn’t appear, but… why is that?

Hmm… it’s a spirit that doesn’t exist in Japan, or rather, I have never seen it, but maybe it’s so normal in this world that I don’t pay attention to it, or perhaps I’m really the only one who can see it…

Probably because it’s so common, they don’t care about it. In fact, the spirits don’t seem to be approaching humans, and it probably doesn’t affect them. After convincing myself that it was appropriate, we started walking again.

After a while, we came to a large plaza. There was a large fountain, several benches, and some sort of food stalls around it. In the square, some people are eating food that may have been bought from that stall, and children are playing happily, this may be the city’s recreational area.

We didn’t have enough time to do a solid tour of the city, but we arrived at our destination as we walked around the beautiful city.

“Is this the rideshare boarding area that Reinhardt-san and the others mentioned?”

There is a gathering of what looks like a riding carriage, a strong-looking man with armor and swords at his waist, and a group of people dressed normally, just like me. As soon as I approached the carriage, the man who was looking after the horses noticed me.

“Oh, Welco… a nobleman!?”

“No, I’m not!”

The man looked at me and said I was a nobleman, and I immediately denied it. Why is it that they think I’m a nobleman like that?

“Um… why do you think I’m a nobleman?”

When I asked that question to the man, he gave me a puzzled look.

“It’s because you… you are wearing such an expensive outfit, and the way you behave gives you an air of elegance. That’s why I thought you were a nobleman trying to travel incognito.”

Apparently, it was because of my clothes and such. I-I see… it seems normal clothing and behavior on Earth would make me look like a nobleman here.

“Well, that’s fine… um, you are the coachman, right?”

“T-that’s right, but… do you perhaps want to ride in this carriage?”

“Ah, yes. Is it available?”

“Ah, it is.”

“Thank goodness… Ah, and can these boys come along for the ride?”



When Night and Akatsuki raised their paws in greeting, the coachman-san’s eyes widened for a moment, but he immediately smiled.

“They’re quite lovely fellows, aren’t they? As long as they don’t go on a rampage, that won’t be a problem.”

“Thank you!”

Well, I forgot all about it until we got here, but there was a possibility that Night and Akatsuki might not get a ride.

“Here, get in. We’re leaving now.”

When the coachman-san urged me to get into the carriage, there were people sitting side by side who were going to the royal capital just like me.

I took a seat at the very edge among them, and the carriage slowly started to move.

“The royal capital, huh… what a place it will be, I can’t wait to see it.”



Listening to Night and Akatsuki’s replies, we were heading to the royal capital.


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  1. Sigh… glass making has been quite well developed even back in medieval times. Well, to be fair, it was generally only produced in good quality by select cities that had good disposition to produce glass.

    Either way, if he is going to make it look like the glass is so undeveloped in a world that even has magic that could help with its production I am just going to assume they don’t know how to make glasses.


    1. I’ve long come to accept the fact that every book I read will be full of inaccuracies in the many subject areas I’m familiar with. It’s best to just laugh about it a bit and move on, no author has time to focus on the details that much.

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  2. Oh how I really wish that his 2 guy friends will be talking about isekai manga or novels and that will get his attention. Then they will recommend him with different kinds of book/manga that he will buy and read, wich will be a guide in the otherworld.


  3. I would not hurt you to be more confident. You are from another world, nobody can confirm whether you’re a nobleman or not. IMHO mc has mental problems, able to kill monsters but pussy out with other humans. It’s not being humble but more of a retard.


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