I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 3 Epilogue

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It’s been about three hours since we left the city. We finally arrived at the royal capital. We were able to proceed at a moderate speed without any particular monster attacks on the road, but here I experienced the carriage’s harshness.

“I-I never thought a carriage would be so uncomfortable to ride in…”



Akatsuki didn’t seem to mind too much, but Night and I were tired of the carriage ride. Because I completely imagined it to be like an Earth taxi or bus, and I had even imagined the ride to be comfortable.

But in reality, the only roads we rode on were only paved ones to some extent, and the wheels were not made of rubber, so the vibrations were incredibly hard on my hips and buttocks.

Fortunately, thanks to the leveling up and my evolved body, the pain isn’t unbearable, but it’s enough to make me not want to experience it again. And I even thought about using transference magic on the way back, for sure.

Considering the travel time was about three hours in the carriage, it would have been at night if I had walked to get there. Well, maybe I would have gotten there faster if I ran, but it’s not like there wouldn’t be people on the road, and I should avoid being conspicuous as much as possible. It may be too late now.

Regardless, we finally got there. The royal capital is ridiculously big, and the main gate where the checkpoint is being held is more than twice as big as the first city we visited. We were able to go through the checkpoint while riding in the carriage, and we were able to enter without a problem when I used the ID I got from the merchant’s guild right away.

And when we arrived at the desired stopping point, I got off the carriage after thanking the coachman for his help.

“Hmm! As expected, the vibrancy of the royal capital is different.”

The first town was crowded with people too, but this place is far more crowded than that. How can I say it… I even remember the first time I went to Tokyo and was surprised by the number of people there.

However, the difference between this place and Tokyo is that even if you look around, there isn’t a single skyscraper, and instead, there are many strange sundries? The street is crowded with shops that you won’t see on Earth, such as a suspicious-looking shop filled with a variety of items, a shop with swords and other weapons displayed in a disorderly fashion, and a shop decorated with magnificent armor.

When I moved my gaze to the end of such a busy street, I saw a white castle that was proud of its grandeur despite the distance between the two. I make a dumb face at that magnificent castle.

Eh, could it be that we’re going to such a magnificent castle? I’m not in the right place, am I?

I should have decided to go to the royal castle, but I almost wavered in my resolve when I saw the castle. How reminiscent of a famous castle in a certain dreamland. However, I can’t stay dumbfounded forever, and now that I’ve come this far, I have to get to the castle as soon as possible, or else I’m going to get sick to my stomach at the fact that I’m keeping the royalty waiting.

Having made up my mind, I headed to the castle with Night and Akatsuki in tow, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t see my surroundings any more than I did when I just arrived.

When I arrived safely at the castle’s gates, one of the soldiers, who was probably a gatekeeper, noticed me.

“You. You are not allowed to be up here.”

“U-um… my name is Yuuya Tenjou, who was invited by Owen-san and the others…”

The soldier hasn’t been particularly threatening, but he still naturally tenses up his shoulders. That one, it’s like that thing where you naturally tense up when you walk past a policeman, even though you haven’t done anything bad on Earth. I think it’s the same thing.

As I was thinking about such a trivial thing, the soldier, who had checked my appearance as if surprised, opened his mouth even more hurriedly.

“Yu-Yuuya-sama, wasn’t it! I’ve heard the story about you, but please wait a moment…!”

The soldier left his post at full speed and quickly returned with a person in tow.

“T-this way.”


“Oh! It’s been a long time, Owen-san!”

The person the soldier brought with him was, to my surprise, Owen-san himself.

“I didn’t expect you to be here already… I thought it would take you a little longer.”

“I’m sorry… I just happened to get some time, and I thought it would be best to come as early as possible… was it a nuisance?”

“No way! We are grateful to you for thinking that far. Now, come on over.”

When Owen-san took me through the gate, the soldiers guarding the gate postured and saluted me, and I could not help but feel a sense of dread as they did so. No, I think they’re doing it to Owen-san.

When I went under the gate, there was another world beyond it. Fountains, which I don’t know by what principle it works in this world, and gardens planted with trees, with many flowers in bloom.

And in such a garden, there were many balls of light drifting about, just like the ones I saw in the city I stopped by before coming to the royal capital, and it was very fantastic.



While even Night is impressed by the castle’s awesomeness, Akatsuki is the only one who walks behind Owen-san with his chest out and proudly follows him. It’s really amazing that Akatsuki doesn’t lose herself in such a tense place.

I asked Owen-san about something that had been bothering me, though it was true that my nerves had relaxed a bit.

“Speaking of which, where are we headed now?”

“Mmm? Yeah, I didn’t tell you. We’re on our way to the audience chamber.”


Audience… an audience?

“D-don’t tell me we’re going to meet the king all of a sudden? Excuse me for saying this, but I haven’t prepared any formal attire for it!”

I had forgotten all about it with the thought that I had to go to the royal castle as soon as possible, but I’m going to meet the country’s head now, and I’m wearing normal clothes that the sage-san left me.

Owen-san laughed in response to my panic.

“Hahaha. You don’t have to worry about it that much. Even though it’s an audience, it’s unofficial. His Majesty won’t care that much about your clothes, either.”

“R-really? Besides, is it safe to bring Night and Akatsuki to that audience room?”

“That’s not a problem either. Night-dono was the one who saved Lexia-sama, too. It’s just…”


As he was about to say that, Owen-san looked at Akatsuki with strange eyes.

“Um, Yuuya-dono. This little pig… was there one before?”

“Oh, this boy… his name is Akatsuki, and he’s just recently joined the family.”


Akatsuki responded to my introduction by raising his paws nonchalantly. He’s cute, but isn’t he too cavalier? Is everything okay? Owen-san didn’t say anything in particular about Akatsuki’s gestures, but his cheeks twitched a little.

“I-I see. Yuuya-dono has a very unusual addition to his family…”

“I-is that so?”

And although it wasn’t family, I was also able to have a master and apprentice with Usagi-san. There are a lot of strange connections, that’s for sure. I’m grateful for that, though.

“I’m sure there’s no problem with this Akatsuki-dono coming with you. Also, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, but I only ask that they do not be rude to His Majesty.”


Well yes… that’s right! I don’t even remember what to wear, and I don’t even know what etiquette is! You see, I never got to meet royalty on Earth. Do I have to bow ninety degrees? Or should I kneel? Which one!

For some reason, I panicked at the unexplained confidence that I could handle it, and I was about to ask Owen-san about etiquette, and before I knew it, I was at the big door. I was completely oblivious to my surroundings because I had so many thoughts and reminders on the road to this point.

In front of the heavy, beautifully crafted door, soldiers who looked like guards were waiting on either side of it again, and they called out as we reached the door.

“Yuuya Tenjou-sama has arrived!”


Despite my surprise, the door opened, and I had no choice but to follow as Owen-san walked in without a care in the world. No, wait. What am I really going to do? My head spins to its fullest extent more than ever before, yet I still activate the skill [Mental Enhancement] to calm my mind.

Then my vision gradually widened, and I became aware of the scenery around me that I couldn’t see before. Looking around the room lightly, there are a number of magnificent pillars standing, and the area we are walking on is covered with a red carpet.

At the far end of the staircase, at the top of which was a grand man sitting in an ornate chair. The man wears a bright red cape with a crown on his head. On either side of the man, a black-robed figure, probably the king’s guard, was standing by.

Looking around a bit more, I saw Lexia-san and Luna’s figures right next to the stairs’ bottom. Both of them smiled when they saw me, and even Lexia-san gave me a big wave. This is… should I wave back too…? No, but we’re in front of the king…

Having found Lexia-san and the others, I regained my composure again, and when I had made some progress, Owen-san knelt down, so I hurriedly imitated him and knelt down as well. Imitating that, Night also got down, but only Akatsuki was flustered, so I hurriedly made him get down just like Night.

“Your Majesty, I have brought Yuuya Tenjou-dono here.”


It’s just a single word, but his words are so full of dignity that I naturally feel like I will stand tall despite my face being down. S-scary…

Then, with such a dignified voice, he finally calls out to me.

“Yuuya, was it? Lift your face.”


When I look up, stiff and nervous, I automatically see the king’s face. He’s Lexia-san’s father, and he’s an amazingly handsome man.

“So, are you the one who saved Lexia?”


“…So, are you the one who was proposed to Lexia?”


H-huh? What is that? What is he asking me all of a sudden? Besides, he’s looking grumpy to me! While I was already in a cold sweat, the king finally stood up, glaring at me.

“So… no, you! You’re the bastard who seduced my daughter!”


S-seduce!? What is he talking about?

I don’t understand what’s going on anymore, I’m just amazed, while Owen-san, who was also kneeling, suddenly stood up.

“Your Majesty, even though it’s unofficial, we’re in an audience! Can’t you endure it?”

“I can!”

“Then, do it! You are still the king, right?”

Owen-san, who is talking to the king in a rough tone, says so. No, can you please not confuse me further? I’m not sure I can keep up with this. After finishing the exchange, which was like a rambling exchange, the king sat down in his chair in a sullen manner, and carelessly opened his mouth.

“Hmph. I am Arnold, the King of this Arcelia Kingdom.”

“Y-yes… Um, I’m Yuuya Tenjou. And this is Night and Akatsuki.”

I introduced myself according to our name’s formality and introduced Night and Akatsuki, but still, the king. Arnold-sama seems to be in a bad mood.

…Sure, it must be awful for a father at that age to think that his lovely daughter has a wicked bug on her, but it’s not like I’m the one who asked Lexia-san to marry me, is it too much? Can I cry now?

I’m already overwhelmed with nervousness, but when I introduced myself, Arnold-sama stuck out his hand.



Arnold-sama furrowed his eyebrows as I tilted my head, unsure of the meaning of that hand.

“What, you don’t know what it means? You come all this way, and you don’t have a single souvenir for my little girl?”

“Your Majesty! From what I saw just now, the arrogance is too much! Yuuya-sama is a benefactor of Lexia-sama!”

“Yes, Father! And yet, what’s your attitude from earlier?”

When I was stunned by Arnold-sama’s behavior, Owen-san and even Lexia-san said that to protect me.

But… well, that’s right. It’s strange that I came all of a sudden, and more importantly, that I didn’t have a single souvenir for Lexia-san, the king’s beloved daughter… right?

I’m so self-centered that I forget that stuff. I should be more careful.

As I reflected on my clothes and etiquette, and the souvenirs there as well, I saw that Owen-san and the others still had a lot to say to Arnold-sama. It’s my fault, and I’m really sorry.

Is there anything I can give them right away…

I desperately thought of the things in the item box and remembered a certain thing I got before coming to this royal city. I got a lot of them along the way, and there’s nothing wrong with giving them to Lexia-san. Besides, if I give this to her, she won’t dislike it… right?



When I call out to Arnold-sama and the others who are still arguing with each other, Arnold-sama turns to me with a sullen look.

“Um… I honestly didn’t know what would be good for you, Lexia-san… how about this one if you don’t mind…?”

With that said, what I took out of the item box was──the [Paradise Futon]. With the effects of this futon, anyone would be happy to receive it. After all, it promises a comfortable sleep!

Well, it’s called a royal gift, so maybe it’s a weapon? Perhaps it would be better to give the weapons out here, but it would give the soldiers a strange misunderstanding if I gave the weapons out here, and it’s a gift for Lexia-san. It would be troubling to receive a weapon, but there would be no need to worry about that if it’s a futon.

For some reason, Arnold-sama’s eyes widened when I took out the futon thinking that.

“Oh, you have an item box?”

Oops, is that a surprise here as well? I know it’s unusual for a merchant guild, but this is all I had to do since I was storing it in the item box. If I’m going to hide the item box, I’ll have to think of something to do with it.

I took out the bedding, and one of the soldiers takes it and hands it to Lexia-san.

“What is that… no way, a futon? A futon!”

Arnold-sama, who saw the soldier handing Lexia-san a futon by his side, looked at Lexia-san’s face with a panicked look as it was. Then for some reason, Lexia-san’s cheeks were red.

“Well, Yuuya-sama! You’re so bold!”

As I was tilting my head, not understanding the meaning of this, Arnold-sama turned red in the face and shouted.


NyX Translation


“Yooouuuu! You seduced Lexia openly in front of me hereeeee!”

“What are you talking about?”

Seduction? What does that mean?

“Do you want to feign ignorance…? Enough of this, get out of here now!”


I came here because I was called and now he wants you to leave? Owen-san put his hand on his forehead and lamented to me, as I could no longer understand the reason and was just confused.

“That’s right… I had forgotten all about it, but Yuuya-dono is not from this country. So it’s not surprising that he doesn’t know the customs…”


As I paled at some uneasy words, Owen-san gave me a troubled look.

“Yuuya-dono. In this country, giving bedding to the opposite sex means that you want to marry her or share the bed with her.”


“In other words, if you gave Lexia-sama a futon as a gift, then Yuuya-dono has made that invitation. If this were a different gift, then nothing would have happened…”

I-it was my fauuuuuultttt!”

I can’t even grasp the customs, that’s for sure! Eh, so I’ve asked his daughter, Lexia-san, in front of Arnold-sama’s eyes, for… for the night? As my mind was blanked by the gravity of what I had done, I saw that Arnold-sama was receiving a sword from a robed person who was waiting nearby.

“Enough… If you don’t leave, then you’ll be turned into [Slashing Sword Greacle] rust here…!”

“Your Majesty, please calm down! Yuuya-dono doesn’t know the customs of this country!”

“No, there’s no need for discussion any more!”

“No, calm down! Why did you guys give him the sword too?”

As Owen-san is desperately trying to stop Arnold-sama from coming to cut down on the stunned me, Night, who had been lying on the ground with no regard to the situation until now, suddenly got up.

Then Night stares at the ceiling and starts to roar.


“Eh, Night?”

I was startled by Night, who suddenly began to roar, and when I turned my gaze to where Night was glaring at as well──.

“Huh? Your Majesty!”


Suddenly, several men in black appeared from the ceiling of the room.

“W-What are these guys?”

“Your Majesty, get behind me now!”

“Lexia, stay with me.”

Then Owen-san and the wizards who were guarding Arnold-sama stepped forward to protect him, and Luna stood to protect Lexia-san.

“Who are you people!”

“You who are about to die, you don’t need to know.”

One of the black-robed people told Arnold-sama’s words with cold words, and as he gestured to search his pocket, he took out what looked like a mysterious crystal.

“Huh! Hey, stop that guy!”

“Ugh! [Fire Arrow]!”

The crystal held by the black-robed man shone as the robed people made fire arrows appear to stop the movement of the black-robed figure and released them all at once.

[Sealing Magic Barrier].”


At that moment, the arrows of fire that were flying towards the man in black disappeared.

“That’s too bad. Now no one can enter this place, and no one in this place can use magic.”

“The only people we need to watch out for in your guard are Owen and the court wizards there, but once we’ve shut down the magic like this, we only need to worry about Owen.”

My head is so full of people who come here and make no sense to me that they are really for the audience. Stop it already.

“Come on, Arnold. And now, Lexia. You’re going to die here…!”

As he said that, the men in black all at once attacked Arnold-sama and the others. Owen-san and Luna managed to defend them, but due to their different numbers and apparently moderate skill, even Owen-san and the others were having a hard time dealing with them.

The people in robes have tried several times to activate magic, but apparently, the man in black is right, they can’t use magic in this room right now, and furthermore, they said that no one could break-in, so even if they wait for reinforcements, they won’t come.

Let’s see… I was leaving behind a while ago, but it’s not good no matter how it looks, isn’t it…? Feeling this, I immediately gave instructions to Night and Akatsuki.

“Night, come with me and neutralize the people in black with me. Akatsuki… it seems you can’t use magic in this place, but Akatsuki’s [Sanctuary] is a skill, so it’s probably okay, and if anyone gets hurt, use it to heal them, okay?”



Both Night and Akatsuki responded cheerfully to that, and I smiled.

“Well then… let’s go!”

As I said, I used my direct leg strength to approach one of the black-robed men who were closest to me.


The man shouts dumbly, surprised to see me suddenly in his back, but I ignore him and, aware of Usagi-san’s teachings, I slam a kick into his torso, holding back as best I can.


The man in black who was kicked by me was blown up, dragged the rest of the group down, and crashed into the wall, knocking them unconscious. Suddenly, a few people had been unconscious due to my attack, which attracted the gazes of not only the men in black but also Owen-san and the others.

If I can’t use magic, then I shouldn’t use it.

Or rather, since I’m not used to fighting with magic, it’s easier to fight in my current state. Well, to make sure that I really can’t use magic, I tried to conjure up flames in my palms to appear… but it came out just fine.

“What? How can you use magic!”

The leader of the attackers shouted that at my appearance, but I didn’t know that either. I’m just checking it out, and it works. It’s a very special magic circuit of the sage-san’s, could that be the cause? After all, it’s the magic circuit of someone who seems to have stepped into the realm of God…

However, since no one but me seems to really be able to use magic, it seems that I’m the only one who can currently use magic. It’s an indoor room, and if there’s a fire or flooding, it’s hard to clean up.

And although I can use all the weapons that aren’t magic, like magic, I’m afraid of wielding a weapon poorly and destroying the room, so this time I’m going to defeat them with just a kick. I’ve only used all the techniques taught to me by Usagi-san against monsters, and it will be a good training exercise.

While the black-robed men stared at me dumbfoundedly, I went straight to kicking with Night, taking away their consciousness one after another.

“As expected of Yuuya-sama!  I can’t believe you beat them in an instant!”

“…Yuuya, aren’t you getting stronger than before? W-well, that strength has helped me, though…”

When they saw me fighting the men, Lexia-san and Luna were saying something, but I couldn’t hear them well because I was so focused on the fight. Rather, it’s amazing how normal Lexia-san, the princess, is in this situation.

“What the… what are you!”

And it’s only the first person who used the crystal and looks at me and says so, but I ignore his words and hit him with the last kick. I looked around again to see that the person had also hit the wall and passed out.

Night had knocked down a few people, and Akatsuki hadn’t acted particularly well, so I guess no one was hurt. That’s good. Relieved for the moment, I asked Arnold-sama and the others, who were still stunned.

“So… what do we do with these people?”

“Huh? Owen! Tie these men up now!”


Instructed by Arnold-sama, Owen-san, and the others, along with the guards, restrain the unconscious attackers. Then, while restraining them, the hoods of the black-robed men were removed, and as they were carefully examining their belongings, Owen-san found an object and froze.

“T-this is…”

“What is it, Owen. What did you find?”

“…Yes. In this man… There’s the coat of arms of His Highness Prince Rhaegar…”


Arnold-sama’s eyes widened more than ever at Owen-san’s words, and he sat down on his throne without strength and gave one instruction.

“…Put them in a cell and keep them on high alert. I am sorry… but I will return to my room for a moment.”


With a dizzy step, Arnold-sama left with his guards. In their place, a new group of soldiers arrived and took the detained assailants under Owen-san’s direction. As I helped without understanding, I was just watching the scene with Night and the others, when Owen-san approached me with a serious look on his face.

“I’m sorry, Yuuya-dono.”


“It pains me to tell you this after you have come to the royal capital, but the kingdom is in a mess now… Yuuya-dono. Can you help us for the sake of the royal capital… or rather the kingdom?”


Without really knowing what was going on, I was getting caught up in the problems surrounding the kingdom.


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