I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 4 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Reconciliation


“Yuuya-sama, are you all right?”

“Yuuya, are you okay?”


After preventing the mysterious girl’s attack and successfully capturing the prince, I had to wait with Luna, Lexia-san, and Owen-san in a room-like area of the royal castle for a while. Then, as soon as I returned, Lexia-san and the others questioned me, and I had to tell them about the situation that happened when I captured the prince.

As a result, they were very worried about me.

”It seems the opponent didn’t really take it seriously, somehow.”

“Is that so…”

“…No way, I didn’t think there was an existence strong enough to overcome Yuuya…”

“No, no, I’m not that strong, you know?”

“That’s not true,” said Lexia-san and Luna in unison.

“What was that?”

That’s strange. I was telling the truth… so why did both of you have to deny it at the same time? In fact, Master Usagi is very strong, and there are many others just like him.

“Anyway, I’m glad you’re okay.”

“However, this hectic situation was caused by that woman…”

Luna was right; it’s a hectic time in the castle right now. It was not only once, but it was the second attack, and the castle was now on even higher alert, and the castle was in a hurry to prepare for a meeting to begin to decide on the treatment of the first prince.

The soldiers who had fainted during the mysterious girl’s attack had woken up safely and were now back to work without any problems. Are they okay?

Incidentally, the prince who was detained, although he attacked Lexia-san, he is still royalty, and more than anything else, he is Arnold-sama’s son. This may not be the reason, but he can’t be handled poorly, and the soldiers seem to have a lot of trouble with him.

As a side note, after restraining him, Lexia-san and the others came to see him, and the prince went on a rampage again, but he was not a match for Owen-san and the other soldiers and was seized accordingly.

…And yet, why was the prince wearing a mask? I haven’t checked underneath the mask, but Lexia-san and Owen-san said that the person in the mask was definitely the prince…

It seemed that Luna had the same question, but in the end, Luna and I couldn’t get them to tell us. Hmm…I’m curious.

As I was thinking about that, Owen-san turned his gaze to me.

“I’m sorry, Yuuya-dono. I’d like for Yuuya-dono to participate in the meeting that will determine the treatment of His Highness.”

“Eh? Sure, I’ll help you if I can, but I’m an outsider, you know? Is everything okay?”

What can I say, is it right to be in such an important place? In the first place, it seems that Arnold-sama has only a bad impression of me…

Then Owen-san nodded.

“I don’t think there will be a new attack right after the one we just had, but His Highness might be planning something. No, it’s possible that the Dark Guild, which is connected to His Highness and the girl from earlier, may be making a move…”


When the word Dark Guild was mentioned, Luna’s eyebrows moved for a moment, but from the fact that she didn’t say anything, it’s possible that the Dark Guild could actually attack them. And it’s true that even if that girl herself doesn’t come, someone from the Dark Guild might still attack them. It’s troublesome.

“That’s why I’d really like Yuuya-dono to stand by in the room as Arnold-sama and Lexia-sama’s bodyguard. Of course, Night-dono and Akatsuki-dono will be with you, too. Night-dono has saved us many times, after all.”



As Night nodded, Akatsuki, who hadn’t done anything in particular, for some reason raised his legs, confidently telling everyone to leave it to him with his chest stretched out. No, it’s cute, though.

But it was true that Night had noticed when Luna had attacked Lexia-san, and Night had been the first to notice the attack by the men in black this time. And most importantly, Night was also the first to notice that girl’s attack. It would certainly be impossible to exclude him. Night’s search ability and instincts are even better than mine.

“If that’s the case… I understand.”

“I’m really sorry. Originally, we would like to finish our country’s affairs on our own…”

Owen-san looked apologetic as he said that. Beside her, Lexia-san had a sad expression on her face the whole time.


“Lexia-san? Um… are you okay?”

“Eh? Oh… no, it’s nothing. It’s okay, Yuuya-sama.”


Although her mouth says she’s fine, Lexia-san’s expression remains gloomy. Well, her relatives tried to kill her, so I guess that’s natural…

In the end, with Lexia-san’s expression still unclear, we headed for the audience room, which was now prepared for us.




When we moved to the audience room, Arnold-sama was already sitting on the throne… but he looked very cold and expressionless. However, that expression wasn’t directed at me; he was just staring into the void.

Next to that Arnold-sama was standing by some sort of pompous-looking elderly man, and across the road leading up to the throne, there were many people lined up in the same way, unlike the knights, they looked like great people. My own guess is that these people are the nobles of this country. They’re not looking like soldiers or knights by any means… if the goal is to make it look that way and get the other person to let their guard down, I’m sure I’m falling for the trick.


“──Your Majesty, Your Highness has arrived.”


One of the soldiers came into the audience room and told him so. But Arnold-sama remained silent, without a single change in his face. When one of the soldiers was puzzled by his attitude, Owen-san sent out a rescue boat.

“… All right. For now, let him through here.”


A little while later, a man was detained by the soldiers and brought here.


And I look at the man and stare in amazement. But it seems I wasn’t the only one who was surprised, and Luna’s eyes widened as well. In contrast, Arnold-sama moved his eyebrows for a moment, and Lexia-san…looked very sad.

Because the prince’s face──was burnt out.

Although the eyes, nose, and mouth were recognizable, the skin on his face was seared, and his entire body seemed to be severely burned, including his arms and legs, which could be seen through his clothes.

I could only gawk at the prince’s unexpected appearance, but Lexia-san, Owen-san, and Arnold-sama seemed to know, and all I could see was a sad expression on their faces.

I didn’t think that a face was severely burned underneath that mask, and both me and Luna are speechless.

…That mask was a tool to hide this true face.

The prince is brought by a soldier and brought out in front of Arnold-sama, and is made to kneel on the spot. There was silence for a while, and eventually, Arnold-sama quietly opened his mouth.

“──Do you have any plea to make?”


Then the prince twisted his face in displeasure at Arnold-sama’s words, and then he opened his eyes and shouted to Arnold-sama.

“Seeing me like this, do you say I have any plea now, father!”


“Why did you look away? You should see it. I’m your son.”



In response to the prince glaring at Arnold-sama fiercely, Lexia-san mutters quietly, and then the prince turns his sharp gaze to Lexia-san.

“Hey, Lexia. What, your eyes. Is that sympathy for me? Huh?”


“Whose fault is it that caused all this? All this, it’s all your fault!”

The prince stared at Lexia-san with tremendous expression.

“You… you caused a magical outburst, and I got caught up in it, that’s why I look like this!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Your wounds have certainly healed! And the aftereffects…”

“Oh, it’s definitely healed—no aftereffects of my injuries. My body became clean without a scratch. But my body has gone crazy from being exposed to Lexia’s enormous magical power! I feel like I’ve been subjected to a torrent of destruction. I can’t get rid of that feeling! The healers say it’s because Lexia’s magic has entered my body! It made me want to destroy everything around me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to keep my sanity! But I can’t stop the urge to destroy! And that impulse would eventually lead me to now, and guess what? I could finally contain my destructive impulse by destroying my own body. You see? I may have made this appearance, but it’s not my fault. It’s on you, Lexia! So…so…if only you weren’t there…!”

“Rhaegar… you…”

“What is it? Father. You know that, don’t you? You know what I’ve been through! But you didn’t help me!”

“No! It’s true that I know you’ve gone crazy since that incident. But there was nothing I could do about it! We had no choice but to do something about your misery, which can no longer be called a curse.”

“The result of that is isolation! Well, information about the First Prince going crazy is not good news!”


“Oh… that look is driving me crazy again. I have no redeeming qualities while defending that girl who took everything from me!”

The Prince──Rhaegar-sama stared at Lexia-san and Arnold-sama… tears were flowing from Lexia-san’s eyes.

…Apparently, it seems that Lexia-san is largely responsible for the reason why this Rhaegar-sama is in his current form. And Arnold-sama hid the current Rhaegar-sama from her. As a royalty, so as not to give an opening to other countries.

“Why… why did you do this…!”

Arnold-sama said that as he squeezed out, but Rhaegar-sama remained glaring at him.

“Why? There is only one reason. I, who suffered a living hell due to my dirty blood sister, couldn’t help but want to kill Lexia…! Isn’t that better than what Lexia and Father did! I tried to kill you without making you all suffer!”


“You have made me look like this. I called for a skilled recuperator, but he couldn’t even restore this form, let alone my destructive impulses. Do you understand? All this suffering to you people!”

“I was trying to save you, too! But I couldn’t help it!”

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I once wished to be killed! I’d rather die than suffer this way!”


“But you didn’t kill me! For your silly royal duties! Give me a taste of living hell! Then isolated me as if you didn’t want to see me.”

“Your destructive impulses were so dangerous! That’s why I had to isolate you!”

“I told you to kill me.”


“But it’s too late for everything. I hate Lexia, and I hate you. That’s why I planned it. If you don’t kill me, I’m going to kill you all! See, this is why I tried to kill you guys! Do you have a problem with that?”

“…Rhaegar, you…”

Arnold-sama closes his eyes as if he regrets it.

“…Did my choice cause you to suffer…”

“Do you regret this now? I don’t want that. I just want this wound to heal. All I want is for you to heal the wounds caused by my destructive urges. You can’t, can you? Then kill me. I don’t want to live anymore.”

After saying just that, Rhaegar-sama sat down on the spot quietly. However, neither Arnold-sama nor Lexia-san could say anything to Rhaegar-sama like that.

The surrounding nobles also just awkwardly averted their gazes.

…Well, I don’t know the details of the situation, but first of all, in the past, Lexia-san went out of control with her magic power? And that’s what caused it, that’s what’s causing Rhaegar-sama’s current injuries. So, Rhaegar-sama’s injuries are the least of his worries, right?

I raised my hand in a cursory manner at the thought.



Arnold-sama, who saw my appearance, seems to have recognized my presence by now, and his eyes widened a little. Eh… how much wasn’t he interested in me… No, I felt like he was empty from the beginning when this meeting started.

Then seeing me raise my hand, Lexia-san and the others looked surprised, but Arnold-sama furrowed his eyebrows somewhat uncomfortably.

“….What. Outsiders don’t interfere.”

“Oh, well, I’m very aware that I’m an outsider, but there’s something I’d like to try.”

“What do you want to do…?”

While everyone tilted their heads at my words, I approached Rhaegar-sama as I took out the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice] from the item box.

“Wha, what! Hey, don’t come near me!”

“Don’t be afraid.”

“Like hell, I will believe in you! What’s that thing you’re holding in your hand!”

While not only Lexia-san and the others, but even Arnold-sama is looking at my actions with a pouting expression, Rhaegar-sama desperately writhes away from the soldier’s restraint and tries to get away from me. You didn’t have to be so scared, you know.

As I came in front of Rhaegar-sama just like that, I brought the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice] I was holding close to him.

“What… what’s that liquiiidddd!”

“Yes, please excuse me for a moment.”

“Huh? Yu-Yuuya-dono!”

I fixed Rhaegar-sama’s face, which was trying to turn away from me, and I made him drink the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice]. Then Owen-san, who quickly came to his senses, hurriedly called out to me, but I had already given Rhaegar-sama a drink of the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice].

Rhaegar-sama tried to refuse at first, but since I suddenly stuck the juice in his mouth, he almost reflexively swallowed the juice before he could spit it out.

And then──.


“What’s happening?”

Rhaegar-sama’s skin, which had been severely burned, was instantly cleaned up, and in the end, Rhaegar-sama’s wound had healed completely. In contrast to the burns that made it impossible to recognize the facial structure at all, the current Rhaegar-sama was so handsome that the word “prince” was appropriate for him.

“R-Rhaegar-sama… that… that face…”

Then one of the soldiers, dumbfounded, speaks up about the changes that have happened to Rhaegar-sama’s body.


Rhaegar-sama’s face, the place that Rhaegar-sama least wanted to be touched, was pointed out to him, and a tremendous expression appeared on his face, and he reflexively touched his face… and froze.


He touched his own face over and over again, confirming the feel of it, and then shook his head, stunned.

“Oh, it can’t be… that can’t be… my wounds… the burns… the burns that will never heal again…”

“Well… I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about, but I thought that wound was the cause of this case, so I took the liberty of healing it. …Was that bad?”


At my statement, the people around me shouted loudly again, and Arnold-sama rose from his throne and came straight to me.

“You…! What the hell did you do? How could my son’s… Rhaegar’s face…!”

“As I explained, I thought I’d take out one of the causes of Rhaegar-sama’s desire to cause this commotion for a while… I had a good recovery potion on hand, so I used it.”

“Just the right recovery potion!”

Arnold-sama’s eyes widened as if he couldn’t understand me.

“It’s impossible. It’s not possible! Rhaegar’s wounds weren’t something that could be healed by anyone. Even the highest-ranking healers! And you’re telling me that you cured him with a recovery potion, not a recovery spell? That’s a legendary recovery potion! What the hell did you use? Or did you use a forbidden item?”

“N-no! No, it’s not! I used the [Complete Recovery Herb]…”

[Complete Recovery Herb]?”

Arnold-sama’s excitement didn’t stop, and he was even more astonished. It wasn’t just Arnold-sama, but also Rhaegar-sama, who drank the juice, with a distracted look on his face.

“H-hey… didn’t you just say complete recovery herb?”

“H-he just imagines things, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, it would be something else. A complete recovery herb is something out of a fairy tale.”

“More importantly, who the hell is he? That man…”

I don’t know if they can’t believe my words, but the people around me start buzzing as well.

“I-impossible… the [Complete Recovery Herb] is now a legendary herb…”

“Well… I’ve got another one, would you like to appraise it?”

“One more bottle of it!?”

I took out the [Complete Recovery Herbal Juice] that I was still preparing and handed it to Arnold-sama, and he took it with a trembling hand and handed it to one of the soldiers.

After a while, that soldier seems to have finished his appraisal and passes it to Arnold-sama with the same hand trembling as when he received it with a blue face.

“Y-Your Majesty… this, here, this is… t-the real thing…”


There was silence during the audience.

…Come to think of it, I read in the description of the complete recovery herb that it was “Hard to find and at the legendary level”. I knew it was just that hard to find, but I didn’t think it was an actually legendary grade.

“Oh, you let me… drink such a national treasure…”‘

Then, for some reason, Rhaegar-sama also turns blue in the face and mutters something like that. Ah, that? This guy wanted to heal his burns… right? That’s not my unwanted meddling, you know?

In spite of my anxiety, Arnold-sama turned his gaze to Owen-san with a blue face.

“O-Owen… did you know about this…?”

“N-no… I haven’t heard of it either…”

“Huh? Didn’t I tell you that?”

“…Yuuya. If such a blowout story came up, we would have had this reaction at that point…”

For some reason, Luna is stunned by my words. Is that so? It’s true that just by drinking it, it can heal any wound, except for dead people, so it’s amazing.

“Well, I gave it to her when I met Luna…”

“T-that recovery pill was also a [Complete Recovery Herb]?”

Luna realized now that she had been taking the same thing as Rhaegar-sama and staggered.

“L-Luna! Keep your mind clear!”

“…You let me drink such a precious thing…”

“Geez! It’s not a new thing that Yuuya-sama is out of standards! And that’s what saved your life!”

“…Well, that’s true. It was only because of that messed up Yuuya that I was saved.”

“Oya? Isn’t this being undermined in a roundabout way?”

I don’t think you have to sound so insane. The wound heals perfectly, and it’s very convenient. Then, Arnold-sama seemed to calm down a bit and asked me with a softened attitude towards me.

“You… no, Yuuya-dono, did you use such a precious thing for my son…?”

“I mean, it’s valuable, but… it grows in my garden a lot, so…”

“Growing in a gardeeennn!?”

“I can’t take it. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

As the astonishment spread again, Arnold-sama laughed powerlessly as if he was burned out.

“Well… for now, I think Rhaegar-sama’s wounds have healed… what do you think?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Yes. I don’t know the details of the situation, but if Lexia-san was involved in Rhaegar-sama’s wound, and that was the reason why he tried to hurt Lexia-san, I thought that if the wound were gone, for the time being, he would feel a little lighter…”

I understand because I was being bullied as well back then, but even though the wound has healed, I don’t think that even the trauma in Rhaegar-sama’s heart, which had been avoided and looked at by everyone as odd, has healed.

Moreover, the reason for that strange gaze was neither injury nor illness, but a destructive impulse caused by a substandard magic power entering his body, and the resulting self-inflicted wound, so he couldn’t do anything about it.

Still, I hoped that healing that self-inflicted trauma alone would lighten that heart a little.

“W-why… I don’t understand why… why is this a national treasure-grade item…!”

Confused, Rhaegar-sama still can’t believe his appearance, but he keeps touching his face. Well, that’s what would happen if the wound suddenly healed. But with this, Rhaegar-sama’s problem should be solved for now.

“What do you think?”


In response to my question, Rhaegar-sama slowly lowered his hand from his face and looked down.

“…You are indeed right; the wound has healed. But it’s too late… I’ve done something I can’t take back. The destructive impulse is gone, the wound is healed, but that doesn’t change. So it’s too late.”



Arnold-sama and Lexia-san looked at Rhaegar-sama, who was laughing at himself, and a look of regret appeared on his face. But then Lexia-san made an expression as if she noticed something.


“Hmm? Lexia…?”

“Tell me. What was brother’s greatest crime?”

“It was… of course, aimed to kill you, but…”

“Then, I’ll forgive that.”


Lexia-san’s statement surprised not only the elders who were around her but also Arnold-sama and Rhaegar-sama. However, Lexia-san, the person in question, firmly told them.

“If my brother’s crime is that he targeted me, then I forgive him. That will make my brother’s crime go away, right?”


“It’s not that simple, Lexia! I’m going to make you…”

“No, it’s a simple matter.”

Clearly, Lexia-san told him clearly as she looked around.

“I am the victim here. Then you don’t mind if my opinion comes through, do you?”

“But… Rhaegar is with the Dark Guild…”

“Oh, then what of my bodyguard, Luna, who is one of the former Dark Guild members?”

“It was you who forced me to…”

“Besides! First of all, aren’t we equally guilty of neglecting the existence of the Dark Guild until now? And the reason why brother wanted to kill me it’s because you ended up creating an environment where I and everyone else just let it happen, right?”

“Umm… yeah, maybe, but…”

“Oh, God! Stop whining! I said I forgive him, and that’s enough! Okay? Father!”


Pressured by Lexia-san’s intensity, Arnold-sama straightened his back and replied. …Huh? The head of this country is Arnold-sama, right? However, it’s still not something that can be forgiven so easily from the other great people, so I hurriedly called out to Lexia-san.

“P-Princess-sama! That won’t happen! If you forgive His Highness here, you will be allowing other sinners to make exceptions! And besides, His Highness has already joined the Dark Guild──.”

“Ara, why don’t we just forgive them if it’s a special case. That means there are extenuating circumstances, right? If it wasn’t, then there shouldn’t be a special exception in the first place. Besides, if you’re saying it’s wrong to be involved with the Dark Guild, then I’ll be executed too.”

“…Hey, Lexia. You don’t need to say that in front of me so openly, as an employer.”

Luna lets out a heavy sigh and laughs somewhat amusedly.

“N-no, but… Lexia was attacked too, but since I was attacked too…”

“It’s not father’s fault. It’s my fault he attacked me. Okay?”




Arnold-sama, are you in a weak position? No, in this case, Lexia is just being pushy, right…?

Rhaegar-sama watches such an exchange in a daze.


“Is this alright with you, brother?”

“Why… I, you…”

“Can we not talk about it? Besides, I want to get along with my brother again.”


Rhaegar-sama cried quietly at Lexia-san’s words.


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