Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88


Three days had passed since the Horned Dragon was defeated. Our work is now completely done. The report of the request’s accomplishment is completed on the spot, and our adventurer’s request is now finished.

From now on, there are those who are planning to have fun in the city, while those who are looking for their next request immediately go to the adventurer’s guild. And some will go only with the people they have become close to.

…Well, that had happened after the tents the party had been using had been removed.

“Thanks for the good work, Relius.”

It was Mear-san who approached me. It had been a long time since I’d worked with her. I felt nostalgic, but at the same time, I could tell she was getting stronger, and I felt I had to do my best, too.

“Thank you, Mear-san. What are you going to do now, Mear-san?”

“Oh, I’m going to meet up with the party I’m working with.”

“I see. As I recall, you were temporarily separated because you said they had an item they wanted at the auction?”

“That’s right. I’m going to meet up with the others right now. What about you, Relius? Are you going back now?”

“No, I have some business to attend to. I think I’ll stick around for a while.”

I recall Fira-san. Yesterday, we talked for a while since then, and we were going to see a drama together. For what it’s worth, as a nobleman, she has a few extra tickets left over. I was also curious about Ristina-san’s performance, so I decided to go and see it.

I was half looking forward to it and half anxious. The person I was going with was, hypothetically, the daughter of a count. If something goes wrong, I don’t know what will happen afterward.

Especially since it seems that Fira-san’s father is a “persistent person”. That is what Fira-san says, but it might give me unnecessary misunderstandings as well. The only thing I can do is try my best not to be as careless as possible.

“I see. Will Relius continue to be an adventurer?”

“Yes, that’s my intention.”

“Right. Well, I hope to see you again at some other time.”


I’m able to fight without a divine treasure, too. I don’t know when that limit will be reached, but until that limit is reached, I want to do my best to be an adventurer.

The process of clearing out the tents has been completed.

“Well then, I’ll see you next time.”


When we returned to the city, Mear-san and I parted ways to head to our respective destinations there.




After walking around the city for a while, I headed to Klua-san’s place. Klua-san was selling her products on the back of her carriage again today.

Ever since she came here, she’s been doing that almost every day without a break. What she was selling right now was potions, and combined with her appearance, there was a line of adventurers lined up.

Lately, the potions had been soaring as a countermeasure against the monsters outside. Since Klua-san’s shop is cheaper than other shops, adventurers often come to buy them.

“Klua-san, let me help you.”

“Eh, ah, it’s okay, Relius-san!”

I’m almost done with the potions on the table. Since arriving here, I’ve been helping Klua-san with her work in my spare time for the most part. At first, Klua-san was unsure of what to do, but soon we worked together.

Counting the number of potions left compared to the number of adventurers in line, and organizing the line to limit the number of adventurers to the amount available for purchase. That’s all I have to do. The adventurers who couldn’t buy were complaining, but I have to apologize for that.

I could have increased the stock, but it would have been suspicious if we sold too many potions. That’s why I had set a rule of only selling a certain number of potions every day. After that, Klua-san sells the rest of the products to disguise it well.

When the sun had just set, the potions had sold out.

…Although Klua-san’s potions are also about twice as expensive as those in other cities, everyone is still buying them. However, that will probably end around today or tomorrow.

After that, the prices should settle down, and things should return to their normal routine.

“Thank you, Relius-san.”

“No, I’m used to doing this much. The adventurer’s job is done for today, after all. Klua-san, you’re going to stay on until tomorrow, right?”

“That’s right. …We can still sell the potions at a high price until tomorrow. We need to make money while we can.”

“Okay. And I’ll restock it in the back of the wagon.”

“Yes, please.”

Klua-san is also packing up her stuff to close up the store.

“Speaking of which, does Klua-san keep her money in an item box?”

“Yes, I do. When you become a merchant, you can often get one from your master.”

I’ve heard that 80% of the item boxes in the world are owned by merchants, not adventurers. Klua-san also says that she manages all her money there.

“Relius-san, you’re going to see the drama tomorrow with the Arsus family, right?”


I told Klua-san briefly about my relationship with the Arsus family.

“…Well, I’m a bit jealous.”

“Eh, is it about the drama?”

“Yes… for all I know, it’s like a love story about two people of different status… and it’s supposed to be a sad love story. …I’d like to see how it ends.”

Unexpected. I didn’t think Klua-san was very interested in such things. I thought she was more of a pragmatic and serious girl. Klua-san’s eyes had been furrowed, and then after a moment, she looked at me with a gasp. She shook her head, and her cheeks colored slightly.

“I’m sorry. I just talked too much.”

“No, I didn’t have much information about the drama either, so that’s helpful. Come to think of it, there still seems to be a few extra seats left, so shall I ask the Arsus family if you can watch it with us?”

As I recall, Fira-san had said something like that.

“Well, I can’t ask you to do something so rude! …Besides, I’ll be earning money until tomorrow.”

“…I see.”

“So, just have a good time. And let me know what you think about it later.”

“…Yes. Okay.”

Drama. I haven’t really been a fan of that sort of thing. I hear they tend to be more for the ladies, but do you think I’d enjoy it? It’s not something I get to watch regularly, so tomorrow, I’ll enjoy watching them for Klua-san.


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  1. Oi! Relius, there’s dense and then there’s asking your lady friend to invite another lady friend of yours to a date… Even Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark don’t have pornomancer levels high enough to pull that off safely.

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    1. It’s amazing that Relius’s Neigh-Bakarina level’s ShipHole is almost at pornomancer levels above Bruce and Tony’s. Hell it’s looking like he’s going to end up with Hajime level’s of skill by the time the series wraps up.

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