Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 89

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Chapter 89


I was planning to go with Fira-san to see the drama, but she wanted to look around the city before that. For that reason, I was to follow along with her. When I arrived at the garden of the Arsus family’s house, I was waiting there for Fira-san.

It seemed that the troupe had already made their way to today’s venue, and no one was here. I heard that there were several dramas a day, but I didn’t know how many were to be done until the one I was supposed to see today.

And while I was looking around, Fira-san came in with her maid in tow. I was a little surprised because Fira-san’s costume was calm and not like a nobleman’s.

The one she is wearing is probably tailored for a commoner. However, Fira-san’s natural elegance does not hide it. With her beautiful blonde hair brushed back, Fira-san looked at me.

“What do you think? Isn’t it strange?”

“No, it looks great on you.”

It wasn’t flattering or anything, I meant it. Fira-san’s mouth relaxed. I’m relieved that I wasn’t so wrong in my reply.

“Good. For the sake of disguise, I dressed modestly. …I thought it might not look too good on me――.”

“No, it’s great.”

Fira-san loosened her mouth and then crossed her arms. What is it? Fira-san turned her gaze slightly outward and then put one hand in front of her.

“R-Relius is like my knight today.”


Eh, what is she talking about? Although they aren’t accompanying us, the knights are probably watching us from afar. Does this mean that I’ll have to move if the knights can’t handle it?

It’s not that I’m not satisfied with this, but is it that there might be something that they can’t handle just by themselves, just in case? I was a little worried about that, but Fira-san waved her hand lightly.

“Therefore… you need to escort me properly!”


Since I was anxious, I looked at the knights around us, but they just nodded their heads a little at me.

Okay… I guess that means that, right?

When I grabbed Fira-san’s hand, she let out a small “Hiyaa” and bounced her shoulders up.

“A-are you okay!”

“I’m fine! I-I’m coming!”

Fira-san pulled my hand away and walked away.

…Wasn’t I the one escorting her? With doubts in my mind, I left the mansion with Fira-san.

After walking through the nobleman’s district for a while, the streets gradually became more and more relaxed. We walked side by side as we reached the commoner’s district, a town used by ordinary citizens.

Every once in a while, Fira-san squeezes my hand.

…When she does that, I can’t help but be aware of Fira-san. When I think about it again, it’s the first time I’ve held hands and gone out together like this.

Probably since the time I went out with Lynn when I was little. I don’t want to be too conscious of Fira-san. As I took a deep breath, she poked me on the shoulder.

“Hey, Relius.”

“What is it?”

“How much does Relius know about this city?”

“Not very much, actually.”

As I have done before, I haven’t been able to take my time looking around the city this time either. But I do know roughly where to find out what’s out there.

“In that case, I’ll show you the city.”

“Are you sure? Don’t you want to do your business, Fira-san?”

“I’ll be fine. I just want to look around the city for a while.”

That makes me feel like I’m not going to be able to talk about escorting her around, but–well, okay. I can’t possibly be escorted in this city by Fira-san, right?

“Well, then, please.”

“Yeah, leave it to me.”

Fira-san smiles and then grabs my hand again and starts walking. After looking at the main facilities such as the guild, Fira-san introduces me to some of her favorite shops that she visits from time to time.

Fira-san tried to hide her face, but even so, it seems that people can tell when they see her. Sometimes we saw people looking at us and gossiping about us a few times. That’s right. Since she was the daughter of the lord who ruled this city, everyone must at least know her face.

Fira-san hid her face in shame every time it happened.




After getting a drink at a nearby shop, we headed to the theater. The seat is… the special seats reserved for the nobility. I sat in that seat with Fira-san.

They are currently in the process of changing the audience. While everyone else was standing in a long line, we walked in through the aristocrat-only entrance.

I felt a little bad about it, but I guess that’s the privilege of being a nobleman and providing a place to live. …I didn’t really do anything, though.

An atmosphere of enjoyment could be felt from Fira-san, who sat deep in her chair.

“Do you usually watch dramas and stuff, Relius?”

“Well, I don’t watch much. What about you, Fira-san?”

“I’ve seen most of the dramas from the company that came to this city, including this one.”

That’s probably all Fira-san can watch while she’s in town.

“I’ve seen it once, and I know the story and all, but I wouldn’t mind seeing it a second time.”

“Eh? Really?”

“I mean, yeah, it’s not the same every time, and you can enjoy it since the cast changes, right?”

…Oh, I see. The tone and volume of the voice, gestures, and movements may vary from person to person. I’m sure she enjoys that part.

That’s something that only a person like Fira-san, who is used to seeing drama, could do. For me, I enjoy the story, but Fira-san has gone beyond that.

However, it’s different for each person, which is similar in some ways to blacksmithing. I understood her feelings a little better.

“Sounds like it’s about to start.”

Before I know it, the change of guests is over, and the venue is ready to go. A skill falls on the stage. It’s a skill that covers the surroundings with darkness. After that, a light illuminates one spot. 

…And there was Ristina-san, who was the actress for this show. Her beautiful and powerful voice echoed.

…It’s not like the kind of voice I usually hear. The voice there is the voice of Ristina-san as a performer. She has the power to change the atmosphere around her in an instant, and I could tell that even by looking at the face of Fira-san, who was next to me.

Everyone in the hall was paying attention to Ristina-san―and I found myself concentrating on the play.


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