Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Prologue

Here’s the prologue for volume 4, please enjoy~

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Prologue – Rescue


The dawn has ended, and the sun’s rays gradually illuminate the river’s surface as dawn breaks. The river is clear, but not very wide. The surface of the river reflects the morning sun and glistens.

What a beautiful scene, like thousands of jewels encrusted on the surface.

Perhaps it is because I was summoned to this world to fight continuously, but I have never thought that the river’s surface at dawn is so beautiful. But now I can truly believe it is beautiful.

Gazing at the beautiful river’s surface, I look back at what has happened since I was summoned to this world. The old bastard sold off the heroes in an auction while calling it a summoning of the heroes. I was discarded because I was a chef, and they thought I was not a good fighter.

By the time I realized that I had been thrown away, it was too late, and I was standing in the middle of the devil’s nest called the Great Borf Forest.

In the Great Borf Forest, I was able to overcome the crisis even though I almost died many times. Thanks to [Dismantling], the skill of a chef, I was able to do so. [Dismantling] was a skill that had the ridiculous effect of demolishing any monster in an instant.

“I can’t tell you how many times I experienced the terror of death back then… But I survived.”

In order to get revenge on the old bastard, I’ve been turning monsters with an overwhelming level difference into meat with [Dismantling]. That’s when I met my partner. My partner was a sword that was carried by an undead monster, but at first, I thought it was a cursed sword. However, when my partner changed his shape, I knew it was a divine sword.

I named the divine sword as Kurogiri, and we’ve been sharing in the pain ever since.

“But what kind of sword could possibly speak human language?”

At first, I thought so, but Kurogiri was initially human. At the time, I didn’t know how he ended up as a sword, but I later found out that he was turned into a sword by Shamanile, an Ancient species of the Undead race.

“The Emperor Dragon was a strong one as well…”

The battle against the Emperor Dragon, the reigning pinnacle of the Great Borf Forest, was a fierce battle that was reversed and reversed again. The battle with the Emperor Dragon was also settled with [Dismantling], but the guy had good instincts, and it was really a struggle.

When I defeated the Emperor Dragon, to my surprise, Gacha came out, and I was able to get an excellent unique skill called [Equivalent Exchange]. Besides, the Emperor Dragon was a monster that would appear again after I defeated it, so I fought it many times to hone my sword skills. I believe I am where I am now because of the experience of fighting that Emperor Dragon.

After the Emperor Dragon battle, I was able to fight without relying heavily on [Dismantling].

My partner and I are the strongest pair. I won’t say that to Kurogiri because he’ll get carried away if I tell him that, but I’m grateful to him for that.


I felt a huge presence behind me. This is… Beeze.

“What’s going on?”

“My apologies. I have yet to find the summoning facility possessed by the Undead race.”

Beeze’s ability to go anywhere is overwhelming. The fact that even Beeze can’t find it means that the summoning facility must be in a very troublesome place. Destroying the only remaining summoning facility in this world is my current mission, or rather my goal.

This is also the agreement with the Japanese god Hirume-san, or Amaterasu Oomikami, whose name the Japanese people may know better, so I will definitely carry it out. Now that I think about it… Hirume-san gave me a bell as an advance payment for my reward, and now I have to seek out the summoning facility absolutely.

Now that I’ve received the bell, I can’t back out. But I’m not thinking of backing out for the sake of Ayumi, though. However, Hirume-san is also quite cunning.

“Don’t mind it. It wasn’t in that dungeon that was the Undead race’s main base either; I guess it’s not in an easy place to find it. Continue to do your best to search for the summoning facility.”


If Beeze can’t find it, then no one else can find it, no matter who is looking for it. We must wait patiently.

“Tsukuru, what are you doing here?”

Her silver hair was dyed in the morning sun and glowing pink, and she was Antia, the Elven race’s Ancient species.

Up until now, I’ve encountered the Human race’s Ancient species, the old bastard, the Giant race’s Ancient species, Crafton, the Undead race’s Ancient species, Shamanile, and the Demon race’s Ancient species, Chrysal, but I’ve banished the old bastard and Crafton to another world, and I’ve cornered Shamanile, but he escaped, and for some reason, Chrysal has become emotionally attached to me. Come to think of it; there was also the previous Demon race’s Ancient species called Catoblepas. But I’ve forgotten all about him.

Unlike those Ancient species, Antia is someone I’m very close to and dear to my heart.

“What’s going on so early in the morning?”


Antia laughs heartily when I ask her and looks at me gently with her gold and silver odd eyes.

“Because I can’t always be alone with Tsukuru like this, I have to take advantage of this kind of time.”

Antia said, and she leaned into me. I took her by the shoulders, and for a while, we watched the sunrise reflected in the river.

“It’s time for everyone to get up. Let’s go back.”

The sun was high in the sky, and the morning sunrise was over.


Antia squints like a naughty cat.

“Hmm, what?”

“Carry me, please.”

Maybe it’s because it’s just the two of us, but Antia’s skinship demands are even stronger than usual. But I don’t mind that kind of thing.

I took Antia in my arms in a princess carry. Antia is very slender and very light.

“Come on, let’s go.”


Antia puts her arms around my neck and puts her face close to mine, and then she kisses me. Since there are only two of us, I enjoy the feel of Antia’s soft lips on mine.


Before I knew it, Ichinose and the others were standing in front of us. It’s a bit embarrassing.

“Antia-san, we want Master to carry us too.”

“First come first served, Canaan-san.”

I felt the strength in Antia’s arms around my neck.


I can tell what Ichinose wants, even if I’m an insensitive person.

“Ah, we’ll take turns to carry each other…”

Antia was quite reluctant to do so, but I put her down and carried Canaan in my arms. Then I carried Hannah, Ichinose, and Allie as well. Of course, they all kissed me, and I kissed them back.




We returned to Algria, Allie’s home town, because there was basically nothing to do while Beeze was looking for the summoning facility. Allie’s father, Count Abbas, must have worked hard; he was blessed with three sons.

Thinking about it, since I took Allie as my wife, Count Abbas would be my father-in-law, and the three boys that were born would be my brothers-in-law. I reflected that I hadn’t congratulated him or anything.

“It’s been a long time. It’s good to see you well, count.”

“I’m glad to see that my son-in-law is doing well too.”

Count Abbas is still a reluctant old man.

“I heard you had a baby, so I thought I’d bring you a congratulatory gift.”

He’s Allie’s father, so I try to be as polite as possible, but I’m not used to it…

“Huh, it’s a strange feeling when my son-in-law uses polite language. You can talk to me like you used to if you want.”

“…It helps me if you say that. I have to admit; my mouth was about to cramp up.”

“Hahaha. You’re still the same, son-in-law.”

“You can call me Tsukuru anyways, instead of son-in-law.”

“Really? Then I’ll do that.”

Now that the greeting is over, I’m putting out the congratulatory gift. Of course, I won’t forget the orc jerky. The count should be able to have as many children as he wants.

“Thank you. Honestly, this is a big help.”

Lifting the jar of orc jerky, Count Abbas thanked me.

“If you want that kind of stuff, I’ll give you as much as you want, just let me know whenever you want.”

“That would be very helpful. To tell the truth, I’ve been asked to share some of this orc jerky with other noblemen as well. Of course, they will pay for it, and I would appreciate it if you could get me some.”

“It’s a request from Allie’s father. I’ll provide as much as I can.”

“Thank you!”

Count Abbas took my hand and thanked me.

I need the meat of the Orc King to make the orc jerky. So after a long time, I came to the Great Borf Forest. Speaking of the Great Borf Forest, it is the home of the elves, including Antia.

While hunting for the Orc King, we also stopped by the Elven Village.

Since the elves liked Iron Cancer food, we decided to serve them some crab dishes. This time, however, it wasn’t Iron Cancer, but Red Scissors Crab. The Red Scissors Crabs was even more mellow and tasty than the Iron Cancer, and its level was higher than the Iron Cancer.

“W-w-w-w-what’s this; it’s so delicious!”

“The Iron Cancer was good, but this Red Scissors Crab is tastier in my cheeks!”

I served boiled crab, grilled crab, crab sashimi, and next up was crab gratin. This will make many elves’ bellies swell, but I make even more of a good smelling shell roast that will still make them want to eat even with those bellies.

A giant Red Scissors Crab shell is cooked over the fire, with the crab meats and unraveled flesh tossed on top of the shell.

“It’s too good!”

“I don’t care if I die now!”

“Yeah, it’s happiness.”

This isn’t the end, you know! I pour some junmai sake into the shell with the meat removed and serve it hot, about fifty degrees.

“No matter how much of this sake there is, I shall take them in!”

“No! I’m supposed to be too full to drink, but I can’t stop drinking!”

“I’m going to die.”

The next morning, a scene of dead bodies spread across the elven village. Sorry, I got carried away. But it was good, right? I mean, there’s Canaan mixed in with the dead bodies… Well, whatever. [T/n: they’re not really dead, lol.”]

“Elder, take care of the rest.”

“Ha! I wish you all the best, Antia-sama!”

The elder, who looked to be only twenty years old by appearances, responded to Antia while prostrating. I guess this prostrate is a standard practice. We all left the elven village with Canaan in my arms.

When we returned to Algria, I quickly made some orc jerky. I had hunted so many Orc kings that I was able to make a large amount of orc jerky.

“Oh, that’s a big help. Tsukuru.”

“I don’t know how much you’ll share it with the other nobles, but with this much, there won’t be a shortage for several years. Besides, orc jerky is basically a preserved food, so don’t worry, it will last a long time.”

I received the fee from Count Abbas.

Of my wives, only Allie and Ichinose have parents. However, Ichinose’s parents are in Japan, but they don’t remember Ichinose because Hirume-san pretended we didn’t exist as a cleanup for when we were summoned. So, since Count Abbas is the only one I can say is my relatives, I wasn’t going to take the money, but I couldn’t refuse him because he insisted.

“Oh, Sumeragi-sama!”

Since I was in Algria, I visited Sidele, which was Canaan’s parent’s substitute, at the Sidele General Store.

“Yo, it’s been a while.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time.”

I remember being almost fooled by this Sidele, or rather, I was set up into buying Canaan. Don’t be fooled by this smiling face that seems to love people. This is the guy who used me to help Canaan while also raking in a good amount of money for Canaan, who was a slave.

Because of that, I was able to meet Canaan, so I’m not complaining; I don’t hold a grudge against him.

”Today, I want you to purchase some monster materials from me, and I’d like to wholesale some onigiri.”

I’ve had Sidele buy monster materials from time to time in the past, but today I’m going to have him buy an unprecedented amount from me.

“That would be a big help!”

“Oh. I’d also like to buy a mansion here in Algria. Just see if you can find me a suitable place.”

I want to buy a mansion here in Algria for Canaan, Allie, and Ichinose. It will make it easier for Canaan to meet Sidele, Allie to meet Count Abbas, and Ichinose to meet her friend Hayama.

Allie has offered to provide me with a mansion without me having to buy it, but I don’t want to be a pimp about it. I want to buy my mansion myself and have everyone live there.

“Oh, you will live in this Algria!”

“I’ll be based here, but I won’t always be here.”

“Let me suggest a good property for you. I’ll check the monster materials in the warehouse first, so please go to the back.”

I met Fujisaki working at the shop on the way there, and he seemed to be doing well. Sidele says he’s helping out too, so that’s good.

“This will be…”

I put out a large amount of monster material, and he was becoming speechless.

“Sidele, you can handle this much, right?”

“Fufufu. Of course. This Sidele will sell all of them with the pride of being a merchant!”

Hayama comes over to where Sidele is doing a lot of calculations and is talking to Ichinose. Is the work done well? Well, not that I’d worry about it.

We shopped for a while, and I left Sidele’s shop, leaving him to deal with the mansion.

We went into an alleyway and stopped, and Beeze appeared out of thin air.

“What’s the matter?”

There was a hint of Beeze, so I went into this alleyway. As expected, if Beeze showed up on a busy main street, it would be a big mess.

“The giants have been eating the heroes they were holding captive.”


Ichinose held her mouth and opened her eyes wide. It’s not that I had forgotten about the heroes who were being held captive by the giants. It’s just that I didn’t feel the need to help the heroes.

Chrysal freed the heroes held by the demons, so I let anyone who wanted to go back to Japan go home. I’ve been doing what I wanted to do, and Kujou and the others got too carried away, so I took away their power, but basically, I don’t want to get involved with the heroes.

Hayama is Ichinose’s friend, and I was involved with her a little bit, so I saved her. I saved Fujisaki while I was at it, as well. Well, it would have made Ichinose sad if I left Saruyama and the other monster heroes alone, so I gave them a little help. I don’t mind that, but I didn’t bother to go to the giants’ location to do anything about it.

I don’t care about those guys who are heroes to me, and I don’t have an obligation to help them who have been on a roll since they came to this world.

“Speaking of which, a new Ancient species was born, right?”

I don’t know why, but a new Ancient species has been born to replace Crafton, who was banished to another world. Crafton had been beaten to a pulp by Hannah, but I still didn’t expect him to die, as he is an ancient species that has led the Giants for many years.

Was there something in the other world that could defeat Crafton, or did he starve to death for lack of food, or did he take his own life because he couldn’t bear the loneliness? Well, I’m not interested in any kind of death he takes.

“An Ancient species called Ilome has been born, and that Ilome is trying to eat the heroes to gain power.”

“…Does eating a hero make you stronger?”

I couldn’t help but look at Antia.

“We’re the same Ancient species, but I don’t want you to mix with those savage giants.”

“Sorry. I wasn’t…”

“But since the heroes are not from this world, perhaps they can gain power.”

Until recently, the giants had the demons under their control, but now the demons drove them out of the area they control, and they live in a remote place. Because it’s a remote place, there are no animals to feed the giants, so it is understandable if they ate the heroes, but can they get power by eating those heroes?

I glance at Ichinose, and she seems quite shocked. Until now, she didn’t say anything because the heroes were still alive, so she didn’t hesitate to say anything to me. I’m a slow learner, but I know that much.

I left them alone, and Ichinose didn’t even bother to say anything since they weren’t particularly harmed. But this time, I can’t leave the bastard who made my Ichinose look so sad. I’m going to make sure that this is a payoff.

“Beeze… Lead me to the giants.”

“As you wish.”


“They gave my Ichinose that look. I’m going to beat the crap out of those giant idiots, regardless of the hell that’s going on there.”

“…Thank you.”

The destruction of the summoning facility is important, but so is Ichinose. The crime of making my precious Ichinose sad is a serious one. I’m going to make sure they get appropriately punished.

I’m riding the flying magic carpet (super-fast flight version), and Beeze is guiding me to the land where the giants have retreated. I think the maximum speed of this flying magic carpet is about Mach 20. I’ve taken every precaution against wind pressure for that, as well as the thin air and air pressure at this altitude and the cold.

I haven’t tried it, but it’s designed to be able to go out into space beyond the stratosphere. Of course, it’s also designed to handle the frictional heat of entering the atmosphere, so it should be a safe bet.

Honestly, it’s faster to run by myself. Well, I won’t tell anyone that, but there are flowers and obstacles on the ground, so if I run faster than Mach, it would be a disaster. So, even if it’s slow, it’s less of a hassle to fly. [Editor note: how is mach 20 slow? 20 times the speed of sound, and you’re complaining that it’s not fast enough? Geez.]

After flying over the ocean, what we entered was the continent where the Demon race lives. The Demon race’s Ancient species, Chrysal, called me the Demon King and is emotionally attached to me, but he is quite annoying.

Although he’s not hostile to me, he calls me the Demon King and hangs around me more than he should, so I got annoyed with him, and I beat him up a few times. Of course, I’m taking it easy on him. He might be not dead, but he’ll get seriously injured, otherwise.

I saw the town from the sky when crossing the town of the demons because the giants ruled it for a long time. While the town is in the process of rebuilding now, it instead looks like the town is in the process of being destroyed.

“Demon race’s town isn’t very lively…”

Canaan is right, the town of the Demon race has new buildings in some parts, but most of it is untouched. The Demon Race is a hunting race, and many of them are gluttonous. That’s why many demons hunt outside the town to get food. Securing food is more important than their homes.

After jumping over the demons’ town, as we approached the edge of the continent, the barren red earth wilderness became more and more noticeable. And around the area where the terrain changes from the red earth wilderness to the desert, there is a settlement of the giants.

Even though it’s a settlement, it doesn’t have any houses. The giants originally did not have a building culture, and even their Ancient species, Crafton, lived in caves. Basically, they live in the fields.

Well, it’s a bit intimidating to think about how big a building you have to build to accommodate such a huge body.

I looked down at the sight of the giants lying and sitting on the sand.

“Beeze, where are the new Ancient species and the heroes that are being held captive?”

“The Ancient species is located at the bottom of that rocky mountain.”

The giants have settled in a place that looks like the border between a wilderness and a desert, with several rocky mountains rising out of the ground. It seems that the Ancient species is located at the bottom of the largest of these rocky mountains.

“The heroes are over there.”

The heroes are apparently located by a smaller rocky mountain a bit farther away from the rocky mountain where the Ancient species is located.

“Canaan, Allie, and Ichinose, I want you to go and rescue the heroes. When you’ve rescued them, send them back to Algria immediately. Ichinose will be responsible for taking care of the heroes, so head to Algria with them.”

“Okay, Tsukuru-kun.”

The flying magic carpet is lowered to the ground, and the three of them are left in charge of the heroes.

“If they goof off, you can punch them in the face, Canaan.”

“Leave it to me. I’m going to kick them to the sky!”

Canaan swings around the Blazing Great Sage’s staff with a cute smile. It looks like she’s going to hit a home run.

“Don’t be hesitant. You too, Allie, if you’re annoyed, just manipulate their minds.”

“Yes, I will teach them to respect Tsukuru-san for the rest of their lives.”

She’s got a mad smile. She’s beautiful, and that’s what makes the mad smile so remarkable. I couldn’t help but give Allie a thumbs up. I don’t dislike that kind of thing, though.

Ichinose looks worried about Canaan and Allie, but it’s up to the heroes to decide whether Canaan will blow them away or Allie will control their minds.

Looking away from the three of them, I look at the faces of Hannah, Sanya, and Antia.

“Let’s say hello to the new Ancient species, shall we?”

“Let’s see the face of the one who leads the fallen Giant race.”

Antia looks like she’s having fun. It seems that there was a long period of time when the bastard, Crafton, got to do whatever he wanted, so even now that Crafton has been beaten up, she still hates the giants.

“The crassness of the giants is unacceptable to me.”

They live in caves, camp, and eat their prey raw, so they are a low-culture race. And yet, with the power that comes from their huge bodies, they respond to other races in a belligerent manner. It’s no wonder that Antia hates them.

“Master, what do you want to do with the Ancient species this time?”

It’s Hannah who calls me master. She’s my wife, but she still calls me the same way she did when she was a slave.

“I’m going to beat him to a pulp without killing him.”

“Aren’t you going to expel him like you did last time?”

“I think I should carve fear into the body and mind of the current Ancient species and make sure he never makes me feel uncomfortable again.”

“So Onii-chan wouldn’t banish them, but torture them, huh!”

Sanya, the reincarnation of Ayumi, called me Onii-chan. Ayumi also called me Onii-chan, so I don’t feel different at all.

But I wish she wouldn’t say something like torture with a nice smile.

“There’s also the fact that I can’t banish him since I made Canaan deal with the heroes.”

Since Canaan is the only one who has [Space-Time Magic], I can’t confine him to another dimension where no one is present. Well, whether Canaan is present or not, I’m not thinking of banishing him.

“Alright, Sanya will do it this time, Onii-chan!”

“Muh, Sanya, let’s rock-paper-scissors on that one.”

“No! Onee-chan had knocked out Crafton last time.”

“That’s that, and now is different.”

“No, I said, no!”

Sanya and Hannah are glaring at each other face to face. It’s a hilarious sisterly joke.

“Ara, I’m here too, you know.”

Oops, it looks like Antia is in the race too!

“Eh, even Antia-san?”

After the three of them discussed, Hannah had fought last time, so she didn’t have the right to participate in the fight, and then Sanya and Antia played rock-paper-scissors for it, and it was decided that Sanya would fight this time.

Sanya has [Moderation], so she won’t kill him. Let’s leave it up to Sanya to hunt him down physically.

“Then I’ll exterminate the other small-fry.”

“Let me help you, Antia-san.”

“Ufufufu, it’s a competition, Hannah.”

“I’m not going to lose, Antia-san.”

There was a spark between their gazes…

At any rate, we headed to the new Ancient species.

On the way, we encountered a few 10-meter-long giants, but Hannah and Antia killed them instantly and didn’t let them raise their voices. Let’s give the two of them the title of Silent Assassin. I was just kidding.

“Is that the new Ancient species?”

I found a 100-meter giant sitting with his back against a rocky mountain. Looking at him with the [Detailed Appraisal], I can see that his level and ability is higher than Crafton’s.

“He’s just big; I don’t feel much power from him.”

“Sanya. You know what they say about how a cornered cat would bite, so keep your guard up.”

“Un, leave it to me!”

Sanya grabbed the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk and swung it around. The reincarnated Ayumi should have refused to become a Demon King, saying she didn’t like fighting, but why is the reincarnated Sanya so belligerent? I’ll ask her when she gets her memory back.

“Sanya, and I will take it from here. Hannah and Antia should stay out of the way.”

“Understood, Master.”

“If it’s Tsukuru and Sanya, there won’t be any eventuality, but be careful.”

Leaving the two of them to deal with the small-fry, Sanya and I walked over to where the new Ancient species was. But as big as Crafton was, this guy is big too.

“I wonder if the big guy’s got any wisdom in him.”

“I have heard that. As I recall, Antia-san also mentioned that about the giants, Onii-chan.”

I guess I’m not the only one who thinks like that. I was the one who told Antia that.

The name of the new Ancient species is Ilome. He has dark green hair standing upside down; is he obsessed with that?

Crafton was built like a bulky gorilla, but this Ilome has a middle-aged old man’s belly, not a macho one.

So what about that, if you ask me, I just gave my impressions of what I saw.

As Sanya and I get closer, Illome’s eyelids, which had been sleeping with his eyes closed, slowly rise. When his eyelids are completely raised, Ilome moves his red eyes, turns his gaze to Sanya and me, and scratches his head in a raggedy way.

The sight of him looks like a sloth I saw at the zoo when I was little, and I let out a reminiscent laugh, “Pfft.”

“I thought what was going on, it turns out there are escaped insects, huh?”

When Ilome saw Sanya and me, he seemed to think that the heroes he had captured had escaped. If he could use his brain for even a minute, he might be able to figure out if there was a cute beastman like Sanya among the heroes, but he seems to be a guy who is completely unobservant and unable to get his wits around.

But it’s a hard rattling voice to hear. I know his throat lacks moisture from being relegated to such a dry and remote place, but he better watch his throat a bit.

Ilome looks at Sanya and me without stooping and licks his lips with his tongue without even getting up. It seems that Sanya and I are being treated like food.

When we get a little closer, I stop myself, but Sanya doesn’t stop and continues on. This time, Sanya will be dealing with the Giant race’s Ancient species, but Sanya’s original fighting method is to throw the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk from a distance and snipe at the enemy.

However, Sanya doesn’t stop and slowly walks forward. Sanya’s level right now is six hundred, while Ilome’s level is five hundred and seventy. A level difference of thirty is quite large there, but at this level range, a level difference of that much can easily be overturned by the experience of fighting up to now.

Moreover, Sanya was slowly approaching Ilome, but there was nothing in Sanya’s skill structure that was close-range attacks or close combat. Ilome’s skill structure is more of a boast of strength than Crafton’s, and he’s better at close range attacks than long-range attacks.


Name: Sanya
Job: Slayer, level 600.

Skills: [Mask Presence (7)] [Night Vision (7)] [Presence Detection (6)] [Camouflage (5)] [Moderation (4)] [Intuition (6)] [Shadow Sewing (6)] [Group Coordinated Action (3)]

Race Skill: [Evasion (7)]

Unique Skill: [Slayer (5)]

Attributes: HP [S] | MP [B] | STR [EX] | INT [S] | AGI [EX] | DEX [EX] | LUK [A]

Title: Slayer
Divine Protection: Tsukuru’s Protection

Name: Ilome
Race: Ancient Giant, Level 570

Skills: [Crisis Detection (4)] [Presence Detection (4)] [Giant Power (4)] [Destruction King (4)] [Super Regeneration (3)] [Indestructible (3)]

Unique Skill: [The One Who Controls The Power]

Ancient Skill: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [EX] | MP [B] | [STR [EX] | INT [C] | AGI [A] | DEX [B] | LUK [E]

Title: Giant Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials

Indestructible: Increases defense and reduces damage.


Compared to Crafton, his level is 75 levels higher, and he has [Super Regeneration] and [Indestructible]. Just by looking at it, one can see that he is much stronger than Crafton, and he should be more stubborn.

But is it from the beginning that his level is this high? Or is it because he ate the heroes?

I don’t think eating a hero who is around level 100 or so will make his level skyrocket, but…

Sanya abandoned her signature distance and approached Illome and looked up at his huge body.

“Although it’s just like udonotaiboku*, yet it can speak. And it’s so rare for this big udonotaiboku to speak a human language.” T/n: Udonotaiboku = good for nothing (of people); derived from a large ‘udo’ plant being of no use (only the young, tender, plant can be eaten), Udo = plant related to ginseng.]

“What are you talking about, little girl? Do you want to get trampled?”

Ilome raises his right hand and brings it down towards Sanya. He asked her if she wants to be trampled down, but he didn’t wait for the answer and acted on it, which is typical of the Giant race.


Nyx Translation


Moreover, he says he’s going to trample but then he actually tries to smash. This Ilome seems to be even dumber than he looks.

With a thunderous sound, dry dirt and sand roll-up.

Ilome raises the corner of his mouth in a grin. He thinks he has crushed Sanya, but don’t think you can catch her that easily.

My Sanya, you know, has the most evasive skills of all of us.

“You don’t seem to have any brains, so there’s no point in trying to teach you. So I’m just going to let your body figure it out.”

The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk is slammed into Ilome’s right arm.


Ilome’s face is distorted by the pain. Sanya’s attack was taken off guard by Ilome, and even if he couldn’t avoid it, if he activated [Indestructible], there would have been no damage.

It’s fatal that he can’t measure an opponent’s strength by the atmosphere. Even if you don’t have [Detailed Appraisal] like I do, you can tell to some extent whether a person is stronger or weaker than you by the atmosphere they’re wearing. If you don’t achieve that level, you won’t be able to survive in a battle.

And yet, this Ilome has no power to measure the opponent’s strength. Although he has a skill called [Crisis Detection], Ilome lacks the power to call it a sense of battle that doesn’t show up in the skill.

When I think of that, I feel that the fight against the Ancient species is also lacking. I think I’ve become an outsider for thinking this way too.

When I thought Ilome was just a high-level mongrel, I kind of lost my interest in him.

It’s not that I was originally that interested, but I was still hoping for a guy who was a bit of a challenge. And yet, the Ilome fighting Sanya in front of me is just a small-fry with a big body, which is just a high level and just has good skills. All I can do is laugh.

“Little bitch!”

Ilome stands up and shows the full extent of his power. Every time I think about him, big isn’t always good enough. He’s just a big man with a big figure and an empty head that is played around with by a little girl.

When Sanya agitates Ilome, Ilome’s face turns red, and steam comes out of his head. It’s fine to be angry, but if you don’t calmly watch Sanya’s movements, your attack won’t be able to hit her.

“You damn stunted human!”

Ilome kicked Sanya with the entire ground. But since Sanya isn’t there anymore, the ground is ridiculously crushed as well. And it doesn’t matter, Sanya is not a human, but a beast-man. Ilome, who can’t even understand that much, really looks like his brain is made of muscle, too. No, it’s extravagant.

“All you can do is run, huh?”

“I’m not running away; I’m just avoiding it. O blockheaded udonotaiboku-san.”

“Screw you!”

Ilome’s moves are simple and easy to avoid, even if you are not Sanya. If he can’t understand that, Ilome has no chance of winning. However, the odds of Ilome winning are so low that it is not even one in ten thousand.

“This guy is an ancient species? This isn’t like Shamanile at all.”

Kurogiri, who has turned into a human, blond-haired, blue-eyed dandy uncle, is looking at Ilome like he’s looking at a disappointment.

“That Ilome guy must have far less experience in combat.”

“You can’t gain combat experience just by increasing your level. If you don’t have the ability to move your body unconsciously, you’re not really strong. That’s the negative effect of the Ancient species.”

Kurogiri snorted at my words. The guy who turned himself into a sword is also an Ancient species, so I guess he’s not amused.

“Damn you, little bitch!”

Is that all Ilome can say? Little bitch and stunted? Well, he’s just as dumb as he looks.

Just as that Ilome did a spinning kick, Sanya slammed the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk into the shins of the shaft leg.


Ilome lost his balance and fell on his butt, causing the dirt and sand to roll up and reduce his vision. However, as Ilome stood up, his upper body came out on top of the dust cloud, so Sanya mercilessly slammed the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk between his eyes.

The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk stabbed deep between his eyebrows, and Ilome floundered on his feet in pain, and the dirt smoke spread out.

Antia, who had wiped out the surrounding giants, returned.

“Ara, I can’t see anything because of the dust cloud.”

I asked them not to interfere with the other giants, but Antia and Hannah seemed to have wiped out the giants regardless of whether they interfered or not, and Hannah came back and expressed the same impression.

“Oooii, Sanyaaaaa. I’m about to get bored, let’s go home!”

There is nothing to see about Ilome anymore. Crafton, who was at a lower level, was much stronger than him. Battle experience and intuition are such essential things, after all.


Sanya, who’s dodging the dirt and smoke on top of a sloping mountain, responds with a wave of her hand. Although she’s in the middle of a battle, Sanya’s charm is soothing.


Ilome emerges from the dust and smoke with an angry voice and hits the mountain Sanya stands on with his shoulder. The mountain is destroyed to pieces, but Sanya, as it turns out, is soaring into the sky on top of a piece of the mountain’s debris.

Ilome searches for Sanya, but he can’t seem to see her behind the debris. What a lack of combat sense to lose sight of Sanya by the fragments of the mountain he destroyed. Even Kurogiri, who is beside me, is shaking his head in dismay.

“I’m comiiinnngg.”

At the same time, as she shouted, blood gushed out of both of Ilome’s shoulders.


“It’s not over yet.”


Ilome doesn’t seem to be able to see the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk that Sanya unleashed. Not even I can see it clearly, so I don’t think Ilome can see it. That’s how well Sanya is able to use the [Slayer].

Ilome, whose blood spurted out from all over his body, falls to the ground and the dry soil mercilessly sucks Ilome’s blood.

“Guh… why, why is an Ancient species like me…”

“There you go.”


After taking a flying kick to the face of the fallen Ilome, Sanya decided to do several backward somersaults as she flew wide and landed in front of me.

“Onii-chan. What should we do with him? Do you want me to kill him?”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll take care of the rest, and Sanya can rest.”

I don’t think Sanya needs to break from the current fight because no factor would tire her out.


I pat her head to comfort her. I look at Kurogiri, and he returns to his sword form as he sees my thoughts, so I put him on my waist.

I step closer to Ilome, who is gasping in pain. I can feel the blood flowing out without stopping. It’s effectively cutting Ilome’s large blood vessels, causing him to lose blood. What a horrible child.

It’s easy to kill this guy. But if we kill this guy, we’ll just create a new Ancient species, and he might do something stupid again. So why not educate this guy so he doesn’t do anything stupid? However, I don’t think this Ilome, whose brain is made up of muscles, would be able to understand even if I talked to him.

“Hey, udonotaiboku.”


Ilome turns his face towards me and throws me an angry stare. I think it’s commendable that he still has the will to fight in this state, but this guy doesn’t have the brains to look back on his regrets and battles, so he’s probably acting on instinct alone.

“I don’t care if you eat the heroes or humans, I don’t care. But someone I care about was saddened by it. So I have come to punish you. Do you understand?”

I don’t think he could understand, but I asked him, just in case.


“From now on, don’t eat humans. Do not eat humans or demons. If you do, I’ll come back to kill you. I don’t care about your “Second Life.” I will wipe you out of this world.”

As I spoke, Ilome’s body began to tremble in small bursts, his eyes at first full of anger, but now they were frightened with fear.

“The emotion you’re feeling right now is fear. There are people in this world who are stronger than you and others who can’t even imagine. That’s us.”

I point at myself with a thumbs up, then jump up, pulling out Kurogiri. He follows me with a look of fear in his eyes as if to say what is going to happen to him.

I look at Ilome from above and wave Kurogiri. An invisible slash flies away, and punishment is engraved on Ilome’s chest.


“That wound will never go away. If you want to eat a human, that wound will remind you of this horror.”

Ilome will now live with a scar that will never go away.

“We’re leaving now, but you’ll have to think twice about what you do from now on.”

I don’t think he has that kind of head, but I think the fear I’ve imprinted on his body will limit this guy’s actions.

I move in an instant to where Sanya, Hannah, and Antia are waiting for me.

“Come on, let’s go home.”

The four of us ride on the flying magic carpet and leave the giants’ dwelling place at top speed. I tell Canaan that I’m going back with [Telepathy]. I heard about the heroes they rescued at that time, and I heard that there were two guys who cornered Ichinose.

It seems that Allie has made them mature now, but I’m fed up with the fact that there are people who say such things even though Ichinose has no obligation to save the heroes.

When we arrive in Algria, should I purge them?


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