Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 – The Revival of the Demons

Part 1


When we returned to Algria, I entered the mansion that Sidele had prepared for me. And then Chrysal came to me. It was three days after I sent the heroes back to Japan. And as for the heroes that were noisy before, I drove them to the verge of a mental breakdown by showing them a certain vision with [Dark Magic], but now those two are back to Japan. Those two will have to live in fear of the night and the dark in the future.

Chrysal was about to enter Algria with open arms, and Goliath and the others thought the demons were attacking them and caused a great commotion. Goliath and the others have been hunting monsters in the Great Borf Forest to raise their levels, but they cannot be an enemy of Chrysal’s. This is because the levels are vastly different, as Chrysal is an Ancient species.

Chrysal’s level is over five hundred, so as expected, it’s not a gap that even Goliath and the others with training and combat experience can fill.

I make the fussing Goliath sit up straight.

“Think about it a little more before making some noise.”

“I have ashamed myself…”

The five races of humans, beastmen, elves, dwarves, and demons, signed a non-war pact two months ago, so it was Goliath’s fault for making a fuss about the demons attacking them just because they came.

I alternately look at Goliath, who shrinks his large body, and Chrysal, who is sitting on the sofa and grinning, and then scratch my head.

Sigh… Enough, Goliath, go back home. Go home and report to the count that everything was fine.”


This is the mansion I bought. I let Goliath leave, and I sit on the couch too. Antia comes into the room at the same time and sits down beside me.

“So, what are you doing here?”

Chrysal stopped crossing his legs, and his expression tightened.

“I came to ask a favor from Demon King-dono.”

“A favor?”

“Our demon nation has been treated like trash under the giants for years.”

I know about that. The town I saw when I went to Chrysal’s castle was in a terrible state, like a ghost town.

“So, I came here to ask Demon King-dono if he could help rebuild our demon city.”


What is this guy talking about? Why do I have to help rebuild the demon city?”

“Yaah, we demons aren’t very good at building cities or creating anything, after all.”

Chrysal scratches his head and speaks in a way that sounds like it was troublesome.

“So, why should I help you?”

“As I said before, demons aren’t very good at that sort of thing. The only way to do that is to ask someone else to do it for us, but we don’t have anyone to do it for us. And that’s when I thought of the face of Demon King-dono.”

“If you come up with something like that, you can take it up with the dwarves who are good at making things. In fact, you’ve met the dwarven Ancient species when you signed the non-war pact with them, so it’s not like you’re strangers to them.”

“I thought about that, but the dwarves and the demons have been dogs and monkeys for a long time, and no matter how many pacts we have signed, we are still in a rut with each other. Under those circumstances, there won’t be any reconstruction, no matter what.”

Well, I suppose there’s a point to that idea, but it’s none of my business. I stare at Chrysal, not hiding my grumpiness.


After staring at him for a while, Chrysal’s eyes began to swim. Then he got up from the couch and got down on his knees on the floor.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“If it’s still like this, the demons will not survive.”

“You’ve done it in the past, why you can’t do it in the future as well?”

“We have been in the giants curse for a long time! So the only time the demon race can be said to have been freed from the giant’ curse is when they have accomplished their reconstruction! Demon King-dono. Please, help the demons!”

I can feel Chrysal’s desperation as he rubs his head on the floor. This guy is an Ancient species, but he’s not conceited at all. I turn my gaze to Antia, and she nods lightly. She didn’t expect me to ask for a suggestion.

“Okay, okay. I’ll help you to reconstruct it.”

“Really? Thank you! Demon King-dono!”

Chrysal rubbed his head on the floor to express his gratitude. I cannot forgive the fact that Ayumi was summoned by Catoblepas, the former Ancient species of the demon race, and that Ayumi and our parents were killed when that happened.

Moreover, when Ayumi refused to cooperate, they banished her, and as a result, Ayumi was killed by the heroes.

I don’t have good feelings for the demon race, but even though this Chrysal is an Ancient species, he’s not conceited and has the guts to admit that there are things he can’t do honestly. I like this attitude.

I also think it’s naive, but it would be troublesome if Chrysal became desperate and started fighting other races, and now that the old bastard is gone and the world is quiet, I think it’s okay to enjoy a brief moment of peace.

“But, I’ll do as I please to help with the reconstruction.”

“Of course! As long as we can rebuild, you can do what you want with it, Demon King-dono.”

“So, how do you want to reconstruct it?”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

Does this guy call it reconstruction, but doesn’t sketch a picture of what it will look like when it’s reconstructed?

“What kind of town do you want to build, a commercial town, or an industrial town, or even an agricultural town?”


This guy didn’t seem to think anything of it. Well, I guess he came to me because he’s not very good at that sort of thing.

“Ah, I understand. I’ll just visit the demon territory for now. Then we’ll decide what kind of city we’re going to build.”

“T-that’s right!”

I decided to go and see the land ruled by the demons.

The land ruled by the demons is on a continent that is more than half covered by wilderness and desert. The giants are pushed into the lesser lands of the desert and mountains, but everything else is demon territory.

The deserts are not very livable, with temperatures varying from below freezing in the morning to over sixty degrees Celsius in the daytime. However, unlike humans, some of the demons are able to live in such an environment.

“Sand Lizardmen can move and breathe freely in the sand. They can hunt even large monsters like sandworms!”

The humanoid but lizard-like brown-skinned Sand Lizardmen are a demon race that lives in the desert. They are powerful in the desert, where even that muscle brain giant race cannot live.

“Hey, that’s gold dust, isn’t it?”

The dwelling of the Sand Lizardman was a little rocky mountain in the desert. When I visited that rocky mountain-dwelling, I found fine gold-colored sand, which I picked up and found it to be gold dust.

“It’s gold dust, but what about it?”

“What’s the demon’s currency?”


“It’s called money or coin.”

“There is no such thing. If you want something, you can barter for it or take it away.”

“First, change the idea of taking away. If you need something, make it yourself or use the currency to buy it.”

“Hmm, so that’s what it’s all about…”

Chrysal puts his hand to his chin and thinks about it.

“All right. Tell me how to make that thing called currency!”

I knew it was coming. This is a long road to reconstruction…

There are also the Mermaids, Sahagin, and Lamia who make their homes in the sea, and there are the Rock Lizardmen and Skorpi, a demon who lives in the mountains and have the lower half of a scorpion on top of a human’s body. There are also Arachne and Druids in the forest, and many demons live in the plains.

Even the beastman race has many different species, such as dogs and bears, but there are also a wide variety of demons, and they are generally called demon races.

“The first step is to mint coins. Until the monetary system is in place, you can barter, but eventually, you will have to deal with money. Allie, I’ll leave the education of Chrysal to you.”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

As a noble, Allie would educate them not only on the monetary system but also on the organization of the rest of the country to maintain and manage it.

“Ichinose, teach Arachne and the others how to sew.”

“I don’t know if I can teach them well, but I will try.”

“Ichinose will be fine.”

You’d think I was throwing the whole thing to Ichinose for no good reason, wouldn’t you? That’s not true. Ichinose has been making his own clothes and knitting lace for a long time. All she has to do is teach that knowledge to Arachne.

“Hannah, you can teach those in the demon troops how to hunt and dismantle monsters.”

“Yes, Master.”

Demons are basically hunters, so they hunt and eat monsters. However, they are ignorant of the materials that monsters are given because they hunt on the premise of eating them. Monsters’ materials can be used for armor, weapons, and many other things. The purpose is to enrich their lives by making use of the materials they used to throw away.

“Canaan, spread agriculture to the demon race. Gather the magicians, who are good at magic, and cultivate the wasteland and build waterways.”

“I understand.”

There is no need for a hoe or sickle to plow the wasteland. Since there is magic in this world, you can use magic to dig up the soil in the wasteland and water it with water magic to enrich the land.

It’s natural to use magic to farm, but that would ruin the crops you’ve worked so hard to grow if the wizard can’t farm for some reason. That’s why the waterways and such must be maintained.

“Sanya has to cut down trees from the forest and quarry stones from the mountains to carry them to town.”

“All right, Onii-chan.”

At times like this, Sanya’s [Slayer] is useful. Fortunately, there are a lot of power braggers among the demon race, so we don’t have any trouble with the guys who carry wood and stones.

Now, all we need to do is build a town, but unfortunately, there’s no one among us who can build a town. If I use my [Equivalent Exchange], it can’t be said to build a town, which won’t make the demon race grow.

“We need an architect or a civil engineer… I see, if I grant them the skills, we can manage it.”

I quickly had Chrysal gather about ten dexterous guys. There were five goblins and five orcs. It seems that these goblins and orcs are not monsters, but rather intelligent demons. Apparently, when a monster has intelligence, it becomes a demon.

“I grant [Architecture] skills to the goblins and [Civil Engineering] skills to the orcs.”

“Oh, Demon King-sama has giving us his blessings. What a wonderful gift.”

The goblins and orcs kneeled down and bowed to me. These guys also call me the Demon King… Let’s beat them to a pulp.

“H-hiee… D-Demon King-sama?”

Oops, my murderous intent is leaking out.

“Hey, don’t call me Demon King-sama. My name is Tsukuru; you got that?”


The goblins and orcs responded by getting down on their knees. I gave the goblins the [Architecture] and the orcs the [Civil Engineering] skills.

“…How did this happen?”

A lot of demons are on their knees in front of me. The word got out that I gave the skills to the goblins and orcs, and the other demons asked me to give the skills to their representatives. Damn it; I should have expected this to happen if I gave the skills to them. I didn’t think hard enough.

Here if I said, “I don’t have any skills to give you guys!” That said, I don’t know about me, but the goblins and orcs are going to be in a terrible position. It’s not like I’m not responsible for that…

“Ah, I get it. I’ll give Arachne [Sewing], Druid [Farmer], Empusa [Woodworker], Sand Lizardman [Glass Production], Rock Lizardman [Masonry], Mermaid [Fishing], Sahagin [Ship Carpenter], Lamia [Pharmacist], Skorpi [Carving], Warwolf [Hunting], For Kobold is [Blacksmith]. Cait Sith is [Alchemy]… is that good?”

“Thank you! Demon King-sama!”

“As I said, don’t call me Demon King!”


These are demons who get down on their knees and thank me, but they also call me the Demon King.

“Hey, Chrysal!”

“What is it, Demon King-dono?”

“It’s because you call me the Demon King that they call me the Demon King, too.”

“What’s the problem with calling Demon King-dono the Demon King?”

“Call me Tsukuru. If you call me Demon King, I won’t help you reconstruct it!”

“Mu. That’s a problem. Oh, all right. I’ll call you Tsukuru. You guys do the same.”


For now, that’s enough. Now I just need to find something else that would be the demon race’s specialty, specialty products, or local specialty…

In order to think about those things, I decided to inspect the human town.


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