Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 92

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Chapter 92


I snapped out of my slumber. I slowly opened my eyes and sat up.


Val slapped me in the face and jumped over to me happily.

…Thank goodness. I hugged Val in relief and hugged him tightly.

…This is not a different world. It’s just that this “Reincarnation” was never the original meaning of reincarnation.

That’s right. I was reincarnated, wasn’t I? I immediately check my abilities.


Blacksmith Level 1, 0/10


…This is my new blacksmith’s level, huh? First of all, the things I could create were extremely reduced. I seem to be able to make things in proportion to my level, but at the level 1 stage, there was no sign of being able to make anything but the things in this room.

…And then there’s the sword, huh?

Well, this can’t be helped. Under that kind of deal, I chose to reincarnate. Therefore―I should be able to make a divine treasure.

I operate the window that appears in front of me. Then I came to an option.


Creating a divine treasure


…There it is. This is the power I was looking for. I go over the list while loosening my mouth.

…The production of divine treasures seemed to be the same as before. The method was that by destroying some kind of divine treasure, it would then be possible to create it.

…Making a divine treasure, huh? I didn’t expect that such a thing would be possible.

I can’t help but feel loose in my mouth. But… it also seemed that someone’s divine treasure needed to be destroyed.

…Sigh, what would happen to the person whose divine treasure was destroyed? If it’s destroyed, will it no longer be useful? If that’s the case, it’s not so easy to use!


Maybe it was because I was twitching my cheeks that Val tilted his head at me.

“…Well, no, I mean. I just figured it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be.”


As if to say, “You’re doing fine,” Val pats me on the head. I nod, patting Val’s head back.

“Yeah, I guess.”

With Val’s comforts, I look at more things. For now, I’ll just have to check things out. First of all, about blacksmithing.

In order to find out how much it has changed from the past, I tried to create something first. For now, I’m going to build a chair that was in the room.

To make it, I first operate the text that appeared in front of me. Then I put my finger on the thing I want to make and apply magic to it, and it seems that I can make the item.

When the item is created, it will be stored in an item box of sorts, as usual. However, it seems that this box also has a capacity. The moment I created one, it was displayed as 1/10.

…I see. It seems that each item increases by 1. So, I can only have ten items now. And it seems that when I take out an item, I can choose a specific location within the range of my sight.

…Conversely, by using this, I might be able to attack from a distance. In a way, its usability has increased considerably. As a test, I extracted a chair from a slightly distant place, and a magic circle appeared there, and a chair appeared.

…For now, it’s not so different from before as far as the creation of things is concerned. With the decrease in my level, my own abilities have also decreased, haven’t they? I thought that, but my magic power and other abilities didn’t seem to have changed in any way.

As I was checking my abilities, I noticed that the numbers next to my level had changed.


Level 1, 1/10


Let’s try to create a few other things. And every time I created one item, the level steadily went up.

…I created a potion and drank it repeatedly for now, and then my level went up to level 2.

Your level has been raised to level 2. It has been confirmed that you can now grant new skills and increase the number of items you can create!

…Whoa, the level has increased. I didn’t think I would be able to grant skills anymore.

Even though the number of items that can be made has increased, it just means that I can now make more types of items.

In terms of giving skills, it seems that I can give five skills. For now, I’m going to give five skills: Strength Enhancement, Durability Enhancement, Dexterity Enhancement, Agility Enhancement, and Magical Power Enhancement.

These five seem to be the only ones available. To test it out, I’m going to create a sword. When I put magic power into it, a sword is created, and I gave it a Strength Enhancement skill.


Sword: Strength Enhancement F-rank


…Strength Enhancement F-rank, huh? Then I performed the skill granting several times. After repeating it five times, the level went up to 3.

…Re-granting the skills might be an efficient leveling method that can be done without overwhelming the item box’s space. For now, I’ll try it again and again until I can grant the Sword a Strength Enhancement S rank.

…It consumed a ton of magic power, and in the end, I was only able to do it when I got to level 5. At any rate, granting an S rank seems to be harder than before.

The range of things I can create has increased, but the new skill grants aren’t out now. At any rate, it’s not a total inconvenience.

But… for now, I’d like to create a divine treasure once. That’s what I was thinking about. And while I was thinking about that, there was a knock on my room.

Who’s that? I stepped out into the hallway, and there was Ristina-san.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, no, I mean. There was a letter for senpai, so I came to give it to you.”

Ristina-san handed me a letter. I looked at it and saw Lynn’s name. I quickly opened it.


Long time no see, Relius. I have some business to attend to near the city of Carras, so if you have time, come and visit me.


The content of the letter was something like that. I looked at the letter in various ways, and it seems that Lynn is staying in a city just east of Carras.

But if there was time, huh? If I didn’t have time, I wouldn’t be doing this, would I?

…Then perhaps it would be better if I went to see her now?

“Senior, what’s happened?”

“Ristina-san. Since I’m free right now, I think I’m going to head east for a bit to the town of Berkle.”

…I don’t have any work to do anyway. When I replied with that, Ristina-san looked at me as if she was a little surprised.

“Could it be that the letter’s from… was it Lynn-san? Are you going to visit Lynn-san?”


“…U-Uhm… Relius-senpai, you and Lynn-san were childhood friends, weren’t you?”


“…D-do you like her?”

“Huh! No, no, it’s not like that!”

What on earth is she talking about? There was no indication that she was teasing, and Ristina-san seemed genuinely concerned.

“We’re just, like, childhood friends. …well, we’re like family, I guess.”

“Family! Are you already thinking about getting married?!”

“No! She’s just like a sister to me!”

I look back at the letter while returning a sigh to Ristina-san, who says something outrageous.

…It’s been a long time since we met.


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12 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 92

  1. Author resets MC’s stuff because it got too out of hand and he was already stronger than the heroes and could do anything and everything. Practically a god. Now he’s got new restrictions.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Temporary Restrictions. With the ability to create God Tier weapons. Hell, he could probably make things more hax than Divine Treasures eventually. Like a Divine Hand Gun, or a Divine Kill Sat that shoots Laser Dragons.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Boy, it’s easier extracting water from a rock than getting something through you rock skull, like the several girls interest in you!
    Harem mayhem warantized…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wait so he can’t grant the skills he learned before anymore?

    That’s a shame… this is a bit too much of a nerf for the abstract benefit of creating a devine treasure.

    I thought he could just create some stuff with the skills beforehand and copy them back into memory after the reset…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What the fuck, why did he need himself? The shit he was making was already borderline divine treasure level. He had so many skills, so many weapon designs, so many materials…ALL GONE! Just to get the power to make genuine divine treasures…by breaking existing ones. He doesn’t have the heart to break someone’s treasure. Maybe a bandit but…uggh. This blows.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There was a level cap though. If he didn’t reincarnate he would just be stuck without being able to progress any further. How frustrating would that be?


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