Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91


I returned to the city of Carras, where the inn I’m working at is located. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back at the inn… but even without me, the work seems to be running pretty well.

…Just like with Lynn, when someone is gone, and it’s a job that can be replaced by someone else, the place to stay will be gone sooner than expected.

I go to my room. I was thinking about a lot of things while patting Val’s head that was waiting for me in my room.

I should also… look for something that only I can do. What only I can do… that would be blacksmithing.

If I have the ability to make many things, then living on that path would not be a bad idea. It was while I was thinking about this that I was checking my abilities.

I noticed that my level had reached 30.

…I hadn’t been too aware of the level lately, but there was such a thing. Level 30, huh? It’s quite high, but has this really increased what I can do?

As I was thinking about that, a text appeared in front of me.


It was confirmed that you had reached level 30. You are now able to acquire new abilities.


…A new ability? I was curious and looked at the text further.


Reincarnation is possible. Do you want to reincarnate?


…Reincarnation? What is this all about? I know the word reincarnation itself. It’s a concept in religion. It says that there is an afterlife for those who have done good deeds.

…If a person does not disobey God, they will be saved. But what do the reincarnations here mean?

I was very, very curious. I gulped and swallowed my spit and proceeded to investigate the reincarnation.

…It seemed that I could investigate various things by displaying text and other information in front of me. I investigated mainly reincarnation, and there―I found a sentence.


By reincarnating, you can acquire new abilities. Also, the level limit will be released.


…A new ability. I read the text further.


The ability that can be acquired in reincarnation will be the making of divine treasure.


Making a divine treasure?

I can’t help but shout. Val, who I had been holding by me, turns his head towards me as if surprised.

My bad, my bad… I’m sorry I startled you, didn’t I? While patting his head, I continue to read more of the words.


However, reincarnation will also have the following disadvantages. Your level reverts to 1. You will lose everything you’ve been able to create so far. You will also lose all skills and other items you have created so far. Also, what you can create will change depending on your level.


…I see. When you reincarnate, you revert to level 1. I’ll lose everything I’ve been able to make until now.

But―even after weighing them all up, the part about being able to create this divine treasure was very appealing. This is a sacred artifact that can obtain a power that I just can’t reach.

If I can get my hands on this, I might even be able to help Lynn.

…The only problem is this reincarnation.

If reincarnation… is really about leading a new life, then I definitely couldn’t choose it. Because… I’m improving my blacksmithing abilities now in order to help Lynn.

Even if I obtained strong power through reincarnation, it would be meaningless if Lynn wasn’t there.

It was when I investigated further about reincarnation. A new sentence appeared.


Reincarnation. It refers to a return to level 1. It is not synonymous with dying once and taking a new life.


….An explanation about reincarnation appeared there.

…It was as if the “Blacksmith” had answered my question here. If this is the case, the number of things I can make will increase as I level up again.

If that’s the case―wouldn’t it be okay to reincarnate and change the level back to 1? I reach out my finger to the word “Reincarnation” that appears in front of me.

If I press this, something will definitely change. My instincts tell me that. I hug Val, who I was holding tightly.


“Val, do you think it’s safe to press the reincarnation?”


Val tilted his head to think, then stubbornly nodded his head.

…Val is a being I created. So I also thought that he had the answer I wanted.

…But even so, hearing Val’s vigorous reply, it was true that my worries were a little lessened.

Do it, huh? A certain amount of sacrifice will be necessary to obtain even higher abilities.

That’s what I thought, and I reached for the word “Reincarnation” displayed in front of me. I felt a plop, a push. The word “Reincarnation” sinks in. …The reincarnation is not yet complete.

If I let go of this finger, I will probably “Reincarnate”.

I quickly let go of my finger from the text. That’s when I let go of my finger. I felt my chest pulsate loudly once.

I couldn’t breathe. I quickly put my hand on my chest and breathed heavily over and over again.

Val looks at me with concern. With a wry smile, I turn one hand to Val and manage to stave off the pain. The pain soon fades away.

But at the same time, I feel my consciousness being forcibly dropped. It was as if the room’s lights were being turned off, and I collapsed on the spot.

I’m glad I have a bed. With that thought in mind, I closed my eyes as I sank into the bed. Val’s cries were the only sounds I could hear in the distance.


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7 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 91

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Should’ve added every skill you gathered to something before reincarnating so that you can immediately regain them.

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  2. all skills and other items… a lot of people are about to wake up on the floor. also all the weapons he made for others… or is that just me taking the words for what they’re saying

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    1. Probably won’t lose them but it will be level locked again since he doesn’t have the materials. It’s like he already aquired that unique blueprint, now he just needs to be High level enough. I think that how it will work anyway


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