I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 4 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


“Wow… it’s really different from Earth…”

When Kaori returned from the bathroom, she wanted to go straight to the other world immediately, so we went through the door of another world together. At that time, Night and Akatsuki also followed along and relaxed in the different world house together.

“──So, Night-san and Akatsuki-san are also from this world?”

”Yeah. Night is a wolf called [Black Fenrir], and Akatsuki is… [Mouju]? That’s the kind of pig… I guess”


“Fugo? Fugofugo!”

Night nodded once, but Akatsuki seemed annoyed that I didn’t know better, and he tapped the floor with his little legs. I’m sorry. But I’ve never heard of Mouju before, and if it’s anything, I honestly can’t even tell if it’s a pig or a boar… maybe it’s a pig…but…

Kaori’s eyes widened at such a reaction as if they understood my words.

“You really are a creature from this world… as expected, it’s not normal when you can communicate to this extent…”

 “Ah… as you expected?”

“Yes… and I’m telling Yuuya-san this now that I know who Night-san and Akatsuki-san are, as expected, it’s best to refrain from taking a walk…”


“People who see it might be able to tell it’s a wolf, and I’ve never seen such a beautiful red pig before, you know?”

“I wonder…”

But I hope Night and Akatsuki will have a normal life on Earth, if possible. I hope that they can see things on Earth and have a good experience, just like I did in the other world. Well, considering the bad air on Earth, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stay on Earth too much…

Then, just as Kaori thought the same thing, she took a deep breath in the room.

“Shuuu…haaahhh. By the way, the air here is so good…”

“If you look out the window, you’ll see that we’re in the forest… and there’s no car exhaust or anything like that in this world.”

“It’s a strange world without cars… and since there’s no place around Yuuya-san’s house that has a forest like this, it must be true that it’s a different world.”

As Kaori laughed bitterly, the next moment, a translucent board suddenly appeared in front of Kaori’s eyes.

“Kyaaa! W-what is this?”

“! That’s…”

Kaori seemed surprised by the board that appeared in front of her, but she immediately read the contents.

“Title [Otherworldly Person]…?”

“In this world, there’s a concept of status, and apparently, various parameters are quantified. One of them is a title, which has various effects on…”

“I-I see… it’s a world where everything is different from Earth… and this status, huh?”

Then Kaori muttered the word status, and now a board with Kaori’s status on it appeared.

“T-this is…”

“That’s Kaori’s status in this world.”

“Uhm… Yuuya-san. May I have you to look at it for me?”

“Eh? That’s fine, but… are you sure?”

“Yes. I don’t really know what this is all about, so…”

As Kaori told me that, I looked at Kaori’s status.


[Kaori Houjou]

Occupation: none
Level: 1

Magic: 10
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 10
Luck: 100

BP: 0

Skills: none.

Title: [Otherworldly Person]



“H-how’s it?”

Kaori asked me anxiously, but by all accounts, she’s stronger than me at the beginning. The only thing I won when I was at the same level 1 was my magic power. No, I had some skills too, however… [T/n: I don’t know why he said he won in magic stats at level 1. When I checked back at the raw chapter 1, he indeed has 1 stat on magic as well.]

“Yeah… Kaori is stronger than me when I first came here.”


“I was a small-fry too, you know…”

I still continue the training that Master Usagi taught me, and I do other muscle training as well, but at first, I was so weak that I couldn’t even wield a weapon. While remembering those days, I boldly tell Kaori.

“…Well, just as Kaori experienced in her own eyes right now, I came to this world for the first time and improved my level.”


“Then somehow I lost weight, and I looked different… yeah. What I’m trying to say is, I cheated.”


“Now, although people look at me now, I’m really not the great person they say I am. So──.”

“No, it’s not!”


Kaori said, glaring at me.

“Yuuya-san, nothing has changed. Since the first time you saved me…”

“N-no, but my appearance has completely changed…”

“I’ve been watching Yuuya-san from the beginning!”


My eyes widened at Kaori’s words.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like or how you look. Yuuya-san hasn’t changed just because he got a special power in this world. Isn’t that right?”


“…Yuuya-san may indeed have obtained a special power in this world. But that power has always helped me. Since that day when we first met… Yuuya-san has helped me a lot.”


“So don’t despise yourself like that anymore.”

“…I’m sorry.”

I apologized to Kaori. But I was even happier than that. The fact that she said I hadn’t changed, and that she was looking at me properly…

“Uhm… thank you.”

“No, don’t mention it. I’m just telling the truth.”

The sight of Kaori smiling at me as she said that is a sight to behold. Then suddenly, Kaori’s face turned red, and she began to panic.

“Ah, t-that… The best thing about this place is that it has such a good atmosphere, so why don’t we continue our studies here?”

“Y-you’re right! Since I have a desk here, too, let’s just do that. I’ll bring our study tools and stuff.”

As I said that and was about to go get the study tools, Kaori turned her attention to a part of the other world’s room.

“Ah, um, Yuuya-san. What is placed in there…”


When I followed Kaori’s gaze, there was the [Bloody War Demon Series] armor that I had put there so that I could wear it at any time.

“Ah, um… this is the one I wear when I’m active in this other world…”

“Really? I want to see it!”

“I-is that so? Then let me go change into this armor.”

In order to respond to Kaori’s request, while going to pick up the study tools, I returned to the Earth house to change into [Bloody War Demon Series].




Kaori’s POV


I looked around the house. At first, when I found and opened the door to this world, I thought it was a painting that looked like the real thing, but then I felt a faint breeze from behind the door.

Besides, when I touched it, a strange feeling ran through my hand, which confused me even more. When Yuuya-san came over and told me the secret of this room… I was surprised and happy at the same time.

It was for the fact that he revealed such an amazing secret to me. …Well, if I was in the same position as Yuuya-san, I could say that it was a situation that could not be excused no matter what I thought…

Then I was told about this world, and in front of extraordinary phenomena such as magic, my heart danced with embarrassment. I also realized that Yuuya-san saved me with the power he had acquired in this world.

But Yuuya-san said that his current appearance was not his true appearance. He said that his current appearance was the result of his level-up. But that doesn’t make any difference from my point of view.

Yuuya-san helped me. That’s all there is to it and nothing else.

“…Has this made me a little closer to Yuuya-san?”

With that thought in mind, I went out into the garden of this house. And there was a small field. I wondered what it was growing. Maybe it’s a vegetable that is unique to this world.

Even so, I strongly feel that this is a different world.

That’s what I felt inside the house as well, but the air is very good. Moreover, the area around the house is covered with trees I’ve never seen before, and no matter how I look at it, it doesn’t look like the Earth.

“Such a world really exists…”

As I uttered that while looking around, I suddenly found a strange black lump behind the fence that covered this house.


It looks like it’s somehow pulling and quivering and looks very pretty. I was curious about the object, and I couldn’t help but approach it.

“What is it?”

Then the object leaped wide open over the fence!

“I-it’s alive?!”

Incredibly, the black, pulpy object moved as if it were alive. Its movements are so cute that I couldn’t help but step out over the fence.

“Hello. What are you──.”



The moment I suddenly heard Yuuya-san’s panicked voice, the black object that was swinging adorably in front of me… swelled up like a monster’s mouth and tried to wrap itself around me.


I was unable to move at that scene, and as I watched in a daze…


──Unlike the uniformed figure from earlier, Yuuya-san, who was wearing the black armor that was placed in the room earlier, appeared and held me in the form of a… princess carry and kicked the black object away.

NyX Translation


As I watched the figure in a daze, Yuuya-san asked me with an impatient look.

“Are you alright! Are you hurt?”

“Ah, y-yes…”

“Really? Well, I’ll get this over within a minute, just give me a minute.”


“Night, Akatsuki. Protect Kaori.”



Yuuya-san said and slowly lowered me to the ground and instructed Night-san and Akatsuki-san to do so. However, the moment I was lowered to the ground, I felt a little lonely. I wish we had a little more time now… no, no, it’s nothing.

As I was thinking about that, even though I felt it was a trivial matter, it seems that the black object I saw earlier was not alone, and a number of them appeared from the surrounding bushes.

“N-no way…”

“I’m sorry, I should have warned you in the beginning. …Unlike Earth, in this world, there are monsters who will mercilessly try to kill you.”

“T-to kill…?”

“Yeah. Besides, the place where this house is located seems to be a particular place for those strong monsters… I should have told you properly before this happened.”

While saying that, Yuuya-san made an apologetic expression and then quickly turned his head to the black objects.

“Well then… I’ll finish it right away.”

As he said that, Yuuya-san took out a spear from an empty space. The black object, which seemed to be watching to see how things would go with Yuuya-san’s arrival, suddenly attacked Yuuya-san.

The speed is not something that I would be able to avoid by myself, and moreover, I could tell from the fact that the ground was gouged out at the moment of the jump that it was a tremendous impact.



Yuuya-san effortlessly received the attack with his spear, and then swept it away as if to let the pressure escape, and with that momentum, he fired a spinning kick at another individual.

The force of the attack was so great that the black object flew off in an instant. From then on, Yuuya-san was able to take advantage of the black object alone, and in the end, he defeated all the black objects.

Then the remnants of the black objects turned into particles of light, and afterward, some strange objects fell down.

…This must be Yuuya-san’s true power. I realized once again, that until now, Yuuya-san’s activities at school and other places had really suppressed his power.

As I watched in amazement as Yuuya-san stored his weapons in an empty space, Night-san and Akatsuki-san, who had been told to protect me, looked up at me with concern.



“…I’m sorry. I was just a little startled, but I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”



As I’m stroking them while thanking them both, Yuuya-san approaches me with a somewhat awkward expression on his face. Then he says to me with a look of having made up his mind about something.

“…Is it strange for me to kill a creature so easily, even if it’s to survive in this world?”

Seeing Yuuya-san laughing sadly, I couldn’t help but lose my temper and shout out.

“There’s no way that’s possible!”


Then Yuuya-san’s eyes widened as if he didn’t expect my reaction. When I manage to calm myself down at the sight of him, I continue.

“…Yuuya-san has saved me again. That’s all that matters.”


“As expected, nothing has changed about Yuuya-san. Since that day when we first met.”

“…Thank you.”

When I told him that again, Yuuya-san smiled shyly.

“…Well, let’s go back to the house for now. It’s not safe to stay here, you know.”

Yuuya-san had said that in a cheerful tone as if to change the subject, and I asked him a question that I suddenly felt.

“Come to think of it… the house is in such a dangerous place, is it safe? I mean, the monsters can come on their own, right? Or if something like that comes in…”

“It’s all right. The previous owner of this house is apparently an amazing person, and thanks to him, the monsters can’t get past this fence and into the garden. And maybe it’s not just monsters, but enemies… well, hostile people can’t get in either, I guess.”

“Wow… that’s a lot more impressive than Earth’s security equipment…”

Since there are always people from the security company in my house, I think the security measures are much stricter than in other people’s houses, but even so, it is never a sure thing.

However, if Yuuya-san’s words are true, there will be no more security companies in Japan if we can do the same thing.

Once again, I was reminded of the mysterious power of magic and skill in this world.

“Come to think of it, that outfit… it looks great on you!”

“R-really? Thank you. Like I said before, I wear it when I fight monsters and stuff in this world. It’s still dangerous.”

“Uhm… Yuuya-san used to fight as you did earlier…?”

Yuuya-san chuckles at my question.

“That’s true. Because when you’re looking around this world, you’ll inevitably need a certain amount of self-defense. Besides… like the first time I met Kaori, being unable to do anything about it… is just painful.”

“…I see.”

Yuuya-san said he couldn’t do anything about it, but I was very happy with the fact that he just took the initiative. But I thought that even if Yuuya-san said that, he would probably… continue to look for the best he could do.

Thinking like that, Yuuya-san smiled bitterly as he remembered something.

“Uh… well… it’s selfish of me, but… I don’t want you to tell anyone about this world.”

“Eh? Y-you mean that’s a secret between us…?”

“Well… I guess so?”

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling naturally at Yuuya-san’s words.

“It’s okay! I won’t tell anyone!”


“Yes! …And since we’re sharing our secrets with each other, I think it’s fair to say that… we… have a special relationship…?”


“Ah, i-it’s nothing! Yes!”

“I-is that so? …Well, let’s just go back for now. We have some time to study for our tests.”


This is the reason why I’ve come to know one of Yuuya-san’s secrets, and I feel that I’ve gotten a little closer to him.


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  5. I’m confused how she was almost attacked. The house is surrounded by a fence, the monsters can’t cross the fence, Kaori is inside the fence… Problem where? Also, with how she reacted, it seems that Kaori wouldn’t have kept the other world a secret. Add on the other plot holes and the flow feels bad. MC is able to think faster, but he’s somehow dumber than a box of rocks


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