I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 4 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


“It’s almost time for exams. Are you studying for them?”

“Gyaaaa! Don’t mention to us about the teeessst!”

“Isn’t that obvious! There is no blind spot for this ‘Young noble of countermeasures’! …I hope not!”

When Sawada-sensei mentioned the test during homeroom before leaving, Kaede and Akira had reacted in an easy-to-understand way. I-I guess they didn’t remember, those two…

It’s going to be a full-fledged exam period from now on, so those of us who are doing club activities will have a break from them, and the time to play after school will decrease. It’s going to be tough for Kaede and the others if they don’t study soon…

As I looked at them like that, Shingo-kun and Ryo also approached me, turning their dumbfounded gazes towards them.

“Akira and the others, they wouldn’t have to be in a panic if they studied regularly…”

“Ahahaha… K-Kaede-san and Akira-kun are both bad at studying, right?”

“It looks that way… are Shingo-kun and Ryo doing well in their studies?”

“It’s all right, I guess. I’ve been studying for the test.”

“I-I’m fine too. I’ve been studying for the test in addition to my regular revision.”

I looked around for some reason, but I didn’t see anyone else making any noise, and I thought that Kaede and Akira were really the only people who were not studying for the test and were in trouble. Ryo and the others and I were usually going to go home to study for the test now, but today they seemed to have something to do and went back first.

“This is the first test I’ve taken since I came to this school… I wonder how it will turn out…”

I’m doing the proper prep and review, but I’m still worried. I’m especially bad at math and physics, which is moderately difficult. And when I level up, my brain doesn’t suddenly get better. However, my thinking speed has completely increased, so I think I’m able to think overwhelmingly better than I used to.

As I was returning home with my mind occupied with the regular exams, I was unexpectedly approached by someone.

“Huh? Yuuya-san?”

“Eh? Ah, Kaori!”

The one who called out to me was Kaori, the daughter of the chairman of the school I attend. Kaori ran a little faster to come to me and tilted her head curiously.

“Are you alone today?”

“Yeah. It seems like Ryo and the others have their own things to do.”

“I see…”

After that exchange, we naturally started walking side by side. We talked about trivial things to each other from then on, but eventually, the topic of conversation turned to the upcoming regular exam.

“───And the next regular exam is coming, but I’m not very good at math.”

“Heeh… even Yuuya-san has things he’s not good at, huh?”

“Eh? I mean, does it look like there’s nothing I’m not good at?”

“Yes. I had the image of you being able to do almost anything.”


Hearing Kaori’s impression of me, I was a little taken aback. I didn’t know if she thought of me that way. But I’m not as good at everything as Kaori thinks I am, and I’m not smart enough to get a good score on a test without studying.

“As for me, I’m not good at English and the classics…”


That was exactly what was unexpected. I had taken the liberty of thinking that Kaori seemed to be perfect in relation to her studies. …When I think about it, we’re both in the same boat.

As I was thinking about that, Kaori seemed to notice something and suddenly began to fidget next to me.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Eh? No, I was just, uh…”

When I twisted my head at Kaori, whom I was becoming more and more suspicious of her behavior, she eventually looked at me with some kind of determination.



“───Would you like to study for the test with me?”


She looked so serious that I wondered what she was going to say…

“Um… studying for the test?”

“Yes! I’m very good at math, so I think I can teach Yuuya-san a thing or two!”

“I-I appreciate that, and I suppose I could teach you English and the classics too, but…”

“So why don’t we study together?”


Kaori was getting closer and closer to me, and eventually, she looked up at me from directly below and said so, but… well, she was too close to me, and her b-breasts were hitting me right in the front…!


NyX Translation


“K-Kaori-san… uh, I mean, you’re too close, I suppose…”

“Eh? …Aaaahh! I-I’m sorry!”

Kaori’s face turned bright red as she moved away and looked at me as if she were peeking at me.

“So… that… what do you think?”

“Uhm… Well then, I’m counting on you.”

As I bowed my head, Kaori’s face brightened.

“T-thank goodness! So, um… can we study at Yuuya-san’s house…?”


I was then frozen from the words that came out of Kaori’s mouth.

“My… house, is it…?”

“Yes. Is it no good…?”

“N-no! It’s okay!”

I thought it was at the library or something, but my house…

To be honest, the only thing I don’t want people to see is the door to another world… well, I guess it’s okay.

“Then, let’s study together tomorrow!”

──It was finally decided that we would study at my house, and this day would be dismissed.




“──You have to use this formula for that, you know.”

“I-I see…”

The next day.

As promised, Kaori came to my house and started studying for the test straight away. And as Kaori herself said, she was not good at the classics and English, but she taught me math in a very easy to understand way, so I could learn a lot. With this, the test will be safe this time.

“As expected of Kaori… I was bad at maths and such, so it’s really helpful.”

“N-no! M-me too… and besides, Yuuya-san is amazing at classics and English!”

“H-hmm, I guess so.”

Sorry, it’s because of the skill [Language Comprehension]



As I was thinking about that, Akatsuki and Night were also tilting their heads at my situation. That’s right; I can understand their language somehow, thanks to this skill.

This is how we proceeded with our studies, teaching each other our weaknesses.

Although I had invited Lexia-san and the others from the other world, I was a little nervous because it was the first time I had invited a girl from the real world, but thanks to Night and Akatsuki, that gradually faded away. Since it had been a long time since we started studying, we decided to take a short break, and Kaori stroked Night, who was nearby while she stretched.

“Hmmm… but then again… I knew Night-san, but there was an increased number in your family named Akatsuki-san, too.”

“Yeah. We just recently became a family.”

“I see…. again, nice to meet you, Akatsuki-san.”


Akatsuki raised one leg while being stroked and greeted her casually.

“Ah, excuse me… can I borrow your bathroom?”

“Eh? Ah, sure, go ahead.”

When Kaori asked me that, I gave her permission, and she left the room. The room we are in now is a tatami room, which is not usually used, but it is very convenient for such occasions. The house is quite large, so there is more room left than my living space.

While we were waiting for Kaori to come back, I noticed something.

“Ah. Come to think of it; I didn’t tell Kaori where the bathroom is!”

As I hurriedly left the room and followed Kaori, my eyes suddenly fell on the place where there was the [Door to Another World]. This is because the door was at the end of the broken wall, the wall itself was not repaired, and people who see it for the first time may possibly enter it.

When I entered while thinking, it was impossible to imagine that──.

“Um… Yuuya-san? This is…?”

──Kaori was stunned in front of the [Door to Another World].

Moreover, since Kaori is opening that door, she can see the world beyond… in other words, the view of the room in the other world.

“Ah… um… that…”

I didn’t expect Kaori to find the door to the other world, and I couldn’t speak back as a matter of fact. Then, Kaori immediately sighed and made an apologetic expression.

“Ah! Um… I’m sorry. I didn’t know where the bathroom was, and I happened to find this room… I felt something calling me, and then the door…”


The fact that she entered the room itself was not a problem, but the fact that Kaori had opened the [Door to Another World] that was placed there was a problem. However, due to the effect of the [Door to Another World], you can’t go to the other side without permission, but that means that you can’t go to the other side even though the door is open, which is an experience that would be impossible in the normal course of events.

After thinking about many things and hesitating about what to say, I decided to be honest with her. One of the reasons was that it was nothing to be ashamed of in the first place, but I thought it would be even more difficult to lie and tell lies in this situation.

I hesitated a bit, but I told Kaori the truth.

“Well… you may not believe it, but that door… is connected to a different world.”

“D-different world…you said?”

“Come here…”

Kaori’s eyes widened even more as I let her go through the door.

“I also opened the door and was surprised by the view I saw… I was just about to go into the room, but I couldn’t get in…”

“I’m sorry. It seems like this door is only accessible to people I approve of.”

“I-I see…”

Kaori was stunned and managed to squeeze out the words.

“Uhm… you said it was a different world, but what do you mean by that…?”

“It is just what it sounds like. It’s a different world than Earth.”

“Different from Earth?”

“Yeah. For example, there’s magic on the other side, and I got to be able to use it.”


In front of Kaori’s eyes, who was still amazed by the scene, I formed a mass of water in my palm.


“That’s what I’m talking about. I can do things that would never happen on Earth.”

“I-is that… real…?”

“Do you want to touch it?”


Kaori fearfully touched the mass of water I held out to her, and a look of surprise appeared on her face, which I don’t know how many times already.

“I-it’s real water…”

“This is how I acquired various powers, including magic, that would never have been possible on Earth. This is the reason why I was able to save Kaori and the others when the delinquents came to the school or when the department store caught fire.”


From Kaori’s point of view, it was an unbelievable series of things that made her eyes glaze over, but eventually, she seemed to remember something and asked shyly, with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“Uhm… I’m sorry. I want to ask you a lot of questions… but first, can you tell me where the bathroom is…?”


I quickly led Kaori to the bathroom.


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  1. Okay, that was relatively abrupt. I mean, it were a long time a-comin’, but still, Earth-girl accidentally’d his Narnia-door after he raised the flag. I mean, you’re supposed to raise the flag, then it plays out over a little bit before the reveal, but MC’s just “oh, I hope she doesn’t find my Isekai-portal” and then Earth girl just happens to find his Isekai-portal while looking for the commode.

    Still, already better than Isekai-side by far. Gonna be a bit of shuraba once MC stupidly decides to take Earth-girl to Isekai side, though. Two blonde Isekai girls, [Foreign Oujo] and [Yankee Yojimbo] versus [Yamato Nadeshiko], should be a hell of a trainwreck.

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    1. I agree, that development was way too sudden !
      Even if she seems trustworthy, coming clean this soon is just insane !
      It could be dangerous even !
      What’s more, he had no reason to worry since the door won’t open to anyone but himself.

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      1. This dumb ass other , she is female what can u expect of her , literally she made most dumbest mc , this dumb author doesn’t know what logic is , i literally made account , so that i can write this , its so fking annoying


    2. Yea, just like you said, coulda left a little time before “well, heres my magic portal”. He couldve made an excuse at least, pretty sure she didnt know his living situation before. Probably a little odd he lives alone in a whole house(i can see him having his own apartment being a thing but a WHOLE house?). Couldve just claimed its his grandfathers house that he inherited, he accidentally broke the secret door in his grief discovering the secret room, oh and that magical looking door? its just a clever thing his grandfather picked up in his travels. It just shows the illusion that theres a room beyond it. then we couldve had a small arc of her being inquisitive and trying to get into his house(and his pants apparently) to discover the secrets of the door.


  2. I would have prefered her seeing the door because he left it open by mistake than “sudden plot-voices that make the unopenable door open to the waifu”.


  3. Who leaves a gaping hole in the wall leading to a room that contains a friggin portal to another dimension!?!? He knew she was coming round but took zero steps to disguise his other world door. On some level MC wanted her to find out.

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    1. Yep. I dumped this train-wreck in this chapter. I didn’t even read the whole thing. Just looked at future
      chapters. Glad it’s dumped. What a mess.


  4. That was so abrupt… I mean, that was such an easy thing to gloss over. Like telling her it’s an antique his grandfather collected, which is kind of true, and as such doesn’t lead anywhere.


  5. [The fact that she entered the room itself was not a problem, but the fact that Kaori had opened the [Door to Another World] that was placed there was a problem. However, due to the effect of the [Door to Another World], you can’t go to the other side without permission, ]

    no no no, is a magic door that has the owner attribute, it shouldn’t be able to be opened by others, not just the not being able to go inside… such a lousy plot… and all that time, and he hasn’t fixed that “wall”

    so stupid, author is just too much, it he was going to be like that he should just have let her go in with a reason as mc subconsciously allowing her.


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    1. MC : “And when I level up, my brain doesn’t suddenly get better. However, my thinking speed has completely increased, so I think I’m able to think overwhelmingly better than I used to.”
      Also MC : Proceed to share his secret for no reason.
      Me : “Yup, I think you should stop thinking althogether. 1000×0 still make zero…”


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