I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 4 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Part 2


A few days after I saved Glenna-san with Luna. I checked the item I had obtained when I defeated the Assassin Chameleon, which I had completely forgotten about.

The item was this:


[Assassination Chameleon’s Discoloration Skin] :: Assassin Chameleon’s skin. It’s very flexible and can be processed in various ways. Since it’s a B-class monster, its defense power is also reasonably high. Besides, because the color changes depending on how it is processed, this is a target material that people involved in armor and clothing work would like to handle at least once.

[Cloak of Disguise] :: Assassin Chameleon’s rare drop item. You can hide your figure from your surroundings while wearing this cloak. It is also possible to make your appearance visible only to any person while you are hiding. However, it is not absolutely undetectable. Once it has been noticed, that person will see through it even if you use it again, so you will need to hide somewhere to break their recognition.

[Bracelet of Replacement] :: Assassin Chameleon’s rare drop item. It is possible to switch to the equipment registered in this bracelet instantly.


Although B-class magic stones are also added here, this item is the most common among them.

The [Assassination Chameleon’s Discoloration Skin] is a strange rubbery material that changes color depending on how much light it catches, but since I don’t have any plans or the place to process it at the moment, I decided to exchange it for cash at the Door to Another World, just like the Bloody Ogre’s materials.

And although [Cloak of Disguise] didn’t seem to be necessary from my point of view as I have the skill [Assimilation], I suddenly thought it would be nice to be able to deceive the eyes of someone who can’t use the skill, or who can see that you’ve used any skill and hide your appearance when they come out. I haven’t encountered such an opponent yet, but it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared.

The rest is [Bracelet of Replacement]. This is the most useful for now. The reason for that is that when I registered a couple of sets such as the [Bloody War Demon Series] and the ordinary clothes that Sage-san left for me, I was able to switch into them in an instant.

For now, the only armor I have is the [Bloody War Demon Series], but if I get another armor later on, I can change into it in an instant, depending on the situation. This is really convenient.

So that’s how I spent a fulfilling time in the other world, but on Earth, the test ended yesterday successfully, and all I have to do is wait for the return… I’m pretty confident this time.

“How did Ryo and the others do on the test?”

“I’m feeling pretty good as usual. But I don’t think it’s that bad, though.”

“I-I think I did pretty well, too.”

Apparently Ryo and Shingo-kun didn’t seem to have any particular problems, but seeing as how Akira and Kaede were burned out, it would be… quite dangerous. If it becomes a supplementary exam, I’ll help them out.

It’s not that I’m good at math, but Kaori, a powerful helper, helped me out a lot this time. So I understand math tests better than usual, and I think I could answer more than expected in the classics and English by teaching Kaori.

However, the study session with Kaori ended when the test was over for the time being.

“…It’s a bit lonely.”

She had been coming over to my house after school to study all through the testing period, so it was a bit lonely when I got alone in this kind of time for the first time in a long time.


“As I thought, it was fun…”

Since Kaori found out about the other world, I’ve been strangely curious about Kaori. Well, the reason was probably that Kaori accepted me after knowing the truth.

My appearance has changed a lot, and even though she saw me defeating monsters without hesitation, I was happy that she didn’t get scared and told me that I wouldn’t change.

I initially thought Kaori was a nice girl, but… that matter has made me fully aware of her.

…But even if I like her, it would be a nuisance to Kaori, and I think there are more suitable people for her out there. Maybe it’s wrong to feel this way, but after years of being bullied, I can’t get confident in myself quickly enough.

Still, I think I’m a lot less prone to that than I used to be, but… it still doesn’t change the way I think.

“Oh… no. Let’s move around a bit.”

Whenever something was bothering me, I tried to move my body these days. I was Genuinely trying to recreate what Master Usagi taught me. The contents of the various martial arts books I happened to find in the secondhand bookstore I went to when I had just opened the [Door to Another World], and moving my body regardless.

Accompanied by Night and Akatsuki, I went out into the garden and mentioned something I suddenly realized.

“Come to think of it; I haven’t seen Master Usagi around lately.”



Night and Akatsuki thought so too, nodding their heads in the same way. Well, I don’t think Master Usagi is in danger, but I was a little curious. Then I suddenly thought of the mysterious girl who appeared when I restrained Rhaegar-sama.

“…Maybe Master Usagi would know about that girl.”

That overwhelming strength was honestly not normal. I was just beginning to gain some confidence in terms of power, but such confidence was quickly shattered because of that girl. The world is still a big place, after all.

“We should do our own thing and get stronger little by little.”



Night nodded vigorously, but Akatsuki’s paws fluttered as if he was somewhat unmotivated. Well, well, Akatsuki isn’t the type to fight. So, even if we were to get stronger, nothing would change if we kept going the way we are.

That’s why we need to devise something of our own outside of training with Master Usagi…

“If there’s one thing we can do right now that will make us stronger, it will be to combine magic and close combat.”



Night was listening intently, cutely tilting his head, but Akatsuki was completely disinterested, lying sluggishly on the ground. Yeah, it’s cute, and Akatsuki is still acceptable.

Getting my mind back on track, I explain my thoughts to Night.

“You see, so far, we’re fighting in close combat with only weapons and fighting magic with magic, too, right?”


“So I thought, why don’t we just combine them?”


In fact, we don’t have the luxury of being able to be aware of the use of magic when we fight with our weapons and physical bodies now. Perhaps that’s why there’s not much variation in our attacks.

In the meantime, I, for example, have a lot of Sage-san’s weapons, so I can fight while changing those weapons, but that’s not the case for Night and Akatsuki. I don’t know if they actually exist or not, but there may be an enemy that will fight while switching between physical resistance and magic resistance.

When such an enemy comes out, with our current situation, there’s a chance that we’ll be killed the moment we switch our attacks. Well, there is talk of such a possibility, but even more than that, if magic and weapon attacks are combined, there is no doubt that the number of hands will increase.

However, I don’t think it’s possible to combine the two so easily. If you are suddenly able to avoid an attack, you can’t unleash your magic on the point you were avoiding; it would be impossible for me to do that now.

That’s why I decided to change my thinking a bit.

“Sage-san’s weapons and stuff, aren’t they ridiculously strong in their current state?”


“Could this… be stronger?”


Well, that’s how the reaction would be.

“For example, wouldn’t it be strong if this [Absolute Spear] covered in… lightning?”

I took out the [Absolute Spear] from my item box and said that while showing it to Night. Then Night’s eyes widened even more. What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to clothe the weapon with magic.

With this, even the ghostly enemy called [Wraith] that I fought before, I’ll be able to defeat them with my weapon.

“Let’s see.”

When I say that, I raise the [Absolute Spear] in front of me and close my eyes. As it is, the image I imagine was the lightning that clings to the [Absolute Spear].

As the image solidifies, I unconsciously open my mouth.

[Magic Attire].”

At that moment, lightning suddenly fell from the sky. The lightning struck the [Absolute Spear] directly and continued to charge the [Absolute Spear] as it was.

Night and I watched the scene in a daze.

“I-it’s a success…”


I swung the [Absolute Spear] around as if to confirm it immediately, and the lightning bolt followed the spear as if drawing a line, and even more so, the speed at which the [Absolute Spear] was being wielded seemed to be increasing.

“N-no way…”

I threw it lightly at a tree outside the yard to see what it felt like.




Night and I, and even Akatsuki, who was lying idly, were appalled by the scene. The spear I threw flew at a speed that even my own eyes couldn’t follow, and the moment it touched the tree, not only did it pierce it, but for some reason, lightning rained down on the tree from above. The tree, which was carbonized in an instant, was given no time to burn.

When I was stunned by the excessive power, the [Absolute Spear] had returned to my hand before I realized it. Moreover, the lightning that the [Absolute Spear] is wearing has not disappeared even though it has returned, and it is still buzzing. S-scary…

“Eh, this is… now I imagined lightning, but what would happen if it was fire or water?”

I figured about the idea already, so let’s do everything. So I put magic on the [Absolute Spear] one after another…

“Hmm… there are some which can, and some which cannot.”

This is because, although I succeeded in making it clothed in fire, I couldn’t make it clothed in water. Perhaps it’s a matter of my imagination.

It was easy to imagine a spear with fire, but I couldn’t imagine a spear with water. I was able to make it clothe with the wind, but not with the earth. And now that I’ve made it this far, I’ve been thinking about it even more.

──What would happen if I combined all the things I could do at this stage?

I couldn’t stop being curious, so I tried it right away, but I was able to do it!




Night and Akatsuki looked at the [Absolute Spear] in my hand and felt somewhat drawn out by it. This is because the current spear I’m holding is not in its usual form; it is clothed in a tornado of fire and surrounded by charged lightning.

Moreover, I, who is holding it for some reason, do not feel any particular heat.

“…T-this is, what happens if I throw it…?”

As far as I’m concerned, the lightning alone was very dangerous, and if I were to throw it at a tree outside the yard, it would be a disaster.

“T-this is not an easy one to throw…”



Night and Akatsuki nodded fiercely, doing their best to agree. However, this would cover up one issue, the fusion of magic and melee combat. Of course, the best thing would be to mix weapons and magic in a balanced way while also using magic as I do now. But I still lack experience and magical proficiency to do that, so this attempt was made to connect to that…

“It’s more than I expected.”


Night also nodded with his eyes shining, and he began to try to see if he could wear lightning on his claws, which are his weapons, just like the [Absolute Spear] to me.


“Uu… Woof!”


Lightning flashed in Night’s claws, and it clad on it. Then Night ran out straight away and jumped out with lightning speed as if it were a lightning strike, cutting down the trees outside the garden.

At that moment, just like when I threw the [Absolute Spear] earlier, lightning struck the tree. I don’t know what principle it’s based on, but for some reason, the lightning is falling from the sky.

Perhaps the [Absolute Spear] and Night’s Claw wrapped in lightning may be acting like a kind of indicator… or lightning rod. No, I don’t know what that means either.

As I was stroking Night, who slid over to me as if to say ‘praise me, praise me,’ I suddenly had an even more frightening thought. That’s what came to mind when Night moved after wearing lightning on his claws earlier…

“…Hey, Night.”


“Wouldn’t it be great if we could move faster than Master Usagi…?”


Night was surprised by my statement; his eyes widening just as much as before. That’s natural. It’s just that Master Usagi is even called “The Kicking Saint,” and he actually boasts tremendous leg strength. That’s why his agility is outrageous, and I still can’t follow him with my eyes, but… I was about to step into that territory suddenly.

Naturally, it would be impossible to catch up with him first, as our status is also inferior to Master Usagi. But what if we borrowed the power of magic?

According to Sage-san, magic is all about imagination. And I have a magic circuit that I inherited from that Sage-san.

“Watch me for a moment.”

I said, and then I meditated on the image. It’s the image of the thunder-clad Night I saw earlier. I’m just going to change that into me.

Earlier, Night had only clothed his claws with lightning, but his movements were the fastest so far as if he was clearly affected by the lightning. That’s why I wondered what would happen if I also wore lightning on myself instead of the [Absolute Spear].

The result was──.

“So, I was able to do it…”



Lightning clung to my body, and my armor glowed pale white.

“N-no, I don’t know if I’ve succeeded yet. We’ll have to see it in action──.”

And the moment I took a step forward, I left every view behind.

“………………, Huh?”

My eyes widen as the landscape around me suddenly changes.

W-what happened? I was just taking a step forward…

The moment I thought that, I turned around fearfully at a specific feeling, and I saw──.


What’s this, a path has been created from where I w. Moreover, the path was blackened and scorched, and for some reason, things like lightning’s afterglow were shining in places.

“…I, did I make such a long move with just that one step?”

I conversely became calm at the situation that was too far from reality. I checked my current location with my [Map] skill and muttered that unconsciously. That’s because I seemed to have gone out of the yard in an instant with that one step and came straight to the vicinity of the forest entrance. No, I don’t understand what I’m saying to myself.

It’s not a distance that I can move in a single step by any stretch of the imagination, and more importantly, its speed is strange. I don’t think maybe Master Usagi would be capable of this… but at least it’s not possible to do it for me until now. But it’s really possible now. Even so, I still don’t see the logic in it.

I’m stunned yet still physically electrified, so I tried to go home in this situation for a while.


“…For real?”




Once again, I moved that long-distance in an instant, and before I knew it, I was standing in the position I was in before I moved. I suddenly came back, and Night and Akatsuki were surprised to see me with their eyes wide open.

I’ve already figured it out, but it still seems that I can gain that much speed if I wear lightning. However, I need to control it, but… this is something I have to train well. Because the moment I step out of the door, it’s normally laughable that if I don’t know the place.

But then again, it was… a dangerous situation. I didn’t happen to tear down the house or the fence, but this… would be a bad idea if I run into the house with this technique.

I regret now that I made a move without thinking about it. However, this ability is very appealing. And if I can master it, it will definitely become a great power.

“If that’s the case, I’ll start practicing right away!”



It looks like Akatsuki will be following our training as well. I’m going to start training to master this technique as soon as possible, but I decided to move first. In that case, I removed the [Magic Attire] once. Otherwise, I might end up at the entrance of the forest again.

“Well, then──.”


“Eh? Night?”

Just as I was about to start now, Night suddenly started growling. Akatsuki and I were confused by it. And──suddenly I felt a chilling sensation in my back.


I hurriedly held Akatsuki and Night and jumped back to the side at once.

“What was that…!”

We could see a cloud of dust rising from the spot where we had been standing a moment ago. As I was staring at the scene without caution, a voice suddenly called out from the sky.

“──Astonished. How could you avoid the attack just now…”

“You are…”

When I looked up, I saw the mysterious girl who appeared when I restrained Rhaegar-sama, standing leisurely on a tree. Upon closer look, she held a silver bow in her hand, which she hadn’t carried the other day.

At the girl’s presence, Night growled, and Akatsuki gave a serious look, which was unusual. What’s wrong?

While tilting my head at Akatsuki’s condition, I quickly put on the [Cloak of Disguise] that I obtained recently to hide Akatsuki, who has the lowest fighting power, as soon as possible.

And I ask the girl with caution.

“Who are you exactly? Why did you attack us?”


She was silent in response to my question, but the next thing I knew, I felt a chill run down my spine.


Following that sensation, I lifted my [Absolute Spear] while crouching down and cut something off. It was the same arrow I saw during the attack on the royal capital.

“…The arrows flew out of nowhere just like the other day, but the fact that they were aiming at me like this indicates that you’re involved, right?”


It was short, but she was the first to respond to my words.

And then───.

“Conviction. You can’t be defeated with just the arrows I fired beforehand.”

“Fired beforehand…?”

The other day, she was talking about predictions and other mysterious things… I don’t think the arrows she’s aiming at now may be the things that the girl shot at beforehand, right?

If that’s the case, then I have no idea what kind of technique she’s using. Besides, the fact that she can do such a thing means she’s clearly in the Master Usagi class.


I can’t help but spill that out of my mouth, but I guess it’s inevitable. Just a few minutes ago, I was trying to think of a way to catch up with Master Usagi as much as possible, and I hadn’t even been able to control it yet…

“Should I just go for it without preparation?”


Night is also ready to go for a fight.

“…I’ll ask you again, why are you going after us?”

“A threat. You’re a threat to my plans. And it’s also just revenge.”


I can’t help but tilt my head back at the girl’s words.

Revenge, you said… to me? I don’t know I ever did something that deserves revenge from this girl? I don’t remember that at all, but a level of revenge like this would mean that I must be pretty much hated, right?

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t remember ever meeting this girl before in the royal capital, and I don’t remember doing anything in particular that would get me revenge. If it was revenge for preventing all the arrows in the last attack… then there’s nothing I can do about it. If I hadn’t done that, I’d be dead.

For now, since it seems like she won’t be able to give me a proper answer even if I ask at this point, I also readied my [Absolute Spear]. However, the effect of [Magic Attire] has already expired. Well, I still haven’t been able to control it, and it can’t be helped.

“…I don’t understand well, but for now, I’m going to defeat you and ask you for more details.”

“Impossible. You’re no match for me.”

“That’s still… I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try it!” 

I threw [Absolute Spear] with all my strength, the girl just twisted her neck to dodge it. However, since [Absolute Spear] pursues until it hits the target, it immediately changes direction and attacks the girl from behind.

“Shock. It’s following me.”

“Don’t forget about us, too!”


Night and I slashed at the girl who was distracted by the [Absolute Spear] that was approaching from behind, at the same time. In doing so, I swing down my [Omni-Sword], and Night turns his claws down.



With that word, the girl first caught the [Absolute Spear] with the silver-colored bow in her hand and swept it away at me without killing its momentum.


I was momentarily disconcerted because the spear that I had thrown with all my strength was swept away towards me, but I quickly calmed down, dodged the attack, grabbed the hilt, and stored it in the item box.

At that time, my body opened up due to the momentum of the [Absolute Spear] a bit, but I used that momentum to swing down the [Omni-Sword] in my hand. However, the girl dodged even that attack without difficulty.

But, after dodging it, Night was already there.


The girl didn’t even turn around and blocked the blow, which could be called a godspeed by Night, with the silver bow in her hand.


“Understood. It’s dangerous, but… that’s the extent of it.”



The girl catching Night’s attack only seemed to push him lightly, but Night was blown away with great force. Nevertheless, Night adjusted his stance in the air and landed in place and roared again.

…It only happened for a few moments, but it still made me realize how badly I felt. The girl in front of me is terribly strong.

“No use. There’s no point in going any further. I’ll end it.”


After saying that, she held up the silver bow she was holding. Then, the exact same arrow that flew in the air earlier appeared in her hand. …Maybe it’s an ability similar to an item box, and that’s where she stores the arrows.

As I was wary of what kind of attack would be flying at me───.


It was almost like a miracle. I wasn’t on the reflex level, but rather an instinctual part of my body was moving unconsciously. And the moment I jumped back to follow that instinct, there was a tremendous shock to my torso.



“Don’t come here!”

I quickly stopped Night’s attempt to approach me in surprise. Frighteningly, I was blown away by the force of the arrows that grazed my body. Then, as if to chase after the blown away me, arrows fly in one after another at extraordinary speeds.

It’s incomparable to the first time I was attacked, and I couldn’t even follow it with my eyes anymore. All I could hear was the sound of a bowstring being plucked. The moment I heard the sound, the arrow was right in front of me. Even though I was so alert, I couldn’t see the girl’s attack at all.

The arrows that flew at me in the chase, I manage to hold myself up as if to use the [Omni-Sword] as a shield, but with only a single pursuit, I am blown away again.


I tried to escape somehow, but I didn’t even have time to do so, and there was already a new arrow in front of me. No matter how I think about it, I can’t even defend myself in time.

If I continue like this──I’ll die.

I felt the same intense sense of death when I first came to this other world. If it was me before I came to this world, I would have been helplessly swallowed up by that presence and would have died. My body would have frozen in place in fear.

But my body was not mysteriously tense. In response to such a presence, a relatively strong sense of resistance grew up in me.



I ignored the idea of controlling or anything like that and immediately activated the lightning [Magic Attire]. At that moment, I felt the pace around me instantly slow down. That’s a phenomenon that didn’t happen when I first used [Magic Attire]. But somehow, I can imagine the reason for this phenomenon.

When I used [Magic Attire] during my first practice, the effect of lightning only affected my muscle strength. But now I’m probably having the effect of lightning on my eyes and brain as well. This is why my brain and eyes are catching up with my body’s movements for the first time.

…If it were true, I don’t think I would have been able to do it this fast. Still, I guess this is an instinct to power up in a dangerous situation. Rather, my body instinctively triggered it as a crisis-avoidance ability because I knew I’d die if I didn’t do it here.

Besides, if I look closely, I see that the lightning was glowing blue-white when I first used it, but now the white and silver lightning is clinging to my body. Apparently, not only did it accelerate my thoughts, but it also strengthened the lightning itself.

Anyway, my thoughts’ acceleration made the arrow approaching in front of me look terribly slow, and I succeeded in avoiding it. Then as soon as I dodged the arrow, the surroundings’ speed returned to normal, and the arrow slammed into the place I was just at like a machine gun.


The girl’s eyes widened at the situation where I had moved to another place before she even realized it.

“Puzzled. The attack just now should have been a hit. Why?”

The girl couldn’t hide her confusion, as if she didn’t believe it very much. But I wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip away.



Just when I called his name, Night figured out what I was thinking and immediately began to wear lightning all over his body, just like me. And at the same time as me, he runs out of the place.

“Huh! Fast!”

The girl’s eyes widened as our speed increased rapidly. Earlier, I couldn’t control this movement, but now I can manage my actions.



Night and I slash at the girl, trapping her between us, and she leaps on the spot.


With the momentum of the leap, she moved directly over our heads, and while twisting her body in the air, she fired several arrows at divine speed. However, they were no longer effective against us, who were clad in [Magic Attire].



We quickly came to an abrupt halt on the spot and went straight into the girl’s direction. Of course, arrows were flying at us, but we managed to get through them. If there were arrows that we still couldn’t avoid, we pushed forward while cutting them down.

“How about this!”


I dove into the girl’s bosom and released a kick as I twisted my body and launched it up into the sky. Finally, she couldn’t avoid it and used her silver bow as a shield to prevent the attack.

However, the impact was not something that can be eluded. As she struck up into the sky, Night, who was anticipating the attack from me, was already waiting in the sky. While spinning forward with the momentum, Night directly transmitted the foot technique of Master Usagi into the girl.

The girl managed to react to Night’s attack, and she still managed to block it with her silver bow, just like with me, and was slammed straight into the ground. The impact was tremendous, and a cloud of dust rose to the fullest extent.


Night, who was up in the sky, landed next to me and stared as alertly as I did at the rising cloud of dirt and smoke.

…By the feeling that I got, I think the impact wasn’t something that she can sweep away easily as well…

The atmosphere is tense around the area, and a slightly cold voice comes from behind the smoke, still the same as when we first met.




And we’re stunned as the smoke cleared, the girl standing unperturbed despite her wounds in front of us.

E-even though we have done so much… she still won’t fall down…!

Perhaps it’s a pure difference in status; the girl still stood firm in her footing even after receiving our full force attack, although she seemed to be taking damage. Then, while we froze in surprise, the girl told us in a matter-of-fact tone.

“It’s confirmed. As I thought, you’re a threat. I’ll be sure to beat you here.”


The moment she began to say that, she raised her bow again.

“Master… lend me your strength…”

Then she muttered something. Unlike earlier, the arrow in her hand was replaced with a shiny white metal object that I had never seen before. Suddenly the arrow changed, and our alertness level was raised again.


“You guys can’t do anything from here.”

At the same time as that word, an arrow was released, but it wasn’t as fast as we were warned. Instead, the arrow that had been flying at us earlier was even faster. Despite our bewilderment at this, the girl’s movements did not end there. She released another arrow at almost the same speed as the one that she had released, and this time she released the same wooden arrows as before.

Moreover, it flew along precisely the same firing line as the earlier arrow and finally caught up with the metal arrow. Then the wooden arrow crashed into the metal arrowhead and shattered. And the struck metal arrow accelerated──at a speed far beyond our imagination.


The current me, whose brain and eyes should have been strengthened under the influence of the [Magic Attire], still couldn’t follow the arrows that flew at me with my eyes. Even so, predicting the line of fire from the arrow before it accelerated, I twisted my neck, and the arrow grazed my cheek.

When the arrow I dodged hit the tree behind me, the momentum never stops, and it goes through the tree one after the other.


And that arrow wasn’t just once. When I turned my body to the girl again from the stance I had taken to avoid the arrow earlier, there were already dozens… No, not dozens, but hundreds of the same arrows as before being released.

“It can’t be true, right…?”

While I wish that were the case, the storm of arrows in front of me is undeniably real.

“Night, keep avoiding it at all costs…!”


We continue to avoid flying arrows, judging them only by their initial line of fire. Although I also quickly activated a wind spell similar to the one I used in the royal capital, we had to keep moving as a result in the face of an attack of power that could not be offset by such a wind.

However, there’s no way we could continue to avoid such an attack for a long time, and both Night and I, even though they were small, the number of scratches we got gradually increased.

“Damn it! At this rate…”

I can’t think of a handful of cards to get through this anymore. As I continued to dodge in an impossibly dangerous situation, the storm of arrows unexpectedly stopped.


──But it was the precursor of an even more powerful attack. At that moment, I saw the girl with her bow drawn so tightly that I could hear the sound even from a distance.

And then──.


──A single arrow was released, thrusting forward while gutting the surrounding trees and ground. It is no longer in the same dimension as the previous arrows.

I was able to avoid the arrows up until now, but the one that was shot at us now is absolutely unavoidable. It was an overwhelming blow that brought me to that belief.

All I could do was watch the attack in stunned amazement and wonder if I could somehow let Night and Akatsuki escape alone. However, the despair looming in front of us would not allow such a thing to happen, and that’s when we were about to be swept up… by the strike.

(──[Heaven Fly].)


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      1. And it seems like the author has forgotten all the rules he set in the previous volumes.
        Now, it full of holes. As if this story never went through the editing process by publisher’s editor. This is LN, right, not WN?


      2. In short, the author is trapped in his own “overpowered” concept. He wanted to create a tense story, but this “overpowered” concept made the MC look stupid.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. He is fine killing monsters, but what do you think he will feel when he killed someone else; not a monster. He already is really self conscience so, if he were to kill someone he might seclude himself away from the world out of fear; out of people treating him differently/bad.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. I thought no-one could be more annoying than that pushy princess, and now we have OP Robo-Loli. Really starting to have a bias against [Isekai Side] and hope that they’ll spend more time on Earth.

    Also, dense-ass MC seems to have forgotten that he knows how to teleport.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Teleporting wont help that much if he doesnt have the time to do it and/or if he cant hit her anyway before she counters him. Then another point that gets forgotten: they are literally are right before his house aka his base as far I didnt miss anything. He doesnt have a real place to retreat to, where he can be sure she cant follow, find and/or attack him there.

      Teleporting sounds nice but the situation where it would be absolut needed are situations where he cant react without sacrificing his pets/family and/or his home.

      But to be fair there are 2-3 things you can critisize maybe:
      1. isnt the barrier not made by the sage which rivaled the gods (and if I remember right, even usagi-sensei said something of not beeing able to break it), therefore why can she break it in the first place
      2. the cuircit he inherited from the sage was god tier and possess clearly automatic things ingrained (just his magic infusing things that automatically named it and so on), shouldnt he have (at least uncoscious) the big adventage
      3. I really liked that he said no to the whole saint thing, which is kinda cliche, therefore I wait how and why these evil things approach him anyway and he gets dragged into it. The story was better without the world saving plot.


      1. He can teleport back to Earth, it seems, along with his pets. Doesn’t look like OP Robo-Loli can follow him there, since it seems that only he and whoever he designates can cross the threshold.

        In any case, his plot-induced forgetfulness, despite the cheats, has become tiresome, even without the newest plot-tumor.

        At least things on Earth-side seem to be interesting enough without the added grimdark stuff on Isekai-side.


      2. You forgot he need to go through his door to get to his own world, he cant just teleport to his world from everywhere. Which means showing her his back. In such a fight it would be plainly suicidal.


  3. One of the rules of this novel : If the MC doesn’t kill the “named enemy”, that enemy will become a friend. Luna from enemy to friend. The Prince from enemy to friend. And if that enemy was a woman, she would become harem members. Haha…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, then hopefully a MILF with husband would appear in the future as an enemy and then divorced her husband to become his harem member. NTR in its glorious peak.


  4. Ok this is pissing me off. He can use gate, he is literally that girls natural enemy. He can send all of her arrows back at her if he just uses a gate. If he were to use gate he would mop the floor with her and it pisses me off to no end that he doesnt. She uses projectiles that are “impossibly fast”, but their speed and power doesn’t matter if you can send them back at her. He can redirect all of her arrows but no our mc is just like “nah, guess ill die”


  5. Master usagi: I spent decades training my leges and perfecting my skills its only natural you’re slower than me.

    MC: Lol this isn’t even my final form


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