Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96


After we left the knight’s quarters, we then immediately headed to the guild.

“…What are you going to do in the guild?”

“I will be gathering information.”

“…You can’t tell anyone that Lynn-sama is gone, can you? How then?”

“I’m not asking about Lynn… I need to find out where the hero and the others were headed.”

“Hmm, what do you mean?”

“If we hear about what Lynn and the others defeated today, we can go there to investigate, right?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right! Come to think of it; I hadn’t even heard where the request came from!”

Ristina-san looks at me as if she is impressed.

“Then maybe you should have just asked the knight about it?”

“…No, they’ll never tell us. They’d think something would happen to us, too.”

“…Ah, you’re right…”

So, I got to the guild. When I asked the guild’s receptionist, the information was immediately available.

…It seems that there was a monster outbreak just west of this city. It seems to be all right now, but the danger may still be there, so we were told to stay away from it.

“Well then, shall we go?””



We walked straight through the west gate.

“…It seems to be around here, right?”

I cross-check the map I purchased with where I am now.

…Although I say that. There were sinkholes in the earth here and there that seemed to be after the battle, so there was no way to be wrong in the first place.

Ristina-san, who was holding a light made of magic stones in her hand, quickly lifted it up to illuminate the surroundings.

“It’s around here that Lynn-sama was swallowed by the black vortex, huh?”

“…Right. Let’s explore the surroundings for a bit.”

“Well, I hope we can find something!”


Ristina-san said that with a smile, perhaps to cheer me up.

…If I can find something. With that in mind, I walked around.

I put Val on Ristina-san’s side. …I thought it would be better to have Val around when fighting monsters. I also use the light I had in my hand to search for my surroundings.

Lynn… Stay safe. I’m sure that if she hadn’t become a hero… Lynn would still be the inn’s poster girl.

I didn’t want this kind of thing to happen to Lynn’s life. If something happened to Lynn, I might have to resent God again.

With that in mind, I was looking for some evidence that would lead me to Lynn …where I stopped.

“Black… vortex.”

It was right in front of me.

…Is it already here from the start? Or it just appears now? I don’t know… but I wonder if this is the black vortex that swallowed Lynn?

I gulped and swallowed my saliva. It was then. Ristina-san came over.

“Senpai…! That’s the black vortex――!”

“…Y-yes. Probably the one that swallowed Lynn…”

Even the knights could not find the black vortex… 

I didn’t think the knights would have missed this.

…Means that it must have appeared here now.

…What caused it to appear? The only thing changing in the situation with the knights would be the people.

Did it react to me? Or is it Ristina-san? …Or is it Val? I don’t know why, but there’s Lynn at the end of this black vortex…!

“Ristina-san, please report this vortex to the knights.”

“What are you going to do about it, Relius-senpai?”

…It’s obvious.

“I think I’m going to enter the vortex. I’m going to enter the vortex and see if I can find Lynn!”

“N-no, wait! It’s dangerous!”

“If so, there might be Lynn in that dangerous place, I have to help her!”

“No, you’ll be in danger too! I mean, how can senpai manage something so dangerous even to a hero?!”

“Yeah, I don’t know if I can do something about it, too, but…”

…Should I just watch on this vortex? I bite my lip and then look at Ristina-san.

“…Please. I’m going to go check on it for a minute!”

“Geez! Relius-Senpai! You can’t!”

Ristina-san grabbed my arm. But I was stronger than her. As if to ignore Ristina-san’s restraint, I shook off her grasping hands and stepped into the black vortex.

My body goes into the black vortex… And just like that, I began to fall.

I look around.

…Where am I? There was nothing around me in the black space. Eventually, my consciousness faded away.




When I woke up, I was in a land that I had never seen before. I think I fell… but there are no wounds on my body. I tried to get up my body, but I wasn’t injured at all.

…Where in the world is this place?

I looked around, but there was no sign of Lynn.


I raised my voice, but I didn’t get a response back from anywhere. I lifted the light and shone it around me. But I still don’t see anything.

…Tthe vortex swallowed up Lynn just like me, and if she came to this land, she might be strolling around the surrounding.


I started to walk the land, raising my voice.


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