Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97


What kind of land is this?

…As long as I walked on the land, the land was dirty, as if some kind of a disaster had hit it.

…I wonder if Lynn is here, too?

I found out that a teleport-based skill caused the black vortex.

…But it’s also possible that that vortex isn’t necessarily something that calls people into this space.

It’s also entirely possible that Lynn was summoned to a different place than I was.

I walk around the land for a while, reaching for my mithril sword.

…And then I wondered what it was all about.

It was hard to breathe. …It’s harder to breathe than it usually is. I’ve heard that breathing becomes more difficult when you go up a mountain or something, but is this a similar location?

…It might be a moderate challenge to fight in this state. It’s nighttime now, so there’s no telling when or where I might be attacked.

It was when I lifted the lights as I did a warning of the surroundings.

My ears picked up a snarl.

…Monster, huh?

I turned my gaze in that direction and gripped my sword. I stared at the monsters, holding the light with my other hand.

“…What’s this?”

I turned my gaze to the monsters and was surprised.

…They were grotesque in appearance, like… they’re wolves, but looked like a zombie species of monsters. I can’t tell if they’re alive or dead. And such wolves were coming towards me.

My eyes appraise them.


…No, why there’s “?” mark on them! I didn’t think that I couldn’t appraise them with this ability that God should have given me. Three Wolves are inching closer. I pull out my mithril sword and stare at them.


The Wolves pounced on me at once. It was as if they didn’t seem to have an ounce of reason. Their eyeballs fell off in a raggedy manner, and as expected, their cheeks pulled back.

…These guys apparently don’t seem to be able to grasp the target with their eyes. They were moving pretty fast, but I could see through them well enough. After dodging the attacks, I cut down one of them with my mithril sword directly. After slamming the mithril sword down, I quickly turned my attention to the remaining two.

Instead of being frightened, the wolves pounced on me even more.

…Is there no such thing as fear on them?

After finishing off two more of them while dodging attacks, I sheathed my mithril sword.

…I don’t like these kinds of monsters. At any rate, it’s a monster that I can manage to defeat.

…But I’ve never seen this monster before. It’s not that I have any knowledge of monsters, but still, I know a thing or two about them. I’m also curious about the results of the earlier evaluation.

…Maybe this is a land I’ve never heard of.

If my guess is correct, that black vortex was a transfer magic like moving between continents.

…Did they use it to target the heroes? How on earth did that happen?

It was while I was walking around thinking about these things. I found a girl lying on the side of the road.

…The girl was dressed in simple clothes. When I approached her, she squinted at me.

“…Who are you?”

“Err, well, that’s more of what I’d rather hear.”

“My name is Camilla. Who are you?”

“…I’m Relius.”

“Relius… yeah yeah. I see. That’s a good name.”

“Hahaha… well, can I ask you something, are you a person who lives on this continent?”


Indeed, she said. I was surprised, and Camilla glanced at me.

“Do you have any food on hand?”

“…Please wait a minute.”

…Previously, I was able to make food and other items with my blacksmith. Maybe it’s because of the fight I was doing earlier, or because I was making potions and such in my spare time, but my blacksmith level is now 5.

The number of things I can make is increasing… Yeah, there’s some food among them.

For now, let’s just make some hamburgers. I make a hamburger and hand it to Camilla.

“Do you want some?”

“Oh! It looks delicious!”

The hamburger I just made is a rank C. Camilla reached for it and took a bite of it. Then she puts a big smile on her face.

“It’s so good! This is the best! Another one, please!”

“…Yes, yes.”

…She apparently liked it.

Anyway, I made another one and handed it to Camilla. She takes a vigorous bite. The sauce has gotten all over her mouth.

“…Here, why don’t you wipe it off with this?”

“Thank you.”

Camilla took the handkerchief I produced and wiped her mouth.

“What do you want to do with this? Should I wash it then return it?”

“…No, no, it’s fine.”

I crushed it with a hammer and processed it. …Nothing was left behind because it was made with only magic power.

…Could this be because of the reincarnation, too?

“So, Camilla. Can you answer my question?”

“Yeah, you can ask me anything you want.”

“…This is where Camilla lives, right?”


“…Do you know the name of this continent or country?”

“Of course. This continent is the Havarud. The country is the Kingdom of Revelsus.”

“…R-Revelsus Kingdom! I-I believe that’s the continent that was made uninhabitable by monsters a few decades ago…!”

“It’s indeed uninhabitable. But we’re still fighting.”

“…Even now, too?”


…I don’t know the details either. But I remembered what my deceased parents had told me. They said that there was a mass outbreak of monsters in the kingdom of Revelsus.

I’ve heard that when that event happened a few decades ago, someone with some power released a barrier on the continent itself to prevent the monsters from leaking out.

…Therefore, there was no way to interfere with this continent from the outside, nor was there any way to hear what was going on inside, too.

The Havarud continent has become a land that cannot be visited by people due to the barriers. That was the extent of the knowledge I had.

“Relius. I want you to come with me.”

“…Um, well, you know. Can I ask you one more question?”

“What is it?”

“…Have you seen that… a cute little girl who’s a little smaller than me?”

…It’s about Lynn.

Camilla shook her head in response to my question.

“I saw, or rather, I’m here.”


“I’m a cute girl. If you’re that hungry, it can’t be helped. I’ll take care of it.”

I hurriedly stopped her as she tried to take off her clothes.


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  1. Thanks for the recent chapters! I hope you’ll excuse me for this next little bit of comment, but the 4 chapters you posted today seemed like they were translated and posted in a hurry; they weren’t translated as well as previous chapters like chapter 93. Chapters 1-93 were easier to read and understand as they were in a complete sentence format and seemed to be proofread. When you release future chapters, could you please proofread them a little better, like what you did with earlier chapters please? I (and other readers) would appreciate it.


    1. My only complaint is that Val’s gender is very fluid. In 94, you use male pronouns for Val, except it’s also explicitly mentioned that Val is female.

      Other than that, I thought it read just fine. Of course it could use a post-processing step to make the sentences flow into each other, but that’s something that I’d expect from a paid service. Not something from a free release. I.e. the translation’s meaning was clear and I wasn’t distracted by the grammar.

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  2. Shes a monster. A cute girl just happens to be laying in the middle of a monster infested wasteland, asks for food then requests he go somewhere with her then throws a distraction by offering her body to him when he tried to question her.

    Suspicious as f*ck!

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  3. I like this girl… she is willing to go right to it with little questions… well in such a continent its not that surprising.

    The picky ones already died without leaving descents.

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  4. This brat is annoying me in a different way. Her indifferent yet arrogant way of talking is infuriating. I don’t care what you want, you’re not cute, and you are not what he’s looking for.


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