Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98


We arrived at the house where Camilla said she lived. On the way there, Camilla checked with the villagers to see if they had seen Lynn, but we hadn’t been able to get any such information.

At the same time, I also talked to her about why I was here.

“…You have been swallowed by a black vortex?”

I nodded my head.

…Well, in my case, it’s correct to say that I’m not swallowed, but I ran into it myself.

“Yes. Have you ever heard of such a phenomenon?”

…If it’s very common on this continent. I’ll be at ease with it. The scariest part is that it’s an unknown phenomenon that no one knows about.

If I could find out who in the world did this and for what purpose… it would give me some relief.

“…I never heard of it. But is this Lynn girl is a hero?”


I have told you earlier that Lynn is a hero, right?

Camilla puts her hand to her chin as she thinks.

“…I don’t understand… but. There’s this kind of lore on our continent.”

Camilla shut her words once there and then handed me one of the stone tablets in the room. There were words carved on it.


When 50 years have passed, a hero will appear to save this country.


…There was a bloodstain on the stone tablet. I handed the tablet back to Camilla, remembering the situation when the person left this behind.

“…50 years. Is it about now?”

“Yeah, exactly… this year. …I think all of us who are still left on this continent have been waiting for this moment for a long time.”


Her expression was filled with the spirit.

“And this year… a hero named Lynn showed up, right?”

“The hero is not alone… There are many other heroes who showed up this year…”

“Maybe that’s what the person who left the tablet was trying to say. Besides, more than anything else, we have Relius.”


Camilla nodded.

“Some of us don’t have the methods to resist those blue stone monsters. …But with the weapons Relius made, everyone will be able to fight. This alone is far different than what we’ve experienced so far.”

“…We haven’t confirmed everything yet, have we?”

“No! My instincts tell me that!”

…Camilla said with a sparkling in her eyes.

“… Well, let’s examine that one, shall we? I’m not sure what kind of monster it is after all. I’ve heard that it died once and came back to life…”

So is it a zombie-type monster? I asked, and Camilla replied that it was not.

“It’s a spawned monster.”


“Yes, that’s right. That monster was spawned by a monster called the “Blue Stone Chieftain” who possessed a blue magic stone on its forehead.”

“Blue Stone Chieftain…”

A monster with a magic stone in its forehead, huh?

“The Blue Stone Chieftain appeared, and since none of the people present at the time could defeat it, this continent was sealed off.”

“I see, so that’s what happened…”

…If the way of resistance had remained to be found, this whole world could have been in trouble if it was poorly executed. The people at the higher up would have taken that choice at the expense of the few people left in this country.

…When I thought about it, I thought it was a terrible choice at first, but then I realized that it must have been the result of a lot of thought.

“…Hey, Relius. I have a few things I need to ask of you.”

“…What is it?”

“…Today I was going to hunt a monster and get some food. But since I couldn’t find the monster, I thought I was going to starve to death… and it’s not just me.

“…I see. Food, right? Then I’ll make sure there’s enough food for everyone.”


“Yeah. It wouldn’t taste so good if I were the only one who got to show off and eat the food.”

“T-thank you, Relius!”

Camilla’s eyes sparkled, and she stood up. Then we gather the children in Camilla’s house yard, and I show them all the different dishes.

“Ooooh, delicious! I haven’t had a vegetable in ages!”

“T-this burger is crazy good, too!”

“Thank you, R-Relius-san!”

It makes me smile to see everyone eating so happily.

…It’s a small price to pay if people are this happy just by consuming my magic power.

“Does anyone have a fire magic skill? If you have it, you can make the ingredients and other things and cook it, for example…”

“Oh, I can use that!”

A girl raised her hand cheerfully. I made a frying pan for her, as she was full of enthusiasm.

“A-amazing… you really can make a frying pan right away like a magic trick!”

“It’s handy… I can see that you have such an awesome occupation!”

“I want that! I wish I had an occupation like that too!”

I prepare some pork on a frying pan; it’s a grade C pork.

“Look, all you have to do is cook it over an open fire or something. For the seasoning, you can use this.”

I prepare the salt and pepper and sprinkle it on top of the meat.

…All of them are about grade-B; I can’t make an S grade. …It’s because my level is still low.

I’ve been doing a lot of things, and now I’m up to level 7.

“See, it’s starting to look good, right?”

“Wow! It smells so good…! I-I’m drooling!”

The girl’s eyes sparkled. …Next to her, Camilla was drooling as she mingled with the boy.

…It sure smells good.

“See, how does it look like?”

What’s grilled is a simple steak.

…But to the kids here, a seasoned dish seems to be a rarity.

“…Ugh, that looks great!”

“Oh, I want one, too!”

“That’s not fair!”

I call out to them as they all start to fight for the food, so I call them out.

“Look, guys. There’s more to come, so don’t be so anxious.”

You guys really seem to be enjoying the food. I’m having fun watching that, too.


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  1. I have a few issues. When did she learn of his power and why does she have a ton of kids in her house?! WHAT. THE. FUCK? I don’t like this Camilla woman either. She’s a sad creepy little thing relying on half assed prophesies and strangers. Better be a reward for him.

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