I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 5 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Part 2


Now, I need to get a place for Yuti to sleep or something while she’s in the bath…

Besides – though it’s okay for now –  if she’s going to stay at my house permanently, I’ll have to get her a change of clothes or something. We have not discussed it properly yet, but if I were to part ways with Yuti here, she will only pursue her revenge…

Alone, with no place to rest and no place to go.

I hoped that my house could at least be a place for Yuti to rest. Well, if that’s really what it means to live in this house, then I guess I’d better get some clothes for Yuti, and, if anything, make sure she can live on Earth…

No, she hasn’t really decided to live here, but if she’s going to spend time at my house, she needs to know not only about the other world, but also about the Earth that we’re on now, in case something goes wrong.

“What’s going to happen now?”



At my question, Night and Akatsuki tilted their heads in the same direction.

At that moment, the Earth’s house doorbell rang.

“Hmm? What is it? Maybe a newspaper salesman?”

I don’t remember asking for anything in particular, so with that in mind, I headed to the front door…

“Hello, Yuuya-san.”

“Eh, Kaori?”

To my surprise, it was Kaori who came to my house.

“Why are you here?”

“Err, I happened to be passing by Yuuya-san’s house, um… Yuuya-san, I was wondering what you’re doing…”

“I-I see.”

Kaori’s words made me unintentionally startled. It’s not that Kaori has any other intentions, but I couldn’t help but be surprised by her visit.

When I was thinking about that, Kaori made an apologetic expression.

“Umm, was it a bother?”

“Eh? That’s not true!”

Kaori looked relieved when I hurriedly told her so.

“Thank goodness… Oh, by the way, do you remember what I asked of you before?”

“What you asked of me?”

“Yes! I asked Yuuya-san to take me sightseeing in the other world before, didn’t I? At that time, Yuuya-san said it was too dangerous to do so, but I am still curious about it…”


Sure, it’s natural to want to go there when there’s a strange place like this other world in front of you.


“But it’s still dangerous──.”

“──Yuuya. I’m done.”


Suddenly, a voice called out to me from behind, and I turned around without a second thought…

”Yu-Yuyu-Yuuya-san… that, that girl is…”

While still wet from the bath… a naked Yuti was standing there!


NyX Translation


“T-that’s! Err, a lot is going on!”

“Yuuya. I’m done. What should I do now?”

“No, don’t do anything, just get dressed!”

“Don’t have, clothes.”

“That’s true too…!”

I was in the middle of getting ready for that!

“Yu-Yuuya-san! Why is this girl naked?”

“? Yuuya, this woman, who is she?”

I wanted to look up to the heavens as both of them pressed me at the same time.

“S-someone, please help me…!”




“I-I see… so that’s what happened…”

After that, I managed to gather up my energy and desperately tried to explain to Kaori about Yuti, ending her misunderstanding. When I imagined that if the misunderstanding had not been cleared up, Kaori would recognize me as a pervert and I would feel dreadful. Thank goodness the misunderstanding has been straightened out…

As for Yuti – thanks to the fact that I had used my magic to dry her clothes that I had washed – she has finished changing her clothes for now. And while we’re at it, I also talked to Kaori about Yuti in the form of a consultation. In fact, it was complicated for me, as a man, to prepare a change of clothes for Yuti.

“Well, just to confirm one thing, does that mean she’s going to live with Yuuya-san from now on?”

“Hmm… it depends on what Yuti wants to do…”

“No, you can’t! How can you and a girl be under the same roof?”

“Ugh, that’s…”

Kaori has a point.

When Kaori is at a loss for words, Yuti opens her mouth with a serious expression.

“I, I like this place.”


At Yuti’s unexpected words, Kaori and I shouted at the same time.

“You like this place, you said?”

“Yuuya, the food is delicious. The bath feels good. Conclusion. It’s a good place.”

“Is that why?”

“I don’t know where to go anyway. And if he refuses, I’ll have to go somewhere else for sleep.”

“T-that’s not good!”


Not only me, but Kaori immediately disagreed with Yuti’s words.

She’s a girl, and more importantly, it’s too dangerous to sleep outside in a world where there are monsters… No, maybe she’s stronger than me, so I don’t need to worry about it.

“Don’t worry. I was living in the forest with my master.”

“I-in the forest?”

“Affirmative. So I’m used to being in the wild.”

“No, Yuti may be used to it, but it’s just that we feel…”

I sighed at Yuti’s words, but I told her again.

“Well, since Master requested this of me, let’s live here together. There’s plenty of room for you.”

Fortunately, thanks to the [Door to Another World]‘s exchanging function, I’m not in need of money, so there’s no problem with one more person, and this house is actually too big for just me, Night, and Akatsuki.

“It’s a relief. I would be troubled if you said no to be honest. Evil power, it’s calmed down now, but it’s not completely gone.”


“It’s okay; I can keep it in check now. I still feel like I have a little “Evil” left in me though.”

Wait a minute. This is indeed a story that I can’t get past…!

While I was anxious with Yuti’s unexpected statement, Kaori, who didn’t know what “Evil” was, tilted her head.

“Then… what is this “Evil”…?”

“Eh? Ah… err… I don’t know how to explain…”

Honestly, I still don’t have a proper understanding of it. Master Usagi said that they are like a mass of negative aspects of the world…

As I fumbled for an answer, Yuti answered for me.

“The “Evil” is the negative aspect of the world itself. It’s hard to explain in detail. It’s just something bad.”

“I-I see…? Um, does this mean that these bad things are in your body, Yuti-san?”

“Affirmative. I am only temporarily restrained by the power of the pig there.”

“Buhi!? Fugo, fugo!”

“C-calm down, Akatsuki.”

Akatsuki didn’t like the fact that Yuti called him a pig there, and he protested by stomping the ground on the spot. However, his appearance was just too cute for a complaint.

“Oh, I see… then, will that “Evil” power go out of control again, or…”

“It’s possible. Now that I’ve decided to turn against the “Evil”, I may be unable to control my powers as well as I had before.”

I suppose that’s true. If the “Evil” guys can accurately control the power they themselves have given out, they’ll recover that power from those who could be an enemy.

“Fortunately, there is that pig here. So there’s less of a risk of that running amok.”


If that’s the case, I can’t afford to let Yuti leave even more.

As long as she decided to challenge the “Evil,” Yuti would be unwilling to harm other humans.

“As I thought, it would be best for Yuti to stay here.”


“…I can’t blame you for all of this… But, Yuuya-san, you’re getting along with a lot of women without my knowledge…”

“Uee? I-it’s just a misunderstanding! It just happened by chance!”

“I wonder if that’s true…”

Sure, Lexia-san, Luna, and all the other people that Kaori has met have been women, but that’s not true! …Probably. Huh, but she knows some men too, right? Like Owen-san, or Arnold-sama, or… Uhh, I’m getting a little uneasy.

Kaori has some kind of a complicated expression on her face. Indeed I’m going to live together with a girl, but I’m not going to do anything strange. Or rather, I would get beaten back in terms of ability.

More importantly, am I that untrustworthy…? It’s a bit depressing.

Although somewhat complicated, the decision to accept Yuti in this house has forced me to look at other issues.

“However, if this arrangement is done, what will you do while I’m at school… it frightens me to leave you alone…”


She tilted her head as if the word was unfamiliar to Yuti.

Night and Akatsuki are good kids and can stay at home properly, but I’m not sure about Yuti. She’s pretty naive, just like the food and bath incidents earlier, and I’m afraid of what might happen. The safest thing to do is make sure that she can’t travel between the worlds while still having her stay in the other world home… That would be a tight situation, indeed.

I’ve been pondering over it for a while now, and Kaori has unintentionally opened her mouth.

“If that’s the case… why don’t you go to school too, Yuti-san?”


Responding to the unexpected words, Kaori continues.

“How old are you, Yuti-san?”

“? Age, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know…? But by your appearance alone, you look like a middle schooler, so what about transferring to middle school?”


I’m honestly scared to take her into Earth’s school out of the blue, but if it gives Yuti a chance to look at things other than just the “Evil” things, I think it’s a great idea.


“I would be grateful if we could get Yuti into a middle school, but it would be hard. In Yuti’s case, there’s no household registration, and first of all which school…”

“If that’s the case, then Ousei Gakuen will do just fine.”


“There’s a school building on the grounds of the school we attend that we don’t use, remember?”


I mean, Ousei Gakuen is still too big to keep track of all the facilities, so to be honest, it doesn’t ring a bell when she talks about the school building that wasn’t used.

“At that school building, the middle school students are taking classes. Have you not seen them? It’s hard to tell because the uniforms are the same as in high school…”

“So that’s it…”

When I thought about it, I felt like I saw many students for the number of people per grade level. That’s because there were kids from the middle school as well.

“If it’s the middle school of Ousei Gakuen, Yuuya-san can rush right over when something happens, isn’t that a relief?”

“That’s really reassuring, but would it be difficult to transfer or anything like that?”

“If you’re in high school, it’s going to be hard to transfer if you do not belong to any high school, but if you’re in middle school, you can still get by.”

After saying that, Kaori gave a reliable smile and then turned her head directly to Yuti.

“Yuti-san, is it okay with Ousei Gakuen?

“? I don’t know if it’s okay or not. But with Yuuya around… I’m safe.”

After nodding with satisfaction at Yuti’s words, Kaori clapped her hands.

“Then let’s go buy some clothes or something for Yuti-san now! And if we go directly to my father and explain the situation to him, we can complete the process right away.”

After all that, thanks to Kaori, it looks like she can work out the situation with Yuti.

“Well, thanks. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do on my own…”

“No, I’m glad I could help.”

“If there’s anything I can do to thank you for this, or rather, if there’s anything I can do to help…”

“Hmm… Ah! Then I’d like to go to a city in the other world!”


“Is that a no?”


Since she’s been helping so much with Yuti, I would make it happen if I could, but…

While I’m at a loss for words, Yuti gave me a strange look.

“Question. Why don’t you take her into town?”

“Eh? I-I mean, it’s dangerous…”

“Dangerous…? Yuuya, strange. Danger to Yuuya, a person that reached the realms of “Evil” and “Holy,” that kind of opponent doesn’t come up often.”

“I haven’t gotten that strong, though…”

Although I’ve gained experience in actual battles against the monsters of the Great Devil’s Nest, I don’t feel like I’m getting stronger at all. I guess it’s because I’m comparing myself to Yuti and Master Usagi…

Regardless, I can’t help but have such high expectations…

I sighed and made one condition.

“All right. But we have to get Kaori’s equipment first.”


Kaori gives me a puzzled look at my words.

“Yuti says it’s okay, but if something happens, it would be a disaster. That’s why, in order to make sure we’re prepared, we should get Kaori’s equipment first. As long as you have this equipment, Kaori will be able to protect herself in case something happens…”

“O-okay! That’s okay! Umm… How do I get the equipment?”

“I’ll get it for you by next week’s holiday at the latest. I’m thinking of going straight to the other world’s royal capital on my day off… Is that okay? I’m sure I will give Kaori’s equipment directly to you that Saturday, and we’ll just leave immediately.”

“Next Saturday or Sunday will be fine! Besides, probably Yuti-san’s transfer will be after that holiday, so this is perfect.”

Kaori nodded happily at my words and once again told Yuti and me.

“Well then, since you have promised to show me the city of the other world, let’s get going, shall we?”

Kaori took Yuti and me out while Night and Akatsuki stayed at home.



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  2. Thanks for the chapter. Honestly the novel is starting to be disappointing. Having a character like that kaori being so damn meddlesome one stuff thats not her business. If she has feelings for the mc, that does not give the right for them to be so controlling or be annoying as to just drop by his house unannounced and all bossy of what to do. Shes not even officially dating the dude.

    Characters like her arent cute. It just becomes annoying rather than allow the story of the mc’s adventure to unfold


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