I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 5 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


When we left the house, Yuti froze at the scenery outside.

“Astonishing. Are these… buildings?”

“Yeah, these are all houses.”

“Houses… of nobility?”

“Huh? Not nobility. Just ordinary common houses.”


Yuti’s eyes widened even more at my words. It’s not that surprising… no, I recall I’ve seen the houses in the other world, but they certainly aren’t as big as the ones you see in Japan. And many of them are more like an extension of a log cabin. Some of the houses were made of stone or brick though.

As soon as Yuti looks around in awe at the houses and streets of Earth, she finds…

“!? Monster!?”


Yuti reacted quickly to a car that happened to be passing by and jumped away from the spot in a big leap.

And then she tried to use her bow, which was Yuti’s weapon. She realized that I still am holding onto it, and she looked impatient.

“Demand. You must give my weapon back to me. Otherwise, that thing can’t be defeated.”

“No, you can’t take that down!”

“There’s no car in the other world, after all, right?”

Kaori seemed to notice this as well and managed to explain the car together with a bitter smile at Yuti’s reaction.

“…Partly, I understand. I understand that it’s similar to a carriage. But how is it working? I can’t feel any magic.”

“It does not work with magic. It’s with gasoline.”

“Gasoline? …As expected, it is unknown.”

There’s no way to explain all of this. How do I give an explanation of gasoline?

Once she understood that the car was just like a carriage, we once again headed out to buy clothes and other items for Yuti. But after all, Yuti, who is still unfamiliar with Earth’s environment, began to act discordantly.

“Yuuya. What’s that pillar?”

“That’s a telephone pole.”

“Telephone pole? …Climb it.”

“Don’t climb it!”

Why would she be climbing it?

“Yuuya. What is the point of this fence? This isn’t going to stop the enemy from attacking.”

“No, there are no enemies… so you shouldn’t climb it as well!”

Yuti seemed to have lived in nature with her master, the “Bow Saint,” so she wanted to climb up as soon as something went wrong. Is she a monkey?

When we met in the other world, Yuti was only focused on fighting. But now, she was curious about everything and was distracted by them. We walked around in such a state, but most importantly, Yuti’s appearance was quite conspicuous, and the people around us were whispering something to each other when they saw us.

“Hey, look at that…”

“Wow… she looks like a doll…”

“Is she a cosplayer?”

“No, that hair is too natural for that. The color of her eyes looks different, too…”

“I mean, the other girl is so cute too, isn’t she?”

“…The guy with those two is the one who’s been in the news for his previous photoshoot with the model Miu, too, right?”

“Damn it! Being with two cute girls like that… I’m so jealous!”

As I was exposed to all sorts of curious eyes, Yuti, who had been looking around, turned to me.

“Yuuya. Humans, they’re staring at me. Uncomfortable. Can I shoot them?”

“You can’t do that, please!”

You shouldn’t shoot people for that kind of reason in the other world. Eh, it’s terrible, right?

Yuti was somewhat unconvinced by my words, but she was still anxious about the eyes in her surroundings, and she was shrinking away. Then, she ran out onto the roadway.

In the other world, there were no distinctions between a roadway and a sidewalk. Rather, there was only a road, so it was not surprising that Yuti would jump out onto the roadway.

“Oh, look out!”

The moment I heard someone’s shout, I hurriedly held Yuti in my arms and jumped back from the roadway.


“What the hell was that?”

“I didn’t see that one coming…”

“That’s cool…”

While the people around me were shouting in amazement at my actions, Kaori rushed over to me with an anxious look on her face.

“Yuuya-san, Yuti-san, are you alright!”

“Yeah. I’m fine, but…”

I looked down at Yuti, who I was holding as I replied. She looked up at me curiously, too.

“Unnecessary. Even if you don’t help, it doesn’t matter. Above all, it’s the car that will break if it hits me.”

“That’s not the point! I don’t think it’s okay to get hit by a car and end up wrecking someone’s car!”

“…It’s difficult to comprehend. I’m not that soft with my training.”

“First of all, I need to adjust that muscle brain mindset of yours, I guess…”

I followed Kaori even though I was already exhausted at this point. We finally arrived at the vicinity of our destination. It’s a shopping district located close to the school. Some buildings are still under construction, showing that the area is still developing.

“I think some of the clothes from this store would look good on you, Yuti-san!”


I don’t know if a girl’s clothes are good or bad, so I have to answer that. As I was thinking about how I’m completely helpless here, I suddenly realized that Yuti was staring blankly into the sky.

“Hmm? What’s going on?”



Yuti pointed to the building under construction and continued in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Falling. That pillar over there, it’s going to fall.”

“That pillar, you said? …No way!”

Yuti was referring to the steel rebar being lifted up using a crane in a building that is currently under construction. However, when I tried to ask again how she knew that, Yuti continued.

“Parent and child. Dying.”


“Yuti-san, what’s wrong?”

Kaori asked when she realized we weren’t following behind her, but I was now stupefied by the Yuti’s words which I couldn’t afford to miss a word of.

I immediately looked around the vicinity of where the rebar was being lifted up from and saw…


A woman with a baby in her arms was now trying to pass through under the rebar.



When a tremendous metallic sound rang out, the rebar began to fall on the parent and child in its path!



“Shit, get away!”

The woman, who was at the spot where the rebar would have hit her, seemed to be petrified by fear and couldn’t move, while those who saw the falling rebar hurriedly tried to put as much distance as possible.

“Damn it…!”

I rushed out as fast as I could and grabbed the frozen woman in my arms. But I intuitively knew that the rebar would hit me more quickly than I could jump away.

Seriously, what am I supposed to do!

If I’m going to use magic, it’s not going to be in a busy place like this… no, that’s not the case!

I quickly tried to activate my magic, but before that, my body moved instinctively. This should be the result of the training with Master Usagi and my everyday training. In a very natural way, I swung my leg up and kicked the rebar up.

The kick from Master Usagi’s direct teachings, coupled with my status, could easily shatter the rebar, but if I blew it up ridiculously, honestly, it would cause damage to those around me.

Therefore, I tried to put the rebar in place instantly by receiving the rebar’s impact using a soccer trick.


While everyone was expecting a direct hit, there was no sound or impact as expected, and the people around me were baffled.

While ignoring those around, I called out to the woman who was still frozen in place.

“Are you okay?”

“…Eh? Y-yes!”

When I called out to her, the woman came to her senses, but she was shocked again when she saw my face, blushing.

“H-hey. What happened?”


“For a moment I thought it looked like that guy kicked the rebar…”

“No, no, no. Kicking the rebar… That’s impossible, isn’t it? Look at them; they’re still alive, you know?”

“I-it looked like that to me too…”

It was more conspicuous than I expected, but this was all I could do.

When I parted from the woman who was bowing quietly and joined Kaori and the others, Kaori had a complicated expression on her face.

“Umm… I know that Yuuya-san is amazing, but when you go to such a dangerous place without hesitation like that, I still worry about you.”

“Oh… well, I’m sorry,”

“? Why? No need to apologize. Yuuya will be fine.”

“That’s not the point.”

Yuti was told by Kaori to admonish me, but she just tilted her head in question.

Even though I just came to buy some clothes for Yuti, I was already impossibly exhausted, but we finally arrived at our destination.

──But even here, I have an ordeal ahead of me!

“U-um… Kaori-san? Do I have to stay here too?”

“? Of course.”

It’s a women’s clothing store, so it’s no surprise that they have a lot of female customers.

But… I’m the only male in the store!

“Hey, hey, that man…”

“Isn’t that the guy in the magazine with Miu-san before?”

“No way, I thought they edited the pictures, but he’s actually handsome in real life, too…”

“Is he like tagging along with his girlfriend on her shopping trip?”

“I’m seriously jealous!”

I believe it’s just my imagination, but I feel like there’s a lot of attention around me…!

In this very uncomfortable situation, I could only wait for Yuti, who was looking at the clothes with Kaori.

“Oh, customer-san, please wait!”

“Yuti-san, you can’t be like that, you know!”


Suddenly the store became noisy and I couldn’t help but look in that direction…

“Yuuya. How’s this?”

“Huh? Bufuhh!”

And there, Yuti was standing in a daunting pose with white underwear!

“Yu-Yuti-san? Put your clothes on!”

“? Question. I want you to check my underwear. Then no clothes, unnecessary.”

“Do not make me, a man, check your underwear like that!”


“Why you ask?”

What kind of logic is that?

I desperately looked away from her, but Yuti came towards me and used her physical abilities as a disciple of the “Bow Saint” to forcefully show me her appearance.

“Dissatisfied. Why don’t you look.”

“Do I need to look at you?”

“? Yuuya’s going to buy it. Then you need to know.”

“I don’t care about that…!”

You don’t have to show me because I’m the one buying it…!

While I was struggling desperately with Yuti, I managed to escape thanks to Kaori and the shopkeeper who came to us. And even though we bought Yuti’s underwear and clothes without further troubles, Yuti still didn’t seem to be convinced.

“I don’t understand. Yuuya, bought it. Then you need to check.”

“That’s not the problem…”

“…It looks like there’s a lot more to teach you than I expected…”

We bought all the other daily necessities, and as Kaori suggested, we directly went to the headmaster of Ousei Gakuen, who’s also Kaori’s father, Tsukasa-san. The decision was made to transfer Yuti into the school.



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  1. Good chapter and thanks. There is a mistranslation. What fell and was kicked should have been an i-beam, not rebar. Rebar is a group of metal rods used to reinforce concrete when it is poured, whereas an i-beams are part of the metal skeleton of a building.

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  2. can they not spend half a second to tell yuti the differences between the worlds? they just take her outside without a single bit of teaching? so fucking stupid and so forced by the author.

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    1. Yeah I enjoy this novel but since yuti it feels like MC has become a lot more stupid (not that he was particularly smart to begin with) I kinda want to drop but its still cosy so ah well lol


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