Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – The Price of Peace

Part 1


How did this happen?

I did indeed make a promise to Fyssus, the dark elf Ancient species. But it was to help increase the dark elves’ population, not to have Fyssus give birth to my children.

“Hey, you should think it over again. It’s not too late to reconsider.”

“You took Antia as your wife, didn’t you? In that case, I would like to have Tsukuru-dono’s seed as well.”

I’m thrilled to see Fyssus acting like this. Fyssus, who is gingerly pulling my face closer to hers, is strangely dark and sexy. But I don’t want to embrace a woman I don’t like. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I lose the push.

“I don’t make love to women I don’t like. I will help the dark elf population grow, but that’s not the same as embracing Fyssus.”

“Is Tsukuru-dono not interested in me?”

“That’s not the point. You have to understand.”

Don’t look at me with such sad eyes…

Looking at Fyssus’ face makes me feel like I’m doing something terrible, so I look away and take out a slosh of orc jerky from the [Material Storage].

“After eating this, there’s almost a hundred percent chance you’ll conceive a child. It’s very effective even for races like the dark elves that have a hard time conceiving children. I’ll give this to you, so please give me a break.”

“It’s regretful, but I cannot ignore the feelings of Tsukuru-dono and force my feelings upon you. However, if you ever feel like it, you can always give me your seed.”


If I feel like it, I can go to her, no, that’s not it… Does Fyssus understand that the people behind me are thrusting dangerous gazes into my back?

I managed to decline Fyssus’ invitation and returned to Algria.

Hmm, what happened to the sealed Shamanile, you say?

I’ve laid him to rest in the place where he said was an underground summoning facility. There’s a pretty big space in the basement of the temple, so it’s probably true that it was originally a summoning facility.

No one knows why the summoning facility is gone, let alone Shamanile. Either way, there was an unused space in the basement, so the crystal that sealed Shamanile was enshrined there, and Ichinose and I applied multiple layers of barriers around it.

After that, as long as the dark elves periodically supplied the necessary magic power, the barriers would be maintained forever. Well, even without the barriers, it’s not easy to break that seal.

When I returned to Algria, I was immediately called by Count Abbas.

Wondering what was going on, I visited Count Abbas’ mansion.

“I’m sorry to call out to you.”

“No, it’s fine. So what’s the story? Have you had another baby?”

“It’s not about that. Well, having another child is true with my concubines, but…”

Allie told me that Count Abbas had increased the number of his concubines to seven and was trying for more babies.

Three boys were already born, and three more of his concubines are now pregnant. The mother of Allie and the dead Dolce was the legal wife, but she had passed away long ago. The count has not had a legal wife since then, but has added concubines.

That’s probably in consideration of Allie and Dolce’s mother.

“To tell you the truth, I have received a letter from His Majesty the King.”

“From the King?”

What does that have to do with me?

“His Majesty decided to celebrate our reconciliation with the humans with a festival of epic proportions. He asked me if my family could prepare a stuffed monster from the Great Borf Forest for the occasion.”

“Stuffed? What would be the use of that at a festival?”

If it’s a festival, there must be stalls and stuff. If you want, I can set up a shop for you. I’m not against having a festival.

“The festival is to show the authority of the Templeton Kingdom by displaying a stuffed monster from the depths of the Great Borf Forest.”

“I see. It’s a festival. But it’s also a national affair, so you’re trying to show off your country’s military might.”

“That’s right. Goliath and the others are capable of defeating monsters on their own, but His Majesty has a preference for a more powerful monster like the Hell Bear and the Musk Leopard.”

Hell Bear is a bear-shaped monster, level 210, and Musk Leopard is a big cat, level 230. With Goliath and the others, it would be difficult for them to carry out the request.

However, the king is also requesting something outrageous. Is he harassing Count Abbas?

“Why don’t you just reply that you can’t prepare such a monster? For all intents and purposes, the king is being too much of an idiot.”

“I was going to do that at first…”

“So, you thought to talk to me about it because I’m here.”

“I’m sorry…”

Count Abbas also seems to be fed up with the king’s recklessness. But since the request is from the King, even if he’s a rotten one, a nobleman like Count Abbas can’t simply refuse.

Should I let Doppel-kun take over the King? No, I can go hunting for this kind of thing in the Great Borg Forest. This is a request from Allie’s father, so I can do at least that. If I complete the task, the King will be pleased with Count Abbas.

“All right. I will go hunting. It’s just a Hell Bear and a Musk Leopard, is it?”

“Really? That’s very helpful. Yeah, really.”

Count Abbas, sitting on the sofa, bowed deeply.

“But it’s only this one time. If he asks for something this outrageous in the future, just say no once and for all.”

“Fumu, yeah. Just this once.”

Everyone was taken aback when I explained to everyone about the Hell Bear and Musk Leopard hunt that Count Abbas had requested of me.

“Tsukuru-san, I can’t thank you enough for taking on this task. I’ll make sure to tell my father to make sure this doesn’t happen again in the future.”

Allie bows her head deeply. It’s not something that Allie has to bow to, so I put my hand on Allie’s shoulder and let her raise her head.

“It’s not like the count wanted to ask me of this, and it’s just this once. I don’t mind it.”

“Thank you.”

Allie gave me a troubled look as she apologized and thanked me.

“This is something I agreed to take on, so Allie shouldn’t be bothered by it.”

I quickly headed to the Great Borf Forest. I remember when I came to hunt the Orc King to make orc jerky. This time I’m on my own. I’m not going to be bringing everyone else with me, and I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it.

“Sign of the Hell Bear can be found at…”

That way.

I was abandoned in this Great Borf Forest and nearly killed by the Hell Bears many times before I became strong. I took them apart with [Dismantling] each time, so if it was meat or something like that, I could have provided as much as I wanted from the [Material Storage].

However, this time around, I needed to make a stuffing, so I needed a corpse with few scratches and still retain its original form.

As I headed towards the presence, I saw the huge body of a Hell bear covered in pitch-black fur, and it was eating a corpse of some kind. It still has the same appetite, but maybe it’s necessary to maintain that huge body.

This Great Borf Forest is so dense with monsters that if you just walk around for a bit, you’ll encounter a monster. There was no shortage of prey to support the Hell Bear’s appetite.

Dark Bind.”

Sorry to break up your meal, but I’m going to hunt you down now.


The Hell Bear roared as the darkness clung to it and prevented it from moving. What the heck is this thing up to, bastard! That seems to what it’s saying.

It seems to be persistent, but this time I need an intact Hell Bear corpse. [Dark Magic] has a handy spell for such a situation.

Life Drain.”

The clinging darkness sucked up the life force of the Hell Bear.

The [Plant Magic] used on the pirates in the Oath Oceanic Kingdom has similar magic, but that life force is sucked up from the body, it will dry up. But the [Dark Magic] Life Drain will take away the life force of the Hell Bear without drying up the corpse.

If I want to use it to assassinate an important person, [Dark Magic]‘s Life Drain is better because it doesn’t leave any evidence.

Well, I’m not going to assassinate anyone. If I’m going to kill someone, I would beat them to death with dignity.

The vitality is drained from the Hell Bear’s eyes. After about ten seconds, the Hell Bear’s movements are gone, and after twenty seconds, its life activity has completely stopped.

“One step closer!”

After storing the corpse of the Hell Bear in the [Material Storage], the next step is to find the Musk Leopard.

Musk Leopard is a monster that was originally few in numbers and is rarely seen. I’ve spent a good amount of time in this Great Borf Forest, and I’ve only encountered several that I can remember.

When I was summoned to this world, my first time encountered was with a Musk Leopard. Thanks to that, I’ve experienced despair.

Well, thanks to the Musk Leopard, I was able to break through the third stage of the limit break, and that fight to the death is perhaps my starting point for having the spirit to never give up.

“It feels like such a long time has passed, doesn’t it?”

I’m twenty years old now when I think about it…

As I remembered the old days, I felt the presence of the Musk Leopard.

I quickly reached the place, but the Musk Leopard was fighting three Sylpherias. The Sylpheria has a cute and charming fairy-like appearance if nothing else, but during battle, it transforms to the point where you’d think its entire head was a mouth.

Three of those spooky-mouthed Sylpheria are attacking the Musk Leopard.

The level of the Musk Leopard is a little higher, but not by much. So, if it’s a one-on-one match, the Musk Leopard has the advantage, but in the current three-on-one match, the Musk Leopard seems to be at a disadvantage.

Musk Leopard is in a horrible state – it is bleeding from all over its body and breathing very hard.

“Hmm… If this is the case, the Musk Leopard will be eaten. I’d like to stuff it, but with that battered body, it’s not good enough to be made into a stuffing…”

No, wait! Well, yeah, that’s right!

I kicked the ground, and in one fell swoop, I broke into the fight between Sylpheria and Musk Leopard.



I appeared in front of them, and both the Sylpherias and the Musk Leopard showed a look of surprise.

“Well, wait. Calm down for a bit.”

I say, spreading my hands out to calm them down, but I find myself wondering what I’m saying to the monsters.


The three Sylpherias attacked me. They’re too bloodthirsty.

Dark Bind.”


When the Sylpherias are bound in the Dark Bind, they lash out to eat away at the darkness. This scene is a huge gap from their normal appearance.

Thinking about it, the Sylpheria is also a high-level monster over level 200, so let’s stuff it too.

“Now, it’s you, but…”

When I looked at the scarred Musk Leopard, it was quite alarmed and wrinkled the bridge of its nose to threaten me.


It was so weak that even its threatening voice was soft.

So I grabbed Musk Leopard by the chin and threw a piece of grilled meat into its mouth.


After eating my grilled meat, that level of injury would heal in an instant. The Musk Leopard seems to be surprised at its full recovery and checked its entire body with excitement.

“Sorry about the fact that you’re fully healed, but you’re going to die anyway. Dark Bind.”


Darkness enveloped the Musk Leopard.

I don’t like the idea of hunting monsters for the sake of stuffing them. I have hunted monsters to survive, level up, and eat in the past, but I never thought I would be hunting them for such a trivial reason.

“Let’s just get this done and go home…”

I activate the Life Drain and absorb the lives of the Sylpherias and the Musk Leopard.

In twenty seconds, four intact corpses were obtained.

“…Sigh, what a pain in the ass. Let’s go home.”




I handed over the corpses of the Hell Bear and the Musk Leopard to Count Abbas at his mansion. The count would take care of the stuffing, so this is all I had to do. Oh, yes, that’s right. I gave him the Sylpherias as well – as a bonus.

I would go back to my house to relax with my wives, but then something popped into my head.

“Right. Let’s go to the hot springs.”

“Hot springs! That’s great; I love to go there, too!”

It was Ichinose who reacted immediately. She smiled happily. Yeah, my wife is lovely. My other wives, born in this world, must also know about hot springs because they have studied Japanese culture.

“When you say hot springs, you mean baths, right?”

“That’s right, Allie. Hot springs feel so much better than a bath.”

“I’d love to get into that too.”

When Allie smiled, I felt comfortable too.

Since I needed to meet Hirume-san and ask her about the summoning facility anyway, it’s fine to go to the hot springs around Ise, right?

Come to think of it, there was the Gero Onsen in Gifu Prefecture. Grand Ise Shrine is located in Mie Prefecture, and Gifu Prefecture is the neighboring prefecture, so we might as well go to Gero Onsen.

I think Gero Onsen is one of the three best hot springs in Japan, so it would be a good idea to go there at least once.

So here we are, at the Grand Ise Shrine in Japan! After hearing about the summoning facility from Hirume-san, perhaps we should go to Gero Onsen for a hot-spring treatment and chat!

When I visited the Ise Shrine’s inner shrine, I had a momentary feeling of being afloat and standing by the usual arbor. Hirume-san, the Amaterasu Goddess, is already inside the arbor, beckoning me to join her.

When I sit down, the usual person places the tea on the table. I still can’t read her presence. My abilities have been limited in this space. Even though I feel this way, I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. It’s a strange space.

“You know why I’m here today, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know exactly why.”

Hirume-san smiled graciously, but it was only for a moment. Her expression then clouded over.

“What’s going on with that summoning facility? Was it Hirume-san doing?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t take away or destroy the summoning facility, much less move it.”

“So you’re saying that someone on the other side has that summoning facility.”

“Yes, of course.”

The problem is that I have no leads at all to track down that person. I didn’t expect to have so much trouble finding it, even though it was the last one.

“Do you have any ideas?”

“If there are any, I’ll let Tsukuru-san know.”

“It looks like we’re going to have to be prepared for this to go on quite a while.”

“Thank you for your time.”

She bows her head lightly to me.

I’m indebted to Hirume-san for her help with Ayumi. I’m grateful, and I want to help her. But there’s a chance that I may not locate it in my lifetime. With no information at all, there is no guarantee that the last summoning facility can be found.

“We’ll think of something else to do then.”

“Well, just wait and see what happens.”

“Yes, I will.”

Hirume-san sipped her tea, so I drank it too. As usual, this tea tastes supreme.

After meeting with Hirume-san, we decided to go out to eat before heading to Gero Onsen. First of all, let’s try Ise udon, a specialty of Ise. Nagoya’s udon noodles stewed in miso were quite hard, but these udon noodles were very soft and thick, and they were covered with a thick soy sauce-based sauce that had a strong color and flavor.

“I can eat it this udon as much as I want~♪.”

Canaan finished her tenth bowl of Ise udon. She still looks like she’s going to eat, but this is where we stop.

“We’re going to Matsuzaka for Matsuzaka beef next, right?”

“Don’t worry. I can enjoy Ise udon as an appetizer, so don’t worry.”

Once again, I thought Canaan’s gluttony was terrific, but when I looked around me, I saw that people who had never met Canaan before were taken aback.

Next at a yakiniku restaurant in Matsuzaka, Canaan, who ate about fifty servings of top ribs, top loin, skirt steak, beef tongue, and beef offal all by herself, was rubbing her belly looking satisfied.

Even I, who knew of Canaan’s gluttony, could not help but open my mouth as I watched her eat. Incidentally, we didn’t go to the famous Matsuzaka beef restaurant we had entered before. It was difficult for us to go there because the restaurant’s atmosphere made me feel a bit insecure.

We took the Kintetsu limited express train to Nagoya and then took the JR limited express train from Nagoya to Kosaka station. We thought we would take the flying magic carpet, but we ended up not using the flying magic carpet and moved by taxi.

The hot spring was located in the mountains, so the atmosphere was quiet. I felt like I could enjoy a forest bath in the mountains. I searched the internet; apparently, there was a hot spring called carbonated spring, and we set that as our destination.

After arriving at the inn, we quickly got into the carbonated spring. The bubbles clung to our skin, and it was quite pleasant. There were many benefits by soaking in this carbonated spring, but the foremost is that it is good for your skin. The baking soda component was good for cleaning the skin, as it is said to have a natural cleansing effect.

That’s why it’s called a hot spring – it is good for skin or something like that…

“Master. Canaan’s skin is feeling so smooth~♪.”

“Hannah’s skin is smooth too. Master.”

“Ufufufu, my skin is moist and smooth, too, Tsukuru.”

“Tsukuru-san. My skin feels great.”

“Hey, Tsukuru-kun. It’s so smooth.”

“””””Please touch it (desuno~)”””””

My wives are coming at me in their yukata.



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