Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


It is said that Fyssus, as indicated by the [Shadow Magic], is someone who controls the shadows. Therefore, is it because of that that Fyssus is surrounded by shadows, or is it because of Fyssus’ personality?

As we left Fyssus’ mansion to go to the temple, in addition to Fyssus, the Old species also tried to follow us.

“The Old species will only slow us down. You can follow me all you want, but don’t complain if you die.”

The Old species bites their lips in frustration at my words, but it’s not just Shamanile that’s in that temple. The Old Species would be devoured in an instant.

“You guys will have to wait here.”

“But, Fyssus-sama.”

“Gather everyone in preparation for the undead army.”


“Undead army, huh? That’s a nice way of putting it. There are thousands of undead army in the temple.”

“Some of them may have been our brethren. I will never forgive Shamanile.”

“I don’t care if you can’t forgive him, but don’t let it slow you down either.”

“If I’m going to be a burden to you, you can leave me behind.”

“That’s good. All right, let’s go.”

The temple is in the middle of the town, with five towers rising so high that they pierce the heavens, and if you connect the towers, they form a pentagram.

“There are barriers around the temple that prevent you from entering.”

As Fyssus said, there’s a barrier in the tower, and the temple is at the center of the pentagram, so we usually wouldn’t be able to get close to it.

But even if you can’t normally get close to it, it doesn’t matter to me.

“If it’s a barrier, I’ll just break it. If I can’t break it, then I’ll think of another move.”

“You want to break those barriers..?”

“Well, we’ll see.”

I don’t think I can’t break the barrier put up to protect the temple, but if I can’t break them, I can use the [Barrier Penetration Technique].

But before that…

“Activate the [Perfect Barrier Technique].”


I applied [Perfect Barrier Technique] on the outside of the pentagram tower. With this, even if Shamanile tries to escape, he won’t be able to escape. I learned that the old bastard and Shamanile’s bastard is also very quick to run away.

“Alright, now we can rampage as much as we want.”

“Master. Leave it to Hannah here to destroy the barrier.”

“Ah, Canaan, too~.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yees. Sanya will do it, too!”

The usual three raise their hands.

“It’s a competition to see who can destroy the barrier first!”

Hannah suggested that, and Canaan and Sanya agreed to compete as well.

“Alright, let’s bet on which of the three of them will break the barrier! Who would you choose, Antia?”

“Well, yes… Then I’ll choose Hannah as the one who started it.”

“How about Ichinose?”

“Err… Then, I’ll choose Canaan-san… I guess?”

“And, Allie?”

“Since all that’s left is Sanya-san, I’ll choose Sanya-san.”

“You may be asking us, but what about you, Tsukuru?”

I put my hand to my chin and think about Antia’s question. I said it was a bet, but I don’t have to win it myself. This kind of thing is an event, so I just need to enjoy it. So let’s say I’m betting on the least likely conditions.

“I would choose… the three of them destroy it at the same time. That should seal the bet, but we haven’t decided what the prizes are going to be…”

“Then, I’m requesting the right to monopolize Tsukuru for a week.”

“What’s that? That wouldn’t make any sense if I won.”

“Not really. If Tsukuru wins, Tsukuru can do what he wants.”

No, that’s just how it is up to now.

“Wait a minute! We too, whoever wins, must be allowed to monopolize Master for a week.”

“Ah, that’s good! Sanya’s going to monopolize Onii-chan, too!”

“I can eat Master’s food for a week…!,” Canaan said while drooling.

I feel like her switch has been flipped!

“Okay, okay, okay…”

If that makes them feel better, so be it.

“U-um… can I join in, too?”


Why is Fyssus participating in this?

“I’ll also bet all three of them at the same time, so if the three of them are done it at the same time, then you’ll have to share your time with me, too.”

I don’t understand what she is saying.

“Please, please help us to increase the population of the dark elves!”

Ah, so that’s what it means. She’s asking for help to increase the number of dark elves whose population has been reduced. Hmm… Well, I guess that’s about it.

I know it would be easy for the three of them to destroy the barrier, but there’s no way three of them could destroy it at the same time.

“It can’t be helped. If the three of them destroy it at the same time, I’ll do what you want.”

“Thank you very much!”

Canaan, Hannah, and Sanya each took their positions.

Canaan was far enough away from the barrier to avoid getting caught in the magic aftermath. Hannah was right in front of the barrier with light flexibility, and Sanya took a halfway position between Canaan and Hannah.

“Then let’s get started. If I say go, then you can start your attack…”

“Yees-nanodesu~. Master~.”

“Understood. Master.”

“OK, OK~, Onii-chan.”

I raise my right hand and look at the three of them in turn. All three of them have lovely smiles on their faces.

I wave my arm down and signal loudly, “GO.”

“Please shoot it out~, Flare Laser.”

As Canaan lifted her Blazing Great Sage’s staff and let out a distracted voice, a ray of light was released in a single line.

It didn’t take long for the ray of dazzling light, like a laser beam, to reach the barrier, reaching it almost instantly and penetrating the barrier with an overwhelming amount of heat.

“I can’t afford to lose to Canaan-san and Sanya!”

The spirited Hannah swung her right hand and unleashed it with uncanny power. The fist, which added an axial twist like a corkscrew punch, punched through the barrier with an unbelievable destructive force.

“I’m coming, too!”

Sanya threw her Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk with a big swing like a baseball pitcher. The hatchet-sized Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk cut off the barrier as it spun around and flew at a speed exceeding Mach.


Me, Ichinose, Allie, Antia, and Fyssus were staring at the scene in amazement. The attacks of the three of them were each destroying the barrier.

“Tsukuru-kun, it looked to me like they destroyed it at the same time…?”

“It looks to me like it was simultaneous. Tsukuru-san.”

“As an Ancient Elf who rules the wind, I could see it happening at the same time.”

Ichinose, Allie, and Antia said it looked like the barrier was destroyed at the same time. Unfortunately, it looked like all three of them had destroyed the barrier at the same time, too. In other words…

“Am I winning?”

I bet on it myself, but I really didn’t expect them to destroy it at the same time. Come to think of it; my “LUK” was the higher “EX,” too, right…

But since I promised, I had to keep whatever it was, and if I didn’t, I’d turn into a scum.

Well, this time, I’m helping to increase the population of dark elves, so if I give them orc jerky, it won’t be a problem. That’s something that would help the dark elves who have trouble having children. After all, even someone with azoospermia* can have children if they eat the orc jerky. [T/n: male infertility disease characterized by the absence of any measurable level of sperm in semen.]

“Yeah, you win. Fyssus.”

Fyssus’ face, which was always clad in shadows, became as radiant as a flower blooming.

“We’ll talk about that after we defeat Shamanile.”


Does it make her so happy to be able to grow the population? Well, she seemed to feel quite responsible.

“Master. Since it’s the three of us at the same time, may the three of us have Master all to ourselves for a week?”

“Aah, all right. That’s fine, Hannah.”

“Thank you. Master!”

“Yay, I can eat all I want♪!”

“Date with Onii-chan. Hehehe.”

Well, I’ll figure it out.

The barrier cracked and collapsed from the three points where the three girls’ attacks pierced it.

“It wasn’t too much of a hindrance, but we destroyed the barrier, so let’s go.”

“”””””Yes (nanodesu)””””””

“But to destroy the barrier with such ease…”

Fyssus, it’s too late for that now.

I felt something straw coming out of the pentagram tower, and I knew it was coming towards us.

“Everyone, you know it, right?”

I look at the six faces in order. Ichinose seems a little pale because she doesn’t like ghosts, but she’s still better able to fight than she was before.

I can see them coming out of the nearest tower.

“It stinks…”

Allie, Hannah, Sanya, the three of the beastmen with good noses are disgusted.

The approaching monsters are of undead type, and while the mummy and ghouls are fine, the zombie type is rotten and has a bad smell of rot.

“Canaan. Burn up all that garbage.”

“Yes-nanodesu~. Everyone~, I’m going to burn it~.”

Canaan’s magic expanded as she raised the Blazing Great Sage’s Staff, and a whirlpool of flames burned the human-shaped zombies, dog-shaped zombies, and various other forms of zombies.

“Canaan-san’s magic is as exorbitantly powerful as ever.”

Allie muttered as she looked at the zombie-type monster that was being swallowed up by the whirlpool of flames. I agree with Allie.

“Monster after monster will come one after another. We can hunt all we want!”

I pull out Kurogiri and jump into the monster. Hannah followed after me, and Sanya threw the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk from the middle position.

Canaan releases [Flame Magic], Ichinose releases [Holy Magic], and Antia releases [Windstorm Magic] to burn, purify, and slice through the monsters and Allie sings a song that raises our abilities.

“What an annihilation power…”

Looking at the scene where the first group was eradicated, Fyssus was stunned.

“We’ve only just defeated the monsters that came out of the nearest tower. The battle has only just begun, so don’t let your guard down.”

“Before I can relax, the monsters won’t be able to get to me.”

“This is a match. If we want to fight the monsters, we must make sure we hunt them aggressively.”


“Everyone should eat this.”

I handed them all a burger. A patty made with minced Emperor Dragon meat, a tomato-based meat sauce, chopped onions, carefully selected cheeses, and a soft bun to sandwich them in.

I imagined it to be a M●S Cheeseburger from M●S Burger. [TLN: Here]

“Master. Another one, please!”

I gave one to everyone and three to Canaan, but she seemed to have already devoured all three. Moreover, the meat sauce was all over her mouth.

I gave Canaan three more of it.


Nyx Translation


“We’re still in the middle of a battle, so you’ll have to endure that.”

“Hmm~. Okay.”

Canaan devoured three additional pieces while I was conversing with her.

“Here, let me wipe your mouth.”

I wiped the meat sauce from around Canaan’s mouth with a towel, and my hands were sticky, too, so I wiped them off as well. She’s like a child.

“I’ve never had food this good before!”

Fyssus is surprised with her eyes wide open, but it’s not such an elaborate dish, tough. But well, it’s quite fancy for a burger.

“I’m tired of beating off so many of them. Beeze.”

“Yes, Milord.”

The one who appears wherever I call him is this Beeze. It doesn’t matter if there is my [Perfect Barrier Technique] in this area. The reason for that is because I’m summoning my own familiar, so even if it’s a different world, Beeze will still appear.

“I leave all the monsters to you.”


I couldn’t tell his expression because his head was that of a skull, but I could feel the joyful emotions from Beeze.

“My million and ten million legions, emerge from the depths of hell and devour the enemies of our Lord.”

Beeze waved his staff a couple of times, and undead monsters, which should be called the damned, crawled out of the ground.

“T-this is…”

“Don’t worry. That’s my familiar.”

“I can’t believe you have such familiars… Demon Ki… i-it’s nnothing.”

“Didn’t you just call me the Demon King? Don’t call me Demon King amid all the chaos.”

“Y-yes! I apologize!”

Fyssus straightened her back and revised, bending her waist ninety degrees.

Beeze’s undead armies outnumbered the monsters in the tower and ate them all up. It was an overwhelming victory. That’s when the Old species of the undead race finally appeared, but it was beaten to death by the Old species under Beeze’s command.

“Beeze, thank you for your efforts.”

“I am more than happy to be of service to you, Milord.”

Beeze quickly disappears into nothingness.

“Okay, let’s move on.”

We make our way to the temple in the center. When we stop in front of the temple’s massive doors, Kurogiri rushes us to get in quickly.

“Well, wait. There’s a certain sense of courtesy in these situations.”

“Master. Leave that courtesy to Hannah here.”

“Hmm, all right. I’ll leave it to you, Hannah.”

Hannah steps out in front of a large door. It’s a double door, about six meters high and five meters wide. Anyway, it’s a huge door.

Hannah knocked on the door.

“There’s no answer, so let’s just enter on our own.”

At first, she asked for my permission and then raised her right leg.

Hannah wears a maid’s uniform even in battle… It’s a suggestive maid’s uniform, so when she raises her leg, you can almost see the further top of her thighs above her erotic knee-high socks, but you can’t see this. Hannah is good a human bullet, but even if she throws a kick, you can’t see the inside of her skirt. That is what is called the absolute realm.

The boot with the dangerous name of “stinging boot” is slammed into the massive door with a loud sound. It’s a so-called yakuza kick.

The door is destroyed with a loud sound and blown off. Inside, there is no couch, and it’s a huge room, but the air is stagnant and heavy.

“Oy, Shamanile. I know you’re in there! Come out!”

I don’t want to enter the temple where the air is even more stagnant with the stench thanks to the zombies, so it would be better if I called for him to come out. But there’s no sign of Shamanile coming out, just the echoes of my voice in the temple. No, he’s probably hiding because I can feel his presence.

“It can’t be helped. Ichinose, can you purify this entire temple?”

“Yeah, I’ll try.”

“Ooh, please, then.”

I stare at Ichinose’s side-face as she holds the divine cudgel in both hands and concentrates on her mental focus. Yeah, she’s cute.

I suppress the urge to poke her cheeks and watch Ichinose with gentleness. However, Ichinose usually wears plain clothes, but her saintess’ nun’s clothes accentuate her body line and have a deep slit, which is very erotic.

“Holy light, purify this impure building. Area Saint Clean!”

A light shines in from the heavens and illuminates the temple. Then the air in the temple, which had been stagnant, becomes clearer. The purification progresses slowly, but it is progressing to every corner of the temple.

If there were a mere undead race here, they would be purified in an instant.

As the entire temple is cleansed, I can feel Shamanile’s distressed presence in the temple.

“Ichinose. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’ve been trained by Tsukuru-kun and the others to do this too!”

“Nice smile. You look cute.”


Ichinose’s face turned bright red, as I could almost hear a muffled sound. You don’t need to blush so much, since all I said was only cute, you know? I always say that at night, after all…

However, the old Ichinose would have lost control of her magic now, but now Ichinose has complete control of her magic. She has grown up.


Shamanile crawled out of the floor with a strange sound like a scream.

“How dareeeee.”

Stop making resentful noises. Ichinose would be scared looking at your skeleton face.

“Yo, you finally came out. If you hadn’t come out with this purification, I would have destroyed the entire temple.”

“Stop making fun of me!”

“Hmm? Did you ever have a scythe like that?”

Shamanile looks like Beeze in appearance, but last time he didn’t have anything in his hand.

Oh, resembling Beeze is just a figure of speech, so don’t look so uncomfortable. I’m sorry, Beeze.

I could feel a very uncomfortable feeling from Beeze, so I apologize. I thought it was rude, too.

“Kufufufu. This Scythe was meant to cut you to pieces! I’ve never been so humiliated in my life! I will never forgive you!”

And I’m not trying to get you to forgive me even if you say you won’t forgive me. For the most part, it’s you who should ask for forgiveness, not us. I was suppressing a black wave that can be called Kurogiri’s emotions, right now! So try to put yourself in my shoes as well, you prick!

“Muh, isn’t that Fyssus? I thought you were dead because of the intruders in this temple.”

“Shut up! I will never forgive you for tricking me and preying on my dark elf brethren!”

Despite their short association, Fyssus put into words more intense emotions than she’d ever shown before.

“Kukuku. What is it that you are so angry about? Didn’t these people instigate you to do this?”

“You don’t need to tell me that; it was you who instigated me!”

Fyssus suddenly shot out countless shadow arrows.

“Hahahahaha! Such a thing will not work on this me!”

The shadow arrows flew through Shamanile’s torso, which looked like tattered cloth, and passed behind him.

Maybe it was because Shamanile’s body was insubstantial, or perhaps it was due to the fact that [Shadow Magic] was no match for him, but Shamanile didn’t seem to have received any damage at all. To my eyes, it looked like [Shadow Magic] was incompatible with it.

“Kukuku. It’s foolish. You should have just offered a sacrifice to me like you did and destroyed your own race.”


I grab Fyssus’ shoulder to stop her from attacking again.

“I told you he was my prey.”

“Ugh… My apologies…”

I felt like the kind of emotions conveyed by Shamanile became contemptuous as I stopped Fyssus.

“What, have you fallen in love with the Demon King?”

“So shameless of you.”

“Stop it.”

I step forward, restraining Fyssus, who is about to get provoked by Shamanile.

“You stay in the back. That was the deal.”

“…Yes. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“No, I don’t think it’s a bother. But I’ll take care of things here. I’ll beat the hell out of Shamanile.”

“Please, I look forward to it.”

I can understand Fyssus’ frustration. She must be regretting her own stupidity in trusting such a guy and offering him a sacrifice.

“The Demon King, huh? Are you ready to walk with me?”

“What’s that stupid thing? I thought you were talking in your sleep. O undead loser Shamanile.”

“Hou, call me a loser. huh?”

“What’s the big deal about a loser who ran off with his tail between his legs?”

Shamanile flies in with angry, murderous intent, but it feels good to me.

“By the way, you call me the Demon King, but aren’t you saying you want the Demon King to lead you or guide you?”


“Why don’t you answer the question? Don’t tell me the Demon King is also one of those lies you made up?”

Why do only demons and dark elves have such legends, or somewhat lore, in the first place? Where did it come from that you’re a Demon King simply because you have [Dark Magic]?

What is a Demon King anyway? What kind of being is it?

He’s staring at me (?) right in front of me. I have a feeling that Shamanile might know something about it. I wonder if I can get a good description of the Demon King out of this guy, but it won’t be easy.

“Well, all right. I’ll beat the shit out of you here and beat you up until you cry and apologize.”

“If you think you can beat me who possess this Death Scythe, go ahead and try.”

When Shamanile swings the Scythe called Death Scythe with just one swing, the blade doesn’t hit, but the ground rips apart. He’s so confident, that Death Scythe must be a pretty good weapon.

Death Scythe: There is a 50 percent chance of instant death effect, and it eats the souls of those it kills. The number of souls it eats strengthens the Scythe and the user.

Hou, that’s quite something. He was demanding a sacrifice from the dark elf to strengthen this Death Scythe, huh?

But I think Shamanile had hundreds of thousands of undead army, so if he fed on their souls… No, I don’t think this guy would do anything that would reduce his own strength.

So he has been strengthening this Death Scythe by eating the souls of dark elves that he can’t bring under his complete control? What a small bastard.

“Hey, Tsukuru! It’s about time!”

Kurogiri is quite impatient.

“You, you’ll get the same result as last time if you do that. Don’t lose your cool.”

“I-I know that!”

“Really? So why don’t we take the time to talk to Shamanile? He can’t get away from us anyway.”

“Tsukuru’s talk is long.”

“No, I’m not talking long enough. It’s better than the headmaster of my school.”

“Anyway, just finish up your talk.”

“Okay, okay.”

Geez, Kurogiri is not cool when it comes to Shamanile. You need to know that I’m stalling for his attention so that you can calm down.

“What are you rambling on about! I’ll make you regret challenging me, so come at me.”

“What. You’re very aggressive just because you have that Death Scythe, aren’t you? Instant death won’t work on me, though.”


He’s silent. What an easy to understand guy. You think because you’re a skeleton that I can’t see your expression?

Oops, I was just thinking about it when Shamanile stepped in and swung the Death Scythe with a big motion.

I quickly pull out Kurogiri and receive the Death Scythe. It feels massive and heavy.

How many souls is this guy eating?







Everyone sees me being pushed and shouted.

“Don’t worry. I was just thinking about something.”

“Tsukuru-san, what are you thinking about at this time? That’s not good.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Allie scolded me.

“What a big mouth, you may regret it.”

“It doesn’t matter as long as I don’t get taken by surprise!”

Kurogiri and Death Scythe crossed over.


I felt it earlier, but I don’t like it. Maybe the instant death effect is acting on my soul to attempt to kill me.

But I have a unique skill, [Shinigami]. This [Shinigami] is a skill that can instantly kill an enemy, but on the other hand, it also has the effect of preventing instant death. That’s why Death Scythe’s instant death effect doesn’t work on me.

The weight of my soul sluggishly rests on my hand that holds Kurogiri. Shamanile has eaten a lot of souls for himself. I don’t blame him for stepping on others for his own sake. I’ve also sent many monsters and humans to their deaths by doing whatever I want.

“That’s pretty impressive. But you can’t kill me like that.”

“You can still have some time to spare, huh, Demon King!”

Kurogiri is calm. All that’s left is for me to surpass Shamanile. When I instantly close the gap between us, Shamanile reacts to it and tries to keep the distance between the Death Scythe and us.

The fact that it follows my movements means that the abilities enhanced by the Death Scythe are undoubtedly outstanding.

I lower my head and duck as the Death Scythe tries to cut off my head and unleash a thrust. This is not like a Shamanile move from the past.

Even if the Death Scythe has enhanced his abilities, the movement habits should remain the same. However, his movements are entirely different from the previous ones. But it’s not so much that he’s a master at it.

What is this uncomfortable feeling?

Shamanile and I strike back and forth. Whenever we do, the Death Scythe tries to eat my soul. For goodness sake, it’s annoying.

“I’ve already seen through your habits, Shamanile.”

“Kukuku, what’s with the habit? That doesn’t change the fact that the Demon King is outmatched in such matters.”

“I’m outmatched? Are you kidding me?”

Seeing through the Death Scythe’s trajectory and scraping through it, I tried to reap Kurogiri. But here, electricity runs down my spine, and [Wild Intuition] sounds the alarm bell. As I unconsciously twisted my body, the Death Scythe passed over my head, and I rolled on the ground.

“What’s the matter? You won’t be able to defeat me if you crawl on the ground like that!”


What happened to my move? Did he read my move? Don’t tell me that he’s read my moves?

“Why do you have to be so stunned, Demon King?”

“What did you do?”

“Kukuku. Now, what’s it all about?”

This guy is in a better position. Death Scythe snatches my cheek.


“Hahahahaha! Where was your earlier bravado, Demon King!”

“Don’t push your luck!”

I take my distance from Shamanile. That bastard has suddenly gotten better at handling the Death Scythe. He’s like a different person.

Blood is dripping from the wound on my cheek. I trace the wound with my finger and lick the blood from my finger.

I was like Shamanile before… Was I conceited?

No, this wound was not caused by arrogance. It was a wound caused by the apparent change in his movements.

“Tsukuru. You’re the one who needs to chill out after falling for that childish trickery.”

“Child trickery…?”

What’s this about child trickery? Chill out, me!

Shamanile avoids the strikes. Just when I think I’ve gotten into his quirks, his movements change again. This isn’t because I was conceited, but obviously, Shamanile’s movements change.

Is that Shamanile bastard trying to entice me by pretending to have a habit?

…Okay, so that’s what I thought.

“I didn’t expect Kurogiri to tell me to chill out, eh?”

“I don’t like the way you said that.”

“Heh. I’m sorry. Now that I’ve cooled down, it wasn’t such a big deal.”

“All you have to do is figure it out.”

It seemed to be conceited that Kurogiri was more calm, after all.

“Aren’t you doing it right, Shamanile-san?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Playing dumb, huh? I’ll take it. I’ll pay you back for this scar on my cheek, ten times over.”

I slowly close the distance between Shamanile and me. I move at the same time as Shamanile moves.



Looking at it calmly, it’s no big deal. I don’t want to think I was getting agitated about the change in his movements, but I was a little agitated, to be honest.

“Sorry, I think I was a little agitated by the change of your movement.”


“To be honest, I’m not interested in the mechanism. But it’s infuriating.”

It’s easy to see how Shamanile’s movements have changed.

That bastard should be able to mimic the movements of those souls eaten by the Death Scythe. In other words, for tens or hundreds of thousands of souls, their movements can be traced…

“It seems that you have discovered the true power of the Scythe. But that’s not going to be enough to defeat me.”

“Do you think so?”

I’m sorry for being so confident, but I don’t think any of the souls that the Death Scythe ate are capable of surpassing me. And how many souls do you think there are that can handle a special weapon like that Scythe?

The corners of my mouth turn up in a grin as if I’m making fun of Shamanile.

“Here I come.”

“Don’t think you can defeat me just because you’re the Demon King!”

I release a [Dark Magic] Dark Bind towards Shamanile, who is swinging the Death Scythe.

“You seemed to think that you cannot defeat me with a sword, but this is how it is!”

Shamanile repelled the darkness of the Dark Bind that clung to his body.

“Naive, Demon King!”

“What’s so naive about me?”


I come around behind Shamanile and thrust Kurogiri at him.


Kurogiri is the “Fighting God Sword,” and if he is able to exert his true power, he can purify even Shamanile. The proof of this is that Shamanile is rolling on the ground in agony.

“Why! How come you’re behind me!”

“Who said that [Dark Magic] is only Dark Bind?”

My [Dark Magic] can also show hallucinations and illusions. In other words, Shamanile seemed to think that he was put in a Dark Bind, but behind the Dark Bind, he was shown an illusion.

“Be thankful. If I had used [Dismantling], you’d be dead by now.”

I was not holding back. I could have used [Dismantling] to end the fight here. But that wouldn’t make Kurogiri feel better. I know that I will be called a dumbass later on, so I just want to settle this matter with Shamanile in a way that will make Kurogiri feel better.

“D-don’t make fun of me!”

The purification effect of Kurogiri was painful, or maybe it was just that there was no more room for improvement from Shamanile until now. It seems that direct purification is very painful for the undead race, even more so than when Ichinose purified it. Kukuku.

“Hey, stand up and fight. Otherwise, it won’t be worth killing.”

I stirred up Shamanile with a ridiculous tone of voice. It seemed to bother him, and the skull’s face contorted into a rage. In the next moment, I could feel that Shamanile was about to do something.


He’s in a huge hurry.

“…You tried to run away.”


“I’m telling you, don’t think you can escape like you did last time.”

“What have you done, Demon King?”

“You’re a fast runner, so of course I’ll have to take measures to make sure you don’t escape, right? Hey, Shamanile-san, the loser undead.”

“D-don’t you daaaareee!”

Shamanile attacked me, swinging his Death Scythe, but his blade never caught me.


Don’t make a high-pitched scream; it’s too noisy.

Shamanile, he’s screwed. His heart is broken. How mentally weak is his heart to be broken over something like this?

“Hey, Kurogiri. Can you kill that guy already?”

“I am ashamed to think that such a man has wronged me. He’s not worth killing, but it wouldn’t do the world any good to keep him alive.”

Come to think of it; I wondered if the undead race is already dead? Well, whatever.

Anyway, it made me feel better about Kurogiri. I mean, seeing the hapless figure rolling around on the ground and falling over seven times is enough to chill a thousand years of romance. I’m not in romantic love with that bastard, though.

“Speaking of which, isn’t there a summoning facility here from other worlds?”

It’s too much trouble to look for his place later, so I stuck Kurogiri up to the tip of his nose and asked Shamanile about it.


He didn’t say anything.

I put Kurogiri forward about five inches, and the tip of Kurogiri entered the skull’s nose.


“I asked if there was a summoning facility. Answer me.”

He looks up at me with tears streaming from his skull eyes. It’s not adorable at all.

“T-there’s no summoning facility…”

“Huh? If it’s not here, where is it?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“You’re kidding me, huh? I know the undead race is in control of the summoning facility, you know.”

“I-it’s true. It was originally under this temple, but it disappeared about three months ago.”

“Huh? Do you think I’m an idiot when you say the summoning facility is disappearing?”

“It’s true! I have not lied to you!”

The desperation of Shamanile makes it seem true, but how is it possible for a summoning facility to disappear? What did Hirume-san have to do with it?

(What do you think about it, Kurogiri)

(He doesn’t look like he’s telling a lie.)

(You think so too? Then where does the summoning facility is located…?)

I’ll have to get rid of Shamanile and then ask Hirume-san.

After thinking about it, if I kill Shamanile, will a new Ancient species be born and do bad things or…

Alright, I’ll ask Ichinose to do it.

“Oooiii, Ichinose.”

“W-what? Tsukuru-kun.”

Shamanile’s appearance doesn’t seem to be acceptable to Ichinose, and he’s a little teary-eyed. That kind of thing appears cute and endearing.

“Can you seal this guy with [Holy Barrier]?”

“Um, you mean to keep maintaining the [Holy Barrier], right?”


“I think I can handle it for a year or two, but not for a long time.”

“I see… Then let’s create a [Sealing] skill. In the meantime, lock this guy up in the [Holy Barrier].”


When Ichinose activated the [Holy Barrier], a wall of light appeared around Shamanile.

When Shamanile touched that barrier, he seemed to be damaged and screamed. Well, since it’s called [Holy Barrier], the power of holy must be effective against the undead race.

“Well, let’s create the [Seal] skill.”

I activate [Equivalent Exchange] to create [Seal] skill. I’ll use [Whispering][Plant Magic (2)], and [Wind Magic (2)], which I don’t use in that case, as materials to reduce the consumption of magic power.

“Alright, it’s done.”

Newly, [Seal] has been added to my status.

I activate [Seal] with a clear image. Shamanile is enveloped in light and changes shape. When the light subsides, a crystal about a meter high, like a temple object, appears.

In the center of the crystal, there is a skull, and I can tell that this is the head of Shamanile.

“Fyssus. If I kill Shamanile, a new Ancient species will only be born, so I sealed him in this crystal. Unless this crystal is broken, the seal will not be broken. Can I leave the management of this to you dark elves?”

“Yes. We dark elves will protect this seal to the best of our ability.”

“Please. Thank you.”

I don’t dare tell Fyssus, but in this crystal, Shamanile will experience eternal torment. That’s the kind of image I used to give the seal. Since the seal incorporates the dark elves’ grudge, this crystal will not be broken unless the dark elves want Shamanile to return. Everything is up to the dark elves.


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    1. Then he would need to massacre the whole undead species until only beeze are left since the god for the undead is the one that created the ancient theres no way he would just give the ancient power to the one that killed the previous ancient


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