I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 5 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – An Incident In The Royal Capital

Part 1


Thanks to Kaori, Yuti’s transfer to the middle school was completed, and now, I am in the other world’s [Great Devil’s Nest] in search of Kaori’s equipment in order to fulfill my promise to Kaori.

Honestly, even though the equipment is for Kaori, I didn’t expect to find armor like the [Bloody War Demon Series] that I’m wearing. It’s only because I have leveled up, and my status is raised, that I’m able to wear it, but it would be difficult for Kaori to equip it.

That’s why the equipment for Kaori has to be some kind of accessory that contains a powerful effect… Is it possible to get such a convenient item…?

But, since I hope to have it prepared by this week’s Saturday and Sunday, I still have some time to spare, so I’ll try to get some dropped items from the monsters of this [Great Devil’s Nest] for the time being.

Because the [Great Devil’s Nest]‘s monsters are strong, the effects on the equipment you can obtain are also powerful. There might be something that would be perfect for Kaori among the items I have yet gotten my hands on.

However, there are too many uncertainties about this. So at worst, I think I can go to the royal capital and find equipment that’s suitable for Kaori. I’m almost ready to settle with this result.

Well, but…

“This time, in order to find equipment for Kaori, we will try to fight all the monsters in this [Great Devil’s Nest] in one go.”




At my words, Night, Akatsuki, and Yuti nodded. …Eh?

“Um, is Yuti coming with us, too?”

“? Can’t I?”

“No, it’s not a good idea, I mean… If the “Evil” power hasn’t disappeared, I think it’s best to not fight too much… I’m afraid it might go out of control for some reason… And besides, you were quite battered from the last battle, so you should probably just rest…”

“That’s okay. The fight wasn’t the trigger for the outburst. Besides, the wounds from before are already healed. Thanks to the pig.”

“Fugo? Buhi.”

I don’t know why, but Akatsuki threw out his chest in a cute way. I can only guess that he was praised.

Indeed, when Akatsuki used his skill [Sanctuary] to calmed Yuti’s “Evil” power, he healed her wounds as well…

“Anyway, don’t worry. Besides, since it’s a quiet time right now, I’d like to train myself to be able to suppress it if something happens.”

“I-I see?”

I don’t know how to handle the power of “Evil,” so should I just believe Yuti’s words? Besides, even if it went out of control, it can be contained by Akatsuki’s power. With that in mind, we once again set out into the [Great Devil’s Nest] to search for Kaori’s equipment.




As expected, when we go in the direction that I usually explore, there were no new monsters. We headed out to a secluded area where the Mithril Boar and the likes would appear in the [Great Devil’s Nest].

After a period of walking around, being wary of the surroundings and searching for the presence of monsters, Yuti suddenly stopped. At about the same time, Night also appeared to be more vigilant.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”



I still don’t sense it, but it seems that the two of them have detected the presence of a monster. Rather, Yuti’s ability is still unfathomable… Even without the power of the “Evil,” she has the same level of detection ability as Night…

For now, we approached the presence that Yuti and Night detected. Each of us eliminated our presence. I didn’t forget to cover Akatsuki with [Cloak of Disguise] as well.

As we approached with caution, there was a single rabbit there.

However, unlike Master Usagi, who taught Night and I, its fur was yellow, and it was wearing a tuxedo, a silk hat, and a red bow tie on its chest – a very unusual appearance.

“What is that monster…?”

When I muttered without thinking about its strange appearance, I noticed that Yuti looked at the monster with wide eyes.

“That’s… [Fantasy Rabbit].”

“Huh, [Fantasy Rabbit]? Is it strong?”

“Denial. If it’s in this [Great Devil’s Nest], it can be considered the weakest one. Even in other places, it’s considered to be very weak. It’s just… it’s very hard to find, and it’s also known as a [Lucky Rabbit].”

[Lucky Rabbit], huh…”

I listened to Yuti’s explanation and used the [Identification] skill on [Fantasy Rabbit].


[Fantasy Rabbit]
Level: 77

Magic: 777
Attack: 777
Defense: 777
Agility: 777
Intelligence: 777
Luck: 777

Skills: [Maximization] [Minimization] [Crisis Detection] [Emergency Avoidance]


This is a really “lucky” status. No, the actual numbers for luck are low.

I’m more interested in the unfamiliar skills though.

“Can [Maximize] or [Minimize] change its body size?”

“Affirmative. When it encounters enemies, it can either become big to scare them away or turn small to run away while hiding. But [Crisis Detection] and [Emergency Avoidance] are the more troublesome skills.”


“The [Crisis Detection] skill can detect even a thin trace of killing, hostile or harmful intentions. So in order to defeat it, you can either kill it without letting it detect your killing intent – like from its blind spot –  or to attack at a speed that makes escaping impossible. However, the other skill, [Emergency Avoidance], will transfer the [Fantasy Rabbit] to a safety zone the moment it detects any killing intent and such. In the end, you have only one way to defeat it, and that is to eliminate your killing intent.”

“What’s with all that…?”

Can you get rid of murderous or hostile intent? It’s like being detected when you’re about to kill someone, or hit someone, or even try to harm them. It seems like I’m very unlikely to be able to do so…

I sighed involuntarily as Yuti explained. I am doubtful that I would be able to defeat it now.

“Haaahh… I’m curious to see what kind of items it would drop, but let’s just walk away quietly here.”

“? Why?”

“Why, you said? Isn’t it impossible? How do you defeat it without letting it realize our killing intent?”


Yuti uttered that briefly, and then readied her bow that I had returned the other day. She quietly stared at the [Fantasy Rabbit]


She unleashed a sharp arrow. The arrow pierced the [Fantasy Rabbit]‘s neck in an instant.  And just like that, the [Fantasy Rabbit] turned into a particle of light and disappeared.

After watching it vanish, Yuti let out a small breath.

“Answer. Eliminate any intent to kill, hostility, or harm. And just kill it.”

“What’s that theory?”

No, I understand what she’s saying, but you can’t ask me if I can do it. In fact, it’s impossible.

As I was thinking about that, I suddenly realized something.

“Huh…? If you had used this technique when you were fighting us, maybe we wouldn’t have won…?”

“Denial. At that time, I couldn’t suppress the “Evil” power, so I was unsuccessful in hiding the presence of the “Evil” power. But now, the evil power has subsided and I can eliminate the intent to kill. “Evil” is often linked to murderous and hostile intentions.”

“I see…”

I’m not happy about it, but in a way, we were saved by the power of the “Evil,” weren’t we? No, if she hadn’t gotten the “Evil” power in the first place, we wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked.

“Anyway, let’s check the [Fantasy Rabbit] dropped items. For some reason, there’s more of them than the time when I took it down by myself, but…” said Yuti.

I don’t know for sure yet, and I haven’t checked Yuti’s status, but at least my luck status value is high, so maybe that’s what worked. I can’t say for sure though, since I wasn’t the one who defeated it myself.

We all collect the [Fantasy Rabbit]‘s dropped items and check them out.


[Lucky Rabbit’s Yellow Fur] :: Fantasy Rabbit’s fur. It’s extremely pleasant to the touch, and cloaks made from this fur are very popular among the nobility and sell for a very high price. However, since the existence of the Fantasy Rabbit itself is rare, it is very rare to find one in the world.

[Pill of Large and Small Changes] :: Fantasy Rabbit’s rare drop item. When you consume this pill, you will be able to change your size at will. The effect is permanent.

[Ring of Crisis Avoidance] :: Fantasy Rabbit’s rare drop item. Usable only once per day, the person who wears this ring can transfer the wearer to a safety zone the moment he or she detects danger. The safety zone must be set in advance.

[Lucky Robe] :: Fantasy Rabbit’s rare drop item. Its stats are modified by the luck of the person equipped with it.


In addition to this, we obtained a D-class magic stone, a rank thing that I’ve never seen before in the [Great Devil’s Nest]

“Isn’t this quite an extraordinary piece of equipment…?”

“Affirmative. And unexpected. It’s really amazing that it doesn’t make you stronger directly, but it still keeps you safe.”

It’s not like you can suddenly get a superpower as Yuti said. However, it’s an extraordinary ability to automatically transfer to a safety zone in a critical situation. It’s something that fits perfectly for Kaori’s equipment.

And if you set the safety zone of this ring to the sage’s house in the other world, then it’s really safe.

Besides, I’m also grateful for the equipment item called [Lucky Robe], which is quite plain. It looks like a plain brown robe, but it’s nice it is affected by the luck stats. Even Kaori would be able to wear this easily.


“What is this pill used for…?”


“I see… So we don’t need it now, do we?”

I’m concerned about getting bigger or smaller, but I can’t bring myself to test it. In the unlikely event that I turn bigger on Earth, I can’t even imagine it. I don’t think that will happen, but I want to eliminate that possibility as much as possible.

“But it might be useful for something, so I’ll keep it.”

For example, if the enemies are too strong to fight, maybe if we can turn bigger, our attacks will be stronger. After we obtained the equipment we wanted, we continued our search for a little while longer. I checked my cooperation with Night against the monsters, learned various things from Yuti’s fighting experience, and so on. We had a fulfilling time.




“──So we managed to get some equipment for Kaori.”

“Is this…”

After fulfilling the promise with Kaori, I handed her the items we obtained. Kaori received it anxiously, but her eyes lit up with anticipation. I was satisfied to see her excitement, and I explained the items properly.

“And so, first of all, is this ring. If the owner is in danger, it has the effect of forcing the owner to transfer to a safety zone. So even if something happens, I think Kaori will be safe. That safety zone is set up to this house.”

“T-that’s kind of an amazing effect…”

Kaori is right; the ring effect is incredible. To be honest, I want one too, but after that, I’ve never met another [Fantasy Rabbit], so I only have the one for Kaori.

“Also, about the robe, the effect seems to be corrected by Kaori’s luck status. I don’t know how effective it will be. Still, it’s no better than nothing. And most importantly, Kaori’s clothes… or rather, Earth’s clothes would stand out in this other world.”

“It’s easy to get caught up in magic and skills, but there are certainly cultural differences, and I’m sure there are different clothing designs and technical skills.”

“That’s right. Well, you can’t hide everything, but you can hide some of your clothes with this robe on.”

“Thank you!”

After Kaori uttered that cheerfully, her expression immediately clouded over.

“Um… it’s strange to say this now, but are you sure it was okay…?”


“I thought maybe I asked Yuuya-san to do something impossible… And all these items you are giving me are also valuable no matter what I think of them…”

“No, it’s fine. I owe Kaori a lot for your help in the first place.”

In fact, besides Yuti’s transfer, Kaori has been very helpful to me to this day. Because of Kaori’s help, I’m less worried about Yuti’s life on Earth than before.

…Well, I’m still worried about it, no denying that.

While I am thinking that, Yuti, who is wearing the white dress she originally wore since we are headed to the royal capital together, gave a small nod.

“Affirmative. Thanks to Kaori, I’ve learned a lot. So I’m looking forward to the next place called school. Thank you.”


Yuti herself seems to be very grateful to Kaori for her help.

“…I understand; I’ll be grateful for the equipment and use it then.”

As she said that, Kaori slipped on the ring and put on her robe.


NyX Translation


“Alright, it looks like Kaori’s ready to go, so let’s get going.”

“Yes! So, how long will it take us to get to the royal capital?”

“Oh, about that, if we walked normally, it would be a day just for the trip alone, so I’m going to use teleportation magic to move around this time.”

“Teleportation magic?”

Kaori only tilted her head because I had never explained this thing called teleportation magic, but Yuti froze with her eyes wide open.

“…Astonishing. Really, you can use teleportation magic?”

“Eh? Well…”

“If it’s true, then Yuuya is outrageous. It is probably impossible even for the “Magic Saint.” Of course, it might be possible to achieve similar effects with skills and such instead of magic. That’s precisely what the effect is on the ring we gave to Kaori. But that effect only applies to individuals, so it’s not as applicable as teleportation magic.”

“I-is that so…?”

Lexia-san has said a lot of times, but as expected, teleportation magic is terrible. No, that’s why I use it so that people don’t see it. It’s dangerous if it’s found out, but it’s a power that’s too good not to use.

“W-well, we’re not going to go directly to the royal capital this time so that the people around us don’t find out, so we’re going to teleport to another location that’s a little far away.”

That would be the spot I used the last time I visited the royal capital. That place wasn’t even populated.

When I used teleportation magic, the space-time in front of us became distorted, and a space large enough for one person to pass through was created.

Beyond that, a different landscape than the one we’re in now stretches out, and beyond that, we can see the royal capital. Kaori and the others are once again surprised by this teleportation magic, but soon Kaori’s eyes are drawn to the other world city that appeared before her.


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    It’s fairly common concept in many Japanese martial arts (or, at least, the ones I’ve practiced) and a lot of Japanese people I know seem to be familiar with the idea enough to not give me blank stares (it’s like Westerners and the concept of “flow”), so MC being that clueless is a bit… well, let’s just chalk it up to his autism.


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