Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100


I once again confirmed the words that appeared in front of me.


It is now possible to create a golem.

It is now possible to build a house.


…If these two things are possible, then maybe――.

I immediately checked the new list of blacksmithing options. There was indeed a golem and a house there.

…House, huh?

It seems that this one also determines the location at which it is to be created and then creates a house there.

…Is it possible to build without a foundation or anything like that? That was a genuine question.

“What’s wrong?”

Camilla looked at me curiously and I gave her a wry smile.

“…Apparently, I can now build a house and a golem.”

“…Huh? House? Golem? Wait, Relius, didn’t you say you were a Blacksmith?”

“Yes, but… I think my Blacksmith is a bit special.”

“It isn’t just a bit special… I think it’s too special, you know?”

“Well, I haven’t made it yet. Can I give it a try?”

“Yeah. But not here.”

“I know. Let’s go upstairs.”

Camilla nodded, and we went to the surface. I decided to borrow an empty lot next to the house where she lives and build a house.

I was going to build a house there. I designated the location and thought about what I was going to build there.

At that moment, a design came into my mind, including the layout of the rooms.

…The only house I can accurately build is like The Migratory Bird Inn. I’m going to create an inn with precisely the same structure like that one.

I put my magic power into the house, from the entrance to each and every room. The furniture and other items are something that can be made as well. From my mind, I made everything from the kitchen to the bath.

And then I felt the back of my eyes hurt.

…It seems to be consuming quite a bit of magic power. I’ve been working on my magic power for a while now, but even so, building a house seems like a lot of work.

In the process of it, I created a magic power recovery potion and brought it to my mouth. After that, I resumed working on the house. 

After about five minutes, I’ve finished the whole process, and then I fill it up with magic. …I’m going to put a lot of magic into it.

Although it took a lot of magical power to finish the process, I managed to build the house at the location I specified.

Suddenly the house appeared with a loud sound.

…The familiar “Migratory Bird Inn” was there.

Camilla, who was next to me, jumped up and down and said, “I didn’t know you could build something like this.”

“Yeah, well.”

The Migratory Bird Inn I created was newer in construction than the one I was familiar with.

As I wiped off my sweat, I created another magical recovery potion and drank it. My stomach was starting to feel a little tight.

“Can I go inside?”

“Yes, It’s fine.”

I walk into the inn with Camilla. I push open the door… and there’s nothing strange about it.

As soon as we enter, there’s a reception desk. Then to the left is the dining room.

“…Wow, that’s amazing. You can make it with such detail.”

“Yes, well. After all, this is the inn where I used to live.”

“I-I see. …So that’s why you were able to make it so detailed.”

“Probably, yeah.”

The tables and chairs were lined up in the dining room. It was a large dining room that could accommodate about 20 people at a time. There was a kitchen in the back of the dining room. And there was a well-proportioned table for carrying meals.

We went down the corridor. There was a bathroom and an employee’s waiting room at the back.

Then we headed upstairs.

The second floor was lined with rooms. They are basically singles. They’re not that big, but there were quite a few of them.

As I recall, the rooms can accommodate up to about 40 people at a time, right?

Some of the rooms were a little bigger and could be used as two-person rooms, and so on. A few more people could be accommodated, as there were ten such rooms reserved for the employees and my parents.

Still, Camilla was impressed with the house.

“We haven’t had a brand new house like this for a long time.”

Camilla went into a room and laid down on the bed. She pressed her face against the pillows and looked happy.

“In the meantime, I think I can build any house… if I can understand the detailed floor plan.”

“…So if I design a floor plan or something like that, can I have Relius build it for me?”

“Yes, so if you have an idea, please let me know.”

“Okay! …T-there are plenty of rooms at this inn, so can we invite the kids from the village to join us?”

“Of course.”

When I said that, Camilla’s eyes sparkled.

“W-well then, I’ll call everyone right away.”

“Yes, I agree.”

As I replied, Camilla smiled at me and left the inn. I continued to check the inn.

…The strength and all that is fine. Everything is new, so it looks sturdier than before.

The bathrooms were also usable without problems. It’s only a shower, but you could get hot water by storing magic power.

…I wonder where the water flows to, but it seems to disappear automatically.

The same was true for the toilets.

…Wouldn’t this be more convenient than building a normal toilet?

However, it would consume a lot of magic power. In the meantime, I finished inspecting the bathroom as I was feeling a bit tired. I noticed that it was getting noisy outside.

Maybe it was the kids from the village gathering. When I went outside, it was as I thought. There were a lot of children around my age, and some even younger ones.

They were all looking at the inn with their eyes shining. I quickly raised one hand to welcome them to the inn.

“Welcome to the Migratory Bird Inn. I hope you have a good time.”

After I said that, the children went inside excitedly.


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