Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101


I introduced the children to the inn. There were many rooms extra, so I let the children choose their own rooms freely.

As we watched in the corridor, Camilla-san loosened her cheeks when she saw the children squabbling.

“…You’re like a god.”

“Not really. I can only do it to the capacity that I’ve been given.”

I looked at Camilla-san as I answered. Camilla-san watched the children and her facial expression relaxed.

“I’m glad everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.”

“Yes, I’m glad they liked it.”

“…That’s right! Relius, you said you could make a golem too, right? Are you sure about that?”

“…Oh, I was wondering about that too. Can I go make it?”

“Yeah. I’ll go watch it with the others too when I’m done here.”

“I understand.”

I left Camilla-san, who smiled modestly, and I walked out of the house.

…Now, how do I make a golem?

I poured my magic power into creating a golem.

Words appeared in front of me.



Muscle Strength
Physical Strength
Magic Power


What’s this about…? Come to think of it, even with accessories and such; there are things that enhance these things. I own those skills now, but what is it with golem?

I tilted my head and touched the letters. Then it read, please put your mana into it.

…I see. Let’s try it anyway.

As I put magic power in, the muscle strength stopped at 397.

…Is that the end? Next, I noticed that as I tried to put more in mana in the order of physical strength, agility, and magic power. All the other attributes stopped at 1.

As expected… mana is what’s used to create a golem with. Maybe the number is an indication of the golem’s attributes. The higher the number, the stronger that attribute is, and the lower the number, the weaker it is.

I’m going to rebuild it. …This time, I stopped the muscle strength at about 100 and put all the mana into the physical strength. The number stopped at 298.

…I see.

I don’t know if this is a limit due to my current blacksmith’s level, but it seems that the total number I can assign to the golem is 400. And it looks like each attribute needs to be at least 1.

Let’s just try to make them all at 100.

I was instructed to choose a location for the golem creation, so I decided on a nearby garden.

A magic circle was formed, and a golem appeared. It’s a golem made of rocks about the size of an adult. The face showed a black shadow, and two yellow eyes were shining.


The golem growled as it looked at me. It looked like it wanted some sort of command.

“…I’d like to have a little look at your powers. How about you hit the ground?”


The golem raises its fist and swings it down. The movement would be, well, normal. The fist that the golem swung out gouged the earth.

…It was quite an impact. I was standing nearby, and the impact shook my body.

“…Awesome. Thanks, just stand by for now.”


The golem waited there as it was told.

…Can I make this just by consuming mana?

However, the amount of mana consumed is moderately high. It is dangerous to mass-produce this one too, just like the house, in terms of mana.

I’m going to pour more mana to start building another one. Let’s make its attributes around 50 or so for a test run, shall we?

I wanted to find out how much of a difference there would be based on the attribute numbers. This time I’m making golem 2, with all attributes at 50.

It’s smaller than the one I just made before. I think the difference is similar to that of an adult and a child.

“…Try beating each other up for a moment…At worst, it’ll be destroyed.”



The golems fought against each other.

…Naturally, Golem 2 collapsed.

…As expected, it was not possible.

When I approached the collapsed Golem 2, it was apparently possible to revive it by putting in some mana. Furthermore, it seems that I can tweak the numbers here as well.

For now, I set everything to 100 and rebuilt it, and Golem 2’s body grew one size larger and stood up.

“…I see. Can you use magic?”



Both nodded.

“Give it a try, will you? Aim towards a place where it won’t do any damage, okay?”


The golems pointed their fists at the sky. From there, a mass of white magic power was released.

…Maybe it’s non-attribute magic.

If they hit me, I’ll get a fair amount of injury.

…I’m gradually learning more and more about golem making.

Muscle strength, physical strength, agility, and magic power.

I think muscle strength is the offensive power, physical strength is defensive, agility is the speed, and magic power is the magical attack.

And I can freely allocate the 400 points.

…This village has human guards now. I’m sure it would be a lot easier for everyone if these golems were left to their own devices for the night watch.

“…Can I grant skills and such?”


The golem nodded at me.


I tried to grant the skills. With the leveling up, the skills I’ve acquired so far have already been unlocked.

If I wanted to have them as a watcher, then visual enhancement would be a good idea. That’s a skill that allows you to see your surroundings from a bird’s eye view.

I’m going to give it to the golem to try it out.

“How is it…?”


The golem pointed to something as if it were responding to something.

…Some of the children were hiding in the house and looking at us.

…Apparently, it looks like it’s using its skills.

“Wow… it’s a golem!”

“Awesome…! Relius, you can even build a golem!”

The children came out from the inn along with Camilla-san. The golem looked in that direction and moved its head lightly. Maybe it’s conversing with them.

…It’s reasonably intelligent, and it does what I command. That’s a very gratifying existence.

Now I just need to see if it can defeat the blue stone monsters… That was what I was wondering about.

“Relius, what are you thinking about?”

“Camilla-san. The golems are quite powerful. …So, I’d like to test them to see if they’ll work against the blue stone monsters for a bit… Is there a place outside the village where I can easily find them?”

“I don’t know if it’s easy to find, but if you walk out there, you can probably fight them somewhere.”

“All right. Well then, I’d like to go test out the golem for a bit, so can I go outside?”

“Then… Relius. I’d like to find out if the other kids can use Relius’s sword to defeat the blue stone monster as well. …Can you help me with that too?”

“Okay. Let’s go then.”

“Yeah. Bard, we are going outside.”

When Camilla-san called out, a young man came over. He looked nervous and bowed to me.

“My name is Bard! Since my divine treasure is seriously incompetent, I’d be happy if you could lend me your sword, Relius-san!”

“Yes, of course.”

I created a sword and gave it to Bard-san.

“…It’s a nice sword. It’s light and comfortable in hand. It’s like my own divine treasure.”

“For some reason, it seems that the swords I make are able to adapt to the client when I make the sword with the user in mind.”

“That’s convenient…”

Bard-san sheathed the sword and put it on his hip. Then we left the village.


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