I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 5 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Part 3


You have succeeded in taming the [Genesis Dragon]



“Mmm? What’s wrong?”

I rubbed my eyes involuntarily at the message that appeared in front of me. But no matter how many times I checked, the contents in the message didn’t change.

I was hesitant to tell Dragon-san about it.

“W-well… Dragon-san, um, You… you’ve been tamed by me.”

“Huh? What did you say? …The human food you served was indeed delicious, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be tamed by──It’s been dooonneeeee!?”

Dragon-san seemed to have checked his status, and his eyes were popping out. From Dragon-san’s words, it seemed to be the undeniable truth that he was tamed.  Yuti also froze with her eyes wide open.

Kaori didn’t understand the meaning of taming, so she just tilted her head in confusion. Night and Akatsuki didn’t seem to be making any particular noise.

“Why… why did this happen? What would happen to me now that I’ve been tamed?”

“Err… I’m sorry?”

“I’m not looking for an apology! You must release me now!”

“Eeh!? Even if you ask me to release you, I don’t know how… No, I’m also troubled by taming Dragon-san, too…”

“Why have you tamed me in the first place?”

I’m sorry, I’m honestly surprised as well.

If it’s a dragon, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t take him outside on Earth. He might be seen as a rare lizard without the wings, but Dragon-san has magnificent wings and is able to fly. There’s no way to deceive others on Earth with regards to that.


“Um, speaking of trouble, we originally came here since we heard that Dragon-san has awakened…”

“What? What do you mean by trouble?”

“Although there was a legend that Dragon-san was sleeping in this valley, no one believed it. But recently, with the monsters in the valley suddenly becoming active as if they were fleeing from something and, more importantly, with Dragon-san’s roar, people thought that the legend might be true… And if the legend was true, the people were worried about what kind of action Dragon-san would take, as well as many other factors…”

“Hmph. Well, it can’t be helped if they don’t know about me nowadays… After all, it’s been thousands of years since I had last been awake.”


“Yes. I’m sure that it was the smell of “Holy” and “Evil” that has awakened me, but as you can imagine, sleeping for so long makes me hungry. That is why I ate the monsters which were reasonably close by… and then the other monsters fled from me.”

“I-I see…”

There were many things I wanted to say, but the most important part was that this happened after thousands of years, so Sage-san was a person from at least thousands of years ago… It’s no wonder that people didn’t know about him like Dragon-san.

Although the impact of Dragon-san’s words was huge, it’s difficult to comment on Dragon-san’s behavior, especially if it seemed to be a bother. Dragon-san looked unperturbed and laid down.

“Hmph… So what are you going to do now?”

“Eh? Well… I’ve tamed you, for now, so I thought I should give you a name.”

“You’re starting with that? No, it’s important too, but…!”

“Personally, I feel that calling you Dragon-san will be just fine…”

“That’s no good! If you’re going to give me a name, it should be a cool name that’s befitting of me!”

Since Dragon-san asked, I was thinking of ideas for his name again. But rather, is he already accepting that he was tamed? No, it seems much worse.

I looked at Dragon-san again and thought.

Dragon-san is a majestic figure worthy of being a legendary dragon; his scales are a mixture of deep purple, black, and vermilion, which creates a feeling of luxuriousness.

“Hmm… then how about Ouma?”


“Yes. How should I say this? From Dragon-san’s appearance, the word ‘Oumagatoki*’ just comes to me…”

[T/n: Oumagatoki means twilight, or the time for disasters (similar to the ‘witching hour’ but not midnight)]

Whether Oumagatoki is in the evening or not, that’s the kind of color I am reminded of, so I just explained…

Then, Dragon-san mumbled the name I suggested and nodded his head a few times.

“Ouma… Ouma… huh? It’s good. I’m Ouma from now on.”

“Ah, yes.”

“By the way, what is your name? Although I’m still reluctant, you’ve at least become my master. Is it not strange to not know your name?”

Dragon-san… No, Ouma-san’s words reminded us that we never introduced ourselves, so we hurriedly told him our names. After hearing that, Ouma-san nodded again.

“Yuuya, Kaori, Yuti. And then Night and Akatsuki, huh? …When I look around again… there’s a few unusual individuals here.”

“Is that so?”

“Don’t you realize? Yuuya and Yuti have a strange smell which is like a mixture of “Holy” and “Evil.” I don’t feel any threat from Kaori, so it’s a mystery as to why she is here. As for Night and Akatsuki… U-umu. Looking at these two, isn’t it strange that you tamed them…?

“Eh? I-is that so?”

“…I highly doubt it, but do you know of Night’s race? Akatsuki is a bit special, so it’s not surprising if you don’t know about him…”

“I know about Night’s race, you know? It’s Black Fenrir, right?”


Then, for some reason, it wasn’t Ouma-san who froze, but Yuti, who was listening in on our conversation behind me.

“Yuti-san, what’s wrong?”

“K-Kaori. Did Yuuya just say Black Fenrir?”

“Y-yes. That’s right. Night-san is that kind of wolf.”

“That’s two legendary species in one place…”


I’m puzzled by Yuti, who is holding her head. I don’t understand what she meant. Then Ouma-san told me with a sigh.

Sigh… It’s no wonder that Yuti is like that. Although Night is not from a species that has lived since the creation of the world. But when it comes to combat power, Black Fenrir is on par with me.”


“The current Night is just a child and is developing… but I have never heard of a tamed Black Fenrir. Considering how he is tamed and raised by Yuuya’s hands… he could become the most powerful Black Fenrir in history.”


I didn’t expect Night to become as strong as Ouma-san. Well, since he was in the [Great Devil’s Nest] as a child, I didn’t expect him to be weak.

“Night, you’re a terrific guy, aren’t you?”

“Woof? Woof.”

“Fugo! Fugofugo!”

“Eh? Yeah, I know Akatsuki is amazing too.”

“Buhi? Fugo.”


Night himself didn’t seem to understand my question, and after tilting his head, he snuggled up to my leg. Akatsuki rubbed up against my other leg, showing off that he’s amazing too. …Well, they’re cute, so it’s okay.

“They’re cute, so it’s not a problem.”

“They’re a big-shot, you know? It’s the same as having a hell of a force!”

“Affirmation. I was nervous about the fight with “Evil,” but with Ouma in front of me, and Night growing up, it’s safe to say that it would be a waste of time to worry about “Evil.” That’s about as strong as a fighting force gets.”

“It is that much…”

“Of course. Who do you think I am? Normally, I am not interested in you humans, so I ignore them, but I can put an end to the conflict between the “Holy” and “Evil” in an instant if I choose to.”


“By blowing up this planet.”

“That’s blowing things out of proportion!”

What do you mean by destroying an entire planet? If you do that, you wouldn’t be safe either, would you, Ouma-san?

Then, as if he knew what I was thinking, Ouma-san snorted.

“You may be worried about something trivial, but I can live anywhere. There’s no harm in wiping out a planet; it’s simply a matter of finding another one.”

“Eh, horrible…”

“Yes, I am! I am one to be feared! I am not one to be tamed in any way!”

“But you have been tamed and…”

“That’s why, how veeeexxing!”

Ouma-san lamented incessantly. I don’t know even if you ask me that.

“Gnunu… If this cannot be reversed, then I hope it will be more fun than before. If not, my taming is just a loss for me! Yuuya, can you satisfy me?”

“Err…? Maybe with the Earth cuisine or information about Earth?”

“Eei, ain’t that interesting…!”

It’ll be okay. Ouma-san looked frustrated for some reason, and I brushed it off inwardly.

“Well… then, shall we go home…? The dragon in question, Ouma-san, has been tamed, and if Ouma-san was the cause of the monsters’ activities, everything will be back to normal once he is gone…”

“Hmph. If your business was to investigate me, then you’re done here. As Yuuya says, once I’m gone, the monsters will naturally return here.”

“Then everything is fine. Let’s go with that.”

As I was about to say “let’s go home”, Kaori raised her hand timidly.


“Hmm? What’s wrong? Kaori”

“That… Ouma-san? However, we were asked to investigate the problems, and of course, Ouma-san is the cause of all these problems, right?”

“Well, I guess so.”

“I don’t know much about the situation on the human side, anyway” said Ouma-san.

“Then, what should we tell the people in the royal capital… and especially to Owen-san, who made this request to us?” said Kaori.


I froze at Kaori’s words. That’s right. Originally, Ouma-san’s awakening was the cause of much trouble, and Owen-san sent us here to find out if he had awakened.

But the most important thing here is that I can’t simply say that I took the legendary dragon back with me, can I…?

“W-what should we do…?”

“W-well, I guess we’ll just have to be honest with him…”

“That’s right…”

I don’t know what the reaction will be. But I can’t fool him, then I’ll just have to be honest. Just when I think we can finally go home, a new problem comes up. But there’s no point worrying about it, so I’m dragging my heavy feet to return to the capital.




“────Um, Yuuya-dono. Can you repeat it?”

“…Um, the one next to me here is the legendary dragon. Yes.”

After returning to the royal capital, I immediately went to report to Owen-san. But for some reason, I was taken in front of Arnold-sama.

It’s also that Arnold-sama felt sorry that he had to ask me, a person from another country, to help them out. When the content of the report was about the legendary dragon, he wanted to hear about it in person. That’s very courteous indeed.

However, because of this situation, the only people in this audience room right now are us, Owen-san, and Arnold-sama.

I’d like to say hello to Lexia-san and Luna as well, but they are currently away on official business or something. The princess is very busy, after all.

I’m trying to escape from reality, but since I have an unfamiliar dragon with me, Owen-san seemed to have guessed the situation and decided to ask me about it in detail with Arnold-sama. I’m nervous about going in front of Arnold-sama, perhaps even more nervous than when I met Ouma-san…

It might lead to misunderstanding if I left the situation up to their interpretation, so I honestly reported it to them. As expected, both Arnold-sama and Owen-san ended up with headaches.

Although I was concerned about Arnold-sama and the others, Kaori was also very nervous because she was in front of the King. I wanted her to relax somehow, but in front of Arnold-sama was just…

On the contrary, Yuti, who had previously attempted to kill the first prince, Rhaegar-sama, was just standing absent-mindedly and did not feel any tension.

As I was pondering what to do in this somewhat chaotic atmosphere, Ouma-san, the center of this case, opened his mouth as he laid on the ground annoyed.

“What, human. What is so strange about this me being tamed? Hmm?”

“N-no! That’s not what──.”

“Of course it’s strange!” said Owen-san


Owen-san tried to butt in in Ouma-san’s good mood, and Ouma-san didn’t expect to be cut off here and was confused.

“I don’t understand it either! But I can’t do anything about it because I’ve been tamed just like that. It’s not me who’s strange but him.”

“I was just making a curry…”

“What’s to blame is the human food that tastes so good!”

It’s not my fault after all? No, the curry isn’t wrong either.

Well, that’s okay…

“So, what should I do?”

“W-what should you do, you ask?”

Arnold-sama replied to my question with a twitch of his cheeks…

“Well, this uproar was caused by Ouma-san… and it was this dragon…”

“Wha? I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“But you shouldn’t have caused trouble for other people, should you?”

“I am a dragon; I don’t give a damn about human circumstances!”

“You can communicate with both dragons and humans, so… you need to be a little more considerate of their situation.”


As I explained that to Ouma-san, Owen-san and Arnold-sama looked at us with distant eyes.

“…Owen. Did my eyes get screwed up? The legendary dragon is being preached!”

“…No, Your Majesty. It’s real.”

“It’s okay. I am also confused about what I see.”

“R-right… wait, who are you?”

“I am Yuti.”

“Yu-Yuti? Owen, do you know who she is?”

“Eh? Ah, well… um, it’s hard to explain, I guess you could say…”

“King. Do not worry about the details.”

“You seem very familiar!”

“Yuti, you stay away! …My apologies. She’s somewhat out of touch with the world…”

“No, I mean, she’s quite spirited… Anyway, isn’t the legendary dragon supposed to be… bigger? I can’t imagine him raising a roar that could make the whole castle tremble from a small body like that…”

“I had no idea that he is the legendary dragon until I led them here, but Yuuya-dono said he had an item that allows one to change the size of their body at will…”

“…Yuuya-dono, who on earth is he actually?

“…It’s one question I’d love to know the answer to as well…”

While Ouma-san and I were still discussing, Arnold-sama let out a sigh and continued.

“So, what do you think we should do?”

“Well… First of all, it would be impossible to eliminate him.”

“Y-you’re right. I’m not sure of his abilities, but if the appearance of a mere dragon can cause the majority of our troops to be lost…. In addition to being able to communicate with us, he has been alive since the creation of the world…”

“The longer a dragon lives, the stronger and more powerful it becomes in terms of both its magic and its body… No matter how you look at it, this is not something that a country could take on.”

“If that’s the case, I’d like to keep Yuuya-dono in this country…”

“It’s not easy. Yuuya-dono is obviously a foreign nobleman or royalty…”

“Mmmm… we really have no choice… No, Yuuya-dono can be considered to be a benefactor for Rhaegar and myself. That’s why it’s best to not ask for cooperation by force…”

“If a country hostile to ours could control the legendary dragon at will, there is nothing we can do about it.”

“Yes. I’m very grateful to Yuuya-dono for helping us with this incident… No, I don’t know if Yuuya-dono’s country is friendly to us or not, but at least Yuuya-dono is very friendly… to Lexia…!”

“Don’t trigger your doting parents’ foolishness here… but I do think we’ll have to leave it all to Yuuya-dono. From the beginning, Yuuya-dono is outstanding in terms of individual capabilities. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a dragon that could easily destroy the country joined as his companions after all this time. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to continue to live in the [Great Devil’s Nest].”

“He is truly a mysterious person. The only option is to surrender or be destroyed if the legendary dragon attacks. It is useless to think about it too much. …Yuuya-dono.”

“Eh, yes?”

I was in a heated discussion with Ouma-san about not bothering humans. Unexpectedly I was approached by Arnold-sama. I mean, what am I doing, neglecting the King like that? I won’t be executed for impoliteness, will I?

Arnold-sama opened the discussion in a dignified manner to me, who was inwardly scared.

“Yuuya-dono. Regarding that dragon… I’ll leave everything to you, Yuuya-dono.”


“We cannot make this matter about… the dragon… public. So I’m sorry that I cannot reward you for your investigation. Of course, we do not demand anything from you either. That’s why we leave this up to Yuuya-dono.”

“Leaving everything up to me…?”

As I was puzzled by Arnold-sama’s words, Owen-san also chimed in.

“Yuuya-dono. I’ll tell you clearly. We’ll leave it entirely up to you.”

“It’s really clear!”

It’s really clear! That’s right! No one knows what to do with this legendary dragon, right?

In the end, as per Arnold-sama’s decision, there was no mention of Ouma-san’s roar or the damage by the monsters caused by Ouma-san’s gluttony, and this audience ended.

Fortunately, there were no casualties included in the damages caused by the monsters that escaped from the valley, which was probably significant. Nevertheless, too much happened today, and so, in the end, our original goal of showing Kaori around the royal capital could not be achieved.


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