I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 5 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 – Yuti’s School Life

Part 1


“Okay, everyone, take your seats. We have a new transfer student coming today!”

After they returned from another world for the holidays, Yuti’s school life at middle school finally began. Everything was new for Yuti, from putting on her unfamiliar uniform to letting go of the bow she always carried around with her, and so on.

Until now, Yuti had lived alone with her master, the “Bow Saint,” and had never practiced communicating with humans. Hence, she was worried about whether she could fit into an environment where Yuuya and Kaori were not present.

However, Yuuya and the others were unaware of Yuti’s anxiety because it did not show on her face, nor did she talk about it. With such thoughts weighing on her, as Yuti waited anxiously in front of the classroom, excited voices could be heard from inside.

“A new student!”

“Eh, is it a boy or a girl?”

“It will be nice if it’s a cute girl!”

“Even if it’s a cute girl, you won’t be taken seriously by her either, you know?”

“S-shut up!”

“Yes, yes, please be quiet! Well then, Yuti-san, please come in.”


When Yanagi-sensei, the homeroom teacher who would be taking care of Yuti, gave the signal, she entered the classroom with trepidation.

Yuti’s contact with existences such as Yuuya and Kaori made her feel less hatred and fear towards humans than she had when her Master died. However, she still had mixed feelings when she considered the fact that humans were partly responsible for her Master’s death.

Still, she was well aware of the fact that the humans here were not responsible for her Master’s death.

Yanagi-sensei, who’s in charge of Yuti’s homeroom, had a calm personality, which was something that Yuti was grateful for, given her circumstances.


The moment Yuti entered the classroom, the previously noisy students all turned silent at once. This made Yuti anxious as if something was wrong with her, but Yanagi-sensei didn’t seem to pay it any mind and wrote Yuti’s name on the blackboard.

“Yes, Yuti-san. Please introduce yourself.”


Yuti gave a small nod and opened her mouth slightly, scanning the students in the class fearfully.

“I’m Yuti. …N-nice to meet you, all…”

Yuti ended up introducing herself in such a simple manner because she didn’t know what to say.


“S-so cuteeeeeee!”


The whole class erupted in unison.

“Eh, what!? Isn’t she incredibly cute?”

“I was expecting a handsome boy, but a girl this cute is totally fine! I’d rather it not be anyone than this girl!”

“She looks like a doll!”

“Yuti, right? Are you a foreigner?”

“Err, um…”

The unexpected reactions of the students left Yuti utterly confused. Until now, she had always solved her problems by force, and Yuti didn’t know what to do in this situation where her power was ineffective.

Besides, Yuti was not used to being welcomed so favorably in the different world, where human beings would not interact in such a way without caution.

“Yes, yes, everyone. Yuti-san is feeling troubled! If you have any questions, please do so during the break!”

Sensing that Yuti was uncertain how to react to this reception, Yanagi-sensei put a stop to the students’ commotion, and turned to Yuti with a gentle smile.

“Then Yuti-san, you can sit in that vacant seat.”


When Yuti got to the seat shown to her by Yanagi-sensei, she took a breath. Then a girl sitting next to her spoke to Yuti.

“Hey, Yuti-san. I’m Haruna! Nice to meet you, okay?”

“N-nice to meet you, too…”

Yuti was surprised to be approached so abruptly, but Haruna’s cheerful atmosphere eased Yuti’s nerves a bit.




Yuti successfully finished homeroom and started the classes, but a big problem remained.

It was… …….

“…Confused. I can’t understand them.”

Since Yuti has never studied before, it was only natural that she could not solve even simple problems. Fortunately, Kaori taught her about writing and other things in this world. She also acquired the skill [Language Comprehension], so she can speak, read, and write without problems, but she struggled in other areas.

Although Yuti stumbled academically, she showed her true potential in the following physical education class. In class, the girls were playing basketball, but Yuti didn’t understand the rules.


“Hmm? What’s wrong? Yuti-san.”

Therefore, when she gathered up the courage to talk to Haruna, who was seated next to her, Yuti asked her about basketball.

“Unknown. I don’t know anything about basketball.”

“Eh, really? You mean you’ve never played it before?”

“Affirmative. I’ve never seen it before either.”

Hearing Yuti’s words, not only Haruna but the girls nearby were dumbfounded.

“Y-you don’t know basketball…? Is there such a country?”

“Then, I’ll teach you.”

Fortunately, no one made fun of Yuti for not knowing basketball, and everyone was kind enough to teach her. After listening to the conversation, Yuti understood most of the basketball rules and picked up a basketball that was lying nearby.

“Confirmation. I have to put this ball through that net. Is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Can I throw it in from anywhere?”

“Eh? Well, yes. But as expected, at this distance is───.”


Yuti lightly jumped up on the spot and threw the ball in the direction of the faraway basketball net. Then the ball went through the net in a straight line without missing a beat. As soon as the ball landed harmlessly on the spot, Yuti turned around to confirm with Haruna.

“Is that correct?”


However, no one could respond to Yuti’s question. Not only the girls, but also the boys who were also taking a class in the gym, and even the teacher opened their mouths in astonishment at Yuti’s physical prowess.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“Hah! W-what was that just now… Yuti-san, is this really your first time playing basketball?”


“No way!”

Yuti did not know the rules of any sports on Earth, let alone basketball, but no one would believe it after seeing her movements. First, Yuti would confirm the rules and such, and from then on, the actual game will be played…



“Eeeeeeee! Three points again!”

As a disciple of the “Bow Saint,” it was no more than a child’s play for Yuti to put the ball into an immovable target… the net.

Whenever she took a shot, the ball went in. It didn’t matter how big the court was for Yuti. However, as soon as people around her realized that Yuti’s scoring prowess was extraordinary, the opposing team tried to stop her.

“We have to stop Yuti-san’s shot!”

“Don’t let her shoot! If she shoots it, it will go in!”

Some of them were from the basketball club, and under normal circumstances, if they marked someone in particular, they would have been stuck and unable to do anything.

But even this didn’t work against Yuti.

“No way, how come?”

“W-we can’t stop her!”

Yuti slipped through the group of girls who were trying to stop her and easily escaped from the encirclement. She then received a pass from her teammates. The opposing team was unrelenting and moved in to prevent her from taking a shot.

“I won’t let her shoot!”



Then, the schoolgirl who came to stop her widened her eyes in surprise. The reason was that Yuti was not looking at the net and just stood there in a daze. What’s more, Yuti then lightly threw the ball, as if she had no thoughts of where the ball would go.


“Eh, what!?”

“When did that happen?”

The ball thrown by Yuti landed in the hands of a teammate who was passing by, and the teammate who received the ball took a shot in a hurry.

Yuti had generously used the “Bow Saint” technique that she was using when she fought against Yuuya and the others. She had predicted where and when her fellow teammates would pass by, and she did the divine work of presenting the ball precisely in line with that.

“How can we win this…?”

The opponent’s dispirited voice unintentionally leaked out, but everyone in the room agreed with their words. After that, Yuti’s outstanding performance continued, and the match ultimately ended in a one-sided development.




“Yuti-san, you’re amazing!”

“Hmm? Is that so?”

When the physical education class was over, and Yuti was changing back into her uniform, Haruna said with a sparkle in her eye.

“That’s right… and there were also students from the basketball club on the opposite team…!”

“Basketball club?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Our basketball club is pretty strong, you know? I can’t believe you can win decisively against those girls all by yourself…”

“Denial. It’s not just me. Everyone’s got their shots.”

“No, it was all because of Yuti-san’s pass!”

“That’s right.”


Then one of the students, who was listening in on the conversation between Yuti and Haruna, came to talk to them. She has a short haircut and a somewhat boyish vibe. She approached them while wiping the sweat off her face.

“Oops, you still don’t know my name yet. I’m your classmate Natsuki; nice to meet you!”


“Yeah, yeah. And I got beaten up in the game earlier, but I am a member of the basketball club.”

“Basketball club member?”

“Un, well, Yuti-san beat us one-sidedly. It was because of her support that the other girls were able to score. Well, Yuti-san’s passes were so accurate that it’s like she knows someone will come there…”

“Affirmative. I know, so I threw the ball.”

“If that’s the case, that’s really great…”

Natsuki thought Yuti’s words were a joke and laughed.

“Anyway, since you’re so strong, Yuti-san, do you want to join the basketball club? In my opinion, you are most welcome…”


“Hmm? What is it?”

Yuti looked at Haruna and Natsuki with a serious expression and tilted her head.

“Basketball club, basketball club member, what is that?”


“I know basketball. But I don’t know about the club, or club member.”

At Yuti’s words, both of them were perplexed as they did not expect that.

However, Haruna, who recovered her senses immediately, asked anxiously.

“Err… Could it be that there were no club activities where you were before, Yuti-san?”

“Club activity?”

“Oh, there were not, huh…”

Judging by Yuti’s reaction, she could tell.

“It’s so rare that there were no club activities…”

“Right. It’s more like… I can’t believe there wasn’t a basketball club with such a gem of a person. …It’s such a waste.”

At Natsuki’s words, not only Haruna, but the other girls who were listening around nodded in unison.

“Unknown. What is this club activity?”

“Ah… I don’t know what to say about club activities, but I guess it’s more like a group of people who get together afterschool to do sports and other activities that they want, with a similar goal in mind.”

“…Difficult to understand. So, do I have to be in a club?”

“Not that you have to, but… is there anything you want to do?”


Yuti nodded in agreement, as she suddenly remembered that she has not touched a bow in this world.


“Bow? …Maybe you mean Kyūdō* or Archery?”

[T/n: Kyūdō is Japanese Archery.]

At Natsuki’s words, Yuti looked up vigorously, and excitedly approached Natsuki.

“Kyūdō? Archery? Unknown. Just a bow, can I use it?”

“Y-you can use it, but… Yuti-san, are you interested in trying Kyūdō or something?”

“Negative. I always use it.”

“You are using it?”

“I’m surprised. Well, maybe you should show up and join the Kyūdō club or something. What do you think? I’m off today, so I’ll show you around if you want?”

“Ah, me too, me too!”

Yuti nodded vigorously in response to their grateful offer.

“Okay, then the three of us will go to the Kyūdō club after school!”

“That’s right. Still… I’m a little disappointed that it’s not basketball, but I’m also surprised that it’s Kyūdō.”

“Surprised? Why?”

“Because… no, if you’ve been living abroad, it’s not surprising if you know archery.”

Natsuki muttered to herself, and Haruna asked Yuti a genuine question.

“Come to think of it, where did you live, Yuti-san?”





Haruna and Natsuki asked again, but Yuti’s answer did not change. Considering Yuti’s response, they looked at each other unconsciously.

“B-by forest, you mean, a real forest?”

“No, not many people live in the forest in this day and age, right? Maybe it was Aomori* Prefecture or something?”

[T/n: Mori = forest.]

“Ah, it’s possible. …But, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case, and it looks like you’re a foreigner, right?”

“Hmm… your Japanese is fluent, though…”


The existence of Yuti was becoming more and more of a mystery to them, and they both just nodded their heads.

“So, where do you live now?”

“Yuuya’s House.”


“Yuuya’s House.”


Again, not only the two… but everyone who was present was silent.

Haruna, who immediately came to her senses, asked fearfully.

“W-wait a minute. Is Yuuya someone… we also know? In our school, there’s a very famous person with the same name…”

“Hmm? Unknown. But he’s in the same school. I think it’s called high school?”

“B-by the way, what’s his last name…?”

“As I recall… Ten, Ten, Jou?”


And again, silence.

And then──.



A scream echoed through the women’s locker room.

“No-no-no way! Yuti-san, you live with Tenjou-senpai?”

“No, what kind of relationship do you have with Tenjou-senpai in the first place?”

“Being alone with Tenjou-senpai… I-I’m so jealous…!”

The barrage of questions that followed made Yuti’s eyes go black and white.

“Did I say something strange?”

“No, it’s not strange or anything, but… huh, is that strange…?”

“That’s not the point; it’s the fact that you are living with Tenjou-senpai! What does that mean?”

“Unknown. Not sure. But I’m in Yuuya’s care.”

“You are not sure?!”

The words that came out of Yuti’s mouth one after another stimulated the girls’ curiosity.

Yuti tilted her head at the sight of the excited girls.

“Question. Yuuya, is he famous?”

“He’s so famous, you know! Because it would be crazy not to get a rumor for being so handsome!”

“It’s not only that. He also showed off his tremendous physical abilities in the ball game tournament the other day, and more importantly, he cleared out the delinquents who broke into the school before…”

“Oh, that! That was awesome! He was throwing away the delinquents one after the other!”

“Delinquents? …I’m not sure. But Yuuya is more than capable for that much.”

Knowing of Yuuya’s fighting prowess, Yuti nodded at Haruna and the others’ words.

“I can’t say for sure because these are only rumors, but I heard he also repelled a bear that attacked during a field trip.”

“Eeh? That has to be a lie. Right, Yuti-san?”

“Denial. Yuuya, if it’s a bear, he can throw it away.”

“Are you kidding me!?”

Haruna and the others were increasingly surprised by Yuti’s words. The girls continued to ask Yuti many questions, and they were almost late for their next class.


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