Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Afterword

And here’s the afterword~

ED: Blast



Thank you all for your support. This fourth volume is the final volume of Garbage Brave, and since the web version was completed in three volumes, almost all of it is original content.

In the afterword to the third volume, I wrote that I would be happy to write a fourth volume, but now that I’ve actually completed the fourth volume, I’m a bit sad.

The battle between Tsukuru and the last boss at the end of the story is a thrilling one. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Mai Okuma-san for the illustrations, as well as the editors and everyone involved. And before I put my pen down, thank you to all the readers who have supported me so far. Thank you very much.



Garbage Brave Vol 4



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16 thoughts on “Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Afterword

    1. There are utilities that you can make such things with, but I have been putting off looking around for one myself. If one of us gets motivated and remembers, how about that one comes back here and posts a link?


  1. Well, it has finished… It feels kinda sad, but at least it’s a happy end, so that’s good enough as well.
    Thanks for the translation! It was a pleasure read this novel!


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