Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Epilogue

And now we have arrived at the epilogue of the last volume. Thank you to those who followed this work from the start, it was a fun ride. I hope you all are enjoyed this too. Thank you and see you on another novel again 😀

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Last Chapter – Epilogue


I drank the most exquisite tea while gazing at the tranquil scenery before me. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to drink tea in such a relaxing mood.

“Um, are you angry about something?”

Hirume-san spoke to me with a sense of trepidation.

“Angry? Me? Why do you think so?”

“Well, I wonder why?”

I unwillingly became a god in that world. Yes. Unwillingly.

“You knew about that, didn’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“About what would happen after I killed him.”

Hirume-san’s eyes wandered. That was enough for me.

I won’t say anything this time because of what happened with Ayumi. But there won’t be a next time.

“Ufufufu. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ll keep it in mind.”

“That’s fine.”

I stood up and left the room.

In an instant, I was in the garden of my house in Algria. I’ve become a god, so I can travel back and forth between Hirume-san’s Takamahagara and Algria in an instant without having to rely on Canaan.

“Welcome back, Tsukuru-san.”

Allie, who had a keen ear, came outside.

“Allie, I’m back. Did you notice anything unusual while I was gone?”

“Everything is fine. No problem, there’s been no change with everyone’s physical condition.”

“I’m glad to hear that. This is a very important time for them.”

Allie and I walked into the living room of the house.

Canaan, Hannah, Antia, and Ichinose were sitting on the sofa, and they smiled at me. Their bellies were getting bigger. My children are in their bellies.

It’s not just the four of them. Allie had a child in her belly too. She conceived only a little later than the four of them.

“Ah, Onii-chan. Welcome back.”

“Yeah, I’m back. Sanya.”

I came to realize that Sanya was Sanya even after she regained Ayumi’s memory. So I treat her as Sanya, not Ayumi. However, she was still my sister.

“Hey, Onii-chan.”

“What is it?”

“Let’s have a barbecue together today.”

“Oh, that sounds great. Let’s invite everyone and have a party!”


“Master, are we having a barbecue? Slurp.”

“Yes, Canaan. You can eat as much as you want, but don’t eat in a way that will cause problems for your stomach.”


Canaan is the same as ever, even while having a child. That’s what makes Canaan so cute.

“Master, I can help you with the barbecue, too.”

“What are you talking about? Hannah’s got the biggest belly, so you’d better sit down.”

“Master. Pregnancy is not a disease. It requires a certain amount of exercise, too.”

“I-is that so?”

“Yes. Once you are in the stable phase, you can move around.”

Thinking it was something like that, I decided to go along with Hannah’s words.

“Tsukuru. Can I call the elders from the forest?”

“Elders. I don’t mind.”

The elders, however, looked like beautiful elves in their twenties.

“Tsukuru-kun. Can I invite Miki and Fujisaki-kun too?”

“Yes, you can invite them all.”

“Thank you. Tsukuru-kun.”

Miki Hayama, Ichinose’s best friend, and Fujisaki, who is now Hayama’s husband, work at Sidele’s place.

“Canaan. Invite Sidele over too.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes, of course. And ask the Count to join us, too. Allie.”

“Thank you very much.”

Near the end of the evening, we had a big barbecue in my yard. For meat, I prepared level 450 Sea Serpents and level 380 Firebirds.

The meat of the sea serpent had a chewy texture like beef tongue, so I cut it a little thicker to enjoy its crunchiness.

Firebird meat had a different texture between the breast and thigh, and the breast was healthier.

After that, I carefully processed the top-quality motsu brought in from Japan to remove the odor and grilled them. The vegetables were purchased from Sidele’s place to encourage local production for local consumption.

[T/n: Motsu = Internal Organ]

“Well, my son-in-law’s cooking skills are as good as ever. I really enjoy your cooking.”

Count Abbas, who was drinking the wine I had prepared to accompany the sea serpent meat, patted me on the shoulder.

“You’re in a good mood now, Count.”

“Even if I’m in a foul mood, I can’t help but smile when I have such excellent food and wine.”

“I’m glad to hear it. Enjoy yourself today.”

“Tsukuru-sama. Thank you for inviting me here today.”

“Oh, Sidele. Canaan’s family is also my family, Sidele. I hope you enjoyed the evening.”

“Yes, sir. By the way… where did you get this wine?”

“You’re talking business even in this place, huh?”

He’s a man with a strong business spirit.

“Hahaha. I’m a businessman by nature, after all.”

“That’s how a businessman should be. Hahaha. That’s something even I can’t get very often, so give it up. Instead, I’m sure you can get your hands on a good amount of that clear sake.”

“That sake is called refined sake, isn’t it? It’s also delicious. I’ll come back later to discuss it with you.”

“Yeah, I got it.”

Sidele seemed to be happy to come across a good business opportunity.


These stubborn guys are coming, too, huh? Well, I’m the one who called them, so I can’t complain.

“Oh, Goliath and Rotten?”

“Your cooking is as excellent as ever, instructor.”

“Well, what a compliment from the serious Rotten.”

“I don’t deny that I am serious, but I’m not just saying so to flatter you.”

“Rotten is getting better at making small talk. Right, Goliath?”

“Yes. He’s a little more receptive these days.”

“Goliath-dono, you…”



Nyx Translation


“Sumeragi-kun. Thank you for this evening.”

“Fujisaki, huh? How are things going with Hayama? Since it’s you, I’m sure you’re stuck on Hayama’s ass.”

“T-that’s not true. Miki is very sweet.”

“What, are you flirting? What’s with the flirting?”

“Tsukuru. This motsu is delicious. The more you bite into it, the more the flavor comes out. Hahahaha!”

When I was talking to Fujisaki, a red-faced Kurogiri wrapped his arm around my neck. He’s completely drunk.

“You’ve got a bad drinking habit, so take it easy.”

“Hmm. This Kurogiri-sama wouldn’t get drunk from alcohol like this.”

No, he’s completely drunk!

This is how I enjoyed a barbecue with everyone. It’s a good ending to my story, right?

So this the end of the story of the Garbage Brave.

Thank you for reading this far. Farewell.




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  1. Thanks for the chapter
    I felt like I missed the information about the Hero’s soul. I guess Canaan was the Hero, reincarnated, who subjugated Ayumi when she was the Demon King, since both have Light and Darkness, respectively.

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  2. This was an amazing blast.. thank you very much for ur amazing idea author san and thank you very much to the great translator nyx for translating this


  3. Wait a second he became a god so he is immortal right? doesn’t that mean he and Antia gonna be together till the end of time or do the other girls also became immortal?


  4. It’s been a good ride this is the 4th light novel I have finished thank you for all your hard work and I hope to read more novels in the future


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