Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Is It The Beginning of Truth? (Laughs)


Now, the following day. Last night’s night exercise was a change of attack and defense since I was probably too tired. I was the attacker for the previous two nights. My impressions are that… Yes. That bouncing between my eyes is really a great visual effect!

Also, Sylphy’s toughness is terrific. It really is amazing. Once she gets the hang of it, it’s almost impossible to resist. It was a lot of fun.

“Now, let’s get going again today.”


Sylphy’s skin was glowing. By the way, today’s breakfast was a super-heavy menu of roasted rabbit, fried rabbit meat, and thin bread. After all that exercise, I guess we must be hungry, right? Yep.

I had finished all the items I had reserved for crafting last night, so I retrieved the blacksmithing facility and workbench to my inventory. I’ll use the blacksmithing facility for making bricks, and I might use the workbench as well.

As we did yesterday, we went through the Elven artisan district, passed through the refugee zone, and headed for the expansion zone. The destination was the small pile of clay that had been created yesterday.

“Isn’t it getting bigger?”

“I think they added water to the sun-dried bricks while they were drying and then turned them back into clay.”

“I see.”

I don’t know much about making sun-dried bricks, but if the clay is not the raw material for the baking process, maybe adding water will bring it back. When I watched it on TV, I thought it was mixed with horse manure, cow manure, or straw.

“Good morning, Your Highness.”

“””Good morning.”””

When we reached the small pile of clay, Danan and the other executives, as well as refugees who seemed to be workers, had already gathered and started working.

“Umu, let’s work hard today as well.”

“Good morning!”

After confirming that Sylphy had greeted them, I also greeted them cheerfully. The greeting is actually important. It’s also written in the ancient records.

“Kosuke, did you bring the weapon that you repaired yesterday? Take it out.”

“Copy that.”

I took out the repaired weapons from my inventory. There are four iron swords, three iron spears, six iron daggers, two iron hatchets, and two iron shields. I took out the iron shields first and placed them on the ground, then crumpled them up on top of each other.

“Danan, these are the loot weapons I kept and had Kosuke repair. Distribute them to those who are capable of fighting, use them for defense and hunting.”


“I also ordered Kosuke to make a weapon for Danan. Kosuke.”


I took the steel Bardiche I made last night out of my inventory and handed it to Sylphy.

“I took a look at it myself, and it’s a good quality weapon. Wield it to protect everyone.”

After receiving the Bardiche from me, Sylphy handed it directly to Danan. After receiving the Bardiche, Danan gazed at the blade and swung it a few times as if to check the center of gravity, then nodded enthusiastically.

“It is a wonderful weapon. This weapon will tear Gizma apart like a piece of paper.”

“I suppose so. There are several other hidden gems in Kosuke’s possession. You’ll be amazed.”

“I’m really looking forward to it.”

Danan smiles thinly. Yes, his size and severity make him look like a bandit or some kind of boss. I’m not going to say anything about that because I’m sure the Bardiche will cut me in half if I do.

“But this man really has such an impressive weapon, doesn’t he?”

Danan cast a questioning glance at Sylphy. That’s right; it was only yesterday. And it’s only been three days since I met Sylphy, and only yesterday that I met Danan. Anyone would think that the time it took to make that Bardiche would be less than three days, let alone one night. That’s what I would normally think, too.

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. As Isla said, Kosuke’s power is like a lump of absurdity. I think you’re going to have to taste the absurdity of that power today.”

Sylphy grinned. Yeah, that’s the look Sylphy always has. When I first met her, I thought she should just smile naturally, but now I feel more at ease when I see that kind of expression on her face. When she smiles normally, she’s so cute and beautiful that it gives my heart palpitations.

“So, Kosuke, let’s start today’s work.”

“Aye aye, ma’am. I’m going to set up the blacksmithing facility, so give me some space. Hey, excuse me, please move aside.”

I asked the refugees standing near the small pile of clay to move aside and set up the blacksmithing facility. The moment I set it up, the refugees started to murmur. Yes, that’s right. You’d be surprised to see such a magnificent smelting furnace and other things suddenly appear.

“Sylphy, I can probably repair some worn-out blades too, so if you have such things, bring them to me, and I’ll repair them.”

“Hmm, that sounds great. I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Yes, please. I’ll collect the clay and burn the bricks.”

“All right. Keep up the good work.”

“Aye aye, ma’am.”

I salute Sylphy as she leaves with Danan and takes a shovel out of my inventory. In addition, I set charcoal for fuel in the blacksmithing facility and prepare to burn the bricks――.

“Um, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but…”

“How in the world did this facility appear… It’s just absurd.”

“It’s dangerous to set the fire. If you want to see it, look further away.”


It was very difficult to pull off Isla, who was attached to the blacksmithing facility, staring here and there.




I dig. I just keep digging. I thrust the shovel into the pile of clay and poured it into my inventory. While I was doing this, the refugees were bringing in more and more clay. The tool they carry is something like a wooden board with a string attached to it for a handle. They put the clay on the board and pulled the string to carry it.

“How does the clay disappear?”

“I just throw them into my inventory like normal.”

“Mmm… as expected, there are no traces of magic power at all. Is there some other kind of power that is not magic at work here…?”

Isla is monitoring my work, occasionally asking questions and then mumbling something. I believe she has her work to do, but she is sticking to me. I think she’s a refugee with hostile intentions toward humans, and she’s here to keep me out of harm’s way, but I don’t know if that’s really the case. Her actions are too loyal to her desires or too rooted in her intellectual curiosity!

“Is the clay still not enough?”

Melty is nearby. She’s been sitting here since she brought the blade that needs to be repaired. I try not to look at the millstone she has placed in front of her. I won’t look at it. I’m not going to look at it. I have more important things to do right now.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think it might be better if you stop for a moment. There’s quite a lot of them.”

At the same time, the bricks continued to be burned in the furnace of the blacksmithing facility. After that, I need to craft the bricks into brick blocks, but it’s faster to use the workbench than to do it at hand.

So, I set up a workbench.

“There’s something more.”

“A workbench. The blacksmithing facility is used for iron making, burning, and repairing ironware, while the workbench is used for processing various things. It’s supposed to enhance my own crafting abilities.”

Come to think of it, the steel leaf springs are ready, and so the workbench is ready to be upgraded. I got permission from Sylphy yesterday, so I’ll upgrade it.

“Don’t stare at the workbench; it’s going to shine a little brightly.”

“I don’t want to miss anything.”

“Then, I won’t be responsible if something happens to you…”

Isla seemed to be more than willing to come along. She would not listen to me even if I tried to persuade her, so I left her alone and went ahead with the upgrade. As expected, the workbench shone with a bright light.

“W-what was that?”

“I’ve upgraded the workbench. It increases what I can do and improves performance.”

I looked at Isla while answering Melty’s question, and as expected, she was holding her eyes and groaning because she saw the flashes directly. I told you already.


“Yes, yes, it’s dangerous, so just sit down.”

I quickly made a wooden stool, set it up, and let Isla sit on it. She is a one-eyed girl who can take care of herself.

Now, the upgraded workbench is shown as an improved workbench. On one side of the L-shape is the same workspace as before, and on the other side is a mechanical device that looks like a foot-operated sewing machine. Oh, is that it, right? Isn’t that a foot-powered lathe? It’s a foot-powered lathe that rotates the object to be processed and presses it against a fixed blade to shave, cut, or drill holes in it.

“What is this device?”

“I think it’s a lathe. It’s a device used to process metal into various shapes. It’s just for decoration for my use.”

In my case, I use the crafting menu to process items, so no matter how big the processing equipment is, it’s just a decoration. Well, I think I can use this workbench in a normal way. I just won’t do it.

For now, I’ll have to wait to find out what I can do with it. Currently, I need to mass produce brick blocks. I moved the fired bricks from the blacksmithing facility to the improved workbench and started mass-producing brick blocks. Let’s just make as many as possible.

“I-I can see it.”

“What? What is it?”

“The beginning of the truth.”

“The heat is… a bit hot?”

I put my hand on Isla’s forehead, who was making a serious drunken remark, and it was a little hot. I can’t decide if it’s a fever or just hot from gnawing on the forging facility. I want to say, “I’ll get you some medicine,” but unfortunately, there is no pharmaceutical workbench.

“Melty, take care of Isla, please. I’m busy with work.”

“Okay. All right, Isla, let’s go over there and get some rest.”

“I’m fine. Let me go.”

“A drunken would never tell anyone he was drunk.”

“I’m not drunk. In the first place, either Melty or I have to keep an eye on Kosuke. Melty should send out a notice to stop the clay digging.”

Isla slapped away Melty’s hand with a resentful expression and glared at her with a scowl.

“It can’t be helped. Don’t make trouble for Kosuke.”

“I’m not a child; I’ll be fine.”

Really? That’s what I thought, but I knew it would only make her angry, so I kept my mouth shut. It is said that eloquence is silver and silence is gold. In this case, I think it’s more accurate to say that talk is terrible news. Melty leaves, leaving only me, Isla, and the refugees around us who are watching me work.

“So, what did you see?”

“That light is similar to the glow of divine magic used by priests. Perhaps Kosuke’s ability is similar to some kind of divine magic.”

“Oh, yeah. so that’s it.”

I knew. I’m not sure if it’s just a vague intuition, but I’ve sensed a third party’s will in the direction of this ability or the ability itself. The extra comment from the achiever also hinted at the intervention of someone’s will.

So, what kind of person would be able to bring me into this world and make me use such an ability? I can only think of God. In that sense, I can only say that I “knew” that my ability was some kind of divine magic. I think Isla’s statement reinforced my vague intuition that I was right, though.

“…Did you know about that?”

“No, you know that I’m from a different world, right? If there were an entity that could bring me from a different world to this world and then allow me to do this, it would be “that”… right?”

“…It’s a failure.”

Isla was seriously depressed and looked down, holding her head. Yeah, I was so focused on the wonder in front of me that my vision was narrowed. I know it. Then Isla remained depressed until I finished turning all the clay into bricks and then into brick blocks――that is until the call for lunch came. She’s just sleeping.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter nyxtranslation! Wonder if there is a greater mission to his existence here. Perhaps to close the gaps between demihumans and humans so they can negotiate peace on equal grounds?


  2. So they would treat his ability as a miracle instead of magic, I see. Apparently becoming a prophet or a saint is inevitable for him from this point. For example the miracle of multiplying bread and water, instead of bread and wine that someone famous allegedly did once.


  3. “I looked at Isla while answering Melty’s question, and as expected, she was holding her eyes and groaning because she saw the flashes directly. I told you already.”
    A mono-eye species, remember?


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