I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Prologue

Here’s the 7th volume’s prologue, I hope you can enjoy this volume as well~

ED: Blast



The world’s negative energy is swirling. The ground is withering, and it is impossible for living things to survive in the farthest reaches of the… [World’s Disposal Ground].

A while after Yuuya’s existence became known to the Evil, the Evil with the form of a young man summoned the group again.

“…It’s unusual for us to be summoned this often.”

A nervous-looking Evil, who had arrived a step ahead of the others, muttered quietly.

“But will the others come? They didn’t even respond to the previous call…”

“──You don’t need to worry about them; it’s all good.”


When he heard a new voice, the nervous-looking Evil turned around and saw the young-looking Evil there. However, the nervous-looking Evil noticed that there was something a little strange about him.

It was similar to the change that occurred immediately after the death of the recently deceased Evil with the form of a boy ─ Quarro.

“This is… what does this mean? You seem to have gotten much stronger in a little while I haven’t seen you …”

The nervous-looking Evil was overwhelmed by the presence of the young-looking Evil. It’s to the extent that the quality of the power emitting from the young man seemed to have improved over the years.

So, the nervous-looking Evil came up with a thought.

“Could it be that you killed the others?”

There had been several gatherings of the Evil at this World’s Disposal Ground, but the only ones who gathered previously were the young man Evil, the nervous-looking Evil, and the now-deceased Quarro. However, there was no way that the three of them were the only Evil that existed in the world as a manifestation of the negative energy. There were Evil all over the world, and each of them spent their time as they pleased.

This was why nervous-looking Evil thought those Evils had been killed without his knowledge.


“Yeah, those guys ─ I killed them all.”


The young man’s words, which he had not expected, rendered the nervous-looking Evil speechless.

“Y-you killed them, you said? …What are you thinking about? Quarro had been eliminated, and our strength is now reduced. And yet…!”

“I’ve realized something.”


“No matter how we attack them individually as we are now, we will only lose like Quarro. That’s why we need absolute power – not as a group, but as individuals.”

The young man’s Evil did not seem to be particularly concerned about the nervous-looking Evil reaction and told him plainly.

“And now that Quarro is dead, his power has been passed to me. But that’s not enough. The person who killed Quarro is an existence that we never expected. That’s why it will take an overwhelming power to kill him and lay waste to the humans, including the Holy. Rather than gathering together like the weak, it would be better to have a single, overwhelmingly powerful person to overrun them. So I thought to myself. I’m going to be that one person, and I’m going to destroy everything.”

“No way…?”

“Yeah, you’ve guessed it. I killed all the others, and they became part of me. You’re the only one left.”


The nervous-looking Evil instantly distanced himself from the young-looking Evil. He gathered up the black mist, transformed it into a huge spear, and unleashed it directly at the young man.

Facing the massive black spear approaching with terrifying speed and power, the young man Evil did not even show any pretense of avoiding it. At the moment the spear touched him… the spear reverted into a black mist and dispersed.


“The quality of my evil power is far superior to yours. Your attack would not leave a single scratch.”

When he heard the young man’s words, the nervous-looking Evil, thinking that he had a slim chance of winning, immediately gathered up the black mist to tried to flee from the place.



The black mist that the nervous-looking Evil desperately gathered up had dissipated again, and in contrast, it gathered around the young-looking Evil.

“I told you already. The quality of my evil power is vastly superior to yours… which means that all the negative power in the world has gathered around me. There is not a single evil power you can control anymore.”

“N-no way…”

Before this unreasonable power, the nervous-looking Evil was at a loss for words, and the young man smiled.

“But, it’s painful for me too to just kill you after we’ve been through so much together. That’s why… I’ll show you the true power of my ultimate perfected Evil.”


The dense black mist hovering around the young man’s Evil suddenly wriggled and transformed itself into the shape of a hand. Eventually multiple hands appeared as if they were growing out of the back of the young man’s Evil. Furthermore, these hands formed by the black mist were holding a variety of weapons.

And when he saw the variety of weapons, the nervous-looking Evil noticed something and opened his eyes.

“T-those weapons are… the weapons of the Fallen Saints…!?”

“That’s right. I killed the other Evil as well as the Fallen Saints, and this was an unexpected harvest… As you can see, I’ve even acquired all the skills of the Fallen Saints.”

Originally, each and every individual Evil was already overwhelmingly powerful. In order to counter them, the human race up until now had managed to combat the Evil by acquiring the title of Holy for those who have mastered the skills in various fields.

However, the young-looking Evil was not only powerful as an Evil, but he had also acquired the skills that the Holy had acquired and was becoming a more perfect being.

“Now, I’ll take care of the rest. You can disappear in peace.”

“C-curse yooouuuuuu!”

The nervous-looking Evil was releasing the faint remaining Evil power desperately. And at the same time, the jet black spear that the young man unleashed had pierced through the nervous-looking Evil with ease.


The nervous-looking Evil had been pierced in the stomach and could no longer move properly glared at the young-looking Evil with eyes filled with tremendous murderous intent.

“Y-you bastard… to do something like this to me…!”

“It’s become tedious. Just shut up and become my food.”

At that moment, a black mist gathered around the feet of the nervous-looking Evil. The mist took on the shape of some kind of jaw ─ and ate the nervous-looking Evil.


The sound of ripping flesh, shattering bones, along with the scream of the nervous-looking Evil was heard as he was being chewed. In the end, when the sound disappeared and the black mist dispersed, the young man noticed something unusual with his body.

“Ugh! O-oooohhh!”

The negative power surrounding the World’s Disposal Ground was gathering around the young man. In addition, new energies that were still created by the negative emotions around the world were also flowing into the young-looking Evil.

The energy turned into a jet-black sphere that completely enveloped the Evil. Eventually, the jet-black sphere cracked, and the young man appeared from within.

He had long jet-black hair that seemed to consume everything and black eyes that looked like bottomless holes. The power of the Evil, concentrated to the utmost limit, was leaking out of his body in a faint aura. The young man looked down at his reborn body and stared at his hands.

“…Ah, I was right after all.”

When the young man gathers the power of Evil in his right palm, a jet-black sphere the size of a marble emerges.


NyX Translation


The moment he randomly threw it in front of him, a thunderous roar echoed throughout the World’s Disposal Ground.

“…Hmm. Is the power still not completely accustomed to my new body…?”

The young man’s Evil glared at the distant sky and laughed ferociously.

“Just wait, you outsider. I’m going to wipe you out without a trace. For the first step… I will go to the country where Quarro was killed to say hello──.”

After evolving into the ultimate perfect form, the “God of Destruction” ─ Avis disappeared as if melting into the world.


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15 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Prologue

    1. Because outside of Harem Comedy, the author’s skills are inadequate– poorly constructed Isekai world, cardboard characters, and one-dimensional antagonists.

      But gotta admire his sperg-like determination to stick to something he’s so terrible at.

      As always, thanks for the translation. It’s the only thing keeping me interested right now.

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      1. Gotta agree with you on this the translation is the only thing keeping me here. What’s worse it had such promise, with being able to travel between world’s freely and being treated like shit by his family. Which I thought he would have used what he got to better himself in the real to rub In their faces, oh well opportunity lost. On a very good concept.

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  1. First of all I am sorry if there are errors, I do not speak English (I read with google’s automatic translator) given that first I want to thank the translation after all it is well done otherwise it would translate all badly Mr. Google, and regarding history, always I feel uncomfortable reading “wicked” and “saints” and in this prologue the “nervous-looking evil” and all that, I mean, it feels too childish, it would be better I think if the author always defined them as “Order” and “Chaos” or something like that, and as they said above, the construction part of the world feels very badly done, I mean on this side there is nothing special, except the harem, on the isekai side it is the same, although well I understand that you can not either expect a teenager without self-esteem from being bullied to seize the opportunity and become an entrepreneur or something like that on this side, or found a kingdom or whatever on the other side. Anyway, Greetings from Paraguay

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  2. Such an ass pull especially with Quarro being eliminated but still strengthening Evil. I get the subsequent devouring but Quarro’s power should either have been absorbed by Yuuya or completely exorcised since Yuuya used the monk weapon.


  3. So… all the “Evil” concentrated on one individual…. It looks like all that holy/evil crap won’t survive for more than 2 volumes….


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