I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 – Sweet Practice

Part 1


──It’s been a few days since I defeated Quarro, one of the Evil. As Master Usagi had said, my training had become more severe than before.

“──[One Thousand Spear Piercing]!”


I transformed to the Evil and unleashed the Spear Saint technique that I had acquired during the battle with the Fallen Saint.

I had awakened a new power during that battle… Thanks to the [Evil Den’s Eye], I was able to use some of the Spear Saint’s technique. But neither the [Evil Den’s Eye] nor the Spear Saint technique were reflected in my status. It seemed that I had acquired them as my own unique skills.

With my new skills, countless spear attacks were directed at Master Usagi. However, Master Usagi didn’t seem to be overwhelmed by the number of attacks and just brushed them off with his legs.


(Do you think that your attacks which aren’t equipped with the [Magic Attire] would hit me? Here, do not let your mind wander…!)


After Master Usagi parried away my attack lightly, he accelerated straight at me and mercilessly directed a kick at my face. I managed to avoid it by turning my upper body. Then I countered by kicking Master Usagi while upside down.


Master Usagi seemed a little impressed by my action, but he casually used my kick as a foothold and moved away from me.

(You used to be too preoccupied to avoid it, but now you’re fighting back… It looks like you’re growing up, at least.)

“I-I wonder if that’s true…”

I’m not confident at all.

After all, my attacks were all deflected, so I didn’t feel like I was growing up at all.

I know that if I don’t use [Magic Attire], I won’t be able to land an attack, but this training also has the purpose of raising my natural strength, so I didn’t use it on purpose.

(Well, that’s fine. But if you only attack with your spear and kicks, it won’t be any different than before, right?)

“…I know that.”

I put away my [Absolute Spear] and took out my [Omni-Sword].

And then──.

[Single Sword Flash]!”


By applying the kicking technique that was handed down by Master Usagi to attack, I was able to approach Master Usagi with tremendous momentum, and then I was able to swing the whole sword that was in my hand to the side.

This technique was a Sword Saint technique which was taught by Iris-san. The strike contained my full power, and for the first time in today’s training, Master Usagi took evasive actions instead of just brushing aside my attack.

But my attack was not over yet.

“───[Heavenly Rotation]!”


One of the Sword Saint techniques was the [Heavenly Rotation], which was an attack that launches a tornado of slashes by slashing the sword upward from the bottom. I learned this technique from Iris-san, but I am not yet able to create a tornado as large as hers.

Even so, if I unleashed it at close range, even Master Usagi wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

(Hmph… interesting…!)


However, facing my new technique, Master Usagi smiled ferociously, which was completely uncharacteristic of a rabbit, and he dispelled the oncoming tornado of slashes with his foot.

(Unfortunately, you’re not quite there yet.)

“I guess…?”


Master Usagi thought my attack was over, but my focus was on my next attack. This was one of the most powerful techniques that Iris-san taught me.

It is───.

[Heavenly Saint Slash]──!”

While Master Usagi dealt with the tornado of slashes I’ve unleashed, I adjusted my stance and took a big step forward as I did with the [Single Sword Flash].

The preliminary movement of the attack was so large that if I were to unleash it normally, Master Usagi would have easily avoided it. But right now, Master Usagi was in the middle of dealing with another of my techniques. There was no way he could prevent it.


As I stepped forward with all my might, I poured my magic power into the [Omni-Sword], causing it to glow pale blue and it transformed into a giant light sword. The light sword was swung down with great force at Master Usagi.

(Kuhahahahaha! That’s good, that’s good! [Breaking Flash Kick]!)

However, Master Usagi, who had managed to deal with the tornado of slashes that I had unleashed, pulled his foot back to the extreme and then released it in one fell swoop to unleash a kick.

The power of the kick was so great that it pierced the slash of extreme magical power that I had unleashed! It was as if he had focused all his strength to break through at a single point, and his technique easily surpassed the results of my training.

I’m not a true Holy, so I used the magic power I inherited from Sage-san as a substitute. However, the power was close to that of the actual [Heavenly Saint Slash]… and even my full power version of the [Heavenly Saint Slash] still could not reach Master Usagi in the end.

“Am I really growing up…?”

A weak voice unintentionally leaked out of my mouth, but please forgive me. As I was sighing heavily, Master Usagi broke through my [Heavenly Saint Slash]; he kept his distance and released his fighting stance.

(Hmm, do you want to leave it at that for today? Even so, being able to easily absorb not only my technique but also the Sword Saint technique makes me more and more curious about what you are.)


“──It looks like it’s over.”

A female voice called out to me after I finished my training with Master Usagi. When I turned my gaze towards the voice, I saw Iris-san standing there with a towel in her hand.

“Yes, here’s the towel.”

“Ah… sorry, thank you.”

“And here’s your water. So, are you hurt or something? Are you okay?”

“Eh? I-I’m fine!”

“Are you sure? You’re not lying, are you? If there’s anything that’s bothering you, don’t hesitate to tell your Onee-san, okay?”

Iris-san was taking such good care of me that I’m afraid I’m going to shrink, but since Master Usagi has never cared for me like this before in my training, I’m somewhat confused. However, I was grateful that she was concerned about me, so I thanked her honestly.

“T-thank you very much. Thank you so much for doing this for me…”

“It’s okay. …I want to be with you as much as possible like this.”


“It’s nothing.”


As you may have guessed from Iris-san’s presence here, after Quarro’s attack, not only did the intensity of my training with Master Usagi increase, but Iris-san also began training me.

As a result, I was able to use the Sword Saint techniques, like the [Single Sword Flash] that I just unleashed on Master Usagi.

…The control was still not as good as it should be, and it was not as powerful nor fast as Iris-san’s, so I need to continue training well…

However, just like the Spear Saint technique, the Sword Saint techniques were not reflected in my status for some reason.

When I let out a sigh again, Iris-san looked around.

“Even so… I never thought that Yuuya-kun is living in the Great Devil’s Nest… and this house seems to be protected by magic that even I don’t understand… No wonder that Usagi is learning magic from Yuuya-kun. I wonder if I should learn it too?”

Yes, Iris-san had come to my house in the Great Devil’s Nest, just like Master Usagi, to train me.

“That’s just… I’m not that good enough to teach you…”

“You say this is not good enough…? No matter how I look at it, I think you’re a better magician than the Magic Saint…”

(I agree with you. The self-enhancement provided by the [Magic Attire] is also powerful. You’re still a little lacking when it comes to combat techniques, Yuuya, but when it comes to magic, there’s a lot to learn from you.)

Both Master Usagi and Iris-san gave me such praise, but this was all just something that I inherited from Sage-san, or rather, something that was simply given to me. It’s not that I’m amazing, but it’s Sage-san that was too amazing.

…The only thing I can do was to become a person worthy of the power I inherited from Sage-san, even if only a little. I have to work hard.

As I was thinking about this, Yuti came over from the house.

“Suggestion. Yuuya, it’s time for dinner.”

“Oh, it’s already that time, huh…?”

“Affirmative. Both Ouma-san and I are looking forward to it.”

“Yes, yes.”

I couldn’t help but let out a wry smile at Yuti’s honest words. Well, Ouma-san could not go out of the house on Earth, so I understood that the only thing he could enjoy was eating.

The training with Master Usagi and Iris-san was so intense that I lost track of time, but it was already time to eat. Then Iris-san stared at Yuti and muttered in some dissatisfaction.

“…I still don’t agree with it.”


“Why are you living with a woman other than me…?”


Iris-san shouted as if she was crying tears of blood.

“You’re living under the same roof with a beautiful young girl…! I don’t see how I can win! I mean, no matter what, i-it’s just so shameful!”

“Hmm? Problem. I have nowhere else to go. Yuuya invited me to live with him. That’s why I’m here.”

“H-h-he invited you…?”

Iris-san shouted, her face growing redder and redder. W-well, if I left Yuti alone, she would have continued to live in the wild forever…

“I-I wonder if young people these days are too liberal…? Or am I just too far behind?”

“Um, Iris-san?”

Iris-san was cool and sharp when she was training, but sometimes she said strange things and acted weird. It could be said that this was the reason behind the familiarity.

“More importantly! I heard that you’re the disciple of… Bow Saint?”

“Affirmative. I’m Yuti, the disciple of the Bow Saint.”

“Yes, Yuti-chan. I want to ask you one question, why are you asking Yuuya to prepare the food for you? If you’re the Bow Saint’s apprentice, I’m sure she’s taught you well, including household chores, but…”

“Hmm? Negative. The only thing I learned from my master was the Bow Saint techniques. My master did everything else.”

“Eh? Ah, no… her caring nature may have backfired… rather than being overprotective, I think it is beyond that…”

Iris-san was taken aback by Yuti’s words. No, I was surprised too. She said she couldn’t even take off her clothes by herself. It’s not a problem now, though. Kaori taught her a lot of things about that, so she was really helpful.

Then Iris-san, who had been looking dumbfounded, seemed to notice something, and her face brightened.

Sigh! That’s right; if I show off my household skills here, I’ll have a chance…!? Yuuya-kun!”


“Onee-san will be the one cooking for you today.”


I opened my eyes at the unexpected words.

“Since this is a great opportunity, Yuuya-kun… Um, I think I’ll cook for you today to deepen our friendship… H-how about it?”

“N-no, I mean… I appreciate the thought of deepening our friendship, but if that’s the case, I’d rather be the one to cook…”

“It’s okay! Please leave this to Onee-san! I’ve been doing bridal training for a while now, so I’m pretty good at housework… though I’ve never had anyone to show it off to.”

In the end, Iris-san muttered something quietly and gave a distant look.

“Um… Is that okay?”

“Of course. I’d rather you leave it to me.”

“I-if you say so, then… please.”

“Expectations. Let’s see what the Sword Saint can do.”

“Why is Yuti looking so high and mighty about this…?”

Yuti, you couldn’t do housework… I wanted to say that again, but I held back.

Then, Master Usagi, who was watching our exchange, turned his back on us.

(Hmph. The training for today is over. Do what you want with the rest.)

“Ah, Master Usagi, aren’t you going to eat with us?”

(It’s okay. It’s more troublesome to get caught up in the fight between those two women.)

“Eh, a fight?”

When I turned my gaze to Iris-san and Yuti, I couldn’t help but notice that although they were quietly looking at each other, there seemed to be sparks flying between their gazes. W-what is it?

(Well, you’ll just have to do your best.)

After saying that much, Master Usagi walked out of the barrier of Sage-san’s house, jumped up into the air from there, and flew away somewhere using the air as a foothold.


As I looked over at Master Usagi, who had left after saying something disturbingly, Iris-san also turned her gaze in the same direction.

“Usagi is the same as ever… Now then, I’d like to cook quickly, may I borrow your kitchen?”

“Ah, c-come this way, please!”

In this manner, I entered Sage-san’s house together with Iris-san and Yuti.


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