I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Part 2


“…No, Isn’t that too careless of me? I…”

The next day. I started my preparations early so that I wouldn’t be late for my appointment with Miu-san, but once again, I felt that I had been too careless in inviting her.

The festival we were going to was not as large as the one held in the city. However, it was still a big one, and I didn’t need to think about what would happen if Miu-san, a very famous person, showed up at such a place.

The biggest problem of all was that I was too mismatched to her. In fact, I’m so out of proportion that it’s almost laughable. Is everything okay? Me…

“Uwaaahh… I’m suddenly getting anxious…”


As I held my head in my hands, Night barked in concern and put one foot on my leg to comfort me. Thank you, Night. But I wanted to make Miu-san feel better, even if just a little. When I thought of that, my mouth was moving naturally…

However, when I thought about it more calmly, I realized that even if I wanted to cheer her up, it would be a bit too far-fetched to believe that going to a festival with me might cheer her up. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that at the time.

“Well, it’s time to go!”

As I was thinking about this and that, the appointed time was fast approaching, and I hurriedly left the house.

Night and Akatsuki were staying at home today. Of course, Ouma-san and Yuti, who hadn’t finished her homework yet, said she would concentrate on that. Homework was important, but I think it’s okay to go out with friends.

Since it was a summer festival, most people on the street were wearing yukata, but I was dressed in a normal outfit.

As you probably expected, I didn’t own any yukata or anything like that, so it couldn’t be helped, but I had chosen to wear clothes that were as decent as possible so that I won’t embarrass Miu-san when I walk next to her…

As I approached the appointed place, the streets became more and more crowded. And I felt that the people around me were a little buzzed.

Yes, Miu-san was standing quietly at the appointed spot.

──She was dressed in a yukata. I was stunned, but Miu-san noticed my appearance and smiled.

“Ah, Yuuya-san!”

“Eh, ah, yes!”

When I replied, my body tensed up. Miu-san walked towards me with a curious expression on her face.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

“N-no! That… I didn’t expect to see you in a yukata…”

“Oh… u-um, is it… weird?”

“Weird? No, of course not! It looks perfect on you!”

“R-really? It’s just that… you’re a little close…”

“Eh? A-aah! I-I’m sorry!”


NyX Translation


Miu-san asked if her yukata was weird, so I got closer than I should have… It’s really a bit of carelessness.

“I-it’s not that I don’t like it… it’s just that I was a little embarrassed…”


When I was working as a model, I was able to stay in close contact without much difficulty, but now that Miu-san’s cheeks were dyed red, I felt awkward. I-it’s embarrassing…!

As we were both feeling awkward, I noticed that the buzz around us was getting louder.

“H-hey, that’s…”

“Ah, yeah. That’s Miu-chan, the model… right?”

“She’s wearing a yukata, so I knew she was waiting for someone in private, not at work, but…”

“She’s got a hell of a good-looking guy there…”

“It’s not like Miu-chan being an idol matters, nor does she belong to an agency that prohibits romance, right? Then, it’s okay, isn’t it?”

“Even if I understand it in my head, I can’t keep up with my emotions… It’s just that they are so innocent… they haven’t even touched hands with each other yet, have they?”

“”Are they junior high schoolers?””

I don’t know; we’re standing out more than I expected!

“Miu-san! Let’s move from here for now!”


We quickly made our way to the festival site, feeling slightly awkward.

“Wow! It’s amazing!”

When we arrived at the festival site, Miu-san’s eyes lit up. The festival site had many food stalls along the river, and the fireworks were scheduled to start around 7 pm.

Then suddenly, Miu-san smiled a little sadly.

“…Before I started working as a model, I never had the chance to come to a festival like this. So it’s kind of strange to be able to enjoy a festival like this…”

“…This is actually the first time I’ve been to a festival, too.”

“Really? If it’s Yuuya-san, I thought you would have come with your girlfriend…”

“No, no, no, I never had a girlfriend.”

Miu-san’s words made me smile bitterly. I don’t have a girlfriend… It’s too impossible for me to have a girlfriend.

And I didn’t remember ever coming to a festival with my parents. Grandpa traveled all over the world, and now that I think about it, I’d never participated in a normal event with him like this. There’s nothing I can do about it now, but I wish I could have gone out with my grandpa more when he was still alive…

When I was a little bit sad, Miu-san turned her head down as if she was thinking about something.

“I see… Yuuya-san, you don’t have a girlfriend, huh…?”


“Oh, no! It’s nothing!”

If Miu-san says so, then it must be nothing.

When we were both excited about our first festival, we noticed that the surroundings were buzzing again.

“H-hey, that’s…!”

“No way, it’s Miu-chan!”

“More importantly, that guy with her is the male model who was being talked about before… isn’t he?”

“…Are we attracting attention again?”

“R-right. Well, let’s not worry about it and just enjoy ourselves, shall we?”


I’m worried about the stares around us, but we can’t do anything about it if we care too much, so we decided just to enjoy the festival.

“Wow… there are so many different food stalls!”

“Yes, there are. Oh, would you like to eat something? There’s a shaved ice shop there…”

“Let’s try it!”

I immediately lined up at the shaved ice shop I saw and ordered some.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had shaved ice.”

“You can’t have shaved ice unless you have a chance like this.”

We took a break from the stall and ate the shaved ice we had bought.

“Did you get the blue Hawaii flavor, Yuuya-san?”

“Yes, and Miu-san has the strawberry flavor, right?”

“Yes! …Speaking of which, I heard that shaved ice syrup actually tastes the same.”

“Eh, is that true?”

“Apparently, the base flavor is the same, but just by changing the scent or color, it tastes different.”


If that’s true, then it must be an illusion of the brain(?). Human beings are mysterious.

As I stared at the shaved ice in my hands, Miu-san chuckled.

“There are two flavors, so why don’t we give them a try?”


“Yes, aaahhn.”


I felt my body tense up at Miu-san’s sudden action.


“Here, eat quickly, or it will melt.”

“Eh, ah, yes!”

When she said it would melt, I almost reflexively dipped my mouth into the straw-like spoon that Miu-san held out to me.

Then Miu-san asked me happily.

“How is it? Do you feel the same taste?”

“…..I can’t taste it at all.”


Miu-san’s mouth twitched in frustration at my answer.

No, I was too nervous to taste it! Is it just me? Am I worrying too much?

“Can I try it too?”


Aside from my anguish, Miu-san put the shaved ice that I was scooping up directly into her mouth.



Then, after moving her mouth to taste it for a while, she stuck out her tongue.

“…I’m sorry, I couldn’t figure it out either.”

Miu-san’s tongue was reddish, as was her cheek.


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    Bullying put him down and as overall positive and hard working as he is, the changes aren’t really due to his efforts and don’t reflect in his mindset.

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      I can’t imagine a harem ending with him living two worlds. Maybe make him a noble or a king so he can have a harem in that world, idk. But that sounds forced, plot wise. And if he ended up with one partner, I’m rooting for the Earth’s heroines, anyone is fine to me, I’m rooting for all of them. I really just doesn’t want him ended up with Lexia tbh.

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    While Kaori is a great girl and she has the 1st girl trope, the best one for Yuuya is definitely Miu, no contest


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    I’m hoping the new development between him and Model-san will be free of Isekai-side shenanigans.


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