I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 2 Part 3

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Part 3


After resting, we went around the festival again. Not only me, but it seemed that Miu-san was embarrassed when we were feeding the shaved ice to each other, and the atmosphere remained awkward for a while.

However, the nervousness gradually disappeared, and we were able to enjoy the games…

“Ah, target shooting!”

Miu-san found a target shooting stall and ran over to it. There were a variety of prizes on display, including candy, air guns, and dolls.

“Oh, that stuffed animal is so cute!”

Miu-san pointed to a huge stuffed cat.

A man who seemed to be the owner of the stall approached us.

“Oh, what a beautiful Nee-chan. You must be a real challenger to aim at that.”

“Is that one of the prizes?”

“Of course. Everything you see here is a prize; as long as you can knock it down, you get it. How about it? Do you want to try?”


Miu-san replied happily, paid the money, and decided to play the target shooting.



The stuffed animal that Miu-san wanted was a big target, and although she didn’t miss the target, it didn’t budge no matter how many bullets hit it. Well, I guess that’s natural. The bigger the target, the heavier it is, and it’s very difficult to drop it with a toy gun and cork bullets.

In the end, Miu-san used all her bullets on the stuffed animal, but the stuffed animal did not move at all.


“That’s too bad. You’ll have to try again when you feel like it.”

“As expected, it’s difficult.”

Miu-san came back to me with a bitter smile.

…Today, I invited Miu-san to have fun with me.


“Miu-san, please wait a moment.”


“Mister, please let me try it once.”

“Oh, now the boyfriend is the challenger?”

“N-no, he’s not my boyfriend…”

The tease from the target shooting’s stall owner made both Miu-san and I blush as we remembered the shaved ice event earlier, but I regained my composure, and after paying the stall owner and receiving the bullets, I headed for the table closest to the stuffed animal Miu-san wanted.

“Does this brother want to try for that stuffed animal as well? Well, I can see that you want to show off to your girlfriend───.”

I could tell that the target shooting’s stall owner was saying something, but I was focused on the stuffed animal. Then I activated my skill [Weakness Detection] on the stuffed animal.

Some parts of the stuffed animal seemed to glow. These glowing areas were probably the stuffed animal’s weak points. The only question was whether the power of the cork would be enough to drop it…

I looked at the other prizes as I focused on dropping the stuffed animal again. And then, as if the skill of [Weakness Detection] was showing me the way to get rid of the stuffed animal, shining spots appeared on other prizes.

In this case…

I set my sights on the small box of candy next to the stuffed animal.

“Huh? B-brother. The stuffed animal is over there──.”

I heard the stall owner was saying something, but I didn’t hesitate to fire the gun in that direction.

The bullets I fired flew exactly where I aimed. The small box of candy that was hit by the bullet spun and flew away at an incredible speed, hitting another prize nearby.

The other prize was a slightly larger box-shaped prize compared to the previous one. The small box almost falls off the shelf, but in the process, it hits another prize. That prize was a large air gun that was placed in a perfect balance. When the air gun fell, the impact shook the entire table on which the prize was placed, and the stuffed animal I was aiming for fell off.



“Mister… this means I got it, right?”

He was frozen in surprise, and when I asked him that, he nodded his head repeatedly. That’s good then.

After receiving the stuffed animal as a prize from the stall owner again, there were still some bullets left, but I ended the game at this point and handed the stuffed animal to Miu-san.

“Here it is.”

“Eh? B-but, it was Yuuya-san who obtained it…”

“I obtained it for you, Miu-san. So please take it.”

“Yuuya-san… Yes, thank you!”

Miu-san then received the stuffed animal and smiled. Yes, it was worth taking it just for this.

And then the target shooting’s owner who was watching us came in to make fun of us.

“Hyu! I’m so happy for you, Nee-chan! It’s a present from your boyfriend!”

“A-as I said, I’m not her boyfriend!”

If such a misunderstanding spreads, it might affect Miu-san’s work.


As I desperately tried to clear up the misunderstanding, I didn’t notice that Miu-san was thinking about something.

Then, by winning the large stuffed animal, I attracted the attention of the people around, and once again, people gathered around us. Sensing that I would be stuck in this situation, I immediately suggested Miu-san.

“T-that’s right! Miu-san, let’s go see the fireworks now!”

“Y-you’re right!”

After getting Miu-san’s approval, we quickly moved to a place where we could get a good view of the fireworks, away from the crowds. However, at this time of the night, everywhere was packed with people; even at our destination, there were many people.

However, the fireworks were set off in the sky, so it’s not impossible to see them.



“…It’s amazing.”

We shouted in admiration as we watched the fireworks being displayed. The colorful fireworks looked great in the night sky, and with the loud sound and vibration of the fireworks, they resonated well in our eyes and our hearts.

…I’ve never had the chance to see the fireworks like this before. Of course, I knew that there were fireworks displays and festivals, but I had never had the time to enjoy them before.

As I stared at the fireworks, I spoke to Miu-san next to me.

“Miu-san. I don’t know how much I can help you with your problems. But if you’re having a hard time, you can always invite me to have some fun like this to take your mind off things.”


As I stared at the fireworks for a while, I suddenly felt a tug on the hem of my clothes. When I looked in that direction, I noticed that Miu-san was looking at me as if she had made up her mind about something.

“Miu-san? What’s wrong?”

“…Um, Yuuya-san…”


“I… with me…. Will you go out with me?” (T/n: Tsukiattekuremasen ka.)



NyX Translation


The sound of the fireworks launched felt like it was too far away.




“Geez… Yuuya, you should be more concerned about me.”

When Yuuya enjoyed the festival with Miu, Ouma, who was unable to go out on Earth, was lying down in the house, looking somewhat sulky.

At the sight of Ouma, Yuti, who was doing her homework in the same living room, looked up.

“Compromise. Ouma-san, you are an unbelievable existence on this Earth. That’s why you can’t go out there carelessly.”

“I know that, too! Yes, it’s really annoying that my body feels this… inconvenient.”



Night was confused by Ouma’s unfaithfulness. Akatsuki was lying on his belly, looking uninterested.

“Eeei, it’s boring, it’s boring! I’m too bored!”

Ouma was rolling around like a spoiled child, but then he suddenly remembered something and stood up.

“…That’s right. I think there’s still a place in this house where I’m not bored!”

“Question. Where?”

“The warehouse!”

When Ouma said that, Yuti immediately understood where Ouma was referring to. The warehouse was the room where Yuuya’s grandfather kept his collection of items, including the Door to Another World.

“Agreed. But, is it okay to enter without permission?”

“Hmm. It’s up to me how I spend my time in this house. He should be grateful that I don’t walk around outside on this Earth.”

“Confused. As for that, well…”

“And I’m also a member of Yuuya’s family. So, there’s nothing wrong with spending time as I please in this house, is there?”

” …Whatever. Just make sure Yuuya doesn’t get mad at you.”

Realizing that it was useless to say anything to Ouma, Yuti resumed her homework. Ouma snorted at her.

“Hmph. Even if you don’t tell me, I’ve thought of that.”


However, Night thought that it would be bad if something happened while Yuuya was away, so he turned his head to Ouma in confusion. Then Ouma let out a sigh.

Sigh… You don’t have to worry about that. I’m not going to blow up this house or do anything crazy like that. I’m just going to spend a little time exploring that warehouse.”


That’s obvious! Night barked as if to say that.

“…Fufufu. That room is so creepy that it makes even me flinch.”

The warehouse was swirling with a dense and impossible torrent of power that even Ouma, the Genesis Dragon, could barely figure out.

Ouma decided to move to the warehouse.

“I don’t know why Yuuya can’t feel anything when he sees this room. Is he a big deal, or is he just dull…”

He immediately looked around and began to rummage through the items that were placed there.

“As I thought, this place is interesting. There are many things that even I don’t know what they are… No. There aren’t the only things I don’t understand!”

As Ouma said, everything in the warehouse was unknown to him.

“This is… a coffin? Although it is in the shape of a human being… it is a very luxurious coffin.”

The first thing he touched was a golden coffin that looked as if it contained an Egyptian pharaoh.

“Mmm… It’s strange. There is no sign of it opening at all. It’s certainly locked with a magical device, but it’s built with a magic system that even I don’t know… and it would be difficult to open by force. Of course, if I were to go all out, I’d probably be able to do it, but if I did, I’d probably end up blowing up this house as well…”

Ouma quietly gave up on opening the coffin.

“It can’t be helped… So, what about this mask?”

The next thing that interested Ouma was a black mask with an eerie smile on it. Overall, it had a miserable, devilish appearance, and it seemed like one would be cursed by wearing it.

“…This mask is outrageous. It has a terrifying amount of magical power in it.”

It seemed to be cursed.

“No, wait, this is weird. Why would something like this be left out in the open?”

No matter what he thinks, the mask in front of Ouma’s eyes is not something that should be left unattended.


“…If I were to receive the curse from the magical power of this mask, even I would die if I take it lightly.”

What a surprise, it seemed that even Ouma could be cursed to death.

The warehouse was also filled with various other things, such as old coins, keys of unknown uses, and old Japanese picture scrolls.

Ouma muttered in exasperation.

“…Isn’t it easy to defeat the Evil with just the items that are here? At least, by using the magical power of that mask, it would be over in one shot. Well, first of all, it shouldn’t even be touched, so it can’t be carried around…”

In fact, some of the items in the warehouse have far more dangerous powers than the cursed mask, but Ouma and Yuuya, they do not have the option to use them without knowing the details.

“Well, I feel the similar powers from other things as well…”

As Ouma was about to say that, he turned his gaze to a certain object.

“…I can’t feel any power from this. What is it? This is…”

What Ouma was looking at was a cubic object floating on a pedestal. The cubic object has several blue-white lines running through it, giving it a somewhat mechanical appearance.

The base on which the cube was floating also had a blue glow in the center.

“What is this thing? I don’t feel any magic or spell power…”

Ouma approached the object and touched it cautiously.

“U-umu… as I thought, it’s a material I don’t know… And this pedestal is strange, too. I was thinking maybe it was the wind that was keeping it afloat, but to my surprise, I couldn’t feel anything.”

Ouma moved his hand through the space between the pedestal and the cubic object to ensure there was nothing there.

“Then… what about this?”

Ouma jumped up and clung to the cube, which was floating in the air.

“O-oh! Can it withstand my weight? Fumu… Then, how about this?”


NyX Translation


While clinging to the cube, Ouma poured his magic power into the cube. He wanted to see if the cubic object would react to some kind of magic. Ouma kept pouring his magic into it, but there was no response at all. As a result, the cubic object was filled with an amount of magic so strong that it could wipe out a whole galaxy.

Ouma, who had been clinging to the object for some time and pouring magic into it, eventually let out a sigh.

Sigh… even after all this, the response is still──.”

The moment Ouma was about to say that much, the blue light that was shining in the center of the pedestal suddenly disappeared. Then, when the light faded, the cube object floating in the air fell to the floor.


Ouma was flustered by the cubic object that had fallen to the floor; it was apparent that it was Ouma’s fault.

“O-oo-oooi! Why did it suddenly fall? It didn’t seem to be a problem at all until now.”

Ouma wandered around in front of the cubic object and slapped it with his hand in a panic.

“Eeii, float! Float again! Otherwise… Yuuya will scold me!”

The Genesis Dragon was concerned about being scolded by Yuuya. Although having said that, Ouma was incapable in front of Yuuya.

He desperately took the cubic object to the pedestal and hit it with his hand. But the cubic object did not float.



Suddenly, a blue line of light running across the surface of the cube object shone strongly, and something translucent emerged from the cube object.

“W-what is it? This is…”

The thing that emerged from the cubic object was a so-called hologram, and it looked like a blueprint of some kind. Someone with specialized knowledge or the official owner of the object might have understood what it was, but Ouma had no idea what it was.

“U-umu? What is it? This unfamiliar figure is…”

Ouma tilted his head in front of the blueprint, but after a while, the blueprint disappeared.

“…Good! I didn’t see anything! That’s it!”

Ouma’s final decision was to pretend that he hadn’t seen anything at all. Ouma nodded in satisfaction, placed the cube on the pedestal, and walked back to the living room.


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  1. damn what the heck is Yuuya’s grandfather? to make even Genesis Dragon feel fear to his warehouse…
    so this is premiere that the story not would be ended on current isekai world, but there’s also Earth and other worlds to explore

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      1. I remember a series where the MC found out that his family line were all basically “backup” heroes that would get summoned if the actual hero couldn’t be summoned for some reason, possibly Yuuya granddad was similar?

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    1. I had a feeling that yuuya’s gramps is the Sage himself, but if that is so, then why is his father showed no tendencies or hints that he knows magic? instead he’s just a normal human. might probably because gramps revoke his son’s ability to use magic and alter his memories, rather, he inherit it to Yuuya. you know, the whole “whosoever hold to this hammer, if he be worthy shall possess the power of thor’ thingy?

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      1. There are some holes I found in your theory is that why would the sage or might be his gramps left all those items from the earth instead of from the otherworld house. Moreover, didn’t the sage existed for more than a thousand years, and that he also refused to become a god because he wanted to die as a human. I already had an for the first one and that because those items are from the earth and not from the otherworld. Gramps would be a mystery unless the sage has some kind of message or etc. For Yuuya’s father, the father might be adopted.

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      2. That wouldn’t make sense as we’ve seen the sages dead body, and he didn’t seem interested in trancending beyond flesh. A reincarnation maybe, or Earth’s equivalent to the sage.

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  2. What the frick is that cube anyway, it looks like it’s from some advanced technology or something

    Did other worlds other than the isekai have this technology? Damn…

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