Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – What’s The Path Ahead?


For the time being, I decided to show all of the weapons that I’m currently working on to the people in this fort. The people here will be the ones who will either be using my advanced weapons or seeing them up close during the upcoming liberation battle for the Merinard Kingdom. Next time, I’ll have to show them to Danan, Melty, Isla, and Qubi, who are staying in the village as well.

Each of them gave me a very different reaction. Jagira and Pirna, who are basically soldiers rather than warriors, reacted favorably. However, I could not get a positive response from Sir Leonard and Ms. Zamir, who are more of a warrior than a soldier.

“No, they’re all amazing. If all of us had these weapons, we’d be unbeatable, wouldn’t we?”

“These aerial bombs are amazing! I think it’s great that we can attack them unilaterally from the sky.”

It’s like this. It’s like they’re simply happy to have a strong weapon. If they have a strong weapon, they can kill more enemies and increase their own survival rate. As a soldier, they must be happy.

“As for me, as a warrior, I believe there is nothing to be proud of to fight like that.”

“Even a well-trained body and well-honed skills are like a piece of paper in the face of Kosuke-dono’s weapons.”

Both of them had very subtle expressions on their faces. Ballistas and pistols are fine. It seems to be a range of weapons that the two of them can handle with their superhuman physical abilities and well-honed skills. No, I think that’s amazing too, right?

But anti-personnel mines, shotguns, and swivel cannons are out of their control. They can handle two or three bullets or ballista arrows flying at high speed, but they can’t handle countless bullets or pieces of metal flying at once, no matter how much they try.

I actually tried to shoot Sir Leonard with an automatic gun because he insisted it would be okay, but all the bullets were cut off by the falchions on both of his hands. What are you, an anime character or something?

“I can read the trajectory of a bullet by looking at your eyes and the muzzle.”

“The bullets are fast and small, but they are manageable compared to the close-range stabs unleashed by experts.”

“Hmm, well, if it’s just a pistol, I think I can manage it…?”

Jagira also agrees though she is tilting her head. Are you serious?

“Well, I can manage a pistol. However, the bullets from a bolt action rifle are too fast for close range.”

“You think?”

Sylphy was also on that side. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

“Hmm… am I going in the wrong direction with the weapon I’m trying to make…?”

“No, I don’t think you’re wrong. I believe that the weapons that Kosuke makes are definitely strong ones.”

“Yes, I’ve never seen such a powerful weapon for Harpy.”

Jagira and Pirna denied my words, though.

“I think it’s a weapon for humans. The idea is good, and it’s definitely an excellent weapon, but it’s the same whether it’s held by humans or by us.”

“Indeed. Our strength is that we have better physical abilities than humans in general. I thought those hand grenades were a good weapon. We can throw them farther than humans. Although it was a bit too light.”

Sir Leonard and Ms. Zamir commented bitterly. And Sylphy? She said.

“What I’m worried about is if the Holy Kingdom steals Kosuke’s weapon. I think it’s unlikely that they will be copied immediately, but if the Holy Kingdom starts using the same weapon, it will become unmanageable.”

“Mm, it’s certainly scary if it’s captured.”

It would be very bad if Earth’s deadly weapons were reverse-engineered from the captured weapons and used in this world. As I mentioned to Sylphy one day, knowledge of weapons is a very dangerous thing.

Crossbows could easily be copied from captured weapons, and the gunpowder used in guns and bombs could be solved with a material unique to this world or a magical method. After all, this is a world of magic and alchemy.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a possibility that it will be analyzed by something like appraisal magic and then refined by alchemy.


“Kosuke-dono started to groan.”

“Ah, it looks like it’s going to be long. I’m going to check the fields first.”

“Oh, I’ll go with you too.”

As Jagira and Pirna walked off towards the field, I thought about something.

The first thing we have to do is to win. That’s why I’ve been thinking of a weapon that can kill people efficiently. To be able to win and retake, power is necessary. However, the weapons that I have created were originally designed for humans on Earth to kill each other. Naturally, it is a weapon that specializes in efficiently killing and injuring people. Of course, the user is also supposed to be a human. However, the target of the killings is human, but the user is subhuman. Should I rethink the concept of a weapon that is easy for subhumans to use?

No, but I can’t clear up the point that it’s not good if it’s captured. Hmm… Do I need to reverse the idea in the first place? The first idea is the purpose for which I made the weapon. I’ve been talking to Sylphy before about how we need to look at saving people, not just killing them.

The weapons I’ve made so far are based on the idea that we need to defeat the Holy Kingdom’s army in order to retake the Merinard Kingdom. In other words, retaking the territory through the use of force, right? Let’s try and reverse the idea here.

In other words, instead of fighting to take back the Merinard Kingdom, let’s try to find another way. A method other than the direct use of force… Hmm?

In other words, instead of fighting for the Merinard Kingdom and retaking it, perhaps we should seek its return through talks?

No, I don’t think so. The Holy Kingdom is a fanatical monotheistic religious state. It’s a religious nation with a fanatical monotheistic belief system that is exclusive to subhumans. If the problem could be solved through talks, they wouldn’t have invaded the Merinard Kingdom in the first place and made it a vassal state. It’s rejected.

So, do we give up on taking back the Merinard Kingdom? No, I don’t think so. Sylphy and the others have a sincere desire to reclaim their homeland. I think it’s essential to retake the Merinard Kingdom as a goal.

Gnununu… When I was thinking about it, Jagira and Pirna came back in a hurry.

“The field is amazing! It’s growing like it’s ready to harvest!”

“With a field like that, we could live in the Great Omit Wilderness. There’s water, too.”

“That’s it!”

That’s right, why don’t we build the new Merinard Kingdom in the Great Omit Wilderness? I can build as many safe houses and roads as I want, and I can grow as many fields as possible using the farmland blocks. It can even be harvested quickly.

I don’t know how long the cultivation will last, but it won’t be any worse than a normal field, even if it loses its effectiveness over time.

We will build forts, roads, cities, and countries in the Great Omit Wilderness. Then, we can gather the subhuman people who are suffering under the rule of the Holy Kingdom and increase our national strength. The Holy Kingdom’s people won’t stand idly by. We’ll use the weapons we’ve developed to fight them off. And finally, we’ll take over the territory of the Merinard Kingdom.

It’s a long shot, but I don’t think we’re in any hurry to take back the Merinard Kingdom. It has been a long time since the Merinard Kingdom was turned into a vassal state, and Danan and the others started their rebellion a few years ago. That’s why some would say that we should hurry up, but if so much time has passed, the opposite would be true as well.

In the first place, my crafting ability is clearly more suited to defense than offense.

“Kosuke, what’s with the that’s it you say earlier?”

“No, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on that.”

I don’t know if everyone will agree with me, but I’ll tell them what Jagira and Pirna said that sparked my idea. Then, everyone showed some interest in my idea.

“Fumu, I think it’s not a bad idea. We are small in number. I think we can win the war with Kosuke-dono’s weapons, but the truth is, I thought it would be difficult to maintain the cities and lands we occupied. I think it makes sense to set up a position in the Great Omit Wilderness and recruit allies to increase our numbers.”

“There must be many subhumans hiding in the Merinard Kingdom and its surrounding countries. If they know that Her Highness Princess Sylphiel is safe and sound and that she is cultivating the Great Omit Wilderness, there is a possibility that people will gather.”

“But then again, the Holy Kingdom won’t be quiet about it, will they?”

“If that’s the case, why don’t we use Kosuke-san’s weapon to drive them away?”

My idea seemed to be generally well-received by everyone except Sylphy. What about Sylphy, then?

“…I want to take back the Merinard Kingdom as soon as possible.”

Sylphy’s squeezing voice suddenly cooled down the place’s atmosphere, which had been in an agreeable mood.

That’s right, Sylphy is right. It is likely that the people of the Holy Kingdom have enslaved the elves of her relatives, and their dignity continues to be violated at this very moment. I can understand why she wants to reclaim it as soon as possible.

“But I think Kosuke’s idea is more realistic. We are too few and too weak. If we rely on Kosuke to gain power and sprinkle death on the Holy Kingdom’s people, we will have no future. Isn’t that right? Kosuke’s power is not omnipotent. It’s good as long as we’re attacking with plenty of materials, but if we’re on the defensive and can’t replenish the materials, it would be the end.”

“You’re right. It’s not like my ability is to get as many useful things out of thin air. When I run out of supplies, I’m just a regular guy who can move a little more strangely than most people.”

In fact, if we keep on being attacked from all sides, relying on the numbers, there is a high possibility that we will run out of supplies sooner or later and get stuck. And the fighting ability of Sylphy and the others, who were relying on my abilities to fight, will be drastically reduced. If that happened, the inferior in numbers Sylphy and the others would have no choice but to be overrun. They would be completely overwhelmed.

“All right, let’s go with that plan. We’ll build a base in the Great Omit Wilderness and build up our strength. But I don’t think that will be enough. We will need to infiltrate the Merinard Kingdom and draw the people into the Great Omit Wilderness.”

“That’s true. The Holy Kingdom’s army, aside from the royal capital and large cities, does not have a large force deployed even in small villages. I think it is essential to visit the villages, free our people, and lead them to the new land.”

“There must be human compatriots hiding in the Merinard Kingdom. They can move around the Merinard Kingdom with relative safety compared to subhumans. They will be able to spread the word that we have established a base in the Great Omit Wilderness.”

Sir Leonard and Ms. Zamir agreed with the plan that Sylphy had proposed. Jagira and Pirna also nodded.

“I agree with that plan. We’d better think of some equipment for infiltration.”

Camouflage clothing, a kind of camouflage cloak, and a backpack to carry a lot of stuff. A portable water purifier and portable rations that can be stored will also be useful. It might also be a good idea to build an underground shelter close to the Merinard Kingdom, where it would be hard to be discovered. It would be a temporary shelter and a place to stockpile supplies. Also, would it be a good idea to have a suppressor for rifles…? No, I think a crossbow would be sufficient. I’d like to hear from Jagira and Qubi about this.

“You look like you’re thinking about something again, Kosuke.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m thinking about infiltration equipment, building a shelter where the enemy can’t find us.”

“You have a better look now than when you’re thinking of weapons to kill people.”

“Do I? I guess so too.”

It’s certainly easier than thinking about weapons that kill people efficiently and in large numbers. The rescue operation is going to be basically left to the people. I’ll have to maintain and expand the base.

It’s good to have a new goal and a firm direction. I haven’t talked to Danan and the others about it yet, but I’m sure they’ll agree. I’d like to talk to Isla about it as well, and once we’ve finished harvesting the fields, we’ll head back to the village.


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  1. They can easily take over no problem with just harpies + bombs. Can’t withstand being attack from all sides? Attacked by whom? Before retaking your city, carpet bomb the shit out of the enemy cities and capital, that will be the end of their country, full stop, in CAPs, then you have all the time to establish control over your retaken city. Even if their leadership survives, their country’s food, economy, manpower will all be toasted, and they can’t do anything, especially since they don’t even know WTF happened.


  2. . It is likely that the people of the Holy Kingdom have enslaved the elves of her relatives, <- “her elf relatives” or “elves that are her family” (a bit of Japanese grammar weirdness)


  3. I love how japanese novels try to depict japanese people like a peace-loving bunch despite all the things they did during wars. Chinese and korean people who suffered from japanese occupation are sending their regards.
    That’s why I love the LN about the guy with the black market skill that Nyx translated too. MC there has no hesitation when he needs to kill anyone to protect his friends and his own people.


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