Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Black Goth Looked Good On Brown Elves (I Won’t Accept Objections)


Now that we’ve decided what we’re going to develop, it won’t be up to me, but the mages, alchemists, and craftsmen. My job is to develop ideas, procure materials that are difficult to process or acquire, create mass-produced products, and confirm whether or not they can be registered in the crafting menu.

What I mean by “whether it can be registered in the crafting menu” is that experiments have shown that tools with some serious flaws cannot be registered in the crafting menu in item creation. In other words, if a new product can be registered in the crafting menu, it can be judged to be of a certain standard.

Once I realized this, I took on the role of inspector for new products. It’s a skill that craftsmen would love to have, right?

So, to get back to the topic, once I finished coming up with ideas, I was free. I was free and bored. There are times when I am asked for my opinion on development, but as I said before, the actual development is left to the craftsmen. Of course, it would be faster if I were to develop the item creations myself. By far the fastest. And there are no glitches. However, there are still some problems with me doing everything.

That’s why I decided to stay out of the equipment used by the Liberation Army of the Merinard Kingdom (as we’ve come to call it).

That’s why I only use item creation for things that I personally use, things that Sylphy uses, things that I’ve been asked to make personally, and things that I think would be difficult to make outside of item creation ― bullets, for example. It was decided to limit it to such things.

Nowadays, crossbow arrows and ballista arrows are produced by the blacksmiths at the main base, and food and flour milling are also included in the production of crossbows and ballista themselves. As for the improved crossbow, it seems that they are having a hard time making the steel leaf springs, though.

Let’s get back to the topic! What the hell is going on? No, I get it. I’ll admit it. Yes, I’m trying to escape reality. Let’s just admit it.

Eh? Why am I escaping reality?

“Why is there a human here?”

“I thought it was too good to be true! Why on earth did you bring us here?”

“Unh! Uh-uh!”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Don’t worry; everything is okay.”

They were screaming. That’s it, isn’t it? I think they think I’m from the Holy Kingdom, don’t they? Look, look, look at this elf costume. It looks like a folk costume and smells like elves, doesn’t it? Oh, it doesn’t? Why not? Is that so?

“What’s all the fuss about… Eh, Kosuke-san? What’s wrong?”

As I was puzzling over what to do, a wolf-beast woman, Liberation Army soldier, armed with leather armor, a crossbow, and a sword approached us. I don’t know her name, but she must have been a member of the fifth unit.

“Oh well, I’m a human, remember? It seems like I’ve been mistaken for a person from the Holy Kingdom.”

“Oh, I see. Everyone, please calm down. This person is called Kosuke-san, and he’s on our side. He’s not from the Holy Kingdom; he’s a marebito from a different world. He built this fort’s magnificent walls, dormitories, fields, and our weapons all by himself.”

“No, no, not all of it, though, right? I got help from everyone to get the materials.”

“You’re so humble. Oh, and this Kosuke-san is Her Highness Princess Sylphiel’s lover, or rather spouse. He is also the one who gave us all the food, weapons, fighting techniques, and a safe base, so there is nothing to worry about. He is humble, kind, and has a very gentle personality.”

“When someone lifts me up that high, it’s a little difficult. I’m not that good of a person.”

Hahaha, that’s a joke again, she said, and she doesn’t take it well at all. I’m not that kind of saintly, super meritorious person. I’m in love with Sylphy, and I’m just trying to help her.

But the liberated people, who had been wary of me, seemed to be reassured by her explanation, and even though they didn’t completely let their guard down, they stopped being hostile. That’s a relief.

“Well, you see. I’m Kosuke, as I was introduced. I’m not even from this world, let alone from the Holy Kingdom, so screw the Adel religion.”

The liberated people were astonished by my statement that I don’t give a shit about the Adel religion. Yeah, I think that’s a good start.

“Anyway, is there anyone who is injured or sick? If someone has a broken leg or arm, I will take care of that too. You don’t have to worry about paying for it because it’s just a token of our friendship. In return, when you’re feeling better, you should help other people.”

“Kosuke-san’s treatment is excellent. Three years ago, when I crossed the Great Omit Wilderness, my leg was injured, and I’ve been crippled ever since, but Kosuke-san healed me in no time at all.”

Oh, so this was one of the people whose legs I had healed with the magical power of the splint. I see; that’s why she’s lifting me up so high. That makes some sense.

With her enthusiastic praise, a few liberated people came forward to seek treatment. So, I popped chairs, and a portable hammock stood out of my inventory and made up a facility that looked like a field hospital.

“What’s with the white clothes?”

“Aren’t doctors supposed to wear white?”


It seems that in this world, doctors do not wear white coats just because they are doctors. I sat down in the chair and let the first patient sit in the chair facing me. Apparently, it was a child suffering from a cold.

“It could be because of tiredness from all the walking, or because of the change in the environment… In the meantime, let him have some Cure Disease Potion and Small Life Potion.”

So I took out a bottle of golden liquid and a small bottle of red liquid and handed them to his mother, who was accompanying him.

“Please let him drink it quickly. Don’t worry; it’s a potion approved by a former court mage and alchemists. It’s actually safe.”

The mother was bewildered by the sudden handing over of an expensive-looking potion, but she started to give the child the two potions, hoping that it would cure him. The Cure Disease Potion tasted like tea, and the Life Potion tasted sour. Not very tasty. The child who was being made to drink the potion had a delicate look on his face. Yeah, I know how it feels.

“Ah… I feel so warm.”

The pale child’s face regained its vitality, and his eyes became brighter.

“The warmth in your body means it’s working. You should rest as much as possible and eat well. Also, you might want to refrain from bathing today and wipe yourself with a cloth wetted with hot water. Don’t let your body get cold, but keep yourself clean.”


“Thank you very much. Thank you very much.”

The mother bowed her head again and again with tears in her eyes. Yes, it’s not uncommon for a child to lose his life from a small cold in this underdeveloped medical world.

Perhaps because of the positive response of the first patient, other liberated people who had been watching the situation came forward to seek treatment.

“If you are in pain, please lie down on the hammock over there and wait.”

The liberated people were treated quickly and efficiently. The fifth unit’s protection seemed to be perfect, and no one seemed to have been injured during the move, but the overall nutritional state of the people didn’t look good, and perhaps that was the reason why many of them were in bad shape.

While administering Cure Disease Potion, I also administered Life Potion to those who seemed to have exhausted their strength. That seemed to help most of them recover. There was also one person with a broken leg, so I gave him a splint to heal it.

“O-Oh! My leg! My leg is healed! Thank you, doctor!”

“Hahaha, it’s a bit much to be called a doctor. My treatment is a bit of a cheat, so don’t ask any other real doctor to give you the same level of treatment.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve never heard of such a miraculous treatment. Alchemist’s potions seem to work well, but they are expensive.”

“I guess so.”

I’ve been shown how an alchemist makes potions, and it’s a lot of work. I don’t know what it feels like to use magic, but I could tell that they worked with a lot of concentration. It seemed to take a lot of effort to infuse the herbs, crush them, and extract the potion.

It’s understandable that Isla would be upset when she saw me creating a top-notch recovery potion with as little effort as setting up the ingredients and microwaving it. I’m really sorry.

“Is this all? If anyone else is not feeling well, please let me know while I am here. The rest of you should eat well, get some rest, and help each other out. That’s it from me. Dismissed.”

I said dismissed! Hey, don’t cling to me! But I guess it’s not so bad to be paddled by a cat-eared and dog-eared child. Heh heh heh, if that’s what you’re going to do, I’m going to fluff your ears too. Enjoy my beautiful technique!




“Hah, I’m so tired.”

After finishing the treatment, I played hide and seek games with the little kids from the liberated people. Well, it’s not bad to be a kid again. But aren’t those guys too physically strong? They’re so fast and so tough.

Also, I don’t think it’s fair that they followed my scent in hide-and-seek and came to find me. No matter where I hid, they always found me quickly, and when I wondered why, I was shocked when they told me that I had to get rid of my smell. They will be good hunters in the future…

“The kids are so energetic.”

Sylphy giggled happily when she saw me lying prone on the table. Yeah, Sylphy is really cute when she smiles naturally like this instead of smirking. I’m going to eat her again this night.

“But, it seems that the environment was not good after all. The children are not so bad, but the adults are skinny.”

“Yeah, it seems so. But now that they are with us, they will be fine. They’ll be well-fed and regain their strength.”

“There were a lot of men. Though it seems that Sykes’ troubles will continue.”

There were some unmarried men among the liberated people this time. However, they were eventually sent back to the main base to rest their bodies, so the number of men on the front lines remained the same. Sykes’ ordeal continues.

“A shortage of men, huh…? Well, that’s a serious problem.”

Sylphy also smiled bitterly. The ratio of men and women in the Merinard Kingdom, which originally numbered about three hundred, was about 1:20, so it was impossible for one man to marry several women. It would be nice if there were more men in the future.

“What about you, Kosuke?”


“Does Kosuke have any interest in women other than me?”

Sylphy started to say something like that without looking at me. The atmosphere is rather serious. I think I should answer honestly here.

“I think Isla is cute, and Melty is beautiful in appearance. Pirna and the others are genuinely fond of me, and Gerda’s gentle atmosphere is soothing.”

“What about Shumer and Jagira?”

“I think they’re not really interested in me.”

I think they just see me as a kindred spirit or someone who can provide them with something interesting.

“They’re all cute and pretty, I know. But I think the one I like is Sylphy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any interest in or fondness for other girls, but my number one is Sylphy, and I don’t think I want anyone else.”

If we had met in a different order, we might have had a different fate, though. I don’t know about the future, but I don’t think now is the time to do anything with them.

“I’m not very feminine, am I? I’m not even pretty.”



“What are you talking about…? I think Isla and Melty would get mad if they heard that you said you’re not feminine or pretty.”


Isla is petite and plain, and Melty has a nice body close to Sylphy, but she is not lovely or even scary. It might be different if I were to get to know her better.

In this regard, Sylphy is already a nice body that I like, she is a good cook, and her true personality without the mask of the princess is charming and impeccable. It’s also good that she is strong and dependable. I think it might not be good if I say so as a man. I think so, but!

“You don’t seem to be aware of it… Then I’ll bring out the best of your cuteness.”

“W-what…? N-no! Kosuke, no…!”

“Kukuku… I will make you unable to say that you are not feminine or pretty enough!”

I attacked Sylphy. It was like a beast. I calmed her down as she resisted, praised her for being cute and pretty, and she even cried and begged for mercy, but I shook it off and accomplished what I had to do.

“Look, you’re cute! Okay, let’s go show everyone!”

“I can’t! I can’t! I can’t let everyone see me like this!”

Sylphy, who was dressed in a black gothic lolita-style frilly dress made by me, shook her head reluctantly while resisting my pull. Yeah, she’s really cute. She’s cute, but her strength is so strong that she doesn’t even falter when I try to pull her.

“Melty! Melty!”

“Whoa! D-don’t call her!”

Melty appeared as soon as I called out to her. And she smiled like an onomatopoeic “Dirty smile…” on her face. It’s scary!

“Ara, araara… well, well, well. You look great, Sylphiel. You should definitely show this to everyone.”


Sylphy resisted, but Melty took her outside without difficulty. What is the trick she used… ? And what about Sylphy’s strength? Is Melty actually the strongest of them all?

After that, Sylphy, who was dressed in a black gothic-style frilly dress, was taken out to the square by Melty, and everyone at the front-line fort gathered around her and told her she was pretty, cute, beautiful, and as expected from a princess, so she closed her heart and shut herself up in her room for a while.

She did come out for supper. So cute.


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  1. . The ratio of men and women in the Merinard Kingdom, which originally numbered about three hundred, was about 1:20, so it was impossible for one man to marry several women.<- shouldn’t it not only be possible, but the norm?


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