I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Unbeatable Trio





After successfully fulfilling my role as Miu-san’s boyfriend, I was once again spending my days in training with Master Usagi.

Of course, Iris-san was also with us, and as usual, the two Holy were giving me difficult training. I’m glad to see that both of them had recovered from the attack they received from Avis… There were no particular after-effects, and they’re able to fight as they always had. Well, this training was so tough that I didn’t even have time to think about it.

Even so, I had recently been able to use the power of Evil more consistently, so I was still training with Master Usagi to make full use of Kuro’s power.

“Yuuya-kun, you’re really amazing… You’re absorbing more and more of our techniques…”

“Affirmative. Yuuya, you’re outrageous. I can never win against you.”

“Ara? But Yuti-chan has inherited all the Bow Saint’s techniques, right? Then you still have a fighting chance, don’t you?”

“Negative. The current Yuuya will soon also master my techniques. That will cancel it out. And then he can unleash another Holy technique. There is no way for me to beat Yuuya.”

“I see.”

While Master Usagi and I were fighting, Iris-san and Yuti observed the progress, and Night and Akatsuki were also doing their own training. Night was training to do high-speed attacks while wearing [Magic Attire], and Akatsuki was training to be able to use his skills more extensively.

Ouma-san was sleeping in the house as usual, but there was a new observer of our training starting this time.

“Pii, pii!”

Ciel, who had recently joined my family, watched the battle between Master Usagi and me, his eyes shining brightly.

He was moving his tiny body as frantically as he could, cheering me on as if to say, “Do your best!” With such support, I couldn’t help but try my best.



With the power of Evil in my body, I deploy [Magic Attire] only on my hands and feet.

Then, while making full use of the steps that Master Usagi taught before, I threw the [Absolute Spear] with all my might. The spear’s power was so great that it left even the wind behind as it closed in on Master Usagi.

As expected, Master Usagi did not have time to avoid the attack, so he caught the tip of the [Absolute Spear] with both his legs and ears, forcing the attack to deviate from its trajectory.

(Ah! To make this me finally use my ears… you’ve grown a lot──!)

“──[Three Divine Steps]!”

My attack did not end with just throwing the [Absolute Spear].

The step that I took when I threw the [Absolute Spear] earlier was a technique that Master Usagi used when he was dealing with the Scythe Saint during Quarro’s attack. I used that technique to throw the [Absolute Spear] and simultaneously close in on Master Usagi’s body.

It was only because I had the [Evil Den’s Eye] that I was able to recreate this fighting technique.

Once I was in front of Master Usagi’s chest, I already decided on my next move.

I didn’t even give Master Usagi a moment to breathe and unleashed my full power, using Iris-san’s signature [Single-Sword Flash] by using the [Item Box] to change my weapon to the [Omni-Sword] immediately.

And then──.

“Hah… hah…”


The tip of my sword was pointed at Master Usagi’s neck.

“It’s a point… isn’t it?”

(Yeah… you win.)

“No way… Usagi lost!”

“Astonishing. No way…!”

I was finally able to obtain a point from Master Usagi…!


I lay down on the spot and shouted.

Finally… I finally scored a point against Master Usagi!

Of course, if i try the same move the next time, it won’t work, so I won’t be able to repeat this. Still… this victory was the best proof that I was growing up.

Master Usagi looked at me with a dumbfounded look.

(Geez… even though you got a point… I don’t know who is actually the winner here.)

Master Usagi was right, I was exhausted, but Master Usagi seemed to have already recovered. I-I knew Master Usagi was too strong…

(Well, whatever. You’ve won today. So today’s training is over. But from tomorrow on, I will be even more strict, okay?)


When I replied while lying down, Ciel flew at me.

“Pi! Pii!”

“Oh? Ciel! Thank you for your support; I could actually feel it.”

“Pii, pii.”

Ciel rubbed his face against my chest as if he was happy to hear my words. H-he’s so cute.

(…As usual, strange creatures gather in your house.)

“I-is that so?”

(That’s right.)

“Right. Yuuya-kun’s house is strange if I just think about it normally, isn’t it? To begin with, the place where the house is located is strange…”


It’s not me who built the house, but Sage-san, though.

As we talked, I suddenly remembered the title I had gotten the other day when Avis attacked.

“The other day, when Avis attacked, I was defeating the Evil Beasts one after another, and I got the title… [Holy King]…”


“No way!”

Hearing my words, Master Usagi and Iris-san widened their eyes. A-as I thought, it’s strange to have this title when I’m not even a Holy.

(In order to obtain the Holy King title, you need to have the soul of the Holy in your body, you’re not the Holy itself. So why did you…)

“Eeh…? Even if you say so… ah! That reminds me, the other day when Iris-san gave me a massage, I got the [Holy Soul] skill…”

(Hmm? Massage?)

“Yu-Yuuya-kun! You must have gotten the Holy Soul by accident! Ah-ahahaha.”


“W-what is it? If you have something to say, say it clearly!”

(…No, it’s okay.)

Master Usagi was being pressured…!

When I was surprised by the unusual sight, Iris-san turned her gaze toward me and complained about something… but I think it would be better to keep quiet about it.

But, after all, the Holy Soul skill that I acquired at that time must have been related…

While feeling the growth of my own body, I was thinking about such things in a carefree manner──.


“──Now, I’m here to fulfill my promise, okay?”


…The voice of the “God of Destruction” echoed.




Suddenly, the sky turned dark red.




Night and Akatsuki, who were also doing their training, noticed the sudden change in the sky and stopped their training to return to me.

W-what is it? What on earth…

When I was startled by the sudden situation, Master Usagi and Iris-san shouted in a hurry.

“What’s going on here?”

(There’s no way I could have known! Something is coming!)


As I struggled to keep up with this too-rapid development, I saw what looked like a wave of black power approaching my house.


“──[Holy Sword Barrier]!”

([Holy Kicking Wave]! [Holy Ear Impact]!)

The two Holy did not hesitate to unleash their strongest technique, which they had also used when Quarro attacked. Those techniques were their profound skills, and they are also like special moves.

In other words, to suddenly use such a technique meant──.

The technique released by the two of them flew out of the barrier of Sage-san’s house and collided with the black wave, but… It was only able to deviate the trajectory of the black wave slightly.

And the black wave that has deflected landed behind the house. Then… a tremendous roar rang out all around.


When I looked at the place where the black wave had landed… I couldn’t help but exclaim.

The reason was that the forest of the Great Devil’s Nest that stretched behind my house ─ had been obliterated. Not a single plant or tree remained, and a cruel, desolate clearing spread out.

In the cleared area, there must have been a bunch of special, incredibly tough trees called “black hardwood” that I had used in my training with Master Usagi. But now, right in front of my eyes, I can’t even find any of those trees.

All I could see now was a dead land.

While I was looking at the land in a daze, unable to understand what had happened, Iris-san and Master Usagi fell to their knees.


(It’s too much…!)

“Iris-san, Master Usagi!”

As I hurried to rush over to them, Yuti, who was nearby, shouted while staring at the sky.

“Detected. Yuuya… that guy is here!”

“That guy?”

“──Geez, what a creepy presence, hey.”

Not only did Yuti, but even Kuro inside me woke up and said that, which means…!

“──Hou? So you can handle that attack, huh? It seems that you are more powerful than I expected. Sword Saint, Kicking Saint.”

A young man was standing leisurely in the sky above my house.

Yes, it was Avis, the one who had absorbed all the Evil and evolved into the ultimate perfection. The fact that Avis had come here meant that his body had grown accustomed to the complete power of Evil as he mentioned before….

“However, from the looks of it, you won’t be able to prevent it for the second time, will you? Then let’s begin. Die.”

As soon as Avis checked on Master Usagi and the others, he once again shot out the same black wave towards them!

I immediately rushed to Master Usagi and Iris-san, who were unable to move from the recoil of the earlier technique. In the meantime, Yuti shot arrows, Night used magic, and Akatsuki intercepted the black wave with his [Sanctuary] skill, but all of them were instantly swallowed.

“We can’t… make it in time…!”

Iris-san and Master Usagi forcefully stood up and tried to unleash the same technique again, but before they could, the black wave attacked Sage-san’s house.



The barrier on Sage-san’s house… easily blocked even Avis’s black wave!

It’s not only Avis who is surprised by this sight, but we as well. S-sage-san, you… As expected, you’re outrageous…

“Eh…? The attack that we could not prevent even with all our might was easily repelled…?”

Iris-san blinked several times and stared at the sky. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

But Avis didn’t give up because of that.

“Hou… It doesn’t work, huh, outsider? But… even if it’s blocked once, I’ll just keep attacking until it gets through.”

As he said that, he created a large number of black masses that seemed to condense the power of darkness around him and shot them all at once at Sage-san’s house.

The power and speed of each shot were tremendous, and there was no way to intercept them in time.


“What’s going on?”

The barrier of Sage-san’s house easily prevented them all.

Avis was surprised at how unexpected this was. H-however, no matter what happened, I could only say that it’s because… Sage-san is amazing.

I was able to get a little mental relief thanks to Sage-san’s house, but that was easily blown away by Avis’s next words.

“…Hmm. I don’t know what principle you are using to prevent my attack… but if you’re going to holed up in there… I might as well do that.”


“It’s just changing the order of my plan ─ I’ll just destroy the Regal and Alceria kingdoms first instead of you.”


“If you just want to wait here, then fine. I will just burn the sight of your precious human countries falling to your eyes. I can destroy those countries from here, after all.”

“S-top it…!”

“Do you think anyone would stop if they were told that?”

Avis stared at me as if I were a fool and then pointed his palm in the direction of the Alceria and Regal kingdoms. At this rate, that black wave will be unleashed on the two countries…!

“Now, take a good look at this. This is the true power of Evil──!”



Avis stopped preparing for the attack and accepted my attack as I threw the [Absolute Spear] with all my might while activating the [Holy King’s Authority].

“You.. that power is…. the [Holy King]?”

Avis was looking surprised with his eyes wide open, but his expression quickly changed to a smile.


NyX Translation


“Kukuku… Kuhahahaha! If I kill you, the Holy King, there will be no one who can stop me! There is no shortage of opponents. Come and fight me!”

“I don’t need to be told…!”

He might not be the kind of opponent that I could beat, but now that Master Usagi and Iris-san were unable to move due to the recoil from the technique they had unleashed, I’m the only one who could fight.

I grasped the [Absolute Spear] that came back to my hand and immediately released the power of [Magic Attire] and Evil to approach Avis.


“Hahahahahaha! Come on, bring it on!”

Avis didn’t even show any signs of running away in response to my attack. He’s just smiling.

And then… my full force attack was caught by Avis’s one hand.

“Hou? It’s strange magic, the same power as ours… Interesting!”



My attack was caught lightly, but that was to be expected. Immediately, the [Omni-Sword] appears in my free left hand, and I slash it at him.

[Single-Sword Flash]!”

“This is…”

Avis opened his eyes lightly and caught my attack with his other hand, which was covered with a jet-black mist.

“Do you also use the technique of the Sword Saint…?”

[Flying Heaven]!”


I continued to use the technique without replying to Avis’s words. Avis now had both of his hands occupied catching my [Absolute Spear] and [Omni-Sword].

That’s why I slammed Master Usagi’s technique into Avis’s body. But just as I was about to do so, Avis covered his body in a black mist, and even my kick was blocked.

In addition, Alvis used the momentum of catching my kick was to make a big leap from the position and created distance.

“Kukuku… hahahahaha! After the Sword Saint technique, next is the Kicking Saint technique, huh? You’re very versatile, aren’t you?”

Avis smiled fiercely, showing no signs of injury after enduring all my attacks. Then Avis opened his hands and looked down at me coldly.

“──Next is my turn, okay?”


Then the space behind Avis creaked, and several jet-black hazes began to ooze out like black stains. The innumerable black haze produced gradually surrounded me from all directions, and a tremendous amount of jet-black spears were formed from it.



With Avis short command as a signal, countless jet-black spears were unleashed at me.

I desperately tried to block the attacks from all directions using my [Absolute Spear]. However, I was about to be swallowed up by the jet-black spears that were being released in an overwhelming number of moves faster than I could wield the [Absolute Spear].




I activated the [Holy King’s Authority] with all my might and annihilated the jet black spears one after another with a wave of holy power. However, by using the [Holy King’s Authority] now, I ended up with wounds all over my body.

“Hahahaha! You still refused to die, huh? You’re pretty tough, aren’t you?”

Avis was staring at me and laughing happily.

…If I just keep defending, I will surely die. But there’s nothing I can do to damage him.

What on earth should I do…?

I was desperately thinking about it, but then… something suddenly pulled my ear.

“I-it hurts… eh, why is Ciel on my shoulder? Stay away from me; it’s dangerous!”

“Pii. Piii!”


I tried to persuade Ciel who was perched on my shoulder before I even realized it, but Ciel said he was going to defeat that Avis… eh!

“No, no, no! Ciel has just been born, right? You can’t do that!”


I tried my best to persuade him, but he just kept chirping as if to say, “I will do it!” Where did you get this confidence from? 


Aside from me who was surprised, Ciel said to Night and Akatsuki, “Senpais will do it too, right?” Then, perhaps in response to Ciel’s voice, Night and Akatsuki also expressed their intentions toward me.



“Even Night and Akatsuki?”

It seems that both of them were frustrated by the fact that they were outmatched by Avis the other day in the Regal Kingdom, and apparently, they wanted a rematch. No, I understand that they want revenge, but even Master Usagi and the others were no match for Avis’s strength…!

As I was trying to stop the three of them somehow, Ouma-san came lazily from the house.

“Interesting. Why don’t you just let them do it?”


“I, for one, am curious to see how far this species called [Luan] can fight.”

“F-for that reason only…?”

“It’s not just that. Ciel has unknown status and skills. And Ciel himself is so insistent because he thinks he can beat him, right?”



In Ouma-san’s words, Ciel said, “That’s right!” Excitedly.

Then, Avis, who was watching us, said with an air of ridicule.

“Hah! What can a little bird like that do?”


At that moment, Ciel turned back to Avis and answered in a piercing voice, a complete change from his previous cute appearance. The way he looked at Avis was as if he was giving him a “huh?” look.

“U-um… Ciel, san?”

I was surprised at the sudden change in atmosphere, but he answered me in his same cute voice as before when I called out to him.


It was as if he was saying, “Leave it to me♪” Ciel turned to Avis again and flew straight out.



Ciel flew out at Avis shouting, “I’ll kill you, you bastard!” The gap! The gap was just tremendous!

When Night and Akatsuki saw Ciel’s action, they looked at each other and started running towards Avis at once.



“Night! Akatsuki!”

I tried to stop them in a panic, but since I hadn’t yet regained my strength from activating the [Holy King’s Authority], I couldn’t muster the strength to move.

Then, Ouma-san approached me and said in a relaxed manner.

“Well, look. Aside from Ciel, Night has the potential to be as powerful as me. And Akatsuki is also one of the few existences that can resist the Evil… Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

“Y-you say that, but! Did you see how strong he was in the Regal Kingdom?”

“Even so, he’s still no threat to me. So it will be fine”.

“It may be so to you, Ouma-san, but…!”

It’s not good, Ouma-san wouldn’t listen to me!

While I was holding my head, Ciel finally reached Avis.


“Hmph. You’re just as annoying as a fly ─ Die.”


At that moment, black waves rained down on Ciel and Night and Akatsuki. Night and Akatsuki managed to avoid the attack, but Ciel received the entire attack. Ciel was blown away like dust and crashed to the ground in misery.


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