I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 5 Part 2

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Part 2


“Ciel! Ouma-san, please stop…!”

“…No, not yet.”


Ouma-san was staring at Ciel with excitement, so I returned my gaze to Ciel again and saw──.

“What’s…. going on…?”

Ciel’s body, which was lying on the ground, was wrapped in blue flames, and the next moment he was restored to an unharmed state.

Avis’s eyes widened at the sight of this scene.


“…I don’t know what skill you used, but if it doesn’t kill you in one hit, I’ll just keep attacking until you die.”

Once again, countless attacks rained down on Ciel, Night, and Akatsuki. And this time, Night and Akatsuki were also taking damage.



“Night! Akatsuki!”


As I desperately tried to move my body to save them, I was met with another strange scene.


The moment Ciel let out a loud chirp in the direction of Night and Akatsuki…




To my surprise, both of their bodies were suddenly enveloped in blue flames, and then they started to move again, unharmed.

“W-what’s going on?”

Master Usagi and Iris-san, who were watching the scene, were just as shocked as I was. In the midst of all this, only Ouma-san was smiling happily.

“There is only one possible cause for this. It’s probably Ciel’s skills.”

“C-Ciel skills?”

“If you only consider the appearance, it is probably the [Blue Flame] skill, but if you look at the effect, it may be [Resurrection]. But that’s not the main issue.”


“Have you noticed? Ciel is much stronger after he is resurrected compared to when he is first knocked down.”


“It’s the same with Night and Akatsuki. For some reason, they are stronger after they recover than before.”

“Y-you can’t be serious…”

As I watched Ciel and the others in dismay, Ciel, Night and Akatsuki all attacked Avis and were blown away by the powerful attacks each time. However, each time they recovered with the mysterious blue flame and went at it again and again.

As a result, Ciel died and came back to life like a phoenix, and each time he resurrected, the flames grew in intensity, and now he was so hot and bright that he looked like a miniature sun.

“W-what’s going on? Why isn’t he dead? And what’s with the heat?”

What Ouma-san described was right. For some reason, Ciel and the others were getting stronger and stronger every time they were wounded and revived. Eventually, even if Avis attacked them, they did not sustain a single scratch.



Avis was struck on the cheek by Ciel’s small but scorching hot wings and was blown away with tremendous force. As Avis flew away, the appearance of a gigantic Akatsuki intercepted him.



Akatsuki knocked down the flying Avis with astonishing power.



Night, who was waiting on the ground, bit Avis as he was slammed into the ground with great force, and then violently swung him around and threw him high into the sky. Avis was unable to move in the air with his body already in tatters and could only scream.

“It’s ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous! This is not real! I’ve… absorbed all the power of Evil and become the perfect “God of Destruction”! And still that little bird──.”



As Ciel reached the top of Avis’s head with a chirp that sounded as if it was saying, “Shut up!” he struck Avis down to the ground again with his small but sun-like glowing talons. This is not real, is it…?

“N-no way… T-this me was…!”




With a grin, Night and Akatsuki approach Avis, who had crashed onto the ground. Avis let out a short scream and crawled along the ground to escape somehow, but Ciel landed blocking his way.

“Pii? Pi?”

“Where do you think you’re going? Huh?” Said Ciel in an intimidating tone, with a voice so dusky that even professionals in the field would rave about it. Ciel walked up to Avis.


NyX Translation


“S-stop it…. stop… p-please stop──.”





Literally ripped to shreds, Avis finally let out a loud scream and stopped moving before quietly disappearing from Akatsuki’s [Sanctuary] skill.

As I watched in dismay, a message suddenly appeared.


You’ve earned the title [Master of the Divine Beasts]


What can I say? I was so fed up with the whole thing.




(This is not real, is it?)

After Ciel and the others defeated Avis, Master Usagi asked, but… unfortunately, it was all real.

(It’s just not right! It’s Evil, you know!? It’s the nemesis of the Holy and the enemy of all humanity! In addition to that, he was a ridiculous guy who absorbed the other Evils and became the ultimate perfection! And it’s not even a Holy being that destroyed it…? Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds?)




For some reason, Ciel was twisting around in my hands as if to say, “I’m embarrassed” in reaction to Master Usagi’s words. However, Night and Akatsuki seemed to be somewhat apologetic.

(T-this is how it ends…! Moreover, the fact that he was a perfect Evil!)

“No Evil will be born for tens of thousands of years from now.”


When Ouma-san said that, Master Usagi showed his rarely seen wild behavior. I was somehow very sorry about all this…

“What on earth do you have to lament about? For you people, Evil is the enemy, isn’t it? If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be happy that it was destroyed?”

(I understand that! But if that’s the case, what will be the significance of our existence as the Holy?)

“I don’t know. It’s your fault for being weak.”


No, Ouma-san. Master Usagi is not weak. He’s very strong, so it’s actually strange that Ouma-san is much stronger than him…

As my feelings were indescribable, I suddenly noticed that Iris-san had remained silent.

“Worried. Are you okay?”

“…Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just wondering what I’ve been working so hard for… That’s what’s on my mind…”

She wasn’t okay, was she…?

Like Master Usagi, Iris-san has also worked hard to protect humans from Evil. It’s probably because of this staggering end that she can’t get her mind straight. Don’t worry; I haven’t been able to keep up with it either!

However, Ciel, the person in question, has been glued to me since a while ago, rubbing his body against mine as if to say, “Praise me, praise me.” He’s so cute.

When I looked at Ciel and relaxed my cheeks, Ouma-san continued in a dumbfounded manner.

“Good grief… the Holy of this generation is pathetic. You should learn from the Sage. He destroyed all of the Evil by himself, you know?”

Wait. I can’t see any end to the saga of Sage-san. Isn’t Sage-san still too absurd?

Then, at Ouma-san’s word Sage, Iris-san’s eyes widened.

“Sage, you mean… that sage?”

“Hmph. There is only one Sage for me. In fact, I wouldn’t even call anyone else a Sage. Anyway, when he was alive, he took care of all the responsibilities of the Holy by himself.”

“One person, to do all the Holy?”

Really, Sage-san, you can do anything.

Master Usagi and Iris-san were amazed, but knowing that the house belonged to Sage-san and that the weapons I usually use belonged to Sage-san, it was too late for me to be surprised.

Ouma-san was talking about the greatness of Sage-san, but then he suddenly seemed to notice something.

“…Hmm? Wait a minute. He certainly had all the titles of the Holy. Then… he must have had the same title as Yuuya: the [Holy King]. Could it be that… the [Luan] that I saw at the time was his…?”

Ouma-san was surprised by this fact and looked at Ciel closely.


However, Ciel doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on and just tilted his head.

As Ouma-san said, if Sage-san had all the titles of Holy, then, of course, he would have had the title of [Holy King], which I now have.

I see. I don’t know if it’s a different individual from Ciel or not, I don’t know the details, but I think a [Luan] may have guided Sage-san.

“…Well, whatever. Anyway, there is no doubt that it will take tens of thousands of years for an existence like Evil to be born again this time, but even so, malice will be born in the world every day, and Evil Beasts will manifest themselves as a result. You haven’t finished your role as a Holy yet. Isn’t it?”


(…It’s just like the Genesis Dragon said. In any case, I’m grateful that the Evil is gone. From now on, it’s our responsibility as the Holy to reduce the damage caused by Evil Beasts as much as possible.)

“…Yes. They still need our help, don’t they?”

Iris-san and Master Usagi, who had finally regained their energy, looked over at us.

“I would like to thank you again. Thanks to you, the Evil has been destroyed. Thank you.”

(I thank you too for what you’ve done. From now on, I’ll be working with the rest of the Holy to exterminate the Evil Beasts.)

“If that’s the case, you should let the surviving Holy and their successors know about this.”

(…I don’t think they’ll believe me.)

“Well… but you don’t usually joke around, so I’m sure everything will be fine.”

(I hope you’re right… So, Yuuya. We’re leaving for now. Now that the Evil is gone, there may be no reason for you to continue seeking power… Nevertheless, until the next time we meet, you must continue your training. Do you understand?)

“Oh, and my training, too, okay? …Even though I’ve found someone to marry… ugh.”

I nodded to Master Usagi and to Iris-san, who was crying for some reason.

“Of course. Now that the Evil is gone, I’m going to try a lot of things to make sure I can use the [Holy King’s Authority].”

(Umu… That’s right; you should tell the people in the Regal Kingdom and the Alceria Kingdom yourself regarding this.)

“I understand.”

(See you.)

“See you later, Yuuya-kun! I’ll come back to see you when I’m done with my business!”

After saying that, Master Usagi and Iris-san departed in high spirits.


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28 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Chapter 5 Part 2

  1. Damn, the last boss was beaten up by some cute animals to death~

    I wonder if they could go to the evil realm then leave a video of the trampling of the evil boss vs pet squad just to let the new evil know that they’re next on the menu~?


  2. What a anticlimactic ending, but well i still liked it tho, cuz with this we can have a slice of life more often

    Wait i forgot about the alien!!


  3. If Serious-san from another novel is here, she will surely flip the table and ask, why the F is she here and where the F is the seriousness 😂😂😂

    Thanks for the chapt by the way.

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  4. I suppose it’s a good thing that the author decided to put the whole Isekai-side arc out of its misery. The recent return to the Earth bits with Miu just served to illustrate how narratively weak the Isekai-side story was. Can’t say I’m sad that it’s finally over.

    Maybe Earth-side will get the love that it’s been denied after all this time.


  5. That was damn anticlimactic !!
    But well, there is still the items from yuuyas house which can threaten genesis dragon too


  6. I thought the final boss would end up losing to the mc but then it was the doings of mc’s divine pets in the end lmfao

    I feel sorry for the God of Destruction lmao


  7. Wtf is with the power creep?
    We got,
    Yuuya’s pets > Yuuya > Yuuya’s Harem

    And what’s with the purpose of the summoned saint/shrine maiden?


    1. Also we got a formula that,
      If someone is introduced or an enemy but is opposite sex and slightly or weaker than yuuya, then she is part of harem.
      If someone is introduced or a main enemy that is same strength or slightly stronger than yuuya then theygot crushed.


  8. Algo anticlimatico que fueran unos lindos animales los que derrotaran al mal pero bueno igual fue muy graciosos leerlo además de que es entendible si piensan en la abolidas de ciel que está muy rota no importa cuántas veceses lo tunben se de nuevo y se vuelve más fuerte como pelear con eso y si ubiera Sido Yuuya el resultado sería el mismo jajaja muy creído el mal pero perdió así


  9. I thought Ciel’s gonna be the cute little sister/brother, but lo and behold, Ciel’s the leader of a very cute mafia gang.

    I don’t hate this ending, there’s no need to go all out on a “boss” that will be irrelevant in terms of power later on. I guess it’s a good thing to do to avoid boring power creep.


  10. I honestly liked this. I couldn’t care about anti climatic. I enjoyed Shinka no Mi and I am enjoying this so far despite a lot of frustrations about the MC himself and a few characters like Lexia. Aside from that, all’s great. I enjoy both the isekai and real world part because the isekai leads into what makes the real world side unique else there are tons of better mangas and novels out there for pure real world slice of life.

    Also the isekai seems to have some world building with that humanoid girl and space so overall, I like this novel


  11. And if people want the stereotypical endings and not this anticlimatic stuff, go read the same shounen mangas out there. They’re all filled with the same stuff if that’s what gets you hyped or gives you a chuckle lol


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