I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 7 Epilogue

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The time goes back a bit. During the time when Yuuya was meeting Ciel after he had defeated a bunch of Evil Beasts, Lexia and the others who remained in the Regal Kingdom were having a conversation with Orghis.

“──He saved us again…”

“How is it? Isn’t my husband amazing!?”

“Since when did Yuuya become Lexia’s husband…?”

For some reason, Lexia puffed out her chest with confidence as Yuuya was being praised. Luna couldn’t help but smile and retort at the sight of her.

However, Orghis did not seem to care about such a Lexia and put on a complicated expression.

“What on earth is he? I heard that he is the disciple of the Kicking Saint, but I also heard from the Sword Saint that he is not the official successor. In addition, it seems that even the Sword Saint has welcomed Yuuya-dono as her disciple… and on top of that, he is the master of the Genesis Dragon; I don’t know what’s going on anymore…”

“Of course, he is my husband, after all!”

“That’s not an answer to anything! And how many times do I have to tell you he’s not your husband!”

“What, Luna? Just admit it!”

“I mean, it’s just so bad…!”

Luna could only hold her head in her hands as Lexia’s words were so innocent. Orghis himself didn’t expect a decent answer, so he didn’t pay any attention to it.

Then a soldier came over and gave Orghis a whisper.

“Oh, I see. Then let her through here.”


After receiving the order, the soldier left, and Orghis turned to Lexia and the others.

“Yuuya-dono has left, but now is a good time. I’d like you to meet the saint we’ve summoned.”

In response to Orghis words, Lexia nodded with a serious expression, which was a complete change from the light-hearted atmosphere of earlier.

“…Yes, I understand. Besides, I’d like to help her as well.”

“…Thank you.”

As for Lexia, she was still upset about the fact that Orghis had summoned a saint from another world.

However, with how the Holy were unable to do anything against Avis’s attack earlier, she could understand what Orghis was thinking. However, summoning a saint from another world was like kidnapping which was still unforgivable, and Lexia wanted to help the saint as much as she could.

Then, Mai Kagurazaka appeared in the room of Orghis and the others, looking somewhat frightened.

“U-um… I heard that you wanted to see me, so I’ve come…”

“Oh, Saint-dono! I’m very sorry since you’ve just finished a battle and you’re tired. There’s someone I’d like to introduce you to.”


Orghis introduced Lexia.

“This is the first princess of the Alceria Kingdom, which has friendly relations with the Regal Kingdom. Princess Lexia.”

“My name is Lexia von Alceria. I’m very sorry for making the dangerous request of defeating the Evil to you… who has nothing to do with this world originally.”

Lexia said, and bowed her head towards Mai. Mai panicked at the sight of it.

“P-please raise your head! I was indeed confused about many things at first, and to be honest, I’m still confused now, but the people of this country have been very good to me. Besides, if you say you need my help, I’d like to help you all as much as I can.”

“…Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Saint-sama.”

Mai remained hesitant as Lexia lowered her head once again.

“I-it’s not necessary to call me a saint… Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t tell you my name. I am Mai Kagurazaka.”


When Lexia heard Mai’s words, her eyes widened. It’s the same with Luna, who has a look of surprise on her face.

Mai tilted her head at the sight of the two of them.

“U-um, what happened…?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Your name has a similar vibe to someone I know… And when I took a closer look, I noticed that you have similar hair and eye color as well…”

“Do you mean Yuuya Tenjou, by any chance?”

“You know Yuuya-sama?”

Lexia was surprised by Mai’s words. Orghis, who was watching the exchange, suddenly muttered.

“If you ask me… Yuuya-dono and Saint-dono… indeed have a somewhat similar atmosphere…”

“Ah, yes. It’s because we’re from the same hometown.”


Everyone in the room froze when they heard Mai’s words, which she said casually.

──Unbeknownst to Yuuya, his secret was finally exposed.




“…What a crazy day, huh?”

“Agreed. It was astounding and exhausting.”

As we returned to my home on Earth, I couldn’t help but think about the day’s events and say such things. In my case, my body and mind were completely exhausted.

“Just when I thought I was finally able to defeat Master Usagi, the person I was supposed to use my power against is now gone.”

“Astonished. Ciel, he was so strong. Is that the [Hades Return March] skill?”

“Looks like it. Ouma-san doesn’t seem to know the details, but from what I saw, it seems that every time he takes damage, he recovers, and every time he recovers, he gets stronger…”

“…Irregularity. It’s too strong and it’s a nightmare for the opponent.”

“That’s for sure.”

Yuti was right; it will be nothing but a nightmare for those who are fighting it. In addition to the fact that he can heal instantly after an attack, he also gets strengthened every time he heals. It’s more terrifying than zombies.

“Oh well. Now that the battle against Evil has finally come to an end, we can relax in this world from here on out──.”

Just as I was about to say that, suddenly, the entire house began to shake.

“W-what happened?”

“Confused. I have no idea.”

Yuti didn’t seem to understand the cause either, and we struggled to endure the shaking. It wasn’t like an earthquake, but it felt as if the whole space was shaking.

“Woof, woof!”



“Something is distorting the space…”

Then, Night and the others gathered around us…

“Ouma-san, do you know what this shaking is?”

“Nope. I have no idea. Isn’t this some kind of natural disaster unique to this Earth?”

“No, no, no! There have been earthquakes, but they have never distorted space!”

I would be surprised if there were. We endured the shaking for a while, but eventually, it weakened and finally stopped completely.

“I-is it over?”

“Maybe. I don’t think it’s going to shake again.”

I let out a slow breath as I listened to Yuti’s words.

“Phew… What was that all about──?”

“Ah! Yuuya!”


Yuti’s voice was sharp, but I gave a careless reply. But, Yuti’s expression remained grim, and her gaze was fixed on my back.

I turned around to see if there was something behind me and saw…


For some reason, there was a pillar of light pouring down from the ceiling. However, there didn’t seem to be any holes in the ceiling. When I was just staring at the pillar of light, something came down from the top of the pillar.

“W… who?”


Ouma-san smiled happily at the sight of the thing that came down, but I wasn’t focused on that. Because what fell from the sky was a girl who looked like nothing I’ve ever seen in this world, or even in the other world.

She looked to be about the same age as me, but she had bright blue hair, blue eyes, and a sparkling light that reminded me of the starry sky was dancing around her body.

The girl with the mysterious light landed quietly on the floor of my house and looked around at us.

Finally, she opened her mouth.

(I know that the blueprint is here. Please be mature and hand it over.)

“Huh? Blueprint?”

“Confused. Yuuya, do you understand a word she’s saying?”

“Eh? You don’t understand her?”


I was surprised by Yuti’s words, but I soon realized that I could understand the girl’s words thanks to my [Language Comprehension] skill.

Then the girl, who seemed to be impatient with the lack of response, opened her mouth again.

(I warn you. Please be mature and hand over the blueprint. Otherwise, I will destroy this planet.)

“Huh? You’re going to destroy this planet?”

I raised my voice in amazement at this unexpected statement. But the girl had a very serious expression on her face.

(We are from a much more advanced civilization than this planet. It would not take much to destroy this planet.)

“W-wait! I just want to confirm one thing. Are you an alien…?”

I had a vague idea of what she was talking about, but I asked her to confirm it.

(Alien… certainly, from the point of view of the people of this planet, yes. Oops, I was in such a hurry that I didn’t introduce myself…)

The girl who claimed to be an alien bowed her head reverently as she said this.

(I’m Merl, from the planet Amel. Please return the blueprint to me.)

The girl who said she was from the planet Amel… Merl-san, raised her head and spoke to us again.

“N-no, I have no idea what you’re talking about when you ask me to return the blueprint, and what are you referring to when you say that?”

In response to my question, Merl-san, for some reason, turned her attention to the rectangular machine attached to her arm.

(…Your heart rate and brain waves both show no signs of lying. All right, I’ll explain.)

It seems that the machine attached to her hand is to check if the other person is lying or not. Is there such a thing as a portable lie detector…?

(It’s a dearest wish of my planet, Amel, to have something built from the blueprint I’m looking for.)

“Dearest wish?”

(…You may not understand since you’re living on this peaceful planet, but in this vast universe, tragic interstellar wars are very common. Once upon a time, our planet was invaded by a certain planet and was in danger of being defeated. In order to counter these invaders, our planet has been developing an anti-astronomical annihilation weapon.)

An anti-astronomical annihilation weapon? What’s with the name…?

(However, due to an accident, the design was almost stolen by the enemy, so our ancestors sealed the design in a certain object and released it into the vastness of space to protect it from the hands of the invaders.)

I honestly want to run away right now from this story, but I don’t think I can because Merl-san is talking to me with her eyes on me. Oh, I’m just an ordinary citizen; why am I getting involved in this grand story?

(Then… ten thousand years passed.)

“Ten thousand years?”

It’s too heavy! What does she really want from me?

(During those 10,000 years, we managed to stop the invasion… Recently, a new bioweapon was created on the enemy’s planet, and we are once again in a tight spot. This was when it happened. At this time, I detected a sign from this point on the planet that the seal on the blueprint created by our ancestors was about to be broken.)


(As I said earlier, the weapon left behind by our ancestors is our last hope, but if it falls into the hands of the enemy, it will quickly turn into despair. If the weapon’s blueprint is passed on to the other planet and is developed, our planet will be destroyed. That is why our ancestors used a certain trick when they sealed the blueprint. In order to unseal the blueprint, we need to use the life force of tens of thousands of people or a magic power equivalent to tens of thousands of people. I can’t sense any magic power from this planet, so it’s possible that they prepared the life force, but from the looks of it, there’s no evidence of tens of thousands of lifeforms dying, so I don’t know why the blueprint was released… but since I sensed that the seal that shouldn’t have been broken was broken, I came in a hurry to retrieve it. We cannot let it fall into the hands of the enemy.)

The more I hear about it, the more disturbing it sounds, and the scale is so large that I can’t keep up with the image.

(That’s all I have to say. Please hand over the blueprint immediately.)

“Hmm… Even if you say so, I don’t know what the blueprint looks like, so I can’t give it back to you… The thing is, does Merl-san even know where the blueprint is kept in this house?”

(I can sense the electromagnetic waves of the blueprint we’re looking for, but it seems to have been interfered with by the presence of the objects that are supposedly stored with it, the electromagnetic waves, and all the forces that are swirling around it, so I can’t tell you the exact location of the blueprint.)


I don’t know much about it, but when I think of a place like that… the one that comes to mind somehow is the warehouse.

Many incomprehensible things are lying around in there, and while Ouma-san enjoys it, Yuti is too scared to go in there. It seems to have many things with a bad aura. I don’t really understand it though. I don’t know; maybe I’m just dull.

“By the way, what does the blueprint look like?”

(The blueprint itself is not real, as it is left as a hologram, but it is sealed in a stone box made of cosmonium, the hardest material in the universe. The size of the box is about the size of a cube, like this…)



I realized that I had an idea of what Merl-san was talking about, but at the same time, Ouma-san suddenly raised his voice.

When looking in that direction, Ouma-san has a rare cold sweat on his face.

“…Ouma-san? What’s wrong?”

“I-I-I-I-I’m not doing anything wrong!”

The way he was shaken up was terrific. Rather, I thought that Ouma-san, who usually doesn’t get flustered, is not very good at hiding it at times like this.

Ouma-san definitely knows something about this… As I was thinking this, Ouma-san started digging his own grave, even though no one was listening.

“W-when I was playing in that warehouse just to kill time, there was no way I hit a mysterious object there with my magic power…”




He was looked at with pity by Yuti, confusion by Night, and dismay by Akatsuki.

The only one who was unfazed by the situation was Ciel, who was sleeping on my shoulder… I have a feeling that this little guy was just like Akatsuki. In fact, he’s very strong.

That’s okay then…

“Let’s see…”

(──You all seem to know where the blueprint is. Now, tell me immediately.)

When I saw Merl-san saying this with a serious expression, I wanted to hold my head.

Even though we’ve just defeated a perfect Evil in a different world, we’ve once again been caught up in some kind of spectacular event…

It seems that it will be a long time before I can relax and rest.


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