Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 86

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Chapter 86 – Continuation of The Story And Future Plans


“I’ll tell you what happens next.”

This time, Poizo began to speak.

“The people of the Holy Kingdom did not listen to His Majesty, but he persisted in his negotiations. But in the meantime, the Holy Kingdom’s people have enslaved the people of the Merinard Kingdom and taken them out of the country.”

“I’ve heard that story too.”

I’ve heard that there were several farming villages that perished in unnatural ways after the Merinard Kingdom became a vassal state of the Holy Kingdom. I’m sure something similar was done in the royal capital Merinesburg as well.

“When His Majesty saw the reality of the situation, he had no choice but to give up on the negotiations. And he didn’t like the idea of giving their royal blood to the Holy Kingdom.”

“Royal blood?”

“That’s right. The royalty has the strongest magic power among the Elves in their bodies. If the Holy Kingdom took that bloodline away, there was a high possibility that the quality of the Holy Kingdom’s magic power would improve dramatically-nodesu.”

“That’s a fishy story…”

In other words, it is possible that the royal family’s seeds and wombs could be used to increase the number of magicians with strong magic powers systematically. Sylphy’s story was that the Holy Kingdom was actually doing something like that.

“So, what happened?”

“The Holy Kingdom did not agree to His Majesty’s negotiations, but threatened His Majesty and the others with enslavement and brutal execution if they did not agree to the Holy Kingdom’s demands-nodesu.”

“That’s repulsive.”

“Absolutely. And then, His Majesty made his decision. He paid for it with his life and his magic power by closing a corner of the castle with ice, along with the rest of the royal family-nanodesu.”

“Closed it with ice?

“Yes. If His Majesty and the others were still alive and able to negotiate, there was a high possibility that the people would be further harmed. So His Majesty decided to stop any further violence by freezing and sealing all the royal families-nodesu.”

“…I see.”

It’s clear as day that there will be more casualties whether they comply with the Holy Kingdom’s demands or not. Then, he can protect his family and make the negotiation itself impossible. That way, no one will be killed in the negotiation process.

It would only postpone the problem, but it would be the worst move for the Holy Kingdom. The Holy Kingdom probably wanted the blood of the royal family more than anything else. If they can’t negotiate with or interfere with the other party, there’s no point in killing the Merinard citizens for nothing. It would be better to treat them as slaves.

Even for the enslaved people, it’s better than dying, and as long as they’re alive, they have a chance to turn the tables. In a sense, it’s a rational decision. The people who will be left behind will have a hard time, but I’m sure many lives will be saved by doing so.

“But it’s magic, isn’t it? Isn’t it possible that the effect of the magic will fade over time or that it will be forcibly removed?”

“Of course, that possibility is not entirely out of the question. But it is great magic that His Majesty, who possesses great magic power, has devoted his life to using. It’s not that easy. And we’re protecting it too-nanodesu.”

“If the Holy Kingdom tried to do something about it, we will drive them away…”

Lime said, while using a tentacle-like part of her body, she poked and prodded my chest. That’s an expression of how to drive them away…?

“I see… so what about the fact that the Merinard royal family is being taken away by the Holy Kingdom?”

“It’s propaganda to discourage the Merinard people from rebelling-nodesu.”

“But there was a rebellion three years ago, wasn’t there?”

“It was a rebellion that occurred regardless of the existence of the royal family. It was the result of the former Merinard citizens rising up against the harsh rule of the Holy Kingdom-nodesu.”

“That’s what the Holy Kingdom’s officials said.”

“I see.”

I think it’s inefficient to treat slaves so harshly that they start a rebellion, but… Isn’t there an option to rule without sacrificing them, without killing them, and with moderate treatment so that they don’t start a rebellion?

There’s probably none; it’s the Holy Kingdom, after all. It’s natural for them to think that different races should serve humans, considering their national religion is the racist Adel religion.

“However, is it possible that the existence of the royal family is not leaked to that extent…?”

I think Poizo and the others should just tell the outside world. That’s what I think.

“…We are not allowed to leave the grounds of this castle by contract-nodesu.”

“And since the Holy Kingdom took over, no subhuman has been able to get near this castle.”

“We’ve been isolated and struggled here.”

There’s a word I’ve been wondering about, contract.

“What is this contract?”

“We’re not ordinary slime-nodesu.”



When I asked, Lime looked into my face and smiled. Even if they say they are not ordinary slime, I’ve never seen any other slime.

“Normal slimes can’t talk, mimic human form, or create and control multiple bodies like us. We are water spirits who made a contract with the previous king and fused with slime.”

“So Lime and the others were the results of a demon-combination of water spirits and slime…”

“It’s not a demon; it’s a spirit.”

“Ouch, it hurts; I’m sorry.”

Lime slapped me on the stomach. It’s very painful.

“So you’re like a water element slime?”

“That’s what it is. Originally, we were supposed to guard the castle and protect the royal family.”

“So, what brings you here?”

“We used to treat sewage using our slime characteristics, sort of a side job.”

“It’s safer to leave the main body here now, so we’re mainly working here. When it comes to guarding the royal family, we only need to interfere with the magicians-nodesu.”

“If we remain in the open, we’ll get oiled, burned, poisoned, or hit with magic.”

“That’s terrible.”

So, the three of them are hiding in the castle’s basement, protecting the royal family and watching for an opportunity. And the royalty ― in other words, Sylphy’s family, her father sacrificed himself and has been freezing his body and soul in this castle for the past twenty years, waiting to be released.

“Can Sylphy help the surviving royalty?”

“Perhaps. His Majesty said that someday Sylphiel-sama might lead the Elves of the Black Forest to retake the Merinard Kingdom-nodesu.”

“I see.”

This is becoming a reality, and maybe Sylphy’s father had the foresight to see it through.

“I understand the situation now. Well, if that’s the case, what should I do now…?”

I think it’s not impossible to get back to Sylphy and the others if I get the right equipment. I can move around as much as possible without using the city streets, and when I need to rest, I can build a small underground shelter to rest. I don’t even have to go through the gates to get out of the royal capital. I can just dig my way underground.

In fact, this sewage system will probably continue to the outside of the royal capital. If Lime and the others can guide me, it should be easy to get out of the royal capital.

However, since I’m deep inside the enemy’s camp, I feel like I want to do some kind of sabotage. If I could take away the Holy Kingdom’s funds and military supplies, wouldn’t that be a big help to Sylphy and the others? It’s also a good way to assassinate important people… Whether or not I can do it, I’m not sure.

I’m not a good assassin, and I’ve never even used a weapon against a human being. It can’t be helped.

But if I go too far, there is a possibility that the Holy Kingdom will send reinforcements from their home country? But that’s only a matter of time, isn’t it? Would it be better to expand the damage…? Hmm, I’m troubled.

But still, the Lime chair is comfortable. This is the thing that totally spoils people. Also, the back of my head feels amazing. It’s a slime, so I guess it doesn’t have boobs or anything.

“Does it feel good?”

“It feels really good. It’s wonderful.”


Lime grinned and tapped me on the stomach. For some reason, Beth and Poizo were watching this with subtle expressions on their faces. I don’t know what it is, but I sense a jealousy aura. I’m very keen on that kind of thing these days.

“By the way, Lime, Beth, and Poizo let me in quite easily, didn’t they? Didn’t you ever wonder if I’m from the Holy Kingdom?”

“Now that you mention it, I wonder why. It’s so strange to hear you say that.”

“Somehow, I get a pleasant feeling from Kosuke-nodesu.”

“What’s that…? Oh, by the way, I think Sylphy once told me that spirits strangely liked me.”

That was the night I met Sylphy, I believe. It was when Sylphy healed my bruises from being beaten up with spirit magic. I wonder if it’s some kind of constitutional thing? Or is it because I’m a marebito? It seems that Sylphy didn’t know why, and if Beth and the others, who are half spirits, don’t know, then it seems difficult to know either.

“In any case, I’ll have to contact Sylphy and the others and let them know I’m okay. So I need the Golem communicator…”

I’ve already registered the craft, so as long as I have the materials and an improved workbench, I should be able to make one. I’ll have to figure out a way to compensate for the lack of power. I wonder if I can use item creation to make a high-powered golem communicator instead of a portable one. I’ll have to give it a try.

So, first, I need to build a simple furnace to make a workbench, then I need to make iron, and then I need to find a mining point… Hmm, there’s a lot to do. I don’t know the geography of the underground passages and sewers, and I should probably ask Lime and the others for help. As for the price, I have plenty of Gizma meat, can’t I pay them with this?

If not, I’ll have to negotiate. If I go missing, Sylphy, Isla, and the Harpies might do something dangerous. No, I don’t think that’s a problem. They’re all older than me. I’m sure they won’t do anything rash. Maybe.

“Okay, I’ve decided on a plan. The first thing I need to do is get my strength back.”

“Regain strength?”

“What exactly?”

“I need to gather various materials in the basement so that I can make various workbenches and items. Will you help me?”

“Fumu, is that so…?”

Beth made a thoughtful gesture and touched a part of her body to Poizo and Lime. They’re exchanging information, aren’t they? What? What are they exchanging?

“Yes, we can help you with that. Of course, you’re not going to tell me it’s for free, are you?”

“Of course, I’ll give you what I can. I still have Gizma meat if you want it.”

“I want something delicious.”

Lime looked into my face and smiled at me. For some reason, it sent shivers down my spine. Is it just my imagination?

“For now, we are satisfied with Gizma’s meat. In the future, you should bring out more delicious food-nodesu.”

“Also, I want you to tell us all about the outside world. We’re starving for entertainment.”

“Indeed, it must be very boring to live underground like this.”

Starving for entertainment, huh? Maybe I should try to make a Reversi game, chess, shogi*, or cards. Oh, sugoroku* would be good too.


[T/n: * = Japanese chess and Japanese board game.]


“So, are you sure you want to help me?”


“It would be a good way to pass the time.”

“It’s giving and take-nodesu.”

All three of them readily agreed. Well, well. I can see where this is going. I think I can make it. First of all, I should take the day off to relax and calm my mind and body. Ever since Qubi kidnaped me, I’ve had too much to think about, and I’m feeling tired. It’s not efficient to force myself to move at a time like this, and I might make an unexpected mistake.

All right, I’ll do my best tomorrow!


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11 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 86

  1. now I wonder which route will be taken… the easy lame route of Qubi also being a servant of the royal family, who for some stupid drama generating reason didnt tell the MC about it in the plenty of times he had the opportunity to… or the more reasonable route that he is simply a traitor…

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    1. Im guessing hes a traitor. More likely theyve got someone he loves and so he sold them out for that. If he was doing it for some noble reason there would be no reason to trick him into emptying his inventory. He wanted him as helpless as possible when he handed him over. A hostage is the only thing that makes sense and the humans just underestimated his ability to gather resources in his cell to escape.

      I did wonder if hes been allowed to escape to demonstrate his abilities but its unlikely he would have been allowed to go as far as he has and meet up with new allies the way he has. Unless the slimes are on the baddies side in which case this is a super big brain play thats led to him revealing everything to the enemy.

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      1. I suspect he was allowed to escape in the hope of finding the slime’s hideout, and maybe they are also playing a somewhat longer game of allowing Sylphy to reach the castle in order to capture the Royal Family all at once.

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  2. Yeah.. my guess is qubi is from the empire. Also guessing that they left him there in hopes that he would break through to the royal fam and as a main objective, push Sylphi & co to step up war efforts to drive Holy dudes into desperation for either greater concessions in ending war (both with empire & Liberation) or just a quicker cessation of hostilities.

    If this is the general scenario, I’m leaning 70/30 on whether or not Qubi is also waiting to grab all the prizes for the empire in the aftermath (both golden goose boi & better magic bureau royalty).


  3. I actually wonder if pouring salt on slimes would be more effective than poisoning or burning them. Salt or even quicklime, to drain water from their bodies.


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