I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 8 Chapter 6

T/n: I really apologize for the mistake I made after all of this. After being confirmed in this chapter, the title that Yuuya got after crossing the door of the other world is [The First Person To Visit The Other World] not [Person Who Visited A Different World For The First Time]; once again, I really apologize for this mistake.

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Chapter 6 – The Shocking Truth


“A-Argena? Wh-what’s this voice…?”

Surprised by the sudden woman’s voice, it seemed that it was not only me but everyone here could also hear this voice, and everyone looked around to search for the owner of the voice.

Merl-san’s eyes widened even more than before.

(T-the voice of the planet…! No way… Then this planet has been in existence since the primordial space age?)


Merl-san sank into a sea of thoughts, muttering something to herself. Apparently, Merl-san perceives this situation as even more extraordinary than the rest of us.

Even Yuti was speechless and stunned by this situation.

More importantly, where the hell did the voice come from?

Ouma-san smiled at us amusingly.

“Kukuku… you won’t find her even if you look for it. The planet you’re standing on right now is… Argena.”


We were all stunned by Ouma-san’s words. In other words, the owner of this voice was the planet itself.

Then the woman’s voice ─ Argena-san’s dumbfounded voice sounded.

“The way that you make fun of people like this hasn’t changed either. That is why Zenovis beat you.”

“Huh? T-that guy is special, you know? He’s the only one who can beat me!”


As we were in a state of confusion, completely left behind, Argena-san suddenly called out to me.

“The young man over there is Yuuya, right?”

“Eh? Ah, y-yes! Eh, but? How did you know my name?”

If she had watched us in battle, she probably would have known, but I don’t remember saying my name.

When I was surprised that Argena-san knew my name, she laughed at me amusingly.

“…Fufu. It’s another nostalgic presence.”

“N-nostalgic… you say?”

“Yes. How is Yuunosuke? Is he doing well?”


I was astonished at the name that Argena-san mentioned.

Because that name is…!

“Y-you know my grandfather?”

That’s right, the Yuunosuke that Argena-san mentioned was none other than my grandfather, Yuunosuke Tenjou.

I was surprised, but Argena-san told me gently.

“I know him well. I know your grandfather, Yuunosuke, very well…”

“No way…”

When I heard Argena-san’s words, I couldn’t believe them.

Because I have the title [The First Person To Visit The Other World]. In other words, if my grandfather had come to this world, it would have been false.

Then, Argena-san answered my question.

“Oh, you’re concerned about the title that you have, aren’t you? That title is not wrong. I didn’t meet Yuunosuke directly, after all.”

“Directly? And how do you know about my title…?”

“Fufufu… I know everything that happens on this planet. So, I also know how Yuuya came to be in this world…”

“I-I see…?”

I don’t know, but if Ouma-san is right, then Argena-san is this planet itself, and she must know everything that is going on on this planet. Perhaps the title of Holy is also given by Argena-san.

“Of course. I’m the one who chose the Holy.”


She read my mind!

When I was even more surprised by the unexpected phenomenon, Argena-san laughed amusingly.

“I’ve already told you, didn’t I? I know everything about this planet. In other words, I can understand all of your thoughts on this planet.”


“Hmph… what’s so great about that? It’s just a bad taste, isn’t it?”

“We’re both in the same boat in that regard, Genesis Dragon. No… you’re Ouma now.”

“…Call me what you like.”

Ouma-san said so in an unamused manner and laid down on the spot. I-I see. Ouma-san had been alive since the birth of this planet. Since he was the Genesis Dragon, he and Argena-san were childhood friends, so to speak. The word planet and childhood friend together was amazing.

“Um… Argena-san. You mentioned earlier that you’ve never met my grandfather in person… What does that mean?”

“That’s right… Yuunosuke didn’t come to this world with his own body like Yuuya, but only with his spiritual body in the form of a dream through Zenovis’ magic.”

“Spiritual body? And Zenovis-san is…”

“Zenovis is one you know well, the one the humans call the Sage.”

“A-as I thought…!”

It was the first time I heard Sage-san’s name, although I had somehow guessed it from the flow of the conversation earlier! Or rather, grandpa and Sage-san were acquainted?

“That’s right. Zenovis once failed in a magic experiment and accidentally crossed over to a different world. That is the world that Yuunosuke was in… In other words, the planet that Yuuya lives on.”

“Sa-Sage-san came to Earth…”

“He’s on Earth…? …No, if it’s that guy, he might do it.”

It’s not just me that was surprised by the shocking fact that Argena-san revealed, but also Ouma-san. I-if it’s Sage-san, he might be able to do it…

I couldn’t help but frown at Ouma-san’s words, but then I realized something.

“B-but, Sage-san is a person from a long time ago, right? No matter how I think about this, the times they lived in don’t match…”

Grandpa had been alive just a while ago, but Sage-san was someone from hundreds of years ago, right? I don’t think the timeline fits together no matter what you think…

“It’s simple. The flow of time is inherently different between this world and the world you live in. In such a situation, Zenovis not only crossed the worlds but even transcended time to meet Yuunosuke.”

Sage-san, you can do anything you want, huh!

As expected of someone who’s been invited to the realm of the gods, there’s a lot to be said for being recruited by the gods…

“Hundreds of years after Zenovis’ death, two worlds that were never meant to meet were connected through a doorway that appeared in the house you now live in… the old Zenovis house, to be exact. This means that the flow of time in this world is now connected with the flow of time in your world as well.

“I-I see.”

The conversation was a bit difficult, and I couldn’t understand it completely. Still, I think I kind of understood it… somehow.

“Unfortunately, while I can understand everything that happens on this planet, I can’t understand anything that happens on other planets. So there is no way to know what Zenovis experienced on your planet, except for what he told me after he came back.”

She said it so casually, but even if she can’t understand what happened on Earth, isn’t it outrageous to think that she knows everything that happened on this planet?

“He came back to this world and created the ultimate magic to traverse the two worlds with Yuunosuke. But the magic was so dangerous that it could have destroyed both worlds if it hadn’t worked. Therefore, Zenovis decided to just invite Yuunosuke’s spirit from the other world to visit this planet without announcing or using the magic he had created. …The world where Yuuya lives is less dangerous than this world, isn’t it?”

“T-that’s right.”

“This is also one of the reasons why Zenovis only invited Yuunosuke’s spiritual body. If it’s just the spiritual body, it won’t get a scratch even if it’s attacked by the monsters of this world. But if he’s with Zenovis, it’s hard to say if there’s any chance of him getting hurt…”

How amazing is it that even the planet itself, Argena-san, has such a high opinion of Sage-san?

“In any case, I know very well about Yuunosuke, who was a close friend of Zenovis. By the way, how is Yuunosuke doing?”

“Oh… well, my grandpa is…”

As I was about to speak, Argena-san, who must have been able to read my mind, quietly said.

“…I see. How quickly does time pass, Ouma?”

“Hmph… I don’t know Yuuya’s grandfather, so I can’t speak for him. But you can never get used to losing a friend.”

“…You’re right.”

A somewhat somber air passed between Ouma-san and Argena-san.

These two have been together since birth and have probably seen the end of many lives at the same time. I heard that Sage-san was chosen by God, so he had the possibility of becoming immortal…

“That’s true. His talent was a little too far out of the ordinary to be called human.”

“Um… Is there really such a thing as a God?”

“Of course there is. But they are in a higher dimension than this one, so we can’t recognize them. They won’t be able to recognize us, and they won’t care about us either.”

“What does that mean…?”

“They don’t care what happens to you humans or any other beings. In the first place, we are not created by them; we are born from nothing. There is no connection to begin with. But… Zenovis has crossed that dimensional barrier as well, so they contacted Zenovis from their side.”

No, really Sage-san, you’re amazing! I’d like to see what kind of life you’ve been through. It would definitely be interesting to have a story where Sage-san is the main character.

“Yes… He was a very interesting person, including his friendships.”

“You’re right. He could do anything, but he was not good at interacting with people. That was one of the things that made him human…”

“Yeah… Ahh, I can talk to you forever at this rate. This is also because Ouma never visits, you know? No one can talk to me if they don’t come here, and no one is strong enough to arrive here in the first place. I also miss having someone to talk to, you know?”

“I’m free to show up wherever I want. But well… now that I live nearby. I’ll show up when I feel like it.”

Ouma said this with some embarrassment. Indeed, it’s not that far from Sage-san’s house to here. Now it’s time to clean up the [Great Devil’s Nest].

“Let us not, when we are old, we tend to talk too long… So… Merl.”


When Merl-san was suddenly called out, she replied while stiffening her body.

If it were true, Merl-san is not a resident of this planet and should not be able to understand the language, but for Argena-san, such language barrier can be easily overcome. It’s more like she’s talking to her mind, so she’s able to convey the exact meaning.

“You came here to get the energy crystals, right?”


“Please, take as many as you like.”

(Eh, you’re just going to let that happen?)

“It’s okay.”

Merl-san was taken aback by the words that were spoken so simply. And suddenly, the remnants of the lava giants we defeated… or rather the energy crystals we shattered, began to glow!

They floated up into the air and then merged together. At that moment, a tremendous light enveloped the area.

I was so dazzled that I covered my face with my arms and waited for the light to subside. I felt the light gradually fading, and when I looked back, I saw a crystal that had come together as one.

(This is…)

“It doesn’t change the fact that you guys defeated this giant. So you can take these crystals with you, but… it would have been difficult to take them home in their previous state, right? That’s why I condensed it into one.”

It’s outrageous that it’s so easy to fuse them into one. No, originally, the energy that overflowed from Argena-san was crystallized, and it might not be so difficult to unite…?

“It’s that simple.”

“You read my mind again…”

“Fufu… It’s not that hard to unite them. Also, Yuuya. I’m going to give you something else.”

“Eh? S-something else?”

This time, a huge sphere that originally existed in this space and looked like it might have appeared in an anime movie emitted a violent light. The light eventually converged together and slipped straight into my body.

Seeing the light, Ouma-san raises one eyebrow.

“Hou? You’re really excited about this, aren’t you? Argena.”

“Um… what was that?”

“I gave you the planet’s blessing.”

“The planet’s blessing?”

“Yes… it’s the power of the [Creation of The Holy and Evil].”

“T-the creation of the Holy and Evil…?”

“Yes. I… there is a conflict between the Holy and the Evil on this planet. You know that, don’t you, Yuuya?”


“You may be wondering why an existence like the Evil is born… and why it is left unchecked. Both negative and positive power needed to exist in order for the planet to continue its work. Without either of them, nothing would exist.”


“But in terms of the strength of the two forces flowing through the world, the Evil is probably the stronger by far. People tend to hold onto their anger much more strongly than they do their joy.”


In the past, Yuti herself had been swept up in the anger of revenge, so she listened to Argena-san’s story in silence.

“That’s why I’ve taken various measures to help people resist the Evil. That’s what the Holy system is designed for, and that’s what holy beasts like the red pig… Akatsuki is there for.”




He was surprised to be mentioned, but when Night looked at him with respect, he got carried away and stretched his chest. Akatsuki is amazing, but Night, you’re also amazing, you know?

“In this planet, the power of Holy and Evil influence each other more than in other planets. So, if you receive my blessing, you will be able to use both the Holy and Evil powers that lay dormant in your body, not just as an individual, but as the power of this planet.”

“I-is it going to get even stronger than it is now?”

“No problem. Aside from becoming stronger, it also makes it more difficult for you to be taken in by the Evil. So, you can say that even if you use power of the Evil as before, there is almost no risk of it going out of control.”

“I-I’d certainly appreciate that, but…”

I can’t even hold it in my hand right now, so what am I supposed to do with it when it gets even stronger?

Then Kuro, who had been asleep inside me until now, seemed to wake up and called out to me in a panic.

“H-hey, Yuuya! I feel that my power has suddenly become much stronger… Are you about to be taken in by the Evil again?”

“Eh? Ah, t-that’s okay. Because I’ve just been strengthened with the blessing of this planet.”

“What kind of situation is that, then?”

That’s true. The more I say it out loud, the more it doesn’t make sense. What does it mean to get a blessing from the planet?

“…Well, it’s fine. For now, it’s not like you’re going to be bottled up by the Evil or anything like that, right?”

“Yeah. Rather, it looks like even if I use Kuro’s power, it’s less likely to go out of control.”

“I see… Then, it’s fine.”

I couldn’t help but ask Kuro, who seemed a little relieved.

“Could it be that you were worried about me?”

“Huh? There’s no way that’s true. Don’t say anything stupid! I-it’s just… that! I’m only saying that because it would be boring if you were easily taken in by my power. Don’t misunderstand me.”

After telling me that in a reproachful way, Kuro withdrew inside me again. Hmm, it looks like he won’t respond to me for a while, even if I call out to him.

While we had this exchange, Argena-san, who can read my mind, said in a soft voice.

“…Yuuya. You can face the power of your own Evil on an equal footing, can’t you?”

“Eh? W-well, Kuro has helped me a lot…”

Kuro helped me once when I went out of control in a battle with the Fist Saint, and also when I fought against Quarro, and now I recognize him as an important part of my body.

“With that heart, you’ll be able to master my blessing.”

“Y-yes. I’ll do my best.”

“Fufufu… I have talked for so long… You must have your own things to do. Determine what you need to do and move on.”


“Then Ouma. Please take care of the rest, okay?”

“Hmph. I’ll just do what I want to do.”

“Geez, you’re such a dragon…”

At last, with an exasperated laugh at Ouma-san, Argena-san’s voice disappeared.

After a few moments of sentimentality, Ouma-san opened his mouth.

“Hey, we’ve done our business here. Let’s get the hell out of here. I’m hungry.”

“I-I understand.”

“And don’t forget about the crystal, okay? We came here to get them, after all.”

So many things had happened that I had almost forgotten our original purpose, but Ouma-san was right; our main purpose was to get these energy crystals. If we leave without it, there’s nothing we can do.

(What should I do…? Normally, I can retrieve it without any problems using subspace transfer technology, but unfortunately, if I use my resources on it, other functions will be affected…)

“In that case, shall I use my item box to transport it?”

(Item Box… Come to think of it, Yuuya-san can carry things with a strange technology that is different from ours. Then, may I ask for your help?)

“Yes. I’m glad I can be of help!”

After storing the energy crystals in my item box, we escaped from the bottom of this hole.


“He will… transcend many worlds, I suppose.”


──Argena-san muttered quietly behind me, but I could not hear her words.


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  1. “Um… Is there really such a thing as a God?”

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    “They don’t care what happens to you humans or any other beings. In the first place, we are not created by them; we are born from nothing. There is no connection to begin with. But… Zenovis has crossed that dimensional barrier as well, so they contacted Zenovis from their side.”

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