Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113 – Somehow It’s Raining


I found myself on a familiar ceiling.

“Are you awake?”

Big eye were staring at my face. The eye was a little red; could it be that she was crying? I hugged my beloved existence before me while thinking about that with my head still not turning properly.

“I’m back.”

“Mm, welcome back.”

Isla buries her face in my chest and rubs against me. I stroke Isla’s head and back while she rubs against me at will. It feels like I’m back.



Perhaps they noticed Isla and me; the Harpies came rushing in. They all rejoiced in my safety, rubbing their wings on my head, crying tears of joy, and raining kisses down on me. Hey, didn’t someone just lick me instead of kissing me? Wait, it’s NG to take off my clothes!

“B-by the way, where’s Sylphy?”


When I asked the question after surviving the onslaught of the Harpies, Isla, who had defended her position on my chest, pointed her finger towards the corner of the room. When I raised my body and turned my gaze in the direction of Isla’s finger pointing, I saw the figure of Sylphy with a dull aura on her face… sitting like a student in the gym with her face buried in her knees and trembling.

“Sylphy, don’t just sit there; come over here.”

“It’s okay… I’m just a bad woman who strangled Kosuke when he came back… Just leave me alone.”

Her muddled aura is amazing. I wonder if it’s the influence of some kind of dark spirit.

“Don’t worry about it, Sylphy. You’re just a little emotional, aren’t you?”

And I’m extraordinarily weak ― no, that would be impossible. But I mustn’t show it to anyone. You have to be inclusive and receptive here, Kosuke.

I slipped out of bed, gently moving Isla off my chest, and moved to the corner of the room underneath the gloomy Sylphy.

“Sylphy. Hey, let me see your face, Sylphy.”


When she looked up, her face was in a terrible state. Her eyes were red from crying, her eyelids were swollen, and her nose was snotty… Her beauty was ruined.

I took a piece of cloth from my inventory and wiped her nose after wiping her tears.

“I’m not mad at you, okay?”

I kissed Sylphy on the forehead and hugged her gently. The tears began to flow again, and the area around my right shoulder, where she had pressed her face against mine, began to feel warm. All right, all right.

While I was quieting her crying, Isla and the others were out of the room before I knew it. Apparently, they were concerned about Sylphy and me.

“Come on, let’s get up and sit over there. Okay?”


I felt a thread stretching out from her face as she took her face off my shoulder, but I pretended not to see it. I’ll just wash it off tomorrow. The first thing I need to do right now is to cheer up Sylphy, who is at the bottom of her tension.

“I’m happy to see you again, Sylphy. But if you keep crying like that, I’m going to get sad too. Don’t worry; I don’t care about that at all. Okay?”

Sylphy was sobbing for a while, but eventually, she calmed down, and the sniffling sound disappeared. And then, just as I thought she was muttering something, she suddenly sparkled.

“Whoa! What light is that?”

When the light subsided, the swelling on her eyelids went down, the red eyes were healed, and my shoulders were also clean. It seemed that Sylphy had done some things with her spirit magic.

“I’m sorry, Kosuke.”

“I’m not mad at you. That’s how worried you were about me, right? I’m more than happy to know that.”


Sylphy hugged me again, making a crying sound. Eventually, she got tired of crying and fell asleep.

I put her down on the bed and went to the kitchen. I was hungry, and I wanted to give Sylphy something to eat, too.

Hmm, what should I make? Right, I’ll make some kebabs or burritos, which I first made and fed to Sylphy. Now that I have a workbench, I can make a better and more perfect burrito.

That’s not enough for me, so I’ll make some soup. I’ll just make a regular consommé-flavored soup with lots of ingredients. Would it be better to make it myself without using my crafting ability? But I think it’s better if it’s tasty, and more importantly, it’s still my own work, so I conclude that there’s no problem.

Come to think of it; I need to take care of Grande, too… The way the sun is shining, it’s not like I’ve been unconscious for hours. Dragons must be reptilian creatures, too, and the intervals between meals won’t be so short.

She might complain a little, but it wouldn’t be a problem if it had to be tomorrow. I’ll just have to serve her.

In the meantime, Sylphy woke up and started looking around anxiously on the bed. She soon found me, and her face lit up.

“I’ve made dinner. Let’s eat together.”


I feel like Sylphy is regressing into an infant. But it’s okay because she’s cute.

“I made the same thing I made the first time we met.”

“It brings back memories.”

Sylphy squinted at the burrito on the plate. The soup was served, and the meal was ready.

“So let’s eat. Itadakimasu.”


We both took a bite of the burrito. The first thing we felt was the crunchiness of the chopped vegetables. Next came the taste of the meat seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce and the mayonnaise-based sauce with a slight sourness. It’s definitely a more sophisticated taste than the one I had back then. It’s delicious.

“Hmm, it’s even better than the one I had back then.”

“I’ve gotten better, haven’t I?”

Sylphy laughed happily as I mimicked forming a bicep. I’m glad to see that she’s feeling much better now after falling so far to the bottom.

“The soup is delicious.”

“I heard it takes a lot of work to make this complex flavor from scratch.”

I don’t know much about consommé soup recipes, but I do know that it takes a lot of time and effort and costs a lot of ingredients to make it. I’ve also heard that beef stew and curry can be a pain if you try to make them from scratch without using a commercial roux. I heard that white stew is still better.

“I’m so relieved to be home finally, I really am. More than anything, I’m really glad to see Sylphy’s face again.”

“Me too. I was so overcome with emotion that I strangled Kosuke, which was a regrettable mistake…”

“That’s what happens when emotions get the best of you. You just have to be careful next time.”


I feel like she has gone back to her normal tone of voice a little bit, but now she’s back to being a little young again. Sylphy also seems to be somewhat unstable. That’s right; I’m also feeling a little unsettled right now, like I’m about to start dancing.

We proceeded to eat while discussing the story of how Qubi kidnaped me. When the meal was over, I served honey wine, and we continued to talk while drinking. No matter how much we talked, we never talked enough. We were both in such a mood.

“I see; Lime and the others are still protecting mother and the others in the basement of the castle…”

When she heard about Lime and the others and her family, she burst into tears again. But for her, it seemed to be good news as well.

“I will definitely free my mother and sisters that my father sacrificed his life to protect with my own hands. I promise.”

She clenched her fists and her eyes filled with the light of her will.

“What’s the matter…?”

That being said, it’s hard not to talk about the Adelian nostalgia group and Ellen.

I told Sylphy about my relationship with Ellen without any pretense. It would be too dishonest of me to half-heartedly dodge the issue with Sylphy.

I had reported on the golem communicator that I had made contact with the saint of the Adel religion, but… I hadn’t told her the details of my relationship with Ellen. It’s not something I’m going to tell everyone.

As I told her about Ellen’s story, Sylphy’s eyes became narrower and colder. Scary!

“I see.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I expected it to be with Melty, but I didn’t expect it to be with the Adel saint of all people… Hmm.”

Cold sweats appeared on my face as she stared at me.

“Was the saint beautiful?”

“Yes, if I’m being honest, she was as beautiful as Sylphy.”

“Hmm… But Kosuke said I was the best, right?”

“Of course. You may meet her in person eventually, so you can ask her to confirm it then. Ellen asked me if she could be the best for me. But I told her I couldn’t because I already had my first choice. Because my number one is Sylphy.”

I met Sylphy’s gaze head-on and told her what I needed to tell her. In this kind of situation, it is best to use the straightforward method. It’s not good to play tricks.

“I-I see…”

Perhaps my plan was working, but Sylphy’s face turned red, and she looked away. I’m glad, the message got through. I patted down my chest inwardly, relieved.

“Well, can you prove that…?”

Sylphy said, glancing at the bed.

“Of course.”

“B-be gentle, okay…?”

“Leave it to me.”

The long night between Sylphy and me began.




The next day.

“Next, it’s my turn.”

I did my best.




The next day.

“””It’s our turn next!”””

I worked very hard.




The next and next day.

“Fufu, I’m next, aren’t I?”

“Forgive me!”

“You can’t escape the demon species.”


I was made to work hard.




Meanwhile, at that time.

“I’m hungry… Hamburger, still…?”

In a large open space, Grande was crying as she was abandoned.


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