I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 8 Chapter 7 Part 3

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Part 3


There was certainly a possibility that this attack could be prevented by using that item.

But it was an item that I couldn’t comprehend. Still, I couldn’t think of any other options.

I made up my mind and took out the item!

“Astonishment. Yuuya, that’s──”





Everyone present was stunned when they saw the item I had taken out.

But there’s no time to answer that now.

I used the item as if I were praying.

“Absorb it… [Violent Eating’s Cleaner]…!”


NyX Translation


When I took out the [Violent Eating’s Cleaner] and activated it, it made a very quiet driving sound. However, the vacuum cleaner’s suction power was incredible, and it collided head-on with the energy cannon that was roaring and approaching.

And then──

“Uoooohh… oooohhhh!”

The vacuum cleaner really did start to absorb the opponent’s beam! It looked like a normal cordless cleaner, small in size in comparison to the beam.

However, the beam was no match for it and it was swallowed up very quickly.

T-this is… the only vacuum cleaner that has this suction power!

(W-whaaaaaatttt!? W-what is happening? How is it possible that the Dragonia cannon, which is the epitome of our technology, is being prevented…!)

Unable to believe the scene in front of his eyes, Drade was shouting distraughtly in the hologram, but the energy cannon continued to be absorbed into the vacuum cleaner and finally it finished absorbing the entirety of the beam that was released.

The situation was so incomprehensible that not only Drade but also Yuti and the others froze.

If anything, I’m also frozen.

I can’t believe… that it can really absorb the energy…!

“W-what an amazing vacuum cleaner…”

(V-vacuum cleaner…? Did it lose to a vacuum cleaner? Our technological masterpiece has been defeated by a vacuum cleaner from a remote planet?)

“I-it seems so.”

(──Don’t be ridiculous!)

As Drade’s roar rang out, a part of the flagship opened, and a figure emerged from it. It was the very same Drade himself who had been looking down on us using the hologram just a moment ago.

(──I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.)

As he approached us, Drade vigorously raised his right arm to the side. And then a beam-like spear was released from there.

I-it’s not that I was trying to mock him at all; it’s just that I was desperately trying to protect my house… I guess it didn’t look that way to him.

As I broke out in a cold sweat, Drade thrust a spear at us that showed his skill at a glance .

(I thought my clone soldiers would be able to kill you, but you’re much better than I expected. The roaring dragon cannon should have been able to wipe out a large spaceship… but that’s okay. To make sure that you are killed, I’ll kill you myself.)


The killing intent that was released from Drade was tremendous, and the power that was released was incomparable to the energy cannon that was shot earlier. His power took the form of a blue dragon, which enveloped him. Drade, clad in the aura of a blue dragon, finally came at us.

(Now ── Die!)

And then Drade unleashed a blow of divine speed.




While Yuuya and the others were fighting Drade, Ouma, who was sleeping at Yuuya’s house, opened one eye.

“…Hmm? A visitor?”

The reason for this was because he sensed that someone had come to Sage’s house on the other world side, but Yuuya and the others who should have been dealing with them were fighting the Dragonias.

“Geez… There are a lot of troublesome people in the universe.”

Ouma sighed, stretched, and slithered to his feet.

At that moment, he noticed from inside the house that Yuuya had blocked a blow from the Dragonia’s roaring cannon.

“…Hmph. I could prevent that blow, but if he could have dealt with it himself, it would have been better. More importantly… Isn’t this going to be interesting?”

Ouma could tell from their presence who had arrived on the other world side, and he smirked.

“That’s right… If I don’t lend a hand once in a while, Yuuya might forget that I’m the Genesis Dragon again. He should be able to understand the value of my work here…”

After saying that, he headed to the storage room where the [Door to the Other World] was located.




“Yuuya-sama! We are coming!”

At the same time, on the other world side, Lexia and the others were visiting Yuuya’s house.

Lexia and the others have visited Yuuya’s house several times, so it should be a familiar sight, but Luna is appalled by the way in which Yuuya’s house and the surrounding area of the Great Devil’s Nest have been completely obliterated.

“D-did my eyes go crazy? The land shouldn’t have been a clearing like this before…”

Iris gently tapped Luna on the shoulder.

“You are not crazy, Luna-chan. The ultimate perfection of the Evil that Luna-chan also knows… Avis’s blow has cleared the land from this point onwards.”

“With a blow? B-but, why is this house safe?”

“Who knows? I still don’t understand it either…”

(Yeah. The only person I can think of that can prevent that blow is the Genesis Dragon. But that dragon should not have lent a hand to us. So, I can’t think of any reason why this house is safe.)

Both Iris and Usagi didn’t know that Yuuya’s house belonged to a famous sage in the other world, so they still didn’t know why it was able to prevent Avis’s attack.

In the midst of all this, Mai, the only one among them who had never been to this place before, was looking around in a daze.

“Oh, he lives in such a dangerous place…? I mean, I was supposed to be fighting a guy who could clear a forest with a single blow…?”

Before they came here, they were attacked by a pack of monsters several times, but Iris and Usagi easily dealt with them.

In addition to that, the content of the conversation between Iris and the others suggests that the battle against the Evil that Mai was originally supposed to fight took place in this place, and she was appalled when she imagined the scale of the battle.

Mai, who had been fortunate enough to have never encountered Avis, realized for the first time how powerful the enemy was.

Then Lexia, who had run up to Yuuya’s house first, tilted her head.

“It’s strange… There’s no response from Yuuya-sama.”

“I think he’s not home. We are actually forcing ourselves to come here without any kind of promise, after all.”

“No way!”

Lexia was disappointed by Luna’s words. But Luna had a point, and there was a good chance that he was not home.

But in this case, the absence depended on whether it was because he was present in the other world where Lexia and the others lived or because he was back to his original world… Earth.

They came all the way to his house, but there was nothing they could do if he weren’t here, so they had no choice but to leave.

“──You’ve come to the right place, little girls.”


When Lexia and the others turned around, there was Ouma smiling at them.


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