I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 8 Chapter 7 Part 4 & Vol 8 Epilogue

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Part 4




I blocked Drade’s blow with my [Absolute Spear]… b-but his attack was heavy!

As I was blown away, Drade yawned as if he was bored.

(Hmph. I was expecting a little bit more from you, but… I guess this is all you can do.)


And then, as if to say, “Where are you looking?” Ciel charged at Drade, but Drade just took one look at Ciel and waved his arm lightly.

At that moment, a mysterious cage appeared around Ciel, trapping him in place.


“Pi!? Pii!”

In an attempt to destroy the cage, Ciel immediately wrapped his body in blue flames and rushed at the cage, but──


Just as Ciel was about to charge, some force pulled him back to the center of the cage. After that, Ciel moved around several times trying to get out but couldn’t reach the cage before he was pulled back to the center.

“Pii! Pii!”

(Useless. It is a cage that utilizes universal gravitation. Once inside, it can never be broken from the inside. I was watching the fight earlier… and I had never seen your power before. I’m going to take you home and study your abilities to the fullest.)

“Wha…? Ciel!”

In order to save Ciel, I ran towards the cage, but Drade came around before me.

(Don’t even think about saving your friends with me in front of you, okay?)

“Get out of my waaaaay!”

I released all of my limiters and unleashed the power of the [Holy King’s Authority], the power of Evil, and the [Magic Armor].

(Wha!? You’ve still been hiding your power…!)

In order to save Ciel as quickly as possible, I used a variety of Holy techniques to attack Drade. Drade managed to survive my attack, but his body had sustained several wounds.

(Kuh…! No way this is…!)

“Backup. Yuuya, I’m here to help!”

(I’m here too!)

“Grrrrrr… Guoooo!”

Furthermore, in coordination with me, Yuti and the others started attacking at once, but Drade shouted and released all his energy to prevent Yuti and the others from attacking.


Yuti and the others, who’s attacks were negated, couldn’t help but let out a word of surprise.

“Amazing… he prevented that?”

(This is the class of a Dragonia planet commander…!)

(This is not enough… to stop me!)

“Then how about this!”

In response to the rough breathing Drade, I switched the [Absolute Spear] to [Omni-Sword] and unleashed a technique handed down from Iris-san!

[Heavenly Saint Slash]!”

The attack, which was a truly all-out effort, became a dazzling slash of light high in the sky and swung down on Drade.


(Guh… Don’t underestimate the Dragonias!)

When Drade crossed his arms, a barrier of some sort appeared, blocking my attack head-on! And in the end, it prevented me from landing the blow which was made with all my might.

“No way… Kuh!”

(…Looks like that was the best you can do, huh?)

As a matter of fact, even Drade was not unscathed, and although he had wounds all over his body, he stood firm while I fell to my knees, feeling tremendously fatigued from the recoil of the [Holy King’s Authority].

Moreover, there were still several spaceships floating in the sky, and many Dragonia aliens were still inside them.

(Come on, Dragonia elites! Start the invasion!)


Then, behind Drade, there was a legion of Dragonia aliens rushing towards me.

“Predicament. That number is indeed…”


I’m sure they are not the cloned soldiers we’ve been dealing with, but real, well-trained soldiers.

(The winner is decided. Then, I’ll take that creature.)


“Pi! Pii!”

I desperately tried to move my body to save Ciel, but the recoil of the [Holy King’s Authority] prevented me from moving my body as I wanted.

In fact, if this continues, instead of being killed by Drade, we will be killed by those soldiers.

There was no reinforcement for us, and it was at this moment that I thought it was going to end──.


Permission to pass through the door is requested. Do you wish to grant permission?


“Permission to pass… the door?”

I read the message that suddenly appeared in front of me in a daze.


I nodded in reflex, not entirely understanding what it meant.


“──[Heavenly Saint Slash]!”

(──[Violent Wind Legs]!)


NyX Translation


(Hmm? ──Wha!?)

Suddenly, two attacks struck the soldiers of Dragonia aliens.

They were accompanied by voices I knew well. I turned my gaze toward the voice and was stunned.


“W-why… Why are the masters here?”

“──We’re finally here!”

(──What’s with that mess? Yuuya.)

To my surprise, Iris-san and Master Usagi appeared here!

No way, was the permission for that door… about Iris-san and the others? However, the door is in Sage-san’s house. Normally, it should not even be possible to find…

“How did you get here?”

“My dear apprentice is in trouble. It’s only natural to come to the rescue, isn’t it?”

(Hah… Just ignore what she’s saying. The only reason we’re here is because the Genesis Dragon invited us in.)

“Eh, Ouma-san?”

I turned my gaze to the house and saw Ouma-san lying down as usual at the entrance. When he noticed my gaze, he opened one eye and grinned.



While I was moved by Ouma-san’s help, I heard Drade’s impatient voice, so I looked back again. Then, to my surprise, the cage that Ciel was trapped in came flying towards me, floating in midair!

I hurriedly caught it.

Then I noticed that there was a thin thread wrapped around the cage that I couldn’t see unless I strained my eyes. This is…

“I’m not as dependable as the Sword Saint or the Kicking Saint, but I’m here too!”


“Yuuya-sama! Me! I’m here too!”

“Eeeh? Le-Lexia-san is here too!”

I can’t hide my surprise at the members of the other world group that appear one after another.

And finally, Kagurazaka-san was looking around with an indescribable expression on her face.

“Hey… is this really Japan? It’s not even Japan; it doesn’t even look like Earth…”

“Err… well…”

As I wondered how I should respond to Kagurazaka-san’s words, Master Usagi, who had moved to stand next to me, spoke up.

(We’ll talk later. Are those people over there ── your enemies?)


When Master Usagi heard my answer, he smiled ferociously. U-um, Master? No matter how I look at it, it’s the kind of smile that herbivores don’t do…?

(Fuh… this is just right. Thanks to you, we, the Holy, didn’t know what to do with our power. But if those are your enemies, then I’ll repay my debt to you here. You can use me to your heart’s content.)

“Yuuya-kun, it’s the same for me. If they are your enemies, they are also my enemies as your master. Let’s fight together.”

“Master Usagi, Iris-san…”

When I had finally recovered enough to move, I stood up with all my strength and broke the cage that had trapped Ciel.

“Ciel, stay with Ouma-san and the others!”

“Pi! Pii!”

When I tried to lower Ciel to safety, Ciel fiercely opposed me, but now that I knew Ciel was being targeted, I couldn’t let Ciel fight.

I picked up Ciel and went over to Lexia-san and the others and left Ciel with Lexia-san.

“Lexia-san, can you take care of Ciel for me?”

“Yes, of course. But… is Yuuya-sama going to be okay?”

Lexia-san’s concern was understandable. I was so tired that I couldn’t move a moment ago. But I’m fine now. After all, a reassuring ally has arrived.

After leaving Ciel in Lexia-san’s care, I faced Drade and his men once again.

“Master Usagi, Iris-san! Please lend me your strength.”



The two of them ran out as soon as they replied and jumped into the crowd of Dragonia soldiers at once!

(Kuh! What can they do with just a few more people! Kill them all!”


The enemy soldiers also shouted and rushed towards Master Usagi and the others, but there was no urgency in their expressions.

(I don’t know what they are saying, but they are sure making light of us.)

“That’s right. We can’t afford to lose to people who aren’t Evil.”

Iris-san held her sword low and slashed it up with great force.

“──[Heavenly Rotation]!”

A tornado of slashes was generated, and it engulfed the soldiers of the Dragonia planet, cutting them up one after another.

([Breaking Kick Flash]!)

Master Usagi pulled his legs to the limit of his body and released them at once.

At that moment, a blow of extreme compression was released from Master Usagi’s leg, piercing through the Dragonia aliens who were rushing towards him in an attempt to corner him.

In addition, the aftermath of this technique pierced not only the soldiers around him but also the spaceship that was floating in midair.

Seeing the actions of Master Usagi and the others, Merl-san, who had never seen the other world group before, was stunned and muttered.

(A-amazing… that they could so easily defeat those formidable Dragonia aliens…)

“W-well, those two are special, after all.”

Then, like Merl-san, Drade, who had witnessed the strength of the other world group for the first time, opened his eyes.

(Ridiculous… nonsense…!? What the hell are these people?)

“──Your opponent is me…!”


I left the other Dragonia aliens to Master Usagi, Merl-san, and the others for the moment, and I attacked Drade.

Drade immediately crossed his arms, as he had done when he received my [Heavenly Saint Slash], and deployed what looked like a barrier to intercept my [Omni-Sword], but the barrier was easily cut through by the [Omni-Sword].


I see… When I think about it, Holy was originally a power to counter Evil, and this weapon has a non-standard power that I originally inherited from Sage-san…!

While [Heavenly Saint Slash] attacks the opponent with the blade of light created by the power of the Holy, now I’m using the original power of Sage-san’s [Omni-Sword] that can cut anything.

So even if it were just a normal attack, Drade’s barrier would have been sliced through.

However, Drade quickly distanced himself from it, just as his arm was about to be cut in half.

(What… What is that weapon? I’m pretty sure I blocked your attack with that weapon earlier! But why is it that when you’re weakened, your attack…?)

It would be a confusing situation for Drade.

If looking at the power alone, it is obvious that I have weakened because I don’t have the physical strengthening of the [Holy King’s Authority]. I myself was exhausted and not as strong as I was before.

However, Sage-san’s weapons have more power than that.

I thanked Sage-san once again for leaving these weapons to me and held up the [Omni-Sword].

“I’m going to beat you here.”

(Stop being cocky, you lowlife creatures…! The Earth you live on, and the annihilation weapons of planet Amel! All of it! All of it will belong to us, the Dragonias!)

Drade charged, shouting and thrusting out the spear in his hand. However, the attack was not as refined as the first time.

[Spiral Slash]! [Unparalleled War Dance]! [Twilight Slash]!”

In response to Drade, I unleashed all of the techniques of the Sword Saint that Iris-san had unleashed when she was cooking.

But even with that attack, Drade was able to handle it and counterattacked.

(I can’t lose… I’m the commander of the Dragonia planet! I will not be defeated!)

“──I won’t lose either!”


While I was attacking Drade, I instantly switched from the [Omni-Sword] to the [Absolute Spear].

Drade had been responding to my sword attacks up until now, so he couldn’t immediately respond to the spear attack that I switched to in an instant.

I made sure not to let that gap slip away.


In the next moment, something strange happened to my body.

I had been fighting with only my energy and no longer had the strength to use the [Holy King’s Authority], but suddenly a golden aura, the same as the [Holy King’s Authority], overflowed from my body.

And that’s not all.

Along with the.golden aura… I was also clad in a silver aura that I had never seen before.

I-I’m not sure what this power is… but I know that the golden aura is the Holy power. I felt the pure power of the Holy from this golden aura, even more so than when I activated the [Holy King’s Authority]. And this silver power is similar to the… Evil…? It’s essence was also more pure than that of Kuro and Avis… Well, this is not a superficial Evil power of only hatred, but a pure Evil that is necessary in the world…

I was confused by the suddenness of the situation, but then I thought of the [Holy and Evil Creation] that Argena-san had given me. Could it be… this is the true power of… [Holy and Evil Creation]──?

(What kind of power is that…? Where did you get that kind of power…?)

“! Uoooooohhh!”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I unleashed my most powerful attack on Drade.

Drade tried to block the attack somehow, but Sage-san’s weapon, the [Absolute Spear], had pierced everything, including Drade as well.


Drade spat out what appeared to be blue blood, different from that of humans.

(No, way… this me, is losing──)

He fell down, and for a moment, the surroundings went silent.

And then──.

(Co-commander has been defeated…!)


(R-retreat! Report to the main ship immediately…!)

(Recover the commander! We need to deactivate the subspace and retreat immediately!)

The Dragonia aliens hurriedly fled disorderly into their spaceships and flew away. As all the spaceships disappeared from this mysterious space, the space itself which was distorted at the same time returned to the original Earth.




We defeated the Dragonia aliens. Immediately after that mysterious space was dispersed, the streets immediately returned to the familiar streets as usual, and we hurried back into the house.

Fortunately, there weren’t that many people near my house, so it didn’t cause any commotion, but it would have been a surprise just to see someone suddenly appear, and anyone would have been surprised to see a person with a sword and another clearly dressed like a princess.

That’s why we went back to my house before we created a ruckus… Everyone was looking around my house with curiosity.

So I decided to ask them questions one by one.

“U-um… why did you come to my house?”

“…Sorry, it was my fault.”

“Eh? Kagurazaka-san’s fault?”

Then, an unexpected person answered, and as my eyes widened, Kagurazaka-san told me somewhat awkwardly.

“Um… I told Lexia-san and the others that you live in the same world as me. So in the adventurer’s guild, we heard about a love potion. So, when we went to the forest to look for the ingredients for the love potion, we happened to meet Iris-san and the others, who I also told that you were from the same world as mine. And then we all decided to go talk to you…”

“I-I see…”

It was true that if someone had asked Kagurazaka-san about me, they would have known at once that I was from a different world. It’s not like I asked Kagurazaka-san to keep quiet about it, so it was probably just a matter of time before someone found out.

After I understood the reason why everyone was here, I touched on something in Kagurazaka-san’s words that bothered me.

“Even so… Is there such a thing as a love potion…?”

“I was surprised, too. And it’s for you──.”



As soon as Kagurazaka-san was about to say something, Lexia-san and Iris-san covered Kagurazaka-san’s mouth with unbelievable speed. W-what is it?

“Ma-Ma?! You can’t say that!”

“T-that’s right! As the Sword Saint… No, it will affect my reputation as the master!”


“But there’s nothing to say! It’s not a problem. This is an order from a princess, okay?”

“I can’t do that here! O-okay…”

The conversation seemed to be over, with Kagurazaka-san somewhat limp and Lexia-san smiling dryly.

“Um… What was that all about?”

“I-it’s nothing! It has nothing to do with you, Yuuya-sama!”


Is it really nothing to do with me? Kagurazaka-san, I thought she was about to say “You” for a moment…

However, looking at the two of them, they didn’t seem to be able to answer, so I decided not to pursue the matter any further.

Then Iris-san changed the subject.

“…..Yuuya, you really are from this other world?”

“Eh? Ah, yes. That’s right. I mean, I’m sorry for not telling you…”

“It doesn’t matter! Until we heard about the saint and hero summoning in the country of Regal, we too thought that other worlds were something from fairy tales!”

(It’s true. In fact, I was able to see the other world for a moment just now, but it was different from the world we know. It’s just that, Yuuya. It seems to me that the fact that you are special is no different in this world…)

“I-is that so?”

“Yes. I’ve been looking around for signs of life, but none of them are as strong as yours.”

Apparently, they were able to find out that much in just a few moments before entering the house. These two people are amazing…

Master Usagi had been looking around the house for a while when he suddenly stood up.

(Well… there are many questions I want to ask you, but for now, let’s go back for today.)


“Ara? You’re leaving already?”

Iris-san was also looking at Master Usagi curiously, but Master Usagi frowned.

(What do you mean, you have nothing to do with it? You guys are going back too.)

“”Eeh? W-why?””

At Master Usagi’s words, Iris-san and Lexia-san raised their voices.

But Master Usagi’s stance did not change.

(Is there anything else you can do about it? Looking at Yuuya’s condition, at least he needs some rest. Can’t you even understand that?)

“…Indeed, when we arrived, Yuuya was completely wounded…”

Luna also nodded to Master Usagi’s words, and both Lexia-san and Iris-san were at a loss for words.

Master Usagi let out a sigh to the two, who were still somewhat dissatisfied.

(Hah… It’s not like it’s a goodbye. In any case, you’re going to explain this, including what happened this time. Do you mind, Yuuya?)

“Y-yes. I’m fine with it.”

(Right, that’s it. Let’s get back home.)

“”Ugh… yes.””

Both Lexia-san and Iris-san reacted in the same way and went straight to the storage room where the door was.

As soon as I was about to follow them and see them off, Merl-san, who had been silently listening to the conversation, raised her voice.



Unfortunately, Merl-san’s words were only understood by me, but Master Usagi and the others all stopped as one of the people they were interested in spoke up.

Then Merl-san told us in a language that was not very clear to everyone.

(Our… our planet, please save us…!)

These words were not only for me but for everyone present.


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