Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118 – New Workbench


After gathering the materials, we decided to begin the development.

“If we can keep this part running at a constant speed, that should be good, right?”

“That’s right. Right now, I’m using the up and down motion of this treadle as the rotational motion through the crank.”

The blacksmith, who had been looking at the improved workbench, nodded after examining the structure.

“There are two ways to do it. You can either control the up and down movement of this treadle with the golem system or control the wheel-like part that directly powers this one with the golem system.”

“It’s easier to control the up and down movement of the treadle when it comes to controlling the golem. The point is that it is the same way as a golem ballista.”

“Yeah, I mean, we can just attach arms and legs here. I guess the problems are continuous operation time, maintainability, and fuel efficiency.”

“If it’s just an up-and-down motion, I don’t think fuel consumption or parts deterioration will be a problem. It depends on how strong you want it to be.”

“If you use the golem arm to move up and down, you don’t need a treadle. You can just use the golem arm to move the crank up and down.”

“The fewer the number of parts, the fewer the failures. Should we rethink the design on the premise of using the golem arm?”

We all exchanged our opinions as we worked out the specifications for the new workbench. At that stage, the improved workbench was disassembled for reference. Well, I guess it’s okay if it’s just one. If I want to make one, I can do it relatively easily.

“If we want to run it for a long time, the key is to supply the magic power. I don’t have any magic power, you know.”

“Hmm, it’s true that there are problems if Kosuke is to use it. That’s where this will come in handy.”

After saying that, Isla placed a kind of irregularly shaped transparent crystal on the table.

“What is it?”

“This is a magic crystal. It is a crystal that was created by refining the magic power that flowed inexhaustibly from the vein holes in the rear base. Production has finally stabilized, and they sent it to us last week.”

“Oh, that one, huh? I remember you talking about that kind of thing before.”

As I recall, she also mentioned that they were mass-producing magic metals and making magic guns. I wonder what happened to that one?

“What happened to the mass production of magic iron and steel and the development of magic guns?”

“Mass production of magic metals has not been successful yet.”

“I’ve seen the prototypes, and they are not good. It is certainly possible to make magic iron and steel, but there is unevenness within the same ingot. It can be used if it is hammered and stretched and homogenized, but it is a lot of trouble.”

It’s not suitable for mass production, said the blacksmith, shaking his head.

“It turns out that you need to homogenize and stabilize the magic power drawn from the lack of pulse before irradiating the metal. We’re experimenting with that now.”

“I see. I don’t know much about magic or witchcraft, but that’s how it works, isn’t it?”

“Hmm, yes. But now that we can make magic crystals, I think we’ll be able to put them to practical use soon. In order to make magic crystals, you need to refine the magic power. That technology should be able to be used.”

“I see. And since it’s called a magic crystal, it means that this thing is a crystallization of high-purity magic power or something like that.”

“Yes. We can incorporate this as a power source.”

“Then we have to design the new golem workbench so that it can replace the empty magic crystals.”

I don’t want it to be completely integrated into the mechanism and not replaceable. At least for me.

Unlike conventional workbenches, the hours of operation will be limited, but it is also common in crafting games for the higher-end crafting benches to require power and fuel to run them. I think that’s reasonable.

“If it can be directly supplied with magic power, it will be convenient for people other than Kosuke to use it.”

“Indeed. This way, even when you don’t have magic crystals, someone with magic power can help you use the workbench. I’ll incorporate that mechanism as well.”

That’s how we decided on the specifications for the new golem workbench.


・The power source is magic power. The supply of magic power will be magic crystals or direct supply by someone with magic power.

・The golem arm moves the crankshaft to generate power. The number of parts should be reduced as much as possible.

・Make it possible to switch the rotation speed to some extent.

・For cutting blades, use magic steel or mithril for durability.


“That’s about it.”

“In order to switch the rotation speed, you will need gears, right?”

“The strength of the parts will be necessary.”

“If the mechanism and parts are not strong enough, we can simplify them and make them stronger. It would be easier to strengthen the golem or devise a way to control it.”

“That’s true. Let’s try some things.”

Everyone began to draw up blueprints while discussing this and that. With the diagrams, I can quickly make the small parts. Yes, item creation!

I reassemble the disassembled improved workbench, and I make the detailed parts according to the blueprints, and the blacksmiths and woodworkers assemble them. Then, alchemists and mages modify the golem arm for the ballista and its core to create the golem mechanism that powers it. Next to them, an engraver and an alchemist use magic crystals to build a mechanism to supply magic power to the golem arm.

Along the way, we had lunch with hamburgers and hotdogs that I took out of my inventory, and we continued to work on the prototype for half a day.

“It’s done.”

“It’s a prototype, though. But it meets your requirements, doesn’t it?”

“Yes… but what should I do with it?”

The golem workbench could indeed be made as requested. However, the improved workbench I’ve been using is one that I upgraded by opening the menu of workbenches I’ve crafted. It’s not something I made from scratch.

I can easily access and open the crafting menu because I made it with my crafting ability, but even if I try to access the prototype golem workbench in front of me, I cannot access it.

“So Kosuke’s ability can’t do anything about it?”

“I would say so… No, wait?”

I suddenly had an idea and brought out the granting workbench that I had made from the improved workbench of the one I had left in the warehouse.

“This is the granting workbench that was made from the material that is imbued with magic power; I think it is possible to use this to make the power mechanism of the golem and upgrade the workbench.”

“Can you do that?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never used it before.”

So, I set up the granting workbench in the corner of the research and development department’s workshop. And then, poof.

“Oh, that looks good.”

The workbench that was set up had a magical atmosphere to it. A table with intricate patterns and a magic circle carved into it, and some kind of glowing crystal ball. There were also colorful jewels embedded here and there on the table.

Ah, that’s it. It’s like the spell workbench of a certain RPG where the main character screams and blows people up or runs through the city*.


[T/n: Anyone knows?]


When I looked back at Isla while thinking about such useless things, the light had disappeared from her eye after a long time. Eeh? Why?

“Kosuke, what’s this?”

“Eh? It’s a granting workbench… Is there something wrong?”

“It’s filled with magic.”

“Hoho, that’s very convenient. I’m hoping it will make up for my complete lack of magic power.”

The fact that magic power flows from this workbench itself means that this workbench itself can be used as a power source for supplying magic power? No, there is no need to go to the trouble of making such a thing, but it might be possible to use this workbench to make a power reactor that can supply an inexhaustible supply of magic power. My dreams are expanding!

“Now, what can I make?”

Leaving the alchemists and mages who are whispering about the granting workbench in the distance behind me and the craftsmen who are doing something with the prototype golem workbench, I immediately try to access the granting workbench.


It seems that in addition to item crafting, I can also do enchanting. I’ll try item crafting first.


・Magic Stone ― Material: Stone x3

・Magic Wood ― Material: Wood x3

・Magic Clay ― Material: Clay x3

・Magic Iron ― Material: Iron x 3

・Magic Steel ― Material: Magic Iron x 2

・Mithril ― Material: Silver x 5

・Magic Crystal ― Material: Magic Stones x 3

・Magic Sparkling Stone ― Material: Gems x 3 – Magic Crystals x 5



It’s plain. No, it’s just that it’s hard for me to understand the value of it, so it looks plain to me, but if I told Isla what it was, there’s a good chance she’d have a stroke. There’s a bad vibe about how silver can be used to make mithril.

“How’s it?”

“It seems that stone, wood, clay, and other materials can be used to create materials with magic power. Also, it seems I can make one magic iron from three irons and one magic steel from two irons.”

“Is that so?”

Isla was not surprised. Seeing her reaction, I wondered if the conversion efficiency wasn’t that good? I thought that, but the alchemists and mages who were whispering behind me had a great look on their faces.

“How long does it take to do that…?”

The blue-skinned, black-and-white-eyed mage, who looked like a member of the demon race, asked me timidly. Right, let’s try to make it.

“Err… It takes eight seconds to make a stone with magic power from three stones.”

It would normally be ten seconds, but thanks to my Skilled Worker skill, the crafting time is reduced by 20%.

Then I took out the finished magic-infused stone material and… It’s heavy!

“Guoo, t-this is…”

“Eh…? Did you just make that?”

Phew… Yeah, I just made it.”

I managed to place the magic stone on the floor and let out a breath. I looked up and saw the demon mage who had just been talking to me with her white… or black eyes. I’m a little scared.

“Eh? That amount of magic stone material in eight seconds…?”

“It’s unreasonable… Why is Isla-san so unconcerned?”

“Because it’s what Kosuke does. I expected it somehow.”

Isla makes a smug face when asked by the human alchemist.

She, who used to make a series of unreasonable calls and even blanked out at times, had apparently grown up by spending so much time with me. She seemed to be unfazed by this.

“Also, I found out that I can make mithril with five pieces of silver.”


Everyone fell silent at my words. The craftsmen who were tinkering with the prototype golem workbench some distance away also turned their heads towards me with their eyes peeled.

“F-f-five silvers.”

When I tried to repeat myself to be sure, Isla grabbed me at great speed, and the alchemists and mages covered my mouth.

“You should not say anything more than that, Kosuke. Everyone, don’t tell anyone about this.”


“I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say you can make mithril out of silver… It’s true, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t speak because my mouth was covered, so I just nodded my head.

“Kosuke, mithril is worth about a thousand and five hundred times as much as a silver of the same weight.”

“A thousand and five hundred times.”

“Just having Kosuke-san around will make one’s life easy and comfortable…”

“Maybe I should be supported by you too…”

The human alchemist (female) and the blue-skinned, black-and-white-eyed mage (also female) who are seizing me and covering my mouth are giving me suspicious glances. I’m a chicken that produces mithril eggs, not gold.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t go any further. My body can’t take it anymore.”

Even now, there’s Sylphy, Isla, about 20 Harpies, and Melty. The Harpies have a tendency to build a harem around a single man, and they take care of everything, so the burden is surprisingly small, but Melty is a problem. Isla’s body is small, and her physical strength is reasonable, so it’s okay.

Sylphy? Sylphy is in a different category.

“That’s all I can make right now, but I’m sure there’ll be more I can make with item creation… But this is the thing. It doesn’t look like I can make the power mechanism for the golem.”

It’s really a workbench used to give a magic power to materials and convert them.

As for the power mechanism of the golem, if I have the materials, I may be able to make it with the normal improved workbench. I think it would be better to make various materials from the magic granting workbench and then try out item creation.

“Also, there is a section called ‘Enchanting.'”

Isla and the others stiffened at my words. No, no, don’t be so cautious. I don’t think it’ll be that horrific. Maybe.


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  1. Yeah, the reference in this chapter is 100% Skyrim. “Screaming” refers to the Thu’um/Dragon Shouts, and he references two of the best-known Shouts in the game: “blowing people up” is Unrelenting Force (AKA Fus Ro Dah) and “running through town” is Whirlwind Sprint. Also, the description he gives for the granting table does bear a resemblance to Skyrim’s Arcane Enchanter (table covered in runes and magic circles, crystal ball on top).

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  2. There are 18 Harpies… So about 20 is right, but not entirely correct lol.
    1.Pirna the blue feathers harpy commander, is very intelligent and dedicated.
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    3.Flame, tawny-colored feathers, night vision, very perceptive. In addition, she was also adroit— the quietest flyer, very stealthy, brilliant but a bit of an introvert with a rich imagination with a perv mind. MC believes she is something similar to an owl. Night Scout
    4.Capri, tawny-colored feathers, night vision. Kansai’s way of speaking accent. Night Scout
    5.Fronte, emerald feathers, second in command
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  3. For some reason, every time I see MC’s name, his image in my mind automatically overlaps with Kousuke E. Abyssgate. It’s ridiculous…


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