I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 8 Afterword

Thanks for your support, it’s really means a lot to me, and also, it was a nice ride, I hope you all can enjoy this as much as me 😀

I heard that vol 9 would be released at 20th October, so yeah, maybe I will pick up another novel to replace this one (I won’t drop it, it’s just the replacement while waiting for vol 9 to be released). so let me know if someone have any good novel in mind, I will pick the one that interest me the most 😀

Here’s the afterword~

ED: Blast



Thank you for reading this book.

I’m Miku, the author.

I feel like I’m saying the same thing every time, but this is already the eighth volume over this very short period.

I would like to thank all the readers who have been reading my work.

Thank you very much.

In the midst of this difficult situation that has been continuing since last year, I hope that this work has become one of the things that you are looking forward to.

Now, about this story, Ouma was finally able to take a walk outside the house on Earth.

However, it can’t be just a normal walk, and even on Earth, Ouma showed off his full power.

Other than that, there was a full-scale alien attack, and their technological power was overwhelming…

Kaori’s sister also made an appearance, and I think this volume had a lot going for it.

While a lot of things were happening in the real world, in the other world, Usagi and the others came to Yuuya’s house; Yuuya went on an adventure to the planet’s core to find the energy that will power Merl’s spaceship, and so on…

And after, Ouma, Usagi, Iris, Lexia, and the rest of the people from the other world had all come to Earth in this volume. I can’t exactly say that they’d come to Earth properly yet, but I’m sure they’ll be there soon…

I have no idea how this story is going to turn out, but I’m relieved that it’s now finished.

I’m just relieved that it’s finished. But I’m going to have to worry about what to do with the next volume again…

When I read about the technology of Merl and the other aliens again, I think it’s a mess, but at the same time, I feel like they can actually do things like this.

As usual, I don’t have any idea what to do with the next volume, but I think I was able to bring out a lot of elements in this volume that will allow me to expand the story.

Next time, it might be interesting to have Lexia, and the others tour the Earth properly or focus on the real world.

I don’t know how it will turn out until I start writing it.

I hope you and I can look forward to seeing how the next volume will turn out.

Now, I would like to thank the editor in charge for his help again.

I’d like to thank Reine Kuwashima-sama for the wonderful illustrations that make my work so gorgeous every time.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the readers who have enjoyed this book.

Thank you very much.

See you soon.


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65 thoughts on “I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 8 Afterword

    1. as far as i know the web novel’s been translated up to 3 and there’s still no sign of the promised 4th one in any language.. Kouki’s most unfortune that Sensei-sama’s been too busy/sick/whatever to continue the series

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      1. i like it… i’ve read it like a dozen times since i get bored a lot.. (try reading 14 books in a school week) of course i like… as for you ionno.. try reading the synopsis and if it tickles your fancy then sure go ahead


  1. Another World Adventure Record of Reincarnated Aristocrats-Apostles of Gods Who Do Not Know Their Weight- The same as what darkkingt suggested


  2. Konjiki no Mojitsukai.

    Hyaku Ma no Aruji, the TL one is WN and there is LN ver.

    Yuusha Shoukan ni Makikomareta kedo, Isekai wa Heiwa deshita. The LN ver. Take different route with WN. But the gist of it not different.

    If you want refresh with different aproach, then this one. A VRMMO game story.
    Tsuyokute New Game! ~ To Aru Ninki Jikkou Player no VRMMO Funtou Ki~

    If you want romance in modern world,
    Omae Mitai na Heroine ga Ite Tamaruka!

    The LN got very different with WN ver.
    Sacchi Sarenai Rule Breaker

    I don’t know if its suit you but I think this is nice. There is LN ver..
    Dragon Chain Ori –Spirit in the “Heart”-

    But my recommendation is this. Its a complete series but the-TL-team gone without info… Its hiden gem…
    Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden


  3. Dude hahaha, the novel got up to date and out of nowhere everyone decided to send something else for Nyx translate until the next volume came out.


  4. Lmao so author-san just write what in his mind at the present for the next volume, no wonder it goes from ordinary isekai-real world to fckin alien and galaxy


  5. Well this was great while it lasted. Considering there isn’t any new volumes yet after this one I have a few suggestion’s if you don’t mind translating them. You would probably like them to. ‘Next Life’ which has a lot of volumes but has a slow update in the Manga and there are currently no translation for the Novel’s yet. ‘The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs’ which has 8 volumes but only vol 7 and 8 are not translated with Vol 7 being MTL at best. These are two really great Novel’s that I hope someone would pick up.

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  6. https://ncode.syosetu.com/n7608cw/
    It’s not so much about reincarnated characters!
    I Became a Magical Cheat Loli Witch ~My Different World Life With My Reincarnation Privilege [Creation Magic] and the [Seed of Magic]~
    Watashitachi to Issho nara Sekai Saikyou Ikechaimasu yo? (Light Novel)


  7. Now, it’s over now.
    Better go back to the web novel and read it for now.

    Tomorrow or on the midnight of Japan will be the release of the 5+ novel/s that I’m reading besides this


  8. Why did you guys suggest many series. TN sure have other series that need to be translate like Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu and other. Don’t burden him with other series when he have many series that yet to be translate.


    1. @bron: (and yes i’m lazy enough to not type fully most things since when i first started a snail could run faster than the modems that were available) sometimes it actually helps to focus on something else than the usuals for 1 and secondly if there’s more than 1 TL then not everyone likes the same things… my personal suggestion is a few 1 shot series the person might like.. then doesn’t clog up the works once they’re ready with vol 9.. but that’s just me


      1. @ZaXXy well I do agree with some of your statement, I also like for TN to choose the thing that they want to translate. Because it improve the motivation and willpower for TN to translate whatever they want right. In the end, it up to TN, and TN didn’t ask any new novel to translate in the first place, but see how those guys give recommendation up above. That tick me off a bit. TN do this for reader that cannot afford the novel and give these novel free to read. So at least we need to respect TN right. I mean, I have seen many good TN stop to translate because of these unnecessary request unless TN asking for it.


      2. ok so i’ll agree wit some of that too… it just depends on the translators… no offence to the peeps starting out but way back when i started to read this stuff they’d resolve and make it through the end of whatever project it was… today they think they can just pick up and/or leave whenever :\ (i mean translating the script for a game can be boring as heck for some stuff)


      3. and b4 ya ask yes i’m old lol… i still prefer the fan translted ff5 and i think they never did come out with an official english version for MKR even if the dialogue for Mokona is funny as hell ^^;


    1. Justing letting you know, the shin translation postponed that LN for now. They’re focus on finishing on The New Gate Vol.18 LN, and then they’ll resume that series so that haven’t given up on that LN.


  9. Wow i wish every Translation site is like NYX since they add the pictures in the LN compared to other sites that forgot to add it or didn’t add it

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  10. you could always try “Kuishinbo Elf” as far as i can tell there’s only 77 chapters translated to english yet there’s 5 books out there… if that’s all that was written then sorries but after like 5 years it’s a smidge annoying to have “Teh Cliff” still hanging around… to think the midget’s story is left unresolved (she didn’t have a name till a few weeks passed after her reincarnation and she “borrowed” the name of a ghost before putting it to rest)


  11. Yen Press has licensed the novel. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-09-24/yen-press-licenses-if-you-could-see-love-in-the-land-of-leadale-manga-4-novels/.177771
    “Title: I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World
    Creators: Miku (story), Rein Kuwashima (art)
    Summary: A door to another world stretches out before a boy who’s been brutally bullied all his life. This alternate reality grants him access to all sorts of things, like cheat skills and a portal that lets him travel between his old and new worlds! Can this class loser turn his life around back home…?”
    So heads up.


  12. Yosha!!!
    Admin spirit, don’t forget to take care of your health. And I’m waiting for the next volume because for me, this is a very interesting story for me


  13. heyo~
    Is the new novel out yet?
    when will you start it if its out coz you have some of the best translations out there!!..
    Thanks for all this
    Please keep updating~


  14. Nyx Translation, can you please translate Moonlit Fantasy Light novel? I would be grateful for it. And thanks for uploading this. Hoping for next volume!


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