Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124 – Here’s Johnny! (Smile)~


Now, there are three conditions for me and Sylphy to have a private lovey-dovey vacation.

The first was that Sylphy had to take care of some matters that she had to take care of herself. This includes various tasks for the stable governance of the southern part of the Merinard Kingdom, as well as negotiations with the Adelian nostalgists. However, this can be delegated to Melty and the others to some extent, so the amount of work is not significant.

The other thing I need to do is to create a system to be able to communicate in case of emergencies. We want to spend a week alone together, but you never know when they might need Sylphy or my help. In that case, an emergency means of communication is necessary.

I thought I could solve this problem by using the large stationary golem communication device I had made in Merinesburg. If not, there is an abundance of mithril and magic sparkling stones now, so it is possible to make a super high-performance golem transmitter. I threw the idea of developing a high-performance golem transmitter to the research and development department. I offered a little more mithril, gems, and magic sparkling stones, but this was not a bribe. Okay?

At the same time, I’ll craft a few large golem communicators on the workbench. If they are placed in several locations, there will be no problem with the emergency communication network. The golem communicator itself is a compassionate piece of equipment, so it can’t just be placed anywhere, though.

And one last thing.

“You’re going on a trip for a week, huh?”

“Yeah. Sylphy …I mean, my wife and I are going to have a little flirtation trip.”

“And you won’t be able to provide food for me while you’re gone.”

“That’s right. Of course, you don’t have to work during that time, so you can do whatever you want.”


It was a matter of persuading Grande. Melty argued that since I would not be around to take care of her, I, as the owner, should be the one to talk to her. She was absolutely right.

“I’ve been working so hard lately. I just want to reward myself a little bit.”

“I see… Well, that’s all right. Where are you going?”

“I haven’t decided yet…”

In fact, I would like to go back to the Black Forest and relax with Sylphy at her home in the Elven Village, but with a week of vacation, even if I traveled as fast as I could, my vacation would be over just to go home.

“Fumu… speaking of which, my lord, you mentioned before that you might have me fly to the Black Forest?”

“Yeah, there’s an Elven village there. That’s where we originally came from.”

“Then how about going to the Black Forest? I’ll take you there.”

“Are you sure? That would be great.”

In the Black Forest, Sylphy will be able to relax. She will have a lot to talk about with the Elders and her friends in the Elven village, and she has her own home there.

“I’m thinking of going back to my homeland too. And if you’re in the neighborhood, then I can still eat the same hamburger, right? And, you know… those fluffy…”


“Yeah! That’s it! Isn’t it good? See? Right?”

“Okay, but…”

I gave Grande an extra-large pancake with lots of cream and strawberry jam as a thank you for the blood draw the other day, and she seemed to like it a lot. She seemed to like it as much as the hamburger, if not more.

“I’ll talk to Sylphy and the others about it. Grande will fly to the Black Forest with Sylphy and me and bring us back. Is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s fine. I want you to keep serving me the hamburger while I’m over there.”

“All right, all right. That’s a small price to pay.”

It’s a lot less problematic than leaving her in Erichburg without me being able to communicate with her. Melty and the others will be relieved, and Grande has made a good suggestion. I’ll go and consult with Sylphy and the others as soon as possible.




“I see, the Black Forest. It would be great if Grande could take you there as well. We can’t be sure that something unforeseen won’t happen.”

I immediately went to consult with Melty, who responded favorably to Grande’s offer.

The contingency Melty was referring to would be some sort of trouble between Grande and the residents of Erichburg while I was away. It would be a disaster if Grande went on a rampage at any moment.

Well, Grande would probably dive deep into the ground or fly away before she could get out of control. She’s also rather timid, and she’s also quite intelligent. She’ll probably run away before she goes on a rampage and spreads destruction all over the place.

“Is it okay with you, Sylphy?”

“Yes, of course. It will be good to return to the Elven village after a long time.”

Sylphy, who was at her office desk looking over some documents, smiled calmly.

Since I requested a vacation, Sylphy’s mood has been very good. She seems to be smiling while working on her paperwork, processing it at a much faster pace than usual. She seems to be looking forward to her vacation with me.

“Also, I have a little present for Melty… Are you free now?”

“Yes? For me? I have time, but…”

“That’s good to hear. Why don’t you take a seat on the sofa and make yourself comfortable.”


Melty tilted her head and sat down on the sofa in the office. I walked around behind her and rustled her head.


“Sorry for the after-the-fact consent. I’m going to touch you.”

“That’s fine, but… Hmm.”

I feel a rough, hard texture on my fingertips. This is it, Melty’s horn growth is. I raked through her hair to expose the base of her horns on either side.

“Kosuke-san, it’s a little sensitive there, don’t…”

“Sorry, you’ll have to endure a little.”

“Y-yes… Mmm.

Whenever I touch the base of the horn with my fingertips, Melty makes a distressed sound and shakes herself. This is a medical procedure, and there is nothing obscene about it. Nice, isn’t it?

“There may be a little stimulation. Just endure it.”

I took a test-tube-shaped vial from my inventory, tilted it, and dripped the glowing amber liquid onto the base of Melty’s horn.

“What do you mean by stimulation ― Hooaaaah!”

The liquid, which made a sizzling sound like carbonation, seeped into the base of Melty’s horn. Next, the other side.


The same sizzling sound was made as the regeneration potion seeped into the base of Melty’s horn and disappeared. Hmm, I wonder what kind of structure this is? I wonder what Melty’s skull looks like? I’m very curious.

“How is it?

“Ah… ah…”

Melty’s face turned red, and she was trembling. It seems that this was more stimulating than expected. Will she be okay? I mean, isn’t there some sort of effect on the brain if the medicine seeps into such a place? I started to worry.

“H-hey, are you okay?”

Perhaps she was worried, but Sylphy, who was watching from her desk, rushed over to her.

“Isla said that the results of animal testing were fine and that it was safe.”

“Hmm… Nyaaaahhhh!?”

At the same time as Melty shouted, a horn grew on Melty’s head. It just poofs like that.

Eh? Seriously? Is that how it heals? I thought it was more like a gradual growth of the horn. But it just poofs out of nowhere.

“Hah, hah, hahiii… Hiaaahhh…”

“I-is this okay?”

“Sorry, I don’t know either.”

It’s not unusual to see Melty with her horns all grown out. She’s trembling and writhing with an expression she can’t show to anyone else.

“Me-Melty? Are you okay?”

“Not good… I-it’s too sensitive, with just a little movement and contact with the air…”

“I see… Fuh.”


Feeling a bit mischievous, I gently blew on Melty’s horn, and the reaction was truly fierce. This is interesting… no, it’s terrible. Revenge is too scary. It’s like this now, but she’ll get used to it in time. And then what will Melty do to me? I’m starting to get scared.

“Um… I’ll leave the rest to you, Sylphy.”

“Wha? Hey, wait a minute, Kosuke!


I left the panicking Sylphy and the resentful Melty gazing at me in the office and ran like a rabbit. If I want to escape, it’s only now that Melty can’t move. I’ve heard that it is impossible to escape from the demon species, but I can escape now! Let’s run until the heat dies down. If I keep my distance and go underground, no matter how Melty does, she won’t be able to track me down.




Bang! Bang! I hear the sound of a steel door being slammed. With each blow, the thick steel door distorts and cracks.

No way, no way, no way! How did she find this place?

Crack! The steel door was pierced with a cracking sound. It was a fist blow.

I was so terrified that I quickly grabbed my mithril knife and backed away from the door. Oh, there’s a wall behind me! I didn’t think she’d find me, so there was no other way out except through that doorway. My fist went back outside the door, and the demon peeked out.

“You have a visitor, Kosuke-san.”


There’s no way to escape from the demon species. I had to pay a high price.

“Are you sure?”

“You’ve got the whole week off to yourself. Tomorrow it’s Isla, then the Harpies for two days. Meanwhile, I will prepare to go back to Elven village. Besides, Melty was just trying to hide her embarrassment.”


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  2. “The golem communicator itself is a compassionate piece of equipment, so it can’t just be placed anywhere, though.”
    What’s the meaning of ‘compassionate’ in this context?


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