Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 – Kosuke Gets Angry


“GYAUUUUUUUUU! (Hamburger, please, human!)”

“GURRRRRRRRRR! (Booze! Bring me the booze, human!)”

“GYAOOOOOOOON! (Stop, brothers!)”

I moved to the square where I had welcomed The dragon family yesterday, following the echoing cries, and found that the jittering Grande and her two brother dragons were pinning her to the ground with their feet.

Yeah, first of all.

“Get your filthy feet off of Grande right now, you stupid lizards.”

I was so furious.

From the look of Grande, it was not hard to imagine that she was trying to stop her brother dragons from trying to do something rude. Upon closer look, I could see scratches on her scales here and there. This is unacceptable, isn’t it?

“Don’t get too cocky; just give me the hamburger!”

“Booze! Give me the booze! Now! Quickly!”

Why are these guys so loyal to their instincts… “Intelligence: animal-like”? Even though Grande and Grande’s mama are relatively rational… Grande papa was also, well, rational compared to these guys.

I can’t judge whether these guys are totally stupid or whether male dragons are instinctive in general.

“I’ll say it again. Now, get your feet off of Grande immediately!”

I pointed my fingertips at the two damned lizards that were kicking Grande in the leg.

“Hey, Kosuke.”

“Sylphy, I don’t care if they’re dragons or not; I can’t be friends with someone who kicks my friends to the curb.”

“Hmm… that’s true too. I feel the same way.”

“Right? I’m going to go and have a little talk with them; Sylphy can stay here and watch over me. If things look bad, I’d appreciate your help.”


Sylphy nodded and sent me on my way. She stood with her arms crossed and seemed to be ready to observe the situation.

“Ko-Kosuke, it’s not right to fight with my brothers…”

“Fools, a brother who kicks his sister down is a piece of trash. More importantly, I can’t stand anyone who kicks my friends. So get off your feet right now, you fucking lizard. I’ll kick your ass if you don’t.”

“How is a weak human supposed to do that? Just give me the hamburger already.”

“Booze! Booze!”

The brother dragon A snorted as if to ridicule me, and the brother dragon B breathed out as if he was thrilled. Yeah, these guys are no good.

“This is my last warning. Get your feet off Grande. Or I’ll blow you away.”

Instead of obeying my words, the dragon brothers seemed to put all their strength into the foot that was stepping on Grande.


Grande let out a pained cry and flailed around.

Yeah, I’ll blow them away.

I took out a certain item from my inventory and held it up. It’s a grenade launcher with a large rotating magazine. It’s loaded with six 40mm multi-purpose grenades and has an armor-piercing capacity of about 50mm.

“What is that?”

“I’ll blow you up.”

Pop, pop, pop. A series of slightly distracting firing sounds echoed, and the multi-purpose grenades from the grenade launcher flew in an arc through the air.


The multi-purpose grenades that flew into the air landed on the face and neck of the brother dragon A without missing a single shot, causing an explosion. The head of brother dragon A turned upside down, perhaps because it was too much for him.

“You too!”

Another shot was fired, three times in a row. As expected, brother dragon B tried to avoid this, but it was aimed at his huge body this time. There is no way he can avoid it with his size, and after being hit by three multi-purpose grenades in the body, brother dragon B retreated backward.

“It hurtssss!”

“Hey, Kosuke, the debris hit me too.”

“Sorry about that.”

I apologize to Grande, who is complaining to me while I’m reloading. To be honest, I don’t have the skill to beat those guys with my bare hands, so I have to rely on this thing. I’m sorry.

“You hurt me, human! Alright, I’ll buy that fight…”

Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.

“Ouch! It hurts! S-stop! It hurts! Please stop!”

When I silently gave brother dragon A six shots in a row, he started to cry, probably because the multi-purpose grenade was so effective. Since blood is flowing out of the point of impact, it seems that even a 50mm armor-piercing capacity will work reasonably well against dragons. This means that if I use a solid anti-tank rocket launcher, I might be able to kill a dragon.

“I will do what you say; please forgive me.”

Brother dragon B quickly surrendered when he saw the devastation of brother dragon A, who had taken three shots and six in a row. He rolled over on his back in a pose of complete submission.

I silently reloaded and pointed the muzzle of the six-round grenade launcher at brother Dragon A again.

“Me too; I’ll do the same, so please forgive me, please stop.”

“…Both of you should apologize to Grande. I’ll forgive you if you do.”

“I’m sorry, Grande. Forgive me for stepping on you.”

“I’m sorry I stepped on you, little sister.”

“U-umu. I forgive you.”

“Alright, don’t move.”

I restrained the two dragons by filling them with stone blocks, just in case, and collected eight 500 ml glass containers full of fresh blood from the wounds before treating them.

For some reason, Sylphy was watching the whole process with a grin on her face. I wonder why?

“I healed your wounds. As you can see, I got some of your fresh blood as a fee for the trouble. Is that okay with you?”


The brother dragons, who had been released from the restraints I had placed on them and were sitting side by side, nodded obediently.

“So, it was food and alcohol, right?”


“Yesterday, since Grande has always taken care of me, I treated her to food and wine as a way of greeting her family when she returned to her homeland and reunited with them. Although I usually provide food and drinks to Grande, it’s not a one-sided deal. Grande and I have an equal relationship. She does some kind of work for me, and in return, I provide her with food and alcohol.”


The brother dragons nodded their heads at the same time. It’s a little cute. The face is evil, though.

“Yes. She hunts down medium and large-sized monsters and brings them back to me, as well as provides me with blood and scales.”

“”I see.””

“As a token of our reconciliation, I’ll be serving food and alcohol today.”


“If you want to eat and drink after tomorrow, hunt down a medium or large-sized monster that lives in the depths of the Black Forest and bring it to me, and I’ll give you food and alcohol. However, they can’t be too big, so please bring something the size of a wyvern.”


“And that’s just while I’m here. I’ll be back in a week or so to a city farther north, where the people live.”

“”I see…””

The brother dragons shuddered. I want to do something about it, but I don’t think the production capacity of the Elven village can support the stomachs of two dragons, so there’s nothing I can do. I don’t care if it’s just Grande, but it would be hard for me to feed the brother dragons, too. Well, I guess I’ll talk to the elders about it.

“Well, that’s it. Let’s reconcile.”


“Let’s be friends!”

The brother dragons roared. Shut up; it was too loud.

I set up a dining table with stone blocks and served them oversized cheeseburgers and a large barrel of honey wine.

“Delicious! What is this? It’s better than yesterday’s!”

“It’s a cheeseburger. A special kind of hamburger with extra cheese.”

“Cheeseburger, huh? Delicious!”

“Booze… Booze…”

Brother dragon A bites into an oversized cheeseburger with gusto, while brother dragon B plunges his head into a large barrel of honey wine. He’s really an alcoholic dragon, isn’t he?

“Do you want some, Grande?”


I also served an extra-large cheeseburger to Grande, who seemed somewhat sluggish. I’m not going to offer you any alcohol since you’ll be flying with Sylphy and me after this. I’m afraid to fly while you’re drunk.

“What’s with the slurred speech?”

“I-it’s nothing, really.”

Grande averts her gaze from me and begins to chomp down on an oversized cheeseburger. She usually opens her big mouth and gobbles it up, but she seems to be eating it elegantly. What’s wrong with this girl? I try to look away, but she keeps glancing at me. It’s not like she’s in a bad mood, though, because her tail is beating the ground.

“Everything seems to be going well.”

Perhaps having decided that the situation was well under control, Sylphy approached from behind and called out to me.

“You can see it. I’m glad we managed to reconcile. I’m just glad they didn’t take me seriously.”

If the brother dragons had charged at me with the intention of killing me from the start, I might have been in danger. Well, at that time, I was planning to build a barrier with stone blocks and attack gradually. I would also have used anti-tank rockets or anti-tank recoilless guns instead of the six grenade launchers.

“Fufu… Kosuke is strong. How could you take down two dragons? Are you sure you’re not a legendary hero?”

“It’s just that my weapon is strong. I’m a weak small-fry myself, and compared to the warriors of this world; I’m extremely weak.”

“You underestimate yourself too much, Kosuke. If you fight me from a distance, I’m not even sure I can win.”

“I think I would lose in an instant.”

If someone approaches me at a speed I can’t see and starts a melee, I’ll die quickly. I might be strong against a big one like Grande. But it’s impossible for me to fight against the people of this world.

“Fufu, really? Should we try it next time?”

“Please don’t… I’m not going to fight with Sylphy.”

Stop hugging me from behind and whispering in my ear. It’s too stimulating. In fact, even though Sylphy is hugging me, I can barely feel her happy touch because of my leather armor. Goddamn it!


When I was flirting with Sylphy, Grande forgot to eat her cheeseburger and was staring at us for some reason. When I looked at her, she averted her gaze as if in a panic and began to eat the oversized cheeseburger again, chewing on it little by little. I wonder what’s wrong with Grande.


[T/n: Jealous Grande is so kawaii.]


Author Note: By the way, with the power of anti-tank rockets, a single hit can kill or blow off a limb if it hits in the right place.

The power of a 40mm multi-purpose howitzer is about the same as a human being getting stabbed with a cutter with the tip sticking out about 1cm.

It’s not fatal, but it’s extremely painful. And dragons, who are rarely hurt by nature, are very sensitive to pain.


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