I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 1 Part 1

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Chapter 1 – Earth Tourism

Part 1


“Um… are you sure this is okay?”

“Of course!”

After that, Master Usagi went back to the other world to recruit a person called the “Magic Saint” into our group.

In the first place, Master Usagi was on his way to tell the other Holy and their disciples that Night and the others had defeated Evil, and Iris-san was accompanying him.

On the way, they happened to meet up with Lexia-san and the others, which was how they heard about me from Kagurazaka-san, so they came to the Sage-san’s house in the other world to confirm the truth. Just as I was fighting the Dragonias on Earth, they decided to join me.

So, now that the Dragonias had been defeated, he needed to return and explain the situation to the Holy, but Iris-san didn’t go with him and stayed here.


“Heh! So this is Yuuya-sama’s house, huh!”

“It’s very different from our world… Mai, is this the way houses are generally built in this world?”

“Well, yes. Although there are a few things missing…”

It’s not just Iris-san, but Lexia-san and others had also remained here.

It’s not surprising that Kagurazaka-san, who was originally from Earth, was still here, but I wonder if it’s okay for a princess like Lexia-san to be in a place like this?

I thought about Owen-san, one of Lexia-san’s guards, who was not here at the moment.

Then, Iris-san said with a serious expression.

“In fact… Merl-san, was it? Considering what Yuuya-kun told me about her, I’m worried that this place will be targeted again. But right now, Yuuya is still damaged from the previous battle, and if that happens, we’re worried about your current strength. That’s why we stayed behind.”

“I see…”

“That’s right! So don’t worry about it, Yuuya-sama!”

“…Well, I don’t know what Lexia can do, but I’ll help you in my own way.”

“Hey, Luna! I’ll do anything if I have to!”

“Thank you very much, everyone…”

I bowed my head towards Lexia-san and the others who said they were worried about me and would help me.

And then Merl-san, who was watching the situation, also bowed her head along with me.

(Me too… I’d like to thank you for your help as well.)

“Hey, raise your head! We’re only helping you because we want to help Yuuya-kun. Even so… it’s strange to look at Merl-san’s outfit again. In addition to all of the things in your world that we don’t have, there are also different designs and… different languages, so it’s a little difficult to communicate with her…”

As Iris-san said this, I suddenly asked Merl-san.

“You know, Iris-san just said that it’s hard for her to communicate with Merl-san because she doesn’t understand your language. Isn’t it possible to somehow communicate with her using Amelian’s technology?”

(I didn’t pay attention to it until now because it was working for Yuuya-san… Indeed, it should be possible. Please wait a moment.)

As Merl-san said this, she operated the terminal attached to her left hand, and after a while, an electronic sound played.

(…I have just sent the language information of my planet to everyone here. What do you think?)

Then, in response to Merl-san’s words, not only Iris-san, Lexia-san and the others, but also Yuti, who had been with her until now, was surprised.

“Astonished. I can suddenly understand Merl’s words now.”

“This is… It’s not like magic, and I didn’t feel any magic at all…”

Lexia-san and Luna seemed to be surprised, but the most surprised one was Kagurazaka-san.

“No way, you can understand the language just by operating the terminal earlier? Isn’t that insanely convenient! With that, I won’t ever get a red mark on my English test again…!”


“Oh, i-it’s nothing! Forget what you just heard!”


All I could do was nod to Kagurazaka-san, whose face had turned bright red as she told me that.

While we were having this conversation, Lexia-san, who had been looking around the inside of the house with great interest, raised her voice.

“Hey, hey, Yuuya-sama! I’d really like to see the world where you live!”


“Ara, I’m curious about that, too.”


“Hey, Lexia. Don’t bother Yuuya too much… Well, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t interest me, though.”

“Luna too…”

But, as Lexia-san said, I can understand why they are concerned about this world.

That’s what happened with Yuti and Ouma-san, too…

Then Iris-san continued with a slightly serious expression.

“Of course, it’s partly out of curiosity, but it’s also to get an idea of the surroundings in case those people come back to attack you. Well, it seems that we were isolated in a strange space at that time, but it can’t be like that every time, can it?”

“I-I see.”

If she said that, I would think so, but… I didn’t know the details either. I’m not a professional fighter myself, even if I got involved in various things lately and had to fight.

“I understand. I don’t have a problem showing you around the Earth, but…”

“What’s wrong?”

When I hesitated, Iris-san and the others tilted their heads.

But Kagurazaka-san, who understood what I was trying to say, spoke for me.

“Um… the problem is the way Lexia and the others are dressed, isn’t it?”

“Eeh? O-our clothes?”

“Yes. No one on Earth dresses like a princess.”

It’s just as Kagurazaka-san said.

Although Lexia-san was wearing an outfit that was a bit more comfortable to move around in, it still looked like a princess dress, and Luna’s outfit was not as flashy as a dress, but it looked like it could be considered cosplay.

And Iris-san, too, not only had on her the same kind of cosplay as Luna, but she also had a magnificent sword hanging from her waist.

“Besides… Lexia-san and the others may be able to change their outfits, but Iris-san’s sword is definitely no good…”

“Eeeh? What do you mean by no sword? What are you going to do if you get attacked in that condition?”

“Um… our world isn’t as dangerous as yours, so there’s no need to carry weapons around…”

It’s not a completely safe place, of course, but still, compared to other worlds, Japan’s security was much better. It’s not like there are monsters out there that would kill you for no reason.

When Iris-san and the others heard what Kagurazaka-san and I had said, they looked incredulous and surprised. 

“No way… I can’t believe we’re in a world where we don’t need to carry any weapons…”

“That’s a little hard to believe…”

“But now that you mention it, I understand a little more. When I first came to this world and investigated the surroundings a little, I thought that no one gave off as strong a presence as you did, but it’s not that you were special; it’s just that this world itself is peaceful, so there was no strong presence…”

“W-wait! Then we can not look around your world?”

“H-hmm… To be honest, I don’t know what will happen to Lexia and the others since you’ll probably stand out, but… as long as you change your clothes, it’ll be a little better, right?”

Kagurazaka-san said with an indescribable expression on her face; it is true that Lexia-san and the others would stand out…

Lexia-san had the elegance of a princess, and Luna and Iris-san each had a different aura.

“If that’s the case, then… Mai! Can you prepare the clothes of this world for us?”


“If we do that, then we can take a look around Yuuya-sama’s world, right? So, please!”

Kagurazaka-san was confused when she was asked to do so, but overpowered by Lexia-san’s pleading gaze and Iris-san and Luna’s expectant gaze, she nodded.

“I-I understand! But I don’t know anything about fashion, so don’t complain about what I bought you!”

“Thank you, Mai! Of course!”

Lexia-san was overjoyed and hugged Kagurazaka-san.

“Good grief… Then I need to find out your clothing size… Wait, you, get out of this room.”


I nodded to Kagurazaka-san’s words and hurriedly left the room.




──How did this happen?

“Well then, Yuuya-kun! You’re still recovering, so take it easy and get some rest!”

“Yuuya-sama! Please wait for my homemade cooking!”

“…Yuuya, don’t worry. It’s not just me this time, but Iris-sama will also be present. The two of us will be able to control Lexia… Sorry, that might be impossible…”

“Don’t just give up like that!”

Currently, the situation was that Kagurazaka-san, who measured each size, had just left to go shopping to prepare clothes for Lexia-san and the others to tour the Earth together.

If I were to buy clothes for the three of them suddenly, I would have to spend a fair amount of money, but since I could use the features of the [Door to the Other World] to exchange items I had acquired in the other world for cash, I managed to prepare the money.

So, when Kagurazaka-san went out to buy clothes for the three of them, to my surprise, Iris-san offered to do the housework for me.

“Yuuya-kun, It’s my role as a master to take care of my apprentice! You should get some rest and let this Onee-san take care of you for now!”

It was true that I was still exhausted from the battle with Drade, the commander of the Dragonia aliens, so I was grateful for the offer. But as expected, I felt bad and tried to refuse.

But then Lexia-san raised her voice.

“Iris-sama, please wait! In that case, I’ll take care of Yuuya-sama! Yes, first of all, let’s have a home-cooked meal…!”

“Ara, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I’ve had Yuuya-kun eat my cooking before, and of course, he said it was delicious.”

“What did you say? I’ve never cooked for Yuuya-sama before! Let me cook for him this time!”

Inspired by Iris-san’s words and seeing Lexia-san’s motivation, Luna also raised her voice in panic.

“W-wait! If Lexia is going to do it, then I’m going to do it too! I don’t know what will happen if you leave it to this girl alone! …W-well, I want to take care of Yuuya, too…”

When I was really grateful that all of them… wanting to do something for me, I suddenly heard a lovely sound.

When I looked towards the sound, I saw that Yuti was looking at us with a straight face.

“Hungry. I want a good meal.”

“Right. I’m hungry too.”

Ouma-san, who had been sleeping disinterestedly until now, sighed and said so, and the three of them began to cook in earnest.

I led them to the kitchen of my house, and everything there was strange to them.

“T-this is… You can start a fire just by turning the knob, and you can also adjust the heat!?”

“This one produces water just by twisting it! And it even has hot water!”

“W-what is this box… it’s cold inside!”

“B-but I don’t feel any magic in any of them… Could it be that they’re working without magic?”

The three of them were amazed by the stove, water supply, and refrigerator, respectively.

For me, it’s all very common, but from the point of view of people from the other world, I guess it’s all fresh and strange. I was also surprised when I saw magic for the first time, after all.

Merl-san, who was standing next to me watching the three of them amazed by the things in the house, muttered to herself.

(Interesting… to be surprised by this level of science and technology when they have so much power…)

“I think it’s because the type of technology is different from that of the other world.”

Of course, Merl-san and the others’ technology was out of the norm in comparison.

As I was thinking about this, Iris-san, who seemed to have some idea of what was going on in the kitchen and was wearing an apron from the house, started to cook.

“There are plenty of spices; I can make anything with this. Well then ─── [Twilight Slash]!”


Lexia-san and Luna were surprised to see Iris-san generously using her skill as a Sword Saint in cooking. But without paying attention to these two, she continued to use her skills one after another to prepare the food.

(…Really, how can she use that much swordsmanship in her cooking…?)

Merl-san. I don’t understand that either.

Lexia-san was impressed with the way Iris-san handled the ingredients with her amazing sword skills as always, but she quickly came to her senses.

“Hah!? I can’t stay like this! I have to get started too… Eii!”



The moment Lexia-san swung the knife and brought it down with great force, the knife passed right between Merl-san and me in a flash.

We both turned around fearfully to see the knife sticking out of the wall.

“Ara? Where did the knife go?”

I asked fearfully, overhearing the innocent voice of Lexia-san.

“Um… Lexia-san? Since then, have you learned how to cook…?”

“Of course, I learned how to cook! But there’s something strange. I don’t know why the chefs at the castle don’t want me to cook for them. Well, I guess they’re afraid of me because I’m so good!”

“…Sorry, Yuuya. I can’t stop it…!”

“Hey, Luna!”

If you give up right there, I’m in big trouble!

If Luna can’t do it, then I will…! I tried to help her, but Lexia-san was stubborn and would not let me help her.

“Yuuya-sama! I have to do this myself! Besides, you didn’t let me cook last time either… This is where I have to show you my skills!”

“Ara, so you cook too, Lexia-chan? Alright, let’s see which one of us can win Yuuya-kun’s stomach!”


If you say such an incendiary thing───.

“Yuuya-sama’s stomach… Yes, I’m in for that match! I’m not going to lose to Iris-sama!”

“I’m not going to go easy on you just because you’re a princess, you know?”

“As you wish!”

Sure enough, Lexia-san, inspired by Iris-san’s words, started cooking with even more enthusiasm!

“Luna! I want you to stop those two──”

When I looked at Lexia-san and the others, I turned my gaze to the last resort, Luna, who also had a motivating look on her face.

“Fufufu… Well, if that’s the case, I won’t hold back either!”


“‘Yuuya! I’ll be cooking for you too, so you can look forward to it!”


Luna, who I thought was going to be helping with stopping Lexia-san, had now declared that she will cook too!

Moreover, just like Iris-san, she throws the ingredients into the air and cuts them up with her favorite weapon, the thread.

[Unparalleled Dance]!”



The ingredients danced around them, and sometimes the utensils flew through the air as the three of them cooked.



Merl-san and I quietly left the kitchen.


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