Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 – Evolution


The translation process was very difficult. I don’t think I need to tell you this, but it’s about my own love life and my situation with women. I was forced to expose them all. And I was dealing with all the Grand Dragons in the banquet hall, mainly the female members of the Grand Dragon. It was painful.

The females are making a lot of noise, the males are grinning and giggling, and Grande papa is making a lot of noise.

“Huh, is he alive?”

“His tail is moving slightly, so I think he’s okay…?”

In front of our eyes was Grande papa with his head buried in a wall of rock, looking lifeless. When he heard what I translated, he said, “How can I give my daughter to that shitty human who is a sex demon?” without reading the air and was beaten to a pulp by the females.

By the way, it was Grande’s mother who pinned his face against the rock wall and beat him with her tail as if she was hammering nails into the wall to put him in that state. Let’s never go against her.

And there is one more person who has become motionless.


After being freed from the females’ siege, Grande was lying down against the wall, slack-jawed and fidgety. That would be the case. She was forced to reveal… um… all of her secret feelings for me. And directly to me. The sympathetic pressure (physical) of the ladies was too vicious.

“Hoho, I’ve never seen a magic sparkling stone of this size before.”

“Hmm, I guess there are places where you can find them. With this, we can perform the ritual.”

The old dragons seemed to be having a lively discussion around the magic sparkling stone that I brought out. There seemed to be a fair amount of young dragons in the mix, so perhaps they were passing on their knowledge of rituals as well.

“Okay, so we’ve shared the knowledge of the ritual. Now, let’s get started. Grande, daughter of Delgis, come here!”

One of the old dragons declared, and Grande was dragged along by her tail by the females. You should treat her a little more carefully, you know…

“So, Grande, daughter of Delgis. We will perform the ritual of humanization on you.”


“Geez, Grande-chan, how long are you going to be sulky?”

“Can you think why I’m like this? What’s so sad about this is that I have to say a lot of stuff in front of many dragons! And… of all places, in front of Kosuke!”

“Because we’re having fun? And if I may say so, is it because Grande-chan is weak?”

“You’re so blunt! I mean, what can I do when I’m surrounded by my mother and the others!”

That’s right, for a dragon, power is justice. It seems that there’s nothing I can do about that, so I’ve decided to take care of Sylphy.

“Hey, Sylphy, are you sure this is the right way to go?”

“It’s fine. The fact that Grande has such feelings for Kosuke, a different species, was a surprise to me, but when I heard about it directly from Grande… I was generally convinced. I have no choice but to shudder at the thought of Kosuke unknowingly hitting on Grande.”

“It’s not that I didn’t mean it at all… I indeed thought Grande was cute, but I thought of her more as a pet or as a friend who transcends species…?”

As I told Grande mama, it’s impossible to lust or have romantic feelings for a stubborn dragon. The only reason I thought she was cute was because I saw a rather evil-looking dragon munching on a hamburger or lounging in the sand.

How did it come to this? If I said “I can’t do it” in this situation, I’d be minced meat for sure… No, I was surprised and happy that Grande thought of me like that, though. Somehow, the feeling of a clear bolt from the blue is overwhelmingly stronger.

“So, I will apply the secret of evolution to the daughter of Delgis, Grande. Let the ritual begin.”

The dragons surrounded Grande and began to roar as if they were chanting in a circle. In the center of the circle, Grande seems to be standing still with a magic sparkling stone in her hand. That magic sparkling stone is about the size of a human eyeball, but when it’s in Grande’s big hand, it looks like a bead or something.

The dragon’s chanting reverberated through the cave and seemed to penetrate deep into my head. It should have been nothing more than noise, but strangely enough, it made me want to listen to it.

Eventually, the magic sparkling stone that Grande was holding began to change. It began to emit dazzling light.

I wondered what she was going to do with it, but to my surprise, she put it in her mouth and swallowed it. Oh, is that okay? Isn’t it going to upset your stomach?

As I watched on in amazement, the next thing I knew, Grande herself began to transform. Her whole body began to glow, and she began to writhe in pain. Hey, hey, hey, is she going to be okay?

In the meantime, the light began to get stronger, and a flash of light that made me have trouble looking directly at it blanked out my vision. The light looked like it was coming from a workbench upgrade.

“What’s going on…?”

After the flash of light, there in the center of the circle of dragons was undoubtedly a girl. Although it was too far away to see clearly, I could see that she had horns on her head, dragon wings, and dragon-like arms and legs. She was also completely naked.

“Hmm? Is it a mistake?”

“Isn’t that just about right?”

“It’s better to have a unique character than to be completely human, don’t you think?”

The old dragons are chattering in circles as they watch Grande finish her transformation. It’s not a failure, is it? Hey, why are you so unsure of yourself?

“There is something wrong with my body… I feel weak.”

Grande is looking around, squeezing her hands, and jumping up and down as if she were checking out her transformed body. It certainly looks weak compared to the dragon’s body.

“Hey, Grande-chan. Go show it to Kosuke-chan.”


Grande then spread her wings and flew towards me.


And then, with the speed of a bullet, she plunged into the ceiling and was buried. Hey? Buried head first in the ceiling, Grande managed to pull herself out of the ceiling by herself and fell down in front of me in a heap. At first glance, she doesn’t appear to be injured. She’s so sturdy… The ceiling is pretty high up here.

“I-it’s too different from what I’m used to… My body is light, and I’m having trouble controlling my magic…”

“A-are you okay?”

“I’m a little out of it. It’s hard to get used to this body.”

Perhaps having been struck on the buttocks, Grande stood up and walked over to me, patting her white buttocks. I observed her from the top of her head to her toes.

There are two vicious twisted horns through the gaps of her shoulder-length dull blonde hair. On her back is a pair of dragon wings that are the same color as her hair. The elbows are covered with dusky golden scales that match her hair, and her fingertips are covered with sturdy-looking claws. In the center of his chest, I can see what looks like a glowing magic sparkling stone. And when I move my gaze downward, I see that it is from the knees down. She was covered in scales from the knees down, just like her arms, and her toes were also equipped with sturdy claws. Yeah, she looks like she’s only half-human, doesn’t she?

Eh? The size of her breasts? They’re bigger than Isla’s and Harpies’. They are not that big, but I think they are good.

“Ko-Kosuke, what do you think?”

“Come closer and let me get a better look at you.”


I took Grande’s hand as she approached and felt her touch. It’s warm, but the dragon’s claws seem sturdy and sharp. When I looked up from my observation of Grande’s hand, I found myself eye to eye with her.

Grande’s eyes were golden, and the shape of her pupils was different from that of a normal human. Her pupils were long and vertical, like a snake. As I stared at her, Grande’s face began to turn red.

“Hey, say something.”

“Yes, I think you’re cute. What do you think, Sylphy?”

“Oh, I think she’s adorable. It’s amazing that such a big dragon can become such a pretty girl. I mean, she can talk our language too, can’t she?”

“Hmm? That’s exactly what you said. I understand the language of the Black Elf.”

“My name is Sylphiel. You can call me Sylphy, not Black Elf.”

“Oh, that’s right. Umu, all right, Sylphy. You can call me Grande. Please take care of me from now on.”

Then Grande made a smug face stretching her chest. Yeah, that smug face is delicate, but let’s hide your boobs and stuff. I was just about to take something out of my inventory that would hide her body when Grande mama stretched out her neck to me.

“What do you think? Is Grande getting prettier?”

“Yes, she’s a lovely girl.”

“Can you mate with her now?”

“Too straightforward! Well, we’ll get to that in due course. First of all, Grande needs to get used to her new body.”

“Eh… why don’t you try it right now?”

“I won’t do it! I’m not into that kind of thing!”

It’s too difficult to do it in the presence of the public. I mean, are you trying to expose your daughter to the public in that way? What the hell is wrong with dragon ethics?

“What’s going on?”

“Grande mama asked me to do it with Grande right now. Show it to her? You know what she means, right?”


Sylphy was shocked. Grande covered her reddened face with her big hands and slumped down.

“Um, let’s change the topic. So, if Grande is in that form, can she ever go back?”

“U-umu? I wonder about that? In the lore of dragons who have married humans, it seems that they can transform between human form and dragon form at will.”

When I asked the old dragons, the answer was yes. With practice, the dragon can transform between human and dragon forms at will.

“I don’t know how, though! Hahahaha!”

“No one has used the secret of evolution for over a thousand years.”

“And we weren’t interested in it either.”

“To love a human is a kind of uniqueness for a dragon…”

One of the old dragons was blown away by the females. I think that’s a totally stupid move.

“We’re cheering for you, Grande-chan!”

“Love between a dragon and a human that transcends race is wonderful!”

“It’s so romantic!”

Grande was reluctant to participate in the situation, as she was confronted with many questions. She was originally losing in strength, but now she is even more overwhelmed by her physical size. It’s scary when you’re cornered like that.

“Grande, if you continue to train, you will eventually be able to take the full form of a human being.”

“Yes, you must be diligent. You’re not a Grand Dragon anymore, you’ve taken in the magic sparkling stone, and you’ve evolved. You can be said to be beyond us. Be careful not to be swayed by your mighty power.”

“I-I understand.”

The old dragons, who had been blown away by one of the females, suddenly straightened up and began to exude dignity. If you did that from the beginning, the phrase “avoiding unnecessary talk can prevent disaster falling on one” would pass through your mind.

“Well, I mean, you know what? Grande?”


“Please take care of me from now on.”

“Ah… Yeah, me too.”

And then Grande gave a shy smile.


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