Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112


My golems were destroyed. Then the bluestone monsters jumped at a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper swung his sword and slashed the bluestone monster’s legs.

However… the bluestone monster immediately regenerated. Seeing this, the gatekeeper’s face paled.

…As I thought, they don’t have the ability to fight back.

This is probably the very reason why they followed the leader of this village. They needed him to keep them safe.

“Are you okay?”

I called out as I drew my sword. One of the bluestone monsters then turned to look at me.

“W-who are you?”

“I’m a traveler… Please use this sword!”

I tossed the man the sword. It was a sword I made. The gatekeeper looked at me in confusion and grabbed the sword.

“T-this is…?”

“It’s a sword I made. You can defeat the bluestone monster with it!”

When I said that, the gatekeeper looked surprised and grabbed the sword. After that, he cut down a bluestone monster that jumped at him. Camilla-san and I also defeated the two remaining monsters.

“…Relius, what do you want from this?”

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

I didn’t give a detailed explanation to Camilla-san, who looked confused.

The gatekeeper let out a relieved sigh and then sheathed the sword. He then pointed the hilt towards me.

“…Thank you, you saved my life.”

“No, it’s fine. There is a village here too, huh…?”

“Y-yeah… That’s right. …Y-you guys. You need to leave now. This village is dangerous…!”

“…Is that so? Well, anyway… I’m in charge of a village too. …All of the swords that I make are capable of resisting the bluestone monsters, so I’m in the process of recruiting people.”

“Y-your village…?”

“Yes. There are about 50 people there now. I was thinking of asking you to join us if you want…”


I gave the gatekeeper the necessary information and then turned my gaze towards the village.

I looked towards the back of the gate… and saw a good looking man coming out. He was a little overweight, but he was coming towards us with a woman in his arms.

There was also a sword on his right hip that seems to be a divine treasure.

“What is it? Where are the bluestone monsters?”

The man shouted and punched the man nearby.

…The one who got beaten up was the gatekeeper who went to call the man.

I felt bad seeing it.

Keeping a smile on my face as best as I could, I approached the man.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Relius.”

“Oh? What is it? Have you come here to seek protection?”

“No, there’s no need for that. I have my own village… and I came here to talk to you.”

“Oh? What is it?”

The man didn’t give me a second glance but stared at Camilla-san. Camilla-san was a beautiful person. His gaze seemed to be glued on her.

“Why don’t you come to our village? Our village is protecting a lot of people right now. We’re thinking of protecting the people of this village as well. Of course, we’ll put a condition that you have to fight against the bluestone monsters…”

The man chuckled at my words.

“All the people here are talentless! So I have no choice but to protect them.”

“I see. For me, it doesn’t matter if they have a talent or not. As long as they can wield a sword.”

“Oh? Are you stupid? You can only kill a bluestone monster with a divine treasure that is compatible with you! Don’t you know that?”

I returned a smile to the man who laughed at me.

“Anyone can use the sword I made, and anyone can fight the bluestone monsters.”

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about…? You’re talking nonsense!”

When the man laughed at me and stretched out his arm towards me, the gatekeeper quickly pointed his sword at Gubel’s neck.

“…Hey, Ardas, what are you doing?”

Ardas seemed to be the name of the gatekeeper.

“Gubel… what Relius there said is true. I just defeated a bluestone monster with this sword!”

“W-what are you talking about? It’s impossible!”

Gubel is the name of the leader of this village. At the moment Ardas-san pointed his sword at Gubel, the other men also pointed their swords at Gubel.

“Y-you…! His nonsense has fooled you!”

“I have not been fooled! I killed the bluestone monster with this sword!”

When Ardas-san shouted that, the other men also gripped their swords.

“We believe in Ardas-san! He would never lie to us!”

“If we can fight the bluestone monster with the swords that man made, then there is no reason for us to listen to you!”

“You’ve taken advantage of us all this time, after all…!”

All of them were glaring at Gubel with anger in their eyes. Gubel then pulled out his divine treasure on his waist and pushed away the woman who he was embracing.

“Y-you people…! You better be prepared for this!”

When Gubel said that, the men’s expressions became slightly grim.

…Gubel may be strong. Then I took a step forward to settle the matter quickly.

“I’ll be your opponent.”

“Huh… then I will kill you as an example!”

I grabbed my sword in my right hand and held my creation hammer in my left. Gubel also held up his divine treasure.

My eyes appraised his divine treasure.


[Sonic Blade]
Divine Speed Strike – S Rank


…That seems to be his weapon. Then I gripped my creation hammer firmly.

…If it’s against him, I can give it a try.

“Eat this!”

As Gubel shouted that, he appeared in front of me at that moment. I was prepared to receive his attack. In response to his attack, I matched his sword with my Creation Hammer.

At that moment, Gubel’s divine treasure shattered.

“Wha-!? T-that’s ridiculous! Sonic Blade! My Sonic Blade! W-why did it just disappear! Hey!”


With the same force, I slammed the Creation Hammer into Gubel’s face, who’s stance was full of gaps.

After a glance at the unconscious Gubel, I checked the screen for the divine treasure creation.


[Sonic Blade]


There was the name of the sword that Gubel had held.



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  1. It would be awesome if this became a regular release again. I read the whole series so far since you updated and I’m hooked haha. Thanks for the chapters!


  2. Thanks for the translation…

    The last 20 chapters was all over the place though. Felt like author was trying to wing it and bring upon a rushed ending but ended up creating a new subplot and then… just gave up.

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